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Genretized Literacy Account Before writing this account about literacy and what it means to me, I sat down

and pondered on what literacy really was. I discovered that literacy was shaped by everything around me. Every person in my past and present has added to my literacy. Each teacher I have ever had has somehow shaped the way I think about reading and writing. Whether they are good or bad influences, people speak and interact with me everyday. Some may have horrible literacy skills and some may have superb literacy skills but in the end they all use literacy and have had influence on me. Literacy has been embedded in our very beings since the time we said our first da-da or from time the time we learned our ABCs. From the beginning, our parents, teachers, grandparents, and other factors have greatly influenced our literacy backgrounds. Each one sparked new ideas or beliefs about literacy that we had never thought of before. Without even knowing it these people have become literacy sponsors for our lives and have shaped where we are in life today. To portray this reflection on literacy I used a scrapbook to depict each major sponsor in my life. Each place or person represented had a major impact on my life in certain ways yet each of those ways was different from one another. The pages I created in the book give the audience a symbolic way of looking at each sponsor in my life. In the first paragraph I said literacy is formed from people around my surroundings and me, so therefore sponsors can be anyone who influenced anything you have done with literacy. Two main sponsors who are still influencing me with literacy are Neal and Susan Luck, my mother and father. Neal, my father is one of the

smartest people I know and he is my number one literacy sponsor of my life. Without my mother and father I would not be in college writing this paper. Although not everyone can say their parents have been literacy sponsors in their life I am proud to say that my parents have taught me all the basics of literacy and pushed me, never letting me give up. They are the first sponsors put in my book because they had the very first impact on literacy in my life. From reading my first childrens book to writing my first college essay, my father and mother pushed me. They gave their time, money and love to give me the best education they could and a roof over my head. While sponsors greatly influence literary skills, a persons background also has a large impact on literary skills. Whether you are from the streets of Chicago or the gates of Beverly Hills, your home creates a path for your literacy. Literacy accounts are not the same from person to person. In my book I portrayed my personal background and symbols that influenced how I view literacy; through sports, church, and the community park playground. Each person and place I encountered heavily impacted me. Some people did not go to school but taught themselves to read and write, some people were privileged and went to big private institutions where they were given the best when it came to education. Either way the only thing that matters in the end is a persons ability to read and write. I happen to have been privileged to grow up in a private school. Not that I was the richest or most well off because I wasnt, I never have been the richest and that always affected me throughout school. I always wanted what the other girls at my school had but truth be told I was just an average girl. My parents sacrificed time

and money to send me to a school where my first encounter with learning to read was with some of the best teachers in the state. Yet even though I went to a private school it did not mean I was reading better than other kids my age at other schools. Its not about the place you start your learning its about starting to learn. Growing up I did not see the affect my school had on me because I was too busy focusing on the material side of life. It was not until I reached my first day of English class in college that I really thought about the impact my background has had on my literacy skills. Whether good or bad, our backgrounds are one of the most influential literacy sponsors we have growing up. Going back to your roots and realizing how they impacted you can really help you understand why you are where you are in life and literacy. School as a whole has heavily influenced literacy in my life. Through my book I depicted major symbols that stood out in my mind and shaped the way I thought and talked and read in my life. Whether I know it or not, there has been one or two teachers who have stood out in my past that has greatly impacted my ideas and feelings about literacy. While I have not always had great encouraging teachers, every teacher is still a big part of shaping literacy in my life. One teacher that stands out in my mind as a positive sponsor in my life is Mrs. Vinetto, my kindergarten teacher. She was a very loving teacher who introduced me to a whole world, day after day, as she sat teaching me more and encouraging me to read. She set me up to love and enjoy reading. Yet on the other hand I can recall a high school teacher who was far from sweet and encouraging. Mrs. Hoots, my high school English teacher, never got very far into reading my papers before she said, what were you thinking

when writing this paper because it is not very well written. Each time I watched the same grade get put on my papers, not an awful grade, but not the one I strived for. After weeks of talking to her about them I just got frustrated and wanted to give up. Mrs. Hoots definitely could be classified and a negative sponsor but yet she also could be classified as a positive sponsor because she made me set my mind to working harder. Eventually, I saw a new grade on my papers and I liked the grade so I felt accomplished and pleased with what I had done. Teachers impact our lives forever and that is why they are a big factor when it comes to our literacy narrative. As this paper comes to a conclusion, to wrap it all up, literacy is influenced by everything surrounding me. My parents, background, and teachers have all greatly impacted my life. Whether good or bad my parents have given me beliefs about literacy. My background, the place I grew up in, put me on a path to where I am now by influencing my literacy ideas. Lastly my teachers may not all have been Mrs. Vinettos but somehow they all touched my life and embedded something positive or negative about literacy inside of me. My scrapbook depicts the way I wanted to convey how I felt about my literacy past. It holds key people and places that have shaped me to where I am now in my life. I chose a scrapbook because it can hold so many different aspects of literacy and not just be confined to one way of showing my literacy background. The book made it possible for me to tell small narratives through pictures and symbols to create one master narrative about my literacy life. Pictures say a thousand words and that is an idea I wanted to convey through this scrapbook. Literacy is more than words on a page, literacy is everywhere and in everything. I wanted my pictures to be able to speak to my audience so they could

interpret their own ideas of my literary past because people can relate to visual ideas in a much more meaningful way than just words stuck on a page. My major point through my book is that literacy sponsors are everywhere and they are still affecting me today. Sponsors will forever impact my life.