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PSO Newsletter

University of California, Irvine

May 28, 2009 Volume I, Issue 3

Spring 2009 Volume I, Issue 3 Planning Student Organization University of California Irvine

Spring 2009
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PSO Blog

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Photos by: Matt Agustin, Leah Boyer, Daniel Chuong, Maha Darwish, Sean Habibi, Jahmese Meyers President Matthew Agustin Vice President of External Affairs Lucy Olmos Vice President of Internal Affairs Daniel Chuong Communications Maha Darwish Ata Khan Events Coordinator Jessica Debats Philanthropy Bonny ONeil Sara Kirker Shannon Vitale Secretary Cheryl Hogan Social Chair Rosalinda Meza Treasurer Sean Habibi


Professional Report 2009 Chris Diwa discusses the development of strategies to educate about Global Climate Change

Strategic Planning Session PSO convened at RBF Consulting to discuss future goals and plans

OC Housing Summit Third Annual Housing Conference held at UCI Student Center

Spring 2009 Volume I, Issue 3 Planning Student Organization University of California Irvine

Upcoming Events

May 28

PPD Advisory Board Meeting Student Center - Emerald Bay C

4 pm- 7pm


MURP Alumni Future Alumni Reception Social Ecology I, Room 112

7 pm- 9pm

June 2

Critical Planning Students Colloquium Crystal Cove, Student Center


June 6

Commencement MURP Class of 2009 UCI Bren Center


June 30

Association of Environmental Professional Scholarship Deadline


July 13

PR Topic and suggestions for faculty due


July 23

WTS Port of Long Beach Tour


Spring 2009 Volume I, Issue 3 Planning Student Organization University of California Irvine

Communications: PSO Blog

With the launch of the PSO blog, MURP students will be able to engage and discuss about boarder planning issues in the region as well as use the blog as a forum to a whole host of topics ranging from classes, art, restaurants, and the like. The addition of the PSO blog introduces another tool for MURPs to continue to strengthen planning dialogue here at UCI. The PSO blog will be intended to serve as an outlet for MURP musings on planning as well as culture in Orange County and Southern California. MURPs will also be able to find a calendar on PSO and planning events as well as student reviews and recaps on these events. We are hoping that in due time, the PSO blog can be a go-to source for the planning community as well as Orange County. The site will be maintained and updated by the PSO with contributions from a few alumni. Also, the blog is not intended to replace the PSO website which is still under construction. Please send any suggestions for the blog to

Spring 2009 Volume I, Issue 3 Planning Student Organization University of California Irvine

PSO Feature: The Professional Report

The Professional Report For most second years, a sigh of relief results from a years long devotion to completing the Professional Report. This arduous task comes during a year where many MURPs are working/ seeking jobs &internships, completing the usual course work, and not to mention taking part in other extracurricular activities. Although stressful and maddening at times the PR helps MURPs to hone various skills that are necessarily to survive in the professional arena. Writing which is all too important to completing this task requires one to find way of getting the message across clearly and concisely. While other components such as presenting and collaborating with a client are also valuable. Now, heres a look at some of the presenters for this years class as well as some words of advice on keeping on track with your PR while maintaining some piece of mind for your second year. -PSO Staff The PR is something that you will be working on for ages. Pick something that interests you and that you know little about. Work on it whenever you can as the second year has a way of piling up responsibilities and concerns that are completely unrelated to your report and things get super hectic and will drive you mad. Avoid this. Finally, the PR is NOT a major life crisis big deal. Don't think of it as such and you'll be fine. Melissa Soto Words of Advice As far as the PR goes, don't procrastinate. Its such a long process that it seems easy to put off 'until next weekend', but just get it done. Also, the PR is not hard so there is no reason to be intimidated. Its more a test of endurance than anything; not some genius document. However, please dont let the PR rule your life. It's your last year in the program so you should spend time having fun with your classmates, not slaving over something that might just end up on a shelf. Trust me good times with friends are more memorable than executive summaries and appendices. Jahmese Meyers Start writing the PR as soon as possible. It helps if you have it almost complete by Christmas. Don't wait until April to complete your references. It helps to write it in as you go. Annette Tam

Spring 2009 Volume I, Issue 3 Planning Student Organization University of California Irvine

Professional Report: Advice

You know how you work so stick with what you know best. For example, in the fall PR class, you are required to make a timeline for yourself so that you can pace your workload but I don't think I ever used this timeline. The PR requires getting a little bit done here and there and in the end, after you realize you've bitten off more than you can chew, you also realize that the most important thing is to get done what really needs to be done in whatever way is best for you. Leah Boyer Do not treat the summer as a vacation from school (as I foolishly did). Nailing down a topic and a client for the Professional Report takes time and a good deal of thought beforehand. I recommend securing these by August so you can begin your research. If you can achieve this, you should be well prepared for the Fall quarter and beyond. Obviously, the sooner you wrap up the PR, the more time you will have for the job hunt. And if you produce an excellent PR, that in itself may land you a job. Good luck, guys! Fletcher Allen Be flexible with your methodology and have alternative plans. I took four different approaches to my research because there was a great deal of uncertainty with what the outcomes would be. I needed to have multiple approaches though because I was abroad conducting relatively wide-scoped research. It turned out that three of my methods yielded limited results and only one produced extensive findings. Joe Batcheller
Spring 2009 Volume I, Issue 3 Planning Student Organization University of California Irvine 6

Fletcher Allen

PSO Strategic Planning

Moderated and hosted by UCI alum Mina Brown (MURP Class of 2008) at RBF Consulting, the session focused on identifying specific goals for PSO to fulfill during this present and following school year. Former PSO officers Lincoln Walker, Christopher Tzeng, Mina Brown, and Matt Gelbman offered their experiences and suggestions on how to not only improve PSO but what methods PSO could utilize to improve visibility of UCI in the job market. Likewise, PSO officers past and present stressed the need for MURPs to stay competitive in the job market and by utilizing tools such as GIS, AutoCAD, and Photoshop. In order to accomplish these goals, PSO is intent on continuing with workshops geared towards improving professional skills and contacts, collaborating with other organizations to promote events, and devoted to expanding our alumni network to increase opportunities for jobs. As an organization, PSO most importantly serves the students and we want continue to move forward and prepare ourselves for the future.
Spring 2009 Volume I, Issue 3 Planning Student Organization University of California Irvine 7

From the PSO Charter The Planning Student Organization (PSO) seeks to enrich the educational experience for students in the MURP program at UCI, by serving as a liaison between student professional academic communities of planning.

OC Housing Summit
This years summit titled Workforce Housing Facts & Myths, focused on where affordable workforce housing is today and where its headed based on the realities of our housing market, economy, financial institutions, government programs and policies, among other conditions. John McIlwain, a senior fellow with the Urban Land Institute stressed that higher density housing in urban areas which is an important source of more affordable work-force housing performs as well as, if not better, than comparably located traditional housing in terms of value. He said that mixed-use projects can have a positive impact on surrounding properties and can energize formerly marginal land uses such as old warehouse districts and strip shopping centers.

Patricia Neal, President OC Housing Trust

A key goal in implementing successful low-income housing, according to speakers, is to keep it localized, allowing residents to have a close work-life environment, with less of a commute. The summit was hosted by the Orange County Housing Trust in cooperation with the Orange County chapters of the Urban Land Institute, Building Industry Association, League of California Cities, Neighborhood Housing Services, Orange County Association of Realtors and the UC Irvine Merage School of Business-Center for Real Estate. Source: OC Metro

UCI Professor Victoria Basolo

Beth Krom, City of Irvine Council Member

Spring 2009 Volume I, Issue 3 Planning Student Organization University of California Irvine

PPD Advisory Board Meeting Date & Time: Thursday, May 28, 2009 (47pm) Location: Student Center, Emerald Bay C Fall 2009 Course: Regional Leadership in Air Quality

Enrollment in the course is by permission of the instructor. The course will be capped at approximately 8 to 16 students. Students will be selected based on a short (e.g. approximately two page) statement of interest, grades in previous coursework, and if requested a letter or letters of reference from a UCI faculty member.

This meeting will provide an update on events that have transpired this spring and a discussion of future activities and plans for PPD, as well as evolving opportunities. It will also be an opportunity for students and Advisory Board Members to network, which includes discussing students current plans and career goals.
MURP Alumni Reception hosted by PSO Date & Time: Thursday, May 28, 2009 (79pm) Location: Social Ecology I, Room 112

Submittal Deadline: Please submit a two-page

statement of interest to Professor Boarnet by June 8.

If you have any questions about the course, please contact Professor Boarnet . Email:

The Planning Student Organization has invited Advisory Board members, faculty, all MURP's, and Alumni to a reception immediately following the Advisory Board meeting (4-7 pm). Please come and mingle with current MURPS, graduating MURPs, Alumni, and faculty. Come and enjoy some delicious food, while giving some last words of wisdom to the graduating 09 MURP Class.

A Word from Our Officers Greetings! Thank you MURPS, Alumni, and faculty for your support and ideas for the Newsletter. As PSO we want to continue to build bridges with the students, faculty, and Alumni at UCI. Please feel free to offer any advice on how we improve so we can better represent ourselves as an organization.

-PSO Spring 2009 Volume I, Issue 3 Planning Student Organization University of California Irvine Officers