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Your Worst Enemy

Shaykh Mohammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibendi, Sohba of the 27th of May 2012.

Shaykh Mehmet: As-Salamu Alaikum. Audhu Billahi min al shaytan al rajim, Bismillahi rRahmani r-Rahim. Assalatu wa s-salamu ala Rasulina Muhammad Sayyidi l Awwalin wa lAkhirin. Madad ya Rasul Allah, Madad ya S Abdullah Faiz Daghestani, madad ya S.Muhammad Nazim al Haqqani, dastur! Tariqatuna sohbah wa l-khayri fil jamia' We may say a few words, with the intention of sohbat insha Allah. Who is the greatest enemy of mankind? Is it the unbelievers, or is it shaytan? The grestest enemy, our Prophet (sas) says; "A`da `aduwwuka nafsuka al-lati bayna janibayk". It is your ego. Your greatest enemy is your ego. Don't search for it in anyone else. No one can drag man into the things that the ego does. If you follow your ego, you become humiliated. Even if you say "I am making ibadah" still it is your ego's.. Still one's ego deceives him & takes the credit even for ibadah. We see it many times: there are ikhwans/brothers of 10 years Who we can't call ikhwan anymore. Mawlana says, "I am not your Shaykh anymore". They are muhibb/lover. There is no one who can be ikhwan anymore. No ikhwan or mureeds...There are ones who have been with Mawlana for 10 years, 15 years, 30 years..There are people who have been together with Mawlana for 30 years. Because of Mawlana's high level of akhlaq all who come says "Mawlana loves only me!" And the ego likes this very much. "When I come here, Mawlana should welcome me at the door!" This is what the ego likes. The ego likes that even in his current situation Mawlana welcomes him at the door. This means that the 30 year is wasted for nothing! You only satisfied your ego & Mawlana didn't say anything to you. We wouldn't like to say this but Mawlana is sick for almost 4 months & people don't understand this. Everything changes in this world, changes from one state to another. The only one unchanged is Allah. Insha Allah this state on him will also change & he will recover but.. Anyways, we may not say more. There are more things to say for such people but this is enough. We maybe said it 100 times to who comes to this door.. And we hear most people say, "We can't see Mawlana anyways, why should we come? no need to come.." This is also.. This is also speaking without knowing what you say. We said 100 times that who come here but doesn't see Mawlana takes from the fadhila/virtue of Uways al-Qarani. People know that Uwais al-Qarani turned back without seeing the Prophet (sas) even once. He also has a qasida. They know this too. But they don't know how his state was after this. Uwais

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. But we are saying "don't come & resent like this". this is hard to believe.. they come & do this. it is very bad enemy for people. when it is like this they love their ego more. No need to repeat this 1000x. can't see & return. for the muhibbs here. trying to talk to him. For 3 days he is in this situation & he couldn't come down. And shukur Allah he was coming down & going around for the last 2-3 weeks. with the permission of Allah. why should I come there?" These people are saying very wrong things. like we said. gifts & barakah that is 1000x more than if he saw him. And this is to set an example for these people. But when one says something (bad) for the people who serve here it means he is swearing on Mawlana! Because he can't swear on Mawlana. He came down. This is what it is. Mawlana is merciful.. Shaytan or what is this? No. Ego. He reaches the level of "ikhwan". Who comes here keeping his adab. He senses everything.But our people don't have this anymore. Leave aside this... He came to visit him but returned when he couldn't find him upon the order of his mother. he is given everything that is necessary. only. Leaves without gaining anything. feels sad. We ask about who is biggest enemy for man. This really affects Mawlana. Tariqat is adab. No matter who it is. then at that time he follows his ego & who follows his ego is destroyed. for human being. He is the person who didn't see the Prophet (sas) even once in his life. But he saw the nur of the Prophet(sas). They even do it to Mawlana.. Even if he doesn't see Mawlana. nothing else. all who come make dua for Qarani Hz is the one who guided all in this Golden Chain. Shaytan is the small enemy. your ego. And Mawlana is affected by this. May Allah grant all of us understanding. You should keep your biggest adab for Mawlana. his breath is enough for you. They would always see each other spiritually. leaves with very big fadhila/virtues. he still leaves with such fayz. but he leaves without a gain.. How many times it is that we are saying this? Even the ones who claim to be wise & sane ones. so that you will not get angry when you come to visit him. or say "If I won't able to see present but not in zahir. No need to rush to him. Biggest enemy. But you should be careful to not leave good manners. This is also a test for the ikhwans... weak &. Not muhibb either. not shaytan not. You should pray 2 rakats shukur that he is able to come down like this. in zahir.Mawlana asks dua from everyone & thanks to Allah.. Because they come here & see Mawlana in this situation. among yourselves as well. he swears on the ones at the door. We are not saying "ikhwan" for them anymore or Muhibb/lovers of Mawlana. Even if he doesn't get destroyed. What you do? No need for enemy to harm Page 2 . ok we pass this too. But if he still insists & disturbs Mawlana.We are astonished.. This is something all should beware. whoever come here may keep his adab! Whoever come to this door may control his ego for 2 days! This is an unbelievable thing! Because man. doesn't need to look to others. Ego can put you in very www.saltanat. You seeing him is enough. They think that Mawlana doesn't know.

. the biggest enemy. Because some people becoming angry. when coming. Alhamdulillah it was good. insha Allah he will change to better. directly coming curse on you. It is not easy. for everybody. But when in this position. Uwais al-Qarani many people know him. from what? From ego. Because they cannot say for him. And I hear many people also. we find 10 years they are following 20 years following. harm for you. Because who 30 year coming & going. Because your ego making you.. You will be regretful. Ego want everything more & more. but not really. Even when you make ibadah. so no need to come". Everything you do following your ego you will be ashamed after this. to get better. this swear going exact for Shaykh Effendi. www. Shaykh Effendi. And it is. And we hear many people not coming because they saying "we cannot see Shaykh Effendi. Just I am collecting you like this".bad position. And Shaykf Effendi also changing. Why they swearing? When they swearing this. don't come at all for this. they don't know. 1 from 100 follower. Every people changing. They want more. Now 3 days. I want to. Shaykh Effendi's position. He is big awliya & he never see Prophet (sas) in his life.saltanat. When you swear this for Shaykh Effendi.So they are real follower. they say for who is serving him. or to look for him. Uwais al Qarani is most important in Naqshbandi Tariqat." Alhamdulillah you see him here. He is giving awliyas . And this is from ego. And as Rasulullah (sas) said. But when your ego. or worshipping. they not learn to get rid of ego. But follower you can't find 1%. riyadhat/ spiritual training. But no. no. But people when coming here they insist to see him. maybe more than 100 times we speak about position. And this is not good. forgetting people how 3 months cannot see him at all. So if you do this. he said "I not practising Shaykh. they want more. 100. most of them even there is. even 30 years following. This is big maqam.. this also people forgetting. everyday he was coming. this ego..Golden Chain many of them connecting between one and other Page 3 . "we cannot speak. But people still same. they are swearing at people. we cannot. What not changing. But after this. ego. station. if you are weak can turn this worship for himself. nearly 4 months he is like this. your desire want to kiss his hand. this is affecting him. he cannot come like this.Rank. He come to visit him but he couldn't find him there so he went back to his family. it is enough for you. and you be sorry if you are not speak to him. They are. getting better. Alhamdulillah he was coming like this. Make for them tarbiyah. Because as Shaykh Effendi said about Uwais al-Qarani. Alhamdulillah he was coming maybe 20 days. only Allah. who are serving Shaykh Effendi. I am not like making Shaykh for you. This is very bad manner. Just loving Shaykh Effendi. he want praying for him to get better. This is also wrong. We won't say "follower of Shaykh Effendi". In this world. Forgetting from where. everything changing from different different state. I want to speak to him. But when.

he looking & acting by spiritual Page 4 . test for mureeds. I don't have. From beginning insha Allah.php?id=4088&name=2012-0527_tr_YourWorstEnemy.And from beginning of his illness this who come to visit him without seeing him. people saying but many karamats. So who coming & saying "he coming very old & he come so he cannot do anything". to not follow ego. he take from this fadhilat. Video Link: http://saltanat. This is what we want to tell people. He is still giving until now. Say "We must speak to him". He is. Wa min Allah at-tawfiq. Some of them. it is wrong. we witnessed for this. He is becoming very old". Allah what necessary for him. And going everywhere in the no! Because many people seeing him in wheelchair & they said "he is weak.saltanat.mp4 www. All this. This is wrong also. In this 3 months.virtue. Don't give this for ego. many people they see this & tell. as Mawlana Shaykh put in your mind Uwais al-Qarani's (ra) what he do & how he is now. we also. Alhamdulillah.miracle. Al Fatiha. Even this is the best chance for ego to take your belief. from Uwais al-Qarani's virtues. So be careful from your ego.