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MARCH 2011
This issue of the Corner Gathering Newsletter marks 10 years of its publication. There has been no shortage of very encouraging Christian testimonies here in the Ozarks. What I have been finding equally encouraging are the miracles believers are experiencing, some of which are shared in this newsletter. If you have experienced an undeniable miracle that you would like to be considered for publication in this newsletter, please let me know. Also, try to make it to“the corner gathering” on Saturday April 2 (more details on page 5). If you didn’t get issue #26 it is possibly because I tried to email it, but it went to spam folders because of trying to send batches of 20 at a time.

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Without Love We Are Nothing

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In 1 Corinthians 13 we are told that without charity, love, we are nothing. Jesus reveals that all of the law and the prophets hang on two commandments which are 1) love God, and 2) love one another (Matthew 22:37-40). Do we love in deed and in truth not just with our words (1 John 3:18)? Are we “yielding ourselves as instruments of righteousness” (Romans 6:13)? Do we have the “love of God shed abroad in our hearts” (Romans 5:5)? Not just hearers, but doers of the Word are justified (Romans 2:13). All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets (Matthew 7:12). It’s all about love. We’re known by our fruit (Matthew 7:16). The fruit of the spirit listed in Galatians 5:22 begins with love (which covers the other listed fruit — joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance). A good tree brings forth good fruit (Matthew 7:17). By hearing these things and doing them, we’re considered wise and will hear our Lord say to us, “Well done thou good and faithful servant.” Jesus proclaims that “not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.” Some who prophesy, cast out devils and do “many wonderful works” in the name of Jesus may be in danger of hearing Him say, “I never knew you; depart from me.” Our assurance is the fruit that we bear — our genuine love of the Father and of one another. As opportunities arise to help those in need, we’re expected as

being out with the people who are hurting. our righteousness shall go before us. I have never seen so many aspects of ministry to the needy under one roof — a food pantry. And now abideth faith. please consider helping out this ministry in Madison County. It's the ministry of Jesus.. known as Faithful Servant Ministries Roller Skating Rink. leads various activities including crafts. and provides snacks.... there is a particular ministry I’d like to mention that serves the poor in many wonderful ways. This is what the Lord will do: Deliver us in time of trouble.. these three. charity. THEN shall thy light rise in obscurity. deal bread to the hungry. The ministry puts on Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for people.. The phone number at the rink is (479) 738-6692. Undo heavy burdens. needing prayer. a pregnancy center. and satisfy thy soul in drought. If anyone has a heart to do that — the great commission — come on!” Blessed are those who consider the poor. the peace of God rules in our heart. If you’ve had an unction to help people in need locally. and like a spring of water. keep us alive. In fact. “People get saved. With the fruit of love as our “bond of perfection” and by being a doer and not a hearer only. needing money. “We just hope the body of Christ can help meet the need. —1 Corinthians 13:13 . bring the poor that are cast out to our house. but the greatest of these is charity. and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden. a drink of water. hope. they’re an outlet for Angel food ministries and also they hold Faithful Servant Ministries Fellowship services on the premises and Transitions Student Ministry which helps get children established in local churches and be ministered to. Great peace have they which love thy law (love God and love one another) and nothing shall offend them (Psalm 119:165). and the Lord shall guide thee continually. And if we “draw out thy soul to the hungry.Page 2 fruit bearers to go into action as doers of the Word where we are able. bless us upon the earth and not deliver us to the will of our enemies ( Psalm 41:1). a place to have fun!” If you are open to helping a ministry that is effective in helping others and drawing people into the kingdom through the love of Jesus. Arkansas. healed and delivered. and satisfy the afflicted soul. preserve us. cover the naked — THEN shall our light break forth. whose waters fail not (Isaiah 58:6-11). follow what Jesus is doing. a free after school program where a precious young lady teaches school children about Jesus and conducts a Bible study. Isaiah 58 is all about helping people in need and then seeing what the Lord will do for us after we’ve done our part. along with lots of love and godly instruction.

readying ourselves. He is saying. to do something abo ut it. BE REA DY.. just like the believers today walk in the ligh t of Jesus who is the Light of the world. and praying for His coming.” To occupy means to do business with. Oklahoma. “Just do it!” Jesus enlightened me with His Word by the Holy Spirit about being prepared. and praying? If not. At the time we had no idea why God had said Arkansas because my family had just recently moved to Wichita from Tulsa the year before. “He shall cover you with His feathers and under His wings you shall take refuge. 1-3) In 2002. Many dea f people in Northwest Arkansas. We felt electrified with excitement and started to dance around the room for nea rly an hour. readying. shining beautifully. We know now that the Lord wan ts us to be prepared to minister to many different peo ple who may be coming to Northwest Arka nsas looking for refuge. one from our close friend (an apostol ic prophetic teacher) and another from an apostolic/p rophetic conference in Arkansas City.. Our friend and the conference speaker both shared thei r visions about Northwest Arkansas. Religion argu es. while my friend and I were pray ing together in our church facility in Wic hita. He is telling us to put on God’s armor and to hold dow n the fort till He comes back again. including the very elect. Post Offi ce after 23 years of service. I real ized then that God was calling my family to move to Northw est Arkansas. Jesus stated in Luke 18:8. — Colossians 3:17 . The Lord showed me that all the stars were like the born again belie vers. I [Larry] had my first vision from the Lord in Tulsa. I Tim. We received many confirmations for our move. do all in the name of the Lord Jesus. In 2005 I received a couple of confirmatio ns. Love acts (just do it). we sensed something very strongly and it became heavy on our spirits. Are you watching. we’d better take heed! Watch. Then we both heard the word “Arkansas” in our spirits. I saw stars star ting to fall out of the sky. The people on Earth were gazing at the stars. are lost and very few are in fellowship with other belie vers. will be deceived! (Mark 13:22. So in 2009 we obeyed His calling and moved to Eureka Springs after I resigned my posi tion as mail carrier for the U. He is telling us to WATCH.. will He really find faith on the earth?” Also in Luke 19:13. Religion loves to debate about the Word of God and is therefore dangerous! Love simply acts on the Word of God beca use love wants to be found faithful and to occupy till Yesh ua comes! May the Supreme God (Elohim) of our Lord (Yahveh) Jesus (Yeshua) be with you and keep you! Whatsoever ye do in word or deed. He will WRAP His arms around us! Like David said in Psalm 91:4. Tempie and I are called to be apostles to the dea f and to minister to those who minister to the deaf. Kan sas. of conquered troops and territory. I realized then that the vision was showing me how ther e would be a great falling away of the believers in the last days! Many of them. and/or restoration. Ready.Page 3 We’re Larry & Tempie In 1998. Next. to hold possession. and the world. “…Neverthel ess.” We are praying that Yeshua will find you faithful and occupying till He comes. Kansas. I did not see His face but we were looking at and admiring all the many beautiful stars som e great and some small. or control. And PraY If we are watching. He is telling us to “occupy till I come. Jesus has already won a great victory for us over the devil and his king dom. The stars radiated from the sun’s rays. and Mark 13:3 2-37. when I saw myself in outer space with Jesus standing next to me. giving thanks to God and the Father by him. slowly at first then becoming more numerous. relief. too. JUST DO IT! There is a difference between relig ion and the love of the Supreme God – Elohim. while the people on Earth were the lost and the sun hidden behind the Earth was God. so I kept this in my heart. and PRAY! If Yeshua said it many times. He led me to read Matthew 24 & 25. We looked at each other and started laughing and crying at the same time. when the Son of Man comes. one by one.S.

The Lord spoke to me while I was here and I returned to UK only to pack and ze as people planned but I knew I was to Arkansas. God has prospered me to now being able to North Carolina. done with all my might. to raise cattle. In these years. We had show us the location for this ministry and Lord has confirmed its location. chickens and crops to provide food. I returned to on weekly radio and television broadcasts. without which no man shall see the Lord. — Hebrews 12:14 . All these 10 years the Lord was speaking to me about the NW corner of Arkansas being a place other of refuge and safety and about becoming self sufficient and being able to provide refuge for reasons. I attended Sunday school but wandered off on the wide road until I was born had an unusual path set for me and in 1981 while I was working as an art and design teacher. and holiness. the Lord joined me with two special people as we have the same vision. I am excited and look forward with great expectancy to meet those whom God has led here. and elsehousing for five families who have moved into the area from where. which is n.” In 1983 I started to travel. I am condensing the details as it would take too long to tell of all God’s miracles in my life. This road the Lord had planned was to lead me through many the Holy nations on three continents staying between 18 months and 3 years at each place specified by and Canada with an Apostolic ministry Spirit. All the glory goes to Him. I’m still here. He led me to initiate and then later serve as dean of in was co-pastor for two churches and had pioneered outreaches with Bible study and prayer groups rural locations. Julie Venables My story begins in England in1954 where I was born and raised on a large dairy farm/nurseries. to stay. Abundant Blessings to all. again As a young child. the Lord led me to the there “ones” who had been praying for help and who needed the Lord to minister to them. While in the United States. Follow peace with all men. The Lord has opened doors to write. some where at that time. who have the same or similar vision and are sensing the Holy “to get in position” and to be on time and on target for what the Lord is about to do. During my interior decorating years when I was able to support myself. I have moved eight times as the Lord has miraculo by hands on. no vehicle. The job I was to do interestingly did not materiali mildly). Six years ago. New Orleans. The Lord at my water baptism prophesied He was calling me to the “ones. interior design and as an artist and provided places to live and means to earn money works. I know that the urgency are others whom God has led here.Page 4 I’m Rev. edit and illustrate my own and other authors’ whatever my hand finds to do. I was introduced to some Christians from northwest Arkansas who invited me to visit move in February 2000. and healing for anyone God brings needing help. so with no job. no money. author. the Lord put a love in my Norway for this nation and the people here and I knew that I would return in the future. In 1991. In the mid 1990s the Lord sent me back a Bible school. and no home. I was pastoring and also teaching to the of them reaching over four million Russian homes. and ministry of restoratio been waiting for the Lord to deliverance. I traveled and ministered in the United States heart planting and working with young churches. When to see His plan unfold and His purposes Spirit gets those divine connections in place we are going established. goats. In 1999. In 1998. a safe haven. my faith was stretched (to put it usly Ten years later. From believers whom He would bring across my path that would need help for many different provide having nothing other than a few personal items. I also United Kingdom.

If anyone is interested in hanging out a little later and having dinner. — great menu and reasonable prices.O. I hope to share a very interesting experience involving the Hub and a world traveler who came to speak for a corner gathering there several years ago.m. I’ve been trying to put together a website (possibly with the ability to link to podcasts). How did you hear about this Name _______________________________________________________________________________________ newsletter? Address _____________________________________________________________________________________ Phone Number and/or Email ____________________________________________________________________ . AR 72601 • cornergathering@yahoo. Scooter’s Restaurant opens at 4 p. The Corner Gathering Newsletter P. April 2 starting at 2 p. There is a motel if anyone is traveling and would like to stay overnight.m.Page 5 Come join us for an afternoon of fellowship! A corner gathering at The Hub Saturday. What a beautiful time of year for a drive on Scenic 7 in the Ozarks! We will meet in the game room on the east side of the building for fellowship. The Hub is located atop one of the beautiful Ozark Mountains at Marble Falls on Scenic Highway 7 Spur between Harrison and Jasper (across from Mystic Caverns). but just can’t do it myself because of time constraints and lack of expertise. Can anyone help despite very limited funding? If you would like to receive this free newsletter. please complete this form and mail it to the following This publication is possible only through donations. Box 2313 • Harrison.

She’s an energetic sweet little girl. only this time she was the sickest she’d ever been with some more things wrong and in the Intensive Care Unit. I remember thinking to myself that maybe she would be better off if God took her home. Some time went by and Abby was again hospitalized in Buffalo. They decided to wait because even if they did go. Abby did get well and when they were getting her ready to go back home. from New York and would like to share a wonderful miracle concerning my great grandchild that has increased my faith and that of my family. A surgeon placed about half of her intestines inside a few days after birth. One morning. Well.” trying to prepare them for what they thought to be inevitable. God’s mercies are new every day. Twenty days before her first birthday she underwent many long hours of surgery. “This is it. God’s children seem to be having more trials than normal and I feel we need to lift one another up in prayer and try to encourage as we’re led to do. no guarantee that she would live. My grandchildren were told that Abigail wouldn’t make it without an intestinal transplant and they were to decide soon whether to have Abby taken to Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital in Pennsylvania. Now I knew it in my spirit. We give glory to God. so Abby was transported there by ambulance. And. Three times God took over when the doctors could do no more and expected her to die. For the third time. my grandchildren were told. The organs were delivered by airplane to Pittsburg. The sole purpose is to encourage others. of course. Editor: Julie Turner Feel free to copy and share! . even including a liver and pancreas that Abby had ended up being in need of. praise God. After so much time passed. Abigail Grace (Abby). NY.Page 6 Let me tell you about our miracle! I’m Loretta C. bless her heart. my grandson and his wife had their first child. but those left for another day all died off. which was successful. I was half asleep and asking in prayer to be shown how to pray for Abby. Abby started to gain weight and seemed to be taking a turn for the better. The doctors routinely put them inside surgically hoping she could live a normal life. I was going to continue to believe and diligently seek God for healing. My grandchildren were told more than once that Abby wouldn’t make it. Many times during her first year of life. she was able to sit up and enjoy her cake with her family not long afterward. I started asking God to show me how to pray. I got my answer! God wanted to heal her. if ever. — Loretta in New York Share your testimony of how you ended up in the Ozarks! All Christian testimonies are welcome and may be published anonymously. About 2-1/2 years ago. “Without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that cometh to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6). They are having marital problems. the doctors got a call from Oregon saying that donor organs for Abby had just been received. I would appreciate prayer for Abby’s parents. Abby will be 3 years old in March and has not rejected the organs and has had her feeding tube removed and is healed completely. We’re blessed and grateful. Abby was taken to Children’s Hospital in Buffalo. very sick and she usually was hospitalized for 2 weeks only to repeat the process again and again. I just didn’t know how to pray anymore. A scripture came to mind. She was born with her intestines on the outside of her body. There was. she’s too sick to recover this time. there was still no guarantee that donated organs would come any time soon. While making the preparations for the hospitalization.

The Lord had opportunities to shut the doo had wanted. and con plan and purpose for moving tinuing to seek the Lord for His us to NW Arkansas. On much the morning of 9-11. 200 9. we pas some time in Denver. Nona being born and Seattle. The first two were not “it. We prayed about what we should do. was having tent meetings. We had driven through some of NW Arkansas. which considered because we could see no trees around the house. our journey began. .” The next day a thunderstorm came. or just didn’t see what we were wanting and nee m to fit ding. My grandfather said to some unbelievers at the McHenry General Store who had caused some trouble at a tent meeting. ARK. attended a Corner Gathering We event in Mountain Home. There was not one drop of rain outside your property. And we also are very aware of what is soon to be happening to our nation in light of our Scr understanding. So with this in mind. tored for From what we see in the Scriptu res and elsewhere. and throug h a series of God-directed eve us know this was the home we nts. God has specifi iptural c plans for us that He is leadin g us into and through step by We feel it is extremely import step.” But the third one we had seen online and had not . the tinued our search. everything we had con re contemplated was either sold. we wante into a more rural setting becaus d to relocate from the “big city ” e of what the Lord is going to do in this country. und er contract. We eva raised in Oregon and David in ngelized and pastored church es in that area. But er our home in Colorado had sold and our interests there we cluded. had prayed for rain. ARK. at does We know beyond any doubt we are exactly where the Lord wa nts us to be for the days ahead. and it was there that we met editor of the newsletter. and with much prayer. We made contac caught t with the owners. The church nee g of ds to be seeking the Lord. Those scoffers then wanted to come to the revival because they said. Thi ngs are going to be happening nation. Colorado. but never rea lly considered this to be the pla until the Lord started putting ce things together to let us know exactly where He wanted to ble our new home/location. Lord allows. There was no such thing as welfare in those days and he and my grandmother. gave us three different d at his places to drive by. Washington. HE let were to purchase. we are blesse d in our new location. “Me and Laurie are going to pray. Laurie. We con Julie. Later.Page 7 Let me tell you about our miracle! There was a serious drought in the east in about 1919 or 1920. — Ephesians 6:10 We’re David and Nona Gran t Our roots are in the Pacific No rthwest. but the plans we r if He nt forward and in November.” It had only rained on my grandparents’ property! — Al in Virginia Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. David ss us with had contacted a realtor in Harris on. who. Maryland. our attention. and felt it wo uld be near Springfield. we moved into our home (th have plenty of trees around it). we were in the White House in DC. “We kicked dust. We Lord had a reason for our bei believe the ng there. and literally driv ing thousands of miles LOOKING for the place where we felt the “witness of the Holy Spirit” to relocate to. ant today that “the church” tru ly knows the voice and leadin the Holy Spirit. Henry Skipper in McHenry. Missou when the time came to buy aft ri. The details are too many to include in this but we do share them as the article. when we arrive office. My grandfather. in our In the meantime.

We were able to pay everythin enough to want to buy it and offered a good price training two years in Oklahoma we helped establish a down some roots in Oklahoma. HE WAS THERE! HE WAS THERE! When spring once more had blossomed. And skies were bleak and cold. When I [Don] was bein Don: We moved to NW Arkansas from Oklahom l with trave (who was originally from Canada) invited me to mentored into Christian ministry. to home in Oklahoma sold. During preparation for our to a year to 18 months with plans to go back our home da who were renting our house. Covering the ground and hiding my path. And there were new beginnings. Oklahoma. When all life was covered over. Ontario. Cana Gladys: I am Native American. our at for pastors ka Springs. ttawatomi from Walpole Island. When we were in the Tulsa area we had music CD that we had gotten professionally done the radio ches we worked with in Canada had me do program for a little over a year.Page 8 We’re Don and Gladys Wonderly g a after living in Canada. the minister 1979 (32 years) starting out in ys. When the trees of life brought forth fruit in abun By the skies unyielding snow. We felt a peace about it as we continue strongly that the Lord wanted us move to the over to Eureka. We do teaching together on Sund trying to get some of her things and writes poetry. Through the summertime of my life. a end." We've found this to be true in lifetim abiding love and unlimited power. And disappeared in one last blaze of color. we got a call from the tenants in Cana g off and decided to put . but could not. HE WAS THERE! HE WAS THERE! . published and has some published through the a weekly radio . At one point we were asked to go to Oklahom ministry together pioneering churches in Cana s. Different chur broadcast quite often. Sometimes the Lord lets thing es and has lodge is a refuge for people with fixed incom mind while He has other things in mind. When life struggled to survive. We commited ed toward evangelism for Native American Native American friends start a Bible college gear return to to Canada afterward. ors it was our intention to make it available to past Also. We did so gs and suggested we stop in and ministry told us about a pastor in Eureka Sprin if I would and introduced ourselves. They liked Canada. Our touched a lot of lives. During our first center. We intended for it to be a retre acquire Dream Springs Lodge just north of Eure thing in s come into your hands and you might have one and Christians. when we bought Dream Springs Lodge general public. I ministered that weekend and share and sing the next time we were around and that. and we were able We started looking around for real estate. With new blessings to unfold. an Ojibwa/Po re established in see a Native American Bible Training Cent Because of my background. Gladys and I travel evangelisticall in the area. And clouds seemed far away. lighting my days. When the sun shone brightly. they of every month and then about 6 months into that I was asked to speak the second Sunday stry. She is the opportunity. I soon another position or anything. fall when sorrows came like falling leaves. We were married in him into Canada and that’s where I met Glad a to help da. I wasn’t looking for pastor to help them in the mini asked me if I would consider being the associate felt very t it after they had asked a couple of times. We prayed abou d coming Ozarks. or in Eureka Springs. A couple of the people in the Oklahom We came to Arkansas in 2004 for a long week say hi to him. I had a desire to than a "You can accomplish more in one hour with God. I also work with another past I’m the associate pastor at Wildflower Chapel we get y as ay under Gladys Wonderly. There is a quote I heard that says s our lives and believe others need to know of God' e without Him. Through the Bringing fresh life into my soul. da. and Christian ministry workers as well as to the A GOD FOR ALL SEASONS When winter winds whipped harshly in my life. dance. She is an excellent teacher We have a internet at poetry. The Pastor asked me and also went to his church on Sunday morning after I agreed to do so.