october 2012

volume 1 | issue 6
New rose varieties
During the Hortiweek this year, our European agent Olij invites you
to come and see the latest Preesman varieties in their showhouse
facilities. New stunning reds as Gladiator and Inferno will be in full
production and ofcourse don’t miss to see the vibrant coloured
Jumilia (nowadays also auctioned by Paul v.d. Hulst Rozen).
Naivasha Horticultural Fair
Nakuru Breeding Centre
During the Naivasha Horticultural Fair last Sep-
tember 14 and 15th, Preesman attended in the
new corporate style. The entire rose assortment
for the East African market and some of our
brand new alstroemerias have been presented
during this event.
Special attention by clients and buyers was
paid to particular; Royal Sphinx, Pompidou,
ConídenLìal and Madam ked. Thìs lasL varìeLy ìs
jusL launched aL Lhe íower aucLìon ìn halsmeer
by Rising Sun and has been very well received
by the auction buyers till so far.
We are geIIIng close Io Ihe ñnIsh oI our new
IacIlIIIes In Nakuru. AI IhIs momenI we are
workIng on our new propagaIIon dIvIsIon, whIch
wIll be used Ior InIernal purposes and InIIIal
delIverIes oI our laIesI varIeIIes InIo Ihe markeI.
The new breedIng IacIlIIy has IrIpled Preesman's
breedIng power, preparIng ourselves Ior Ihe
IuIure In whIch compeIIIIon beIween worldwIde
producIIon locaIIons and demands on cerIaIn
varIeIy characIerIcs wIll Increase.
Open house at Qualisa
Our Latin American division, called Latin Selections S.A., recently opened the new
showhouse. In this showhouse the latest Preesman selection is being presented.
During the last year Preesman has focussed on forming an entire new assortment
to present in this showhouse, seperated from any discussion in the market.
Show locations
Last September Bob Goedemans and Jelle Posthumus
went around the Ethiopian market. During the trip
an extensive visit was paid to the new low altitude
trial and show location at the Sher project in Ziway.
A great new, special low altitude rose selection was
íowerìng, whìch brìngs new range oí producLs Lo Lhe
high potential low altitude market. Next to this low
altitude show location, very soon we will announce
a second show and selection location in Ethiopia!
ße ready íor Lhe nexL move oí Preesman, Lhìs Lìme ìn Colombìa! More on Lhìs soon.
IusL beíore Lhe hgrìíor show ìn QuìLo, a selecLìon oí Ecuadorìan and Colombìan
growers were invited to the new, just opened showhouse of Latin Selections at
Lhe íarm oí Qualìsa ìn Cayambe, Ecuador. New varìeLìes as ConídenLìal and ¦sadora
ínally were very well receìved by Lhe markeL and wìll be avaìlable íor delìverìes
soon. Durìng Lhe nexL days and weeks Lhe showhouse wìll be LoLally íowerìng,
so the best moment to bring a visit. For more information on this, please contact
A new red out of our 2010
breeding program.
Andrew Neidl and Maria of Latin Selections. Walter of Qualisa with Bob of Preesman Holland
Upcoming roses at the Sher project in Ziway, Ethiopia
Mark your Calender
October 30 - November 2 - Hortiweek
During the Hortiweek (October 30 to November 2) this year, Preesman will exhibit
on the IFTF (No. C.501) and will organize a great in-house show.
You can índ us aL Hooídweg 11§, de Kwakel ìn Lhe well known Olìj buìldìng aL Lhe
so called ‘Breeders Avenue’. Entry tickets for the IFTF are availabe on request through
Ron Preesman at rpreesman@preesman.com
November 1 - Cocktail Party
Together with Olij we will organize a cocktail party for our international network on
the 1st of November. A personal invitation will be send for this occasion. In case you
have missed this invitation, please contact Ron Preesman at rpreesman@preesman.com
New vacancies
We are looking for a sales representative/assitant íor our Kenya oíce Lo sLarL assìsLìng
our sales team on the ground. In case you are up for a new challange and to know more
about this position, please contact Bob Goedemans at bgoedemans@preesman.com
Almost daily we add news about our latest developments on Facebook.
You can índ us aL íacebook under preesman.holland
Variety highlights
Check our upcoming varieties.
Snow White Isadora ConídenLìal preraconf presadora prerasno

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