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Perception towards online shopping ; an empirical study of Indian consumers.

Author and year; Zia-ul-haq (assistant professor,central university of Kashmir,j&k)

Objectives To know the demographic profile of customers and its impact if any on the online buying. To know the factors affecting the perception of Indian online buyers.

Research methodology Structured questionnaire Likert scale

Learnings & recommendation More specifically consumers perception of the customer service, commitment and web security of online purchasing exhibit significant relationships with their online buying intention.

Marketers need to realize that the online marketing environment affects the way the consumers view and develop relationships.

Consumers perception towards online shopping

Author & year:Kanwal gurleen

Assistant professor- apeejay institute of management technical campus,jallandhar (2012)

Objectives:To identify demographic profile of adopters and non adopters of online shopping in india. To identify the various reasons for adoption and non adoption of online shopping.

Research methodology:Descriptive research Structured questionnaire

Learning and recommendations:It was found that respondants from 36-45 years were found out online buyers. Male number of adopters is greater in number than girls. Four significant factors were there for growth of online business price consciousness, convenience & variety, easy payment options. Shopping online saves time and give the more choice to consumer under one roof.

A study of Indian online consumers and their buying behavior

Author:Ankur kumar rastogi Phd. research scholar singhania university Jhunjhunu rajasthan


To discover the key factors that influence online buying behavior of consumers in india .

Research methodology:Primary and secondary Primary data was collected through questionnaire designed for the study Secondary data was collected from research papers,journals,magazines and websites

Learning and objectives:Bright future is there of online shopping in india. Internet is the main reason for the bright future.

Identifying factors of consumers perceived risk towards online shopping in india

Author:Dr. Suresh A.M

(Professor director,NIAM institute of management, banglore)

Shashikala.R Assistant professor,MBA department,dayanand college of management and IT,shaviage malles mara hills kunaswamy layout, banglore.

Objectives:The objectives of the study is to identify the factors of consumers perceived risks towards online shopping in india.

Research methodology:Survey method Study population consisted of the individuals who had made atleast one online purchase for any product or service recently that is within six months period. Personal interviews were taken

Learning and objectives:Due to robust growth in internet access to entire population, it may see an explosive growth.

Growth drivers are demographics,economy,changing lifestyle,exposure to new ideas