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MICROTEACHING Student: Gisondi Martina Level: beginners (5 year P.E.

) Purpose of the class: TEACHER AIMS: To motivate Sts to interact with the puppet. To encourage Sts to talk about their daily routines. To help Sts to integrate their previous knowledge. To motivate Sts to participate actively in the class. To encourage sts to talk about their hobbies. STUDENTS AIMS: To feel motivated with the puppet. To talk about their daily routines. To integrate their previous knowledge. To participate actively in the class. To talk about their hobbies. Steps: Teacher enters the classroom with a puppet in one of her hands. Teacher acts as if she doesnt have anything. Students ask about the puppet. Teacher looks around her but she acts as if she doesnt see the puppet. Teacher realizes that her friend comes with her to the classroom. Teacher interacts with the puppet. Then teacher presents it to the students. Teacher encourages students to ask her some questions they have already worked with. Students interact with teachers friend. Teacher asks the puppet to tell the Sts why she comes to the classroom. Puppet tells students why she comes. Puppet tells sts what things she does in the morning. Teacher encourages students to tell her friend what things they do before going to school. Sts interact with the puppet. Puppet asks sts what hobbies they have and tells them she likes listening to music and dancing.

Sts tell her. Puppet says sts she has to go to her house because her favorite soap opera is going to start. Puppet promises sts she will come back and enters to teachers bag. DIALOGUE: T: Good afternoon children! (With the puppet in their hand) Sts: Good afternoon teacher! Whats this? (Looking and pointing at the puppet) T: What thing? (Looking around her) I cant see anything. Oh! What are you doing here Abby? Why do you come? Ok children she is my friend, and come with me but at first I dont know. Ask some questions to her, if you want! Sts: Hello! Whats your name? Abby: Hello children Im Abby Sts: Hello Abby! Where are you from? A: Im from Maip as teacher Martina. How are you? Sts: Fine, thank you, and how old are you? A: ohhh well Im 15 years T: Abby please tell sts why do you come here A: Well Im going to tell you why I comeI want to know you because Teacher Martina tells me about you I m going to tell you about what things I do in the morning. I get up at 6 a.m., I have a bath and then I have breakfast after that I go to school. What do you do in the morning? Sts: I Sts: I Sts: I A: What interesting things do you do! Then I go home and have lunch then I go to the square with some friends. Then I do my homework, I have a bath and stay at home. Finally I have a bath, I have dinner and go to bed. And you? Sts: I Sts: I Sts: I A: Do you have hobbies? I like listening to music and dancing Sts: I Sts: I Sts: I

A: Beautiful hobbies, well children I have to come back home because my favorite soap opera is going to start! I will come again see you children, thank you! Bye bye