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The Alyansa ng mga Kooperatiba at Samahan Sa Carranglan Inc. (ALYANSA) is an umbrella organization comprised of various cooperatives and associations at Carranglan, Nueva Ecija. It was organized and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under Sec. Reg. No. A200109205 last June 27, 2001. It was established to uplift the living conditions of the members by assisting them in the establishments of livelihood facilities, services and enterprises. It operates on the strategy that people’s participation in every economic activity and increasing collaboration and partnership with GOs, NGOs, and POs will hasten the development of their individual members and the community as a whole. 3.1.1 Membership

Presently, it has 58 member organizations with no less than 1,668 individual members. The current member organizations of the ALYANSA are: BALANE Forever Association Inc.; Carranglan Multi-Purpose Cooperative; Sipag Agro-Forest Association, Inc.; Samahan ng mga Magsasaka sa Carranglan; Francisco Families Union, Inc.; Luntiang Sikap Agro-Forest Association, Inc.; Isang Bukluran at Lakas para sa Inang Kalikasan, Inc.; Integrated Tree Planters of Digdig Association, Inc.; Joson-Carranglan Operators and Drivers Association, Inc.; CLSU Credit Cooperative; Puncan Credit Cooperative; Digdig Credit Cooperative’ Bunga Women’s Primary Multi-Purpose Cooperative; Samahan ng mga Igorot Members Association, Inc.; Veterans Sons and Daughters Cooperative’ ABA Agro-Forest Association, Inc.; Pundig Based Agro-Forest Association, Inc.’ Bayan Naman Agro-Forest Association, Inc.; Federation of Kalanguya Tribal Council; Tiayaga Agro-Forest Association, Inc.; AgroForest Association of San Agustin; Evergreen Tree Planters Association; Greenhills Tree Farmers Association’ Digdig Irrigators Association; Samahan ng mga Magulang at Kabataan; Samahang Pang-Agrikultura ng Rehab-Maringalo; Tribal Association for Welfare Industry and Development; Mabunga Primary Multi-Purpose Cooperative; Bagong Lahi ng Luntiang Kagubatan (BALALAK); Christ Centered Church; Loyloy Organization of People Against Poverty; Kapatiran Multi-Purpose Cooperative; Mentors Association of Digdig (MAD); Salazar Minority Farmers Association (SAMIFA); Salazar Minority Development Cooperative; Igorot Gardeners Association; Capintalan People’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative; Capintalan Women’s Cooperative; Minuli Tribal Community Development Cooperative; Four “M” Growers Association; CDFM Upland Farmers and Traders Association Kabulinawan T. P. A.; Kapit-Kamay ng Kababaihan ng Puncan (KKP); Samahan ng Magsasaka sa Kabisalan; Digdig ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT STUDY

Luna.P.. Continuous coordination with GOs and NGOs are being done for the establishment of other business enterprises. Inc. Linera Farmers Association PMPC.B. Name Position Address Educational Attainment Name Position Address Educational Attainment Name Position Address Educational Attainment Name Position : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Manuel V.e.L. Ezyque Furniture’s Shop. Nueva Ecija L. Carranglan.1.. Lupao-Parista Highland Farmers AgroForestry Association. It is being managed by a Chairman/General Manager. Rosaruo Vice Chairman for Operation Gen. Cubilla Vice Chairperson for Finance Bunga. Carranglan. Carranglan. Inc. Barangay Development Enterprise. Cultural Communities CBMF Beneficiaries Association’ Segum-Baluarte Multi-Purpose Cooperative. respectively. Rolle Fabricon 2000. Nueva Ecija College Level Eleonor Ladores Treasurer and Mango Dev’t Team Leader ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT STUDY . Teresa F.FEASIBILITY STUDY RESULTS 51 Women’s Primary Multi-Purpose Cooperative..A. Rizal Farmers Association PMPC. Mountain Builders Association. Family Shoe Shop.2  Organization Structure Structure The “Board of Trustees” serves as the policy/governing board of the ALYANSA. EVT Enterprises.  Officers Profile The ALYANSA is presently manned by capable officers whose qualifications suit their respective positions. It has entered into production arrangements of cassava and coffee with San Miguel Corporation and Nestle Philippines. Administrative staff (i. Gervacio M. Tan Chairman and Cassava Dev’t Team Leader Digdig. the bookkeeper) is an employee of LGU-Carranglan working part-time to the ALYANSA. 3. Pantabangan-Cadaclan Napon – Napon Greeners Association. Inc. Nueva Ecija C. General Luna Women’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative.

FEASIBILITY STUDY RESULTS 52 Address Educational Attainment Name Position Address Educational Attainment Name Position Address Educational Attainment Name Position Address Educational Attainment 3. however.2 3.S. it cannot distribute profits to its members. Nueva Vizcaya B. Epe Coffee Dev’t. One limiting factor. Forestry Renato S. Team Leader B.2 Organizational Changes Based on the above organizational strengths and weaknesses of ALYANSA.2. Sci.1 : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Lido K. Carasco Livestock Dev’t Team Leader Digdig. This shall be designed to operate as a business enterprise. Pol. Nueva Ecija. Nueva Ecija A.B. Hence. it is proposed that it organizes a new group that shall undertake the new venture. is that the ALYANSA is a non-stock/non-profit organization. ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT STUDY . Membership includes primary cooperatives which are duly registered with the Cooperatives Development Authority (CDA) and associations. and after the consultation meeting with its officers and members. Irene M. the organization has legal and juridical personality to engage in any lawful and viable business ventures which the organization deemed worthwhile engaging into.2. As such. Mariano Bookkeeper Kayapa. processing of oil and production and distribution of sampaguita garlands. Accountancy Organizational Analysis and Proposed Organizational Changes Organizational Analysis The ALYANSA is a registered conglomeration of primary cooperatives and associations in the Municipality of Carranglan. 3.S. It shall be registered as a separate organization and shall operate as a separately.

he will be in-charge of overseeing the whole operation of the enterprise.  On the second year of operation. a new organization shall be established to acquire a legal personality and prepare the organization in the acquisition of the facilities thru loans.FEASIBILITY STUDY RESULTS 53 For the proposed Ilang-ilang Essential Oil Production:  For the first two years of operation.  ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT STUDY .  As such.   All the manpower requirements of the enterprise are locally available.  He shall make the necessary plans and reports to the officers of the association.   On the third year when the Ilang-ilang trees are on their  A machine extractor operator will be hired to extract the essential oil. no personnel will be hired for this project: The General Manager of ALYANSA could act as the Business Manager.  It will be necessary for a Business Manager to be hired on a full-time basis to be in-charge of marketing and supervision of the extraction process. The ALYANSA’s cashier and bookkeeper will handle recording of business transactions and cashiering. flowering stage:  As the volume of production increases:  A helper/laborer could be hired to assist the machine extractor operator.  He shall also be responsible for looking for institutional buyers of the processed oil. The machine extractor operator will be sent for training at the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

the essential oil extraction shall be treated as a new enterprise headed by a Business Manager. Additional full time staff (oil extractor operator and helper/laborers) will be hired and will be directly under the supervision of the Business Manager.500.000. The proposed structure is shown below. Board of Directors Business Manager Cashier Oil Extractor Operator Bookkeeper Helper Figure 4. The people who will be hired will be receiving the following salaries and wages:  POSITION Business Manager Machine Extractor Operator Helper/Laborer 3.00 Organization Structure Given the proposed new organization.00 32.00 2.00 NO. Organizational Structure The current bookkeeper and cashier of ALYANSA shall perform the cashiering and bookkeeping requirements of the essential oil production enterprise until such time that it can afford to hire additional staff.FEASIBILITY STUDY RESULTS 54 The dealer/supplier of the machine will also provide training on the use and maintenance of the extractor machine.500.00 4.00 52. ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT STUDY .500. OF MONTHS 13 13 13 COST PER YEAR 84.3 RATE PER MONTH

Other Government Agencies  Department of Science and Technology  Conduct training on propagation.  Develop changes in the marketing and resource generation as well as technical assistance as the need arises.  Formulate policies that will enhance the growth of essential oils industry.  Help promote and commercialize technology.FEASIBILITY STUDY RESULTS 55 3.  Conduct researches that will improve the technology on essential oil. Local Government Unit of Carranglan (LGU)  Legislate ordinance that will support the rewarding of barangays that promotes poverty alleviation.  Recognize the organization as member of the Municipal Agriculture and Fishery Council  Undertake agricultural fora to promote the product. processing.  Provide incentives to active organizations involved in the project by integrating the features of the program in its selection of outstanding barangays  Supervise community organizing and accreditation.41. 3.2. Role of Government and Non Government Organizations in the operation of the project.2. proper care.2. and maintenance of extractors. ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT STUDY .  Provide the necessary infrastructure support while the enterprise is still new.4. employment generation and protection of the environment. 3.41.

 Monitor operation of cooperative  Institutionalize a community based monitoring and evaluation.  Department of .FEASIBILITY STUDY RESULTS 56  Provide financial assistance through the Technology Application. ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT STUDY . proper care.  Undertake continuous capability building. Promotion and Development  Department of Environment and Natural Resources  Conduct training on propagation. trees and environmental protection. and maintenance of nurseries. processing.  Conduct intensive advocacy on the use of community based guardians of the natural resources.Agriculture  Facilitate surveying of planting materials.