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Anna University Department of CSE

Semester: V Year : 3rd Yr Department : B.E Computer Science Engineering Regulation : 2008 Subject Code : CS2302 Subject Name : Computer Networks Contents : CS2302 Computer Networks REC College - Part B Question Bank - 1st Edition UNIT I 1. Explain in detail the error detection and error corrections.(UQ) 2. Discuss in detail about the layers of OSI model. (UQ) 3. Discuss in detail about HDLC. 4. Discuss in detail about SONET. 5. Explain the different approaches of framing in detail. 6. Write the Sliding Window Algorithm and explain it in detail. 7. Compare Stop and Wait ARQ scheme with sliding window ARQ scheme. 8. Write in detail about the flow control mechanisms. UNIT II 1. Name the four basic network topologies and explain them giving all the relevant features.(UQ) 2. Explain the functioning of wireless LAN in detail.(UQ) 3. Explain Ethernet in detail. 4. Discuss the frame format of token ring in detail. 5. Differentiate FDDI from token ring 6. Write in detail about Resilient Packet Ring. 7. Write short notes on WI-Fi,Wi-Max. 8. Write short notes on Cellphone technologies.

Discuss the different Queuing Discipline in detail. Discuss RIP in detail. 5. 5. Broadcasting ii. ARP iv. 4. 4. 7.UNIT III 1. Give their uses. 8. 8. 6. (ii) Routers. Explain how QoS is provided through Differentiated Services. 2. Explain in detail the ATM cell format. 13. 2. Explain TCP Congestion control techniques in detail. Multicasting iii. Discuss the spanning tree algorithm in detail. Explain adaptive flow control in detail and its uses. Explain the Congestion Avoidance techniques in detail. 14. Explain Email protocols in detail. 7. Explain the role of a DNS on a computer network. . explain UDP in detail. 6. state strengths and weaknesses. explain TCP in detail. (UQ) 3. 3. 12. Explain about the different AAL protocols. Explain the SMTP and HTTP.Explain them in detail. 11. With neat architecture. What are the limitations of bridges. 4. What are the different approaches in Packet Switching. RARP UNIT IV 1. 9. Explain OSPF in detail. Write short notes on the following i. Write in detail about bridges. 2. Explain Distance Vector routing in detail. Discuss FTP in detail. Discuss in detail the various aspects of IPV6. 10. Write notes on the following(UQ) (i) Internet protocol. Problems in subnetting. With neat architecture. Explain how QoS is provided through Integrated Services. UNIT V 1. Discuss DHCP in detail. 3.

5. 6. Discuss SNMP and Telnet in detail. SSH . PGP ii. Write short notes on i.