Greg Wilsey’s 35-Year Focus on Helping Children When asked about why he does his job, Assistant Circuit

Attorney Greg Wilsey will quote former talk radio host Garrison Keillor and say “nothing you ever do for children is wasted.” It’s a philosophy that Greg adheres to every day, and this year he celebrates his 35 year anniversary of the CAO. As a member of the Child Support Unit, Greg files all the paternity and contempt cases, which help collect child support from non-custodial parents. Over his 35 years of service, he’s handled around 50,000 paternity actions and 100,000 collection actions. Greg works as an advocate for St. Louis area children, working to get them the financial support they need for long-term stability. Greg admits that sometimes the work can be discouraging and stressful. “By and large, most people want to do the right thing for the kids,” he says. “They just get hung up on their rationales for failure.” So far this year Greg has filed over 2,400 contempt actions to recover child support. Regardless of the challenges, he says he can’t think of a job he’d rather be doing. He credits much of his job satisfaction to his co-workers at the CAO. “The Child Support Unit has had some of the best people I could imagine as workers,” Greg says. Together, they’re on a mission to ensure that children grow up with the financial support they need. “I consider Greg to be an essential part of this office,” explains John Dockery, head of the Child Support Unit. “I don’t know how we’d accomplish anything without him!” We want to commend Greg’s tireless work on behalf of the children and thank him for 35 years of continued service.