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Different Types of wall dcor

The thing that shows status or profile of company. Wall Decor is a part of decoration which shows interior design also. Wall dcor is the best thing to show status or profile of the company. It doesnt matter that how costly the interior is! It should be impressive. Like an e.g. In Marriage, there will be flowers or lightening or etc. In Birthday parties, there will be balloons, flowers, lightening etc but these things will not be impressive in company. There should be professionalism, How should be the Wall of company or Office? In Office, decorating a wall gives an introduction of a company. We can put introduction posters of companys advertisement, product, motivational thoughts, chart which shows franchises or branches of the company and achievements, etc., so that it motivates its own employees. In a corporate company, many contests are held, Official trips, Training programs, etc.. In office a proper place should be selected e.g. At entrance or any other wall which is visible to all people working there. On that wall covering, some decoration should be done, then photographs of programs, functions held in company, trips even Achievers who have been awarded or certified or achieved at National or International level his targets or goal can be posted which will directly or indirectly give motivation to low performers and their motivation will put effort in their work and at the end output will be companys profit.

Especially in a Corporate or Multi National Company, Wall of Fame is created on monthly bases. Each and every day new activities held, anyone achieved something; functions held everything is updated on that wall which gives a Positive output. E.g. In a pre-primary school, there are posters of cartoons, funny pictures & Rhymes written on walls. Reason behind this is when a kid comes in school seeing all these things his/her mind diverts in it, they try to make same designs or try to read those rhymes. Even if they are not interested to go to school, these motivations make them stay there to enjoy and learn. Same in case of Professional life, some new creativity done in company for benefit of employee it gives motivation, strength and positive attitude itself. It also proves that if an employee is not satisfied with his/her Job these recognitions, activities create an positive attitude towards work. If this kind of Idea is held in every organization it will be beneficial to both Employee as well as Company.