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INTRODUCTION ABOUT SAP About SAP Why SAP?? Functional Architecture of SAP Implementation Life Cycle Support phase NETWORKING CONCEPTS Basics of Networking Client Server Technology SAP ROUTER Networking Concepts on SAP BASIS SAP R/3 CONCEPTS R/3 ARCHITECTURE What is Architecture and Different Types of Architecture CENTRAL INSTANCE and Functionality Request Process with Message Server, Dispatcher, Gateway, Oracle Listener SAP LANDSCAPE What is Landscape and Different Types of landscape?

3 System Landscape MCOD (Multiple Components on Single Database) SAP INSTALLATIONS Pre-requisites of Installation Complete Installation on ECC 6.0, Complete Installation on 4.7 Enterprise, Complete Installation on Solution Manager, Troubleshooting POST-INSTALLATION STEPS Versions of SAP along with IDES and NON-IDES Type. Post Installation Steps and Transactions Log files and SAP Directory Structure STARTING and STOPPING SAP in Windows and Unix/Linux. Troubleshooting SAPGUI & SAP EASY ACCESS Installation of Later SAP GUI GUI-FRONT END SAP EASY ACCESS SAP systems HELP Aspects SAPGUI Troubleshooting USERS AND AUTHORIZATION

User and Types of Users Maintenance of Users Create, Delete, Password Management for users Troubleshooting CLIENT MANAGEMENT What is Client? Client creation and Client Client Copy Strategy- Local, Remote and Client Export CLIENT REFRESH: Logical Systems or Virtual Systems Change Request Process and its Types Client Transport TP- Transport Protocol Customizing and Development Client Management Troubleshooting OPERATION MODES Types of Operation Modes Configuration Maintaining Instances Profiles and profile Generator CCMS Monitoring and Architecture Alert Monitor Auto Reaction Methods Multi System CCMS

SECURITY ADMINISTRATION What is security and its importance Authorization Concepts Authorization Objects Role Administration Roles and User Buffer Composite Roles and Single Roles Parent Role and Derived Role/ Child Role User Information System System Parameters Security Tools. Services Starting and Stopping Database with different Types Oracle DBA Commands Database Transactions DBA TOOLS Detailed workout on two following SAP Tools: SAPDBA TOOL BR TOOLS BACKUP & RECOVERY SUPPORT PACKS Pre-Requisites Support Patches Type Application of Support Packages and Plug-ins Kernel Upgrade Over vies on SAP UPGRADE AND MIGRATION HEALTH CHECK (SUPPORT) Health Check process System Monitoring Operating System Monitoring Database Monitoring SAP ABAP Dump Analysis LOG Analysis and Troubleshooting SAP MARKETPLACE Accessing sap market place Topics and Activities OSS Notes NETWEAVER COURSE Backup and Recovery Strategy ONLINE BACKUP OFFLINE BACKUP PARTIAL BACKUP BRSPACE Activities BRBACKUP activities OVERVIEW ON NET WEAVER CONCEPTS What is Net Weaver? Why Java with SAP Roles and Responsibilities of JAVA . Listener.VERSA and APPROVA SOX Compliance and SAP standards TRANSPORT SYSTEM Transports Transport Layers Transport Groups and Transport Routes Setting the Landscape Setting the Landscape Graphical Text Editor Export and Import Phase BACKGROUND PROCESSING What and Why Background Processing Types of Background Jobs Scheduling and Stopping Background jobs Monitoring Jobs Update Process SPOOL ADMINSTRATION Configuration of different Printers in SAP Spool Process Types of Printing Access Methods Monitoring spool Process SAP DATABASE on ORACLE 10G Oracle Architecture Instance.

0 Post installation steps for PI 7.0) Overview o Process Integration (PI 7.Internet Communication Manager WEB SERVER and Application Work process Sap Gateway Java dispatcher Integration Server Process Software Deployment Manager Webdynpro architecture OVERVIEW ON NET WEAVER PRODUCTS Overview on Enterprise Portal (EP7.0 Post installation steps of BI 7.0 Post Installation Basics of Administration Activities Troubleshooting Notes on Certification Employee Self Service (ESS) Content Management Content Server User Management Certification Notes on Enterprise portal BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE BIW importance & functionality BI Architecture Installation of BI 7.ADMIN Components of Net weaver JAVA ARCHITECTURE Java Features ICM.0 Data-ware Housing Data staging Data modeling BI security components BI security for users BI security Administration Notes on Certification Trouble shooting Certification Notes on Business Intelligence PROCESS INTEGRATION Process Integration Importance & Functionality PI Architecture Installation of PI 7.0 Post installation steps of SOLMAN 7.0 Support Desk Implementation and Distribution Solution Monitoring E-learning Satellite System Certification Notes on Solution Manager NETWEAVER TOOLS Config Tool Visual Administration Tool JSPAM SDM System Monitoring Operating System Monitoring Database Monitoring SAP ABAP Dump Analysis LOG Analysis and Troubleshooting .0) ENTERPRISE PORTAL Understanding Portal Structure Enterprise Portal Architecture Installation of EP 7.0 System Landscape Directory Integration Repository Integration Directory Integration Engine Business Process Management Adapt Framework Administration User Management Security Trouble shooting Certification Notes on Process Integration SOLUTION MANAGER Solman Architecture Installation of Solution Manager 7.0) Overview on Business Intelligence (BI 7.

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