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Detailed Course Outline International Business & Global Business Environment (MGT480 & MGT380) MBA-II & BSBA-VI Introduction: Global Business environment is the studies of the business environment of the global and transnational organizations. The analysis of the business environment for these organizations deals basically with those factors which have effects on the decision making and strategy formulation of these organizations. This course will include studies of the internal and external factors comprising the environment for global business organizations. Objectives: Main objectives of this course are to Introduce most commonly prevailing issues in international business through analysis of business and social environment across countries Enable the students to identify major business problems faced by global enterprises Enable them to develop a rationale for analysis and formulation of business strategies for global businesses Enable students to identify basic statistical data pertinent to business across the borders using various sources of secondary and methods of collections primary data Enable them to develop reports and strategic plans for global business on case Global/Transnational Organizations Fall 2011

Course Outcomes: After completing this course, students will be: Able to identify important data sources for global business analysis Able to develop pertinent business indicators to compare doing business practices of currently global enterprises Able to analyze and develop new strategic plans for businesses across the borders Able to identify socio-economic and political factors affecting global business across borders and develop policy framework to promote international business activities

Teaching Strategy: The course follows the schedule as set out in the table. The table presents complete details of teaching and lecture wise topics, any practical conduction requirements, quizzes and assignments. Quizzes will also be conducted as proposed as planned.

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Attock Campus


Course content Strategic and Management Issues in Global and Transnational Business Global and transnational business an introduction Global and transnational strategies and management the issues A framework for global and transnational strategic management The global and transnational strategic management process From National Culture to Global Vision part 1 The concept of globalization Causes of market and industry globalization

Book, Q/A

Lecture 1 Week 1 Lecture 2

Lecture 1 Week 2 Lecture 2

Globalization and environmental turbulence Global mission, objectives and strategy

Lecture 1 Week 3 Lecture 2

From National Culture to Global Vision part 2 Culture and global business Hofstedes cultural dimensions framework

Trompenaars dimensions of culture framework Tayeb major cultural characteristics observed in various nations The importance and determinants of culture in transnational Analysis of the Global Business part 1 Analysis of the global organization Competences, resources and capabilities

Quiz from previous chapter & Assignment for next 2 weeks

Lecture 1 Week 4 Lecture 2

Global value chain analysis The global value chain

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Lecture 1 Week 5 Lecture 2

Analysis of the Global Business part 2 Global organizational culture and structure Products, performance and portfolio analysis

Products, performance and portfolio analysis of A case global enterprise Outside in or inside out?

Lecture 1

Analysis of the Competitive Environment The nature of the business environment Industries and markets Yips globalization drivers

Week 6 Lecture 2 Industry analysis Market analysis Globalization drivers and the five forces A resource-based approach to environmental analysis Critical success factors (CSFs) and core competences Analysis of the Global Macroenvironment Change in the business environment The Macroenvironment The role of national circumstances in international business The analytical process

Quiz from previous chapter & Assignment for next 2 weeks

Lecture 1 Week 7 Lecture 2

Lecture 1 Week 8 Lecture 2

Global and Transnational Strategy Transnational strategies and global competitiveness Strategies the choice Knowledge and competence-based strategy

Week 9

Lecture 1

Competitive positioning Porters generic strategies Knowledge, core competence and generic strategy a synthesis Global and transnational strategy Total global strategy Global Financial Management Finance management and the global enterprise Centralization versus decentralization of the finance function

Quiz from previous chapter & Assignment for next 2 weeks

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Lecture 2

Decision area 1: financing foreign operations Decision area 2: resource allocation and capital budgeting Decision area 3: operational policies Decision area 4: remittance strategy Global and Transnational Market-servicing Strategies Alternative foreign market-servicing strategies Selection of mode of entry Global market-servicing strategies Collaborative arrangements Global Production and Logistics Management Production strategy and competitive advantage Global production strategies Research in global productions strategy Plant location decision making Procurement and transnational business Global logistics Quiz from previous chapter & Assignment for next 2 weeks

Week 10

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 1 Week 11 Lecture 2

Lecture 1 Week 12 Lecture 2

Global Leadership and Strategic Human Resource Leadership and management in transnationals Strategic human resource management European and American approaches to HRM A transnational model of HRM Porters global strategy and HR strategy

Quiz from previous chapter & Assignment for next 2 weeks

Lecture 1 Week 13 Lecture 2

Global Technology Management Technology and strategy Technology as a strategic asset

Technology strategy Comparisons of transnational technological performance Information and communication technologies Global and Transnational Marketing Management The role of marketing in global and transnational strategy Globalization of markets and marketing research

Week 14

Lecture 1

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Lecture 2

Global marketing strategies Global market segmentation and positioning strategies Global marketing management Four P analysis at global level Revision and Further Case Learning Revision and Further Case Learning

Week 15

Lecture 1 Lecture 2

Evaluation: The main emphasis will be on the students practical data collection, presentation and analysis skills of the taught course material which they are expected to complete during the semester and will be supervised all along. The quizzes and assignments will be conducted and will be based on their practical quantitative research following the deadlines for various stages. The 25% component of the total 100 Mark will be evaluated using quizzes, assignments and research before the end of Week. 13 of the semester so as they have enough time for preparation for the Terminal Examination which carries 50% mark. No deadline relaxation of any type without a valid reason as defined in this regard will be entertained. The complete table of evaluation is as: Marks Distribution: Marks obtained in 4-6 Quizzes Marks obtained in 4-6 Assignments/Project phases Total Q/A: First Sessional Second Sessional Total Sessional Marks: Terminal Examination Course Total Marks: Minimum Passing Marks: Reading & learning resources:
Stonehouse, Global and Transnational Business Strategy and Management, Latest Editions, John Wiley & Sons Ajami et al, International Business, Theory & Practice, Latest Edition, ME Sharpe Hill, C., International Business, Latest Edition, McGraw Hill Any title on International Economics available from the library

10% 15% 25% 10% 15% 25% 50% 100% 50%

Course Instructor: Muhammad Anees, MS Economics, Sheffield University, UK