Further practice: USE OF FUTURE 1.

Write complete sentences for these different uses of the future: a) I / study more/ for the next exam (promise) b) Sarah/ meet/ John/ tomorrow/ at 5 (arrangement) c) Stop bothering me or /I / tell/ the teacher! (threat) d) I / think/ FC Barcelona/ win the League (prediction based on opinion) e) The weather forecast/ say/ rain tomorrow (prediction based on what is happening) f) I’m bored./ I/ watch/ a film (decision made at moment of speaking) 2. Read the following situations and write appropriate sentences with future meaning: a) You have failed your exams and your dad is mad at you. (promise) b) An old lady is trying to cross the road but she doesn’t dare to. (offer) c) Your little brother stole you diary and showed it to his friends. (threat) d) You intend to quit smoking this year. (plan or intention) e) You are on the scales. You’ve put on 3 kilos during the summer. (decision made at the moment of speaking) f) You are throwing a party tomorrow. You want to let your friend know. (arrangement) 3. Writing PREDICTIONS with WILL / GOING TO: We use……………….to make predictions based on OPINIONS. We use……………….to make predictions based on FACTS.

4. There’s a party at Ben’s place on Saturday. He gave invitations to his friends Rob and Mandy. Read their opinions about it: PARTY!!! Saturday at 10 o`clock! Barbeque + Cocktails Fireworks Karaoke + Dance music Games Fancy dresses (optional)

I feel ridiculous wearing fancy dresses. I love singing! I really enjoy games! I prepare excellent cocktails! I 知 a vegetarian! I 知 scared of fireworks

Mmm I adore barbeque food! I can bring some rockets! I hate playing stupid games! I can wear my frog disguise! I don 稚 like sweet drinks! I 知 really bad at dancing!


Write al least 5 predictions based on opinions:
E.g. Mandy will not eat meat, she will ask for a veggie burger.

5. Write predictions based on what’s happening: Bomb/ explode

Car on the left/ win/ the race

Girl / buy/ the dress

Man/ not eat/ the soup

Football player/ score/ a goal

6. Underline the correct form of the verb. We’ll go/ are going to the concert tonight. We’ve got first row tickets! What will you do/ are you doing tomorrow? Nothing, I’m free. I’ll leave/ I’m leaving next Saturday. My train is at 9:30 am. I’m sure he’s lending/ he’ll lend you some money. He’s very rich! The weather forecast said that it will/ is going to rain tomorrow. Do you think that John will phone/ is phoning us tonight? In my opinion, the crisis will / is going to end soon. This year Sarah is going to/ will cut down on junk food. If you do it again, I am going/ will kill you!


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