Review of Physical Fitness Test: How Far It’s Implementation in the High School INTRODUCTION A research was conducted

by the collaboration of three person which are Abang Ismail bin Abng Haji Julhi, Noraini bin Drahman, and Puspaleela Habibie Norlela bte Abdullah. The topic of investigation is Physical Fitness Test: How Far Its Implementation in the High School. The objective of this research is to identify the capability of teachers in handling the physical fitness test in term of achieving students interest and manage student record test. After conducting the research, the researchers found that students have showed their interest and it’s indicates that students had give a good co-operation with their teachers. Factor such as test component, validity and reliability of the test instrument and also the teacher readiness itself may influence their interest towards physical fitness test. SUMMARY Since the Units of Sports Science and Physical Education had made some favourable changes towards the contents of these both subjects, hence a study was conducted to examine how far the implementation of physical fitness tests in the high school. Normally, secondary school students also need quite high fitness level as they have to stay focussed for a longer period which was about 7.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and sometimes can be 4.00 p.m. As an early preparation to maximized students fitness, Physical Education teachers should play an important role in order to ensure all the students keep actives throughout the teaching and learning process. The main purpose of the research is to investigate the ability of teachers to conduct the physical fitness test in order to get students interest towards it apart to assure the testing components are suitable with the students’ fitness level. To evaluate and assess how far the implementation of physical fitness test, the respondents of 60 secondary school teachers were chosen randomly among 30 schools at Sarawak. Before the actual data collection period, the research is piloted to a group of 15 teachers of physical education to assess its validity before it were distributing. Data were entered into the computer using SPSS software. Results were presented through frequency counts and other descriptive statistics. The findings showed that the majority of physical education teachers were between the ages of 31-50 years old and were dominant by other races (33.3%) which consist of Iban, Bidayuh, Melanau and Orang Ulu. In term of qualification, a total of 56.6 percent was

Another weakest on this research was they were only focussed on high school student instead of primary school students. 80 percent of the students gave stimulating responses while about 73 percent of them showed that teachers and students had a good co-operation during the test were conducted. we found that they were also have to use their own initiatives and need to apply some financial allocation from school to get all the required kit. There were several possible explanations for this result. it was found that more than 50 percent of respondents have kept the file but the rest were not. hockey etc but more focussed on athletics sports. Furthermore. primary school students also should being exposed with this kind of fitness test. one of the problem they were faced was lack of equipment. The respondents (66. From the findings of questionnaire analysis. even though most of the teachers have higher readiness and were completely understand on how to implement that test. This was because they only investigate the teachers ability and readiness instead of identifying the main issues or problems encountered by them. According to the interview sessions with a few teachers. the tested components were also not really appropriate to be executed for all students because it was only focussed on athletics sports and ignored the existence of the other sports.7%) generally agreed with Modul Garis Panduan Ujian Kecergasan Fizikal (MGPUKF) given by Pusat Perkembangan Kokurikulum (PPK) because the module was easy to understand and to be practised besides the test items were appropriate with students ability. Ahmad bin Hashim stated on his study. test equipment and safety surrounding. the teachers should have fewer problems to conduct their students. The consequence of this problem caused teachers were unable to do the test punctually and followed the procedure that was set by PPK. Corbin . the research that measured the progression of physical education teachers in administered the physical fitness test was slightly not comprehensive. Hence. According to the other study (Zainal Abidin & Shafezan Hamidi) on teachers perception towards physical fitness test. What we had obtained from the research was that. the test does not emphasized too much on sports such as soccer. CRITIQUE In our point of view. There were several aspects of teachers opinion that was taken into consideration such as execution time. From the responses to the questionaire ‘ Do I keep the students record of physical fitness test in Physical Education file?’.bachelor holder in Sport Science and Physical Education but the rest were come from another profession.

Rahman (2010) showed that the differences about an opinion between female and males students. the student’s interest on test will help them to get a good achievement. Students perception were important to ensure the test battery that drafted fulfilling with all the criteria according to students capability. CONCLUSION This research investigated how far the implementation of physical fitness tests in the high school. Besides that. The result of this research also showed that not all teacher keep students’ record. Hence.(1980) cited in Ahmad bin Hasyim. some other research should be done so that all physical test components that will be tested among secondary school are suitable for all sports. . The other study that we obtained was carried out by Hassan Adnan. The another study that we found from the internet showed that the record should be keep for reference and to update from time to time. This is due to the component tested only restricted to the athletics event. the test battery also should be focussed on fundamental aspects such as seat up. It will be proven with observation and interview with a few teachers that do not keep performance of students’ record. Some of the teachers have kept the record of students performance as their review in selecting students to participate in sports activities but some of them were not. Regarding to this case. push up. seat and reach and 1500m running. About 80 percent of students had given the positive feedback towards this physical test as the test instrument and test components were valid and reliable. Besides that. This study discussed about the responds from all students without specified them into gender or age. student also played important role in order to ensure the success in this sort of fitness test at school. It was not required to use a lot of teaching aids and it was also help the teachers to minimize the teaching and learning process period. Raja Roslan and Raja Abd. Moreover. the test that was carried out should be suitable with student ability and easy to do. Research by Ahmad bin Said (1994) showed that the female students have good performance of flexibility compared to male students. explained that student in phased 10 to 12 years have differences ability in mastery basic motor skills and physical fitness.

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