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Briefing Notes
This Challenge is a SPELLING competition. Participants are judged on their spelling of a word. However, spelling is delivered through speech. You are encouraged to coach participants to enunciate each letter clearly. Letters not clearly spoken even if the participant knows the spelling WILL NOT be accepted and will form grounds for elimination. You are encouraged to conduct mock challenges in schools or at home so that participants acquire a familiarity with the competition. Use your discretion to select words of varying difficulty and words that are interesting, complex in structure and in meaning, familiar and alien. Please ensure that your nominated candidate has no other activities or commitments on the challenge day. Punctuality is crucial. There will be no rescheduling and no changes to the line-up.

Contest Procedures and Rules and Regulations A. Word List
1. The vast part of the word list can be found in the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 7th Edition, Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner's English Dictionary New Edition, Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary Third Edition, Merriam-Webster Online, and MSN Encarta for both primary and secondary challenges. 2. Some of the words may also be chosen from the New Straits Times publications. These may include technical terms and jargon that represent a particular industry or trade. 3. In the challenge, no hyphenated words or phrases will be used. No prepositions or conjunctions will be used. The word list will consist of noun, verb, adjectival and adverbial forms. 4. Each elimination round will use words of greater difficulty. The gradation of difficulty will vary. 5. Any word that the content committee deems will raise the bar for the participants will be included. No requests to simplify or modify word lists will be entertained. 6. There will be different word lists for State and National Challenges.

7. The word lists, once compiled, will be handed over to the auditors and will only be released to Presenters on the day of the challenge. 8. The word presentations will appear during the challenge in the following format:

Word : nonsensical Definition : ideas, actions, or statements that are nonsensical are not reasonable or sensible. Sentence : This is a nonsensical argument. 9. At the end of the State Challenge at each venue, the word list with all the notations made by Presenters and Judges will be returned to the Auditor for safekeeping and evaluation.

B. Challenge Protocol
Challenge Administrators:
1. At any one time, the following people will be on the panel, i.e.: a Judge, the Presenter, the Timekeeper, the Scorekeeper and the Auditor.


After the first participant has finished his / her turn. 5. The Presenter will first pronounce the word to be spelt. 11. The scorekeeper will note all the words a participant spells correctly and allocate one (1) point for each correctly spelled word. How it works: The Presenter will call the first participant by name. In the event of a tie. The Presenter will introduce the panel and other administrators. At the end of the day. The participant has twenty (20) seconds to pronounce the word. All participants must be Malaysian citizens. For the State Challenge Preliminary Rounds. the Presenter will lay down the rules for the audience and do a quick brief on how the challenge process will work. 7. 5. and escort participants who are eliminated. 9. These sixteen (16) participants will form a group and will be seated on stage. At the State Challenge Final Round. spell the word and pronounce it again. 8. Participants who get their spelling correct will advance from Round 1 to Round 2 and then to Round 3. The challenge will begin when the auditor hands over the sealed word list to the Presenter. 4. The preliminary round will have three (3) rounds. the Presenter will call the next participant. then define the word and then use it in a sentence. At the start of the challenge. The Presenter gives the participant his or her first word to spell. 10. The state winners (1 individual each from the 2 . each participant will be asked to spell three (3) words based on the 'round robin' system. 6. The winners of the State Challenge Preliminary Rounds will proceed to the State Challenge Final Round on the same day. provided (a) the final submission (see number 5) has not taken place and provided (b) that the second attempt is completed within the twenty (20) seconds. the scorekeeper will tally the points scored by every participant. he or she can restart spelling the word from the first letter. 2. he or she must remain at the microphone until the Presenter provides the correct spelling of the word. The participant will walk to the microphone. If the participant misspells a word. 4. 3. 12. 3. The participant will then have twenty (20) seconds to spell the word. An additional two (2) administrators will manage the aisles and assist participants to come forward for their turn to spell and return them to their seats. 9. he or she will be asked to return to his or her seat and enter the next round. At this stage rules 5-6 and 8-10 will apply. The Presenter will be the final authority after consultation with the judge and auditor on the spelling submitted by a participant. a tiebreaker round will be held to determine the winner. Participants must register before the closing date.2. If the participant misspells a word or does not complete the spelling of the word when the time is up. If the participant starts spelling and stops midway. The Presenter will share the word list to be used with the judge and the auditor. a maximum of sixteen (16) participants will be called up on the stage at any one time. 6. Participants: 1. The buzzer will ring after twenty (20) seconds. All participants will be given a confirmation letter from the organisers prior to the challenge day. 10. If the participant gets the spelling correct. The second pronunciation of the word is deemed as final submission of that word and its spelling. The Presenter then invites the participant to spell the word. 8. 7. he or she is immediately eliminated from the challenge. No chances will be given for respelling a word. Each school is allowed a maximum of ten (10) participants in the State Challenge.

There will be no staggering of times for the participants. 13. 16. 9. The five (5) best spellers will enter the final round. 3 . All participants are expected to report by 9am for registration and to attend the briefing by the Presenter before the start of the challenge 14. a tie-breaker round shall be held using the 'sudden death' system. The first five (5) clear winners shall be established at this point. All participants MUST be in their full school uniforms. A breach of this rule will be grounds for disqualification. 15. The participant will first pronounce the word. No discussion or prompting between participants or from anyone on stage. a tie-breaker round shall be held using the 'sudden death' system. A breach of this rule will be grounds for disqualification. no pens. 10. 18. MP3 players or mobile phones will be allowed on stage. 4. No prompting by the audience (in any form). 6. In the event of a tie. The audience may not clap until the Presenter declares the word CORRECT or INCORRECT. paper.Primary and the Secondary categories) will participate along with thirteen (13) others in the respective categories at the National Challenge in Kuala Lumpur. The participants in the National Challenge will be required to spell five (5) words each based on the 'round robin' system to determine the seven (7) best spellers. points will NOT be awarded even if they are correct. C. All participants and accompanying persons are required to stay until the end of the challenge duration in the event of a tie between participants and to participate in the prizegiving ceremony. In the event of a tie for any one of the top five (5) positions. 20. Participants are required to face the Presenter and Judge when pronouncing and spelling the word. He or she must complete spelling the word within the 20 seconds allocated. a tie-breaker round shall be held using the 'sudden death' system. No aids will be allowed on stage or on participants. The allocated twenty (20) seconds for spelling will start after the Presenter says: Your time starts now. Participants will be required to spell five (5) words each based on the 'round robin' system to determine the five (5) best speller. Every word spelt correctly will be awarded one (1) point. 3. The seven (7) best spellers will enter the semi-final round. If a participant starts spelling a word and stops midway to try and spell it again. The participant can ask the Presenter to repeat the word BUT the timer will NOT be stopped to accommodate the request. If the participant exceeds the 20 seconds timeframe given for spelling the word. 8. If there are any violations. then spell the word and then pronounce it again to indicate that he or she is submitting the word for judgment. The National Challenge will see fourteen (14) participants in their respective categories pitting their skills against each other. The participant cannot continue from the letter he or she left off. 5. Rules and Regulations (These will apply for both State and National Challenges) 1. For example. 11. In the event of a tie. 7. the word will be withdrawn and a new word given. 17. 19. Participants will be required to spell five (5) words each based on the 'round robin' system to determine the five (5) best speller. 2. he or she must go back to the first letter of the word to spell again.

Only participants who registered are allowed to take part. it is incumbent on the part of the participant to see that every letter spelt is clearly enunciated so there is no mistaking the spelling of the word. 13. 14. In the case of a dispute (for example. 15. The Presenter will have absolute discretion over the conduct of proceedings. address and contact details. Punctuality is to be observed. Letters not clearly spoken even if the participant knows the spelling WILL NOT be accepted and will form grounds for elimination. The challenge is a SPELLING competition. Any complaint from the audience/teachers/parents/guardians on any matter pertaining to the proceedings must be presented in writing to the organiser. There can be no walk in or substitution. mispronunciation. The challenge administrators will try to accommodate participants who have special needs. uncertainty of word use. 18. All participants must appear at the appointed time. All such requests should be made in writing to the challenge administrators well in advance of the challenge. 17.12. they must raise their hands. There should be no disruptions when the challenge starts. 16. the decision of the Presenter will be final after consultation with the Judge. but as spelling is delivered through speech. If participants wish to seek the attention of the Presenter. The participant (both State and National Challenge) will begin on time. 4 . time or distractions). The complainant must supply his/her full name. No requests for rescheduling will be entertained.