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Chapter 1

1.1 1.2 1.3 1.3.1 1.3.2 Research Design 1.3.3 1.3.4 1.3.5 1.3.6 Data Collection Method Hypothesis Scope of the study Limitations of the study Rationale of the study Objective of study Research Methodology Sampling Method




Organizational progress is an outcome of mainly human and physical resources of the operation. Sufficient progress has been made in the sphere of physical input such as capital and technology. Despite rapid development in technology the desired level of economic development and social welfare are yet to be achieved. One of the main causes of failure has been underutilization of resources in the country. Unfortunately the rate of progress in our country has not been commensurate with our potential on account of lack of appropriate work strategy. In this project the main purpose of the study was to have a thorough understanding of the theoretical concept and their practical application by being placed in the actual market environment To understand their relevance and find the extent to which they are actually being applied in the market situation; To have an in-depth knowledge of the function of the organization through actual work experience.


The project apart from a brief overall review of the organization, studies and analyses Customer Awareness in market, referring to the general mobile users. The main issue of concern was related with the consumers satisfaction rate, at the same time analyzing different causes and other incentives regarding advertisement and products offered to them as well as judging the satisfaction level with their schemes package, which surely creates a reason for determining their loyalty and long time relation towards the operator.

This project has also been undertaken to gather the details of consumers turn over as well as examining the general trend within market enabling to find an exact reason to analyze the different Customer Awareness in the market for different operators.

The objectives of this study are: To know the state of customer awareness about UNINOR. To assess the customers who know about the services provided by the UNINOR. To know the sources of their awareness about UNINOR and its services. To know and assess efforts made by UNINOR for customer awareness. To assess the impact of customer awareness on the sales of UNINOR.

The project is based on my experience and frequent interaction with the customers in market on behalf of UNINOR.


Research in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge. One can also define research as a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic. In fact, research is an art of scientific investigation. It is the pursuit of truth with the help of studies, observation, comparison and experiment. In short the search for knowledge through objective and systematic method of finding solution to a problem is research.

For collecting data, I used Questionnaire and interaction with people. The primary data was collected through interaction with the people I visited, and secondary data was collected from books, magazines, websites etc..

Sample Frame: People who used Uninor services and who did not used Uninor services. Sample Size : 275 respondents

Sample Unit : 1. 2. 3. Customers according to occupation (Students, house wives, Service personnel etc.) Customers of different age groups Customers according to gender

1.3.1 Sampling Method: Simple random sampling technique.

Simple random sampling means every element is selected independently of every other element and the sample is drawn by a random procedure from a sampling frame. Tools used for the study: Graphical Representation Other related statistical technique


A research design is an arrangement of conditions for connections and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure. Research design is a plan that specifies the sources and types of information relevant to the research problem. It is a strategy specifying which approach will be used for gathering and analyzing the data. In fact, it is the conceptual structure with which research is conducted; it constitutes the blue print for the collection, measurement and analysis of data. The plan is an outline to research scheme on which the researcher id to work. The structure of the research is a more specific outline or the scheme. The strategy shows how the research will be carried out, specifying the method to be used in collecting data.

TYPES OF RESEARCH DESIGN Research design is mainly of three types: 1. 2. 3. Exploratory research Descriptive research Experimental research

Steps in Research design Define the research problem Estimate the value of Information Select the data collection method Select the measurement technique Select the sample 6

Select the analytical approach Evaluate the ethics of the research Prepare the research proposal

Step 1: Define the research problem To know the awareness level & effectiveness & response towards services of UNINOR.

Management problem / opportunity clarification Uninor telecom wants to make services more effective, so company wants to know the present performance of services.

Step 2: Estimate the value of the information

The value of information should exceed the incurred cost. I am conducting the sample survey method, & my sample size for my research is 275 its member.

Step 3: Select the data collection method

I decided to go for survey method i.e. simple random sample using the questionnaire conducting the survey & using Dichotomous (close-ended), rating scale & open-ended questions.

Step 4: Select the measurement technique Descriptive type of research, using the questionnaire with rating scale, open & close-ended questions. 7

Step 5: Select the sample

The sample would be the customers of different mobile operators within Patna city.

Step 6: Select the analytical approach

Analyzing the collected information with the help of MS-Excel software.

Step 7: Evaluate the ethics of the research

The collected information (data) will be used for solving the management problem & not for any non-ethical objectives will be addressed.

Step 8: Prepare the Research proposal

My understanding of this project is as follows: Background: Uninor wants to increase the customer base and also enhance the network connectivity. Now company tries to make the services more effective. So company wants to know present performance of services and perception of mobile users about Uninor Telecom.

Purpose: The main objective is to know the awareness & effectiveness of Uninor Telecom advertisement strategies. 8

Research approach: A non-technical description of data collection method i.e. sample survey that includes customers of mobile users in Patna.

Time requirement: Time needed is almost 2 months (7 weeks):

1.3.3 Data Collection Method

Questionnaire: The administration of a questionnaire to an individual or group of individuals. Interviews: Structured interview as a follow up to questionnaire to seek clarifications and get subjective data.

Measuring Tools: Descriptive type of research, using the questionnaire with open & close ended questions.

1.3.4 Hypothesis
A hypothesis is a proposition, condition or principle which is assumed, perhaps without belief, in order to draw logical consequences by this method to test its accord with facts which are known or may be determined. When a researcher observes knows facts and takes up a problem for analysis, he first has to start somewhere and this point of start is the hypothesis. In other words, one has to proceed to formulate tentative solution as soon as the problem to be tackled is finalized. These proposed solutions or 9

explanations constitute the hypothesis which the researcher proceeds to test on the basis of fact already known or that can be made known. Even, collection of facts merely for the sake of collecting them will yield no fruits; to be fruitful, facts need to be collected such that they are for or against some point of view or proposition. Such a point of view or proposition is the hypothesis. The tentative explanations or solutions are suggested to researcher by something in the subject matter and by our previous experience. Hypothesis testing means to know whether the hypothesis based on the data collected is valid or not. The main object of hypothesis testing is whether to accept the null hypothesis. Procedure for hypothesis testing deals with steps on the basis of which a hypothesis is either rejected or accepted. Thus, this study has been primarily carried out to analyse and judge the effects and implications of various jobs among the customers of mobile users of different operators. The hypotheses of the study are: -

Customers are aware about the various marketing strategies/campaigns of Uninor. Marketing campaigns/strategies influence the subscription decisions of customers. Mobile users have greater commitment towards those operators who provides better service and attractive advertisement with schemes.

The hypothesis of this study has been deduced and identified on the basis of the belief that customers subscribe to those telecom operators whose products/services they are aware of, and which meet their needs.

1.3.5 Scope of the study


The study will help the company to know the awareness of Uninors Schemes and Services in Patna city.

The study will help the company to know the customer profile. The company can find out where their competitors stand. The research has the wide customer base of the potential customers as anyone could be eligible for purchasing.

The study will focus on the demand for UNINOR GSM service. The study will target mainly dealers, retailers and consumers.

1.3.6 Limitations of the study

My project is entitled as: A study of the Customer Awareness to enhance organizations performance, in market, of UNINOR basically in the field of advertisement. (A study conducted at Patna, with special reference to the customers of different mobile service providers.) My project being based on the primary data, I have undergone a session of interaction through questionnaire with different mobile operator users as per the requirement of my project. Now, while undergoing the interview process I found certain limitations existing thereby in market:

People were hesitant to disclose the true facts.


The chance of biased response cant be eliminated though all necessary steps were taken to avoid the same.

Study and survey done in a particular area of Patna city only. Randomly selected sample taken. Time Constraints. Some of the responses given by the respondents vague i.e. not legible and clear. Few of them showed disinterest as they all have a notion that such an investigation is futile and that they will gain no benefit from it.

Few of them remained quiet when asked about what suggestions they would like to give for future developments and success of advertisement process of the UNINOR.

Despite all these constraints I have been impressed by the ingenuity, cooperation, confidence and efficiency which were reflected through their knowledge and experience and still find my journey of interviewing, interesting and people at Patna amiable and thus at least I successfully interacted to many people in Patna.


Chapter - 2
2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4


An Introduction to the Uninor Telecom Company History The Organizational Structure of Uninor Key Milestones





It can be said with absolute certainty that the UNINOR has carved out a special niche for itself. Its services touch different aspects of commercial and civilian domains of Telecom Industry is a joint venture between Telenor Group, a telecommunications company headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and Unitech Group, an Indian real estate company, the group as on today can laid claim to expertise and leadership in the fields of telecom industry. Uninor is an Indian mobile network operator based in Gurgaon, India. The company operates through special economic zone (SEZ) development and telecom/broadband business. UNINOR is the largest publicly traded company in India by market capitalization. The company holds Unified Access Service(UAS) licences to offer mobile telephony services in each of Indias 22 telecom circles, and has received spectrum to roll out services in 21 of these (excluding Delhi). Telenor owns a controlling majority stake in the company (67.25%), which has been branded Uninor in the Indian market. Uninor offers mobile voice and data services based on the GSM technology, currently on a 4.4 MHz spectrum. Uninor services are commercially available in 13 circles across India. With a value for money proposition in the market Uninor targets youth and other communities within the Indian mass market. As of December 2011, Uninor has 36 million customers and a total workforce of 17,500 people. The company has more than 22,000 partners in India. Uninor products and services are available from a more than 375,000 retail outlets serviced by 1,900 distributors all over the country.

Glance of the Organization


Type Founded Key people Founder(s)

: : : :

Private 2009 Sigve Brekke (MD) Joint Venture of Unitech and Telenor Gurgaon, Haryana, India Telecommunication 2000 Telenor Group (67.25%) Unitech Group (32.75%)

Headquarters : Industry Employees Owners Website : : : :


Our vision is simple yet powerful: We exist to help our customers get the full benefit of communication services in their daily lives. Were here to help. We have established a set of principles to guide us in everything we do. We will make it easy to buy and use our services, we will deliver on our promises, we will inspire our customers and we will be respectful of differences. Make it easy Keep promises Be inspiring Be respectful



Telenor Group is the incumbent telecommunications company in Norway, with headquarters located at Fornebu, close to Oslo. Today, Telenor Group is mostly an international wireless carrier with operations in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Asia, working predominantly under

theTelenor brand. At the end of 2010, its 203 million subscribers made it one of the largest mobile phone operators in the world.[2] In addition, it has extensive broadband and TV distribution operations in four Nordic Countries, and a 10-year-old research and business line for Machine-toMachinetechnology.


Unitech Limited is India's second largest real estate investment company, and has recently claimed to be the largest real estate builder in the country. The company is based in New Delhi and ranks 1484, in Forbes Global 2000 listing of the top 2000 public companies in the world by Forbesmagazine, 32nd in India[1]. Its construction business includes highways, roads, powerhouses, transmission lines, and it has residential projects called Unitech Cities/Uni World, in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kochi, Noida,Greater Noida, Agra, Lucknow, Varanasi,Gurgaon, and Ghaziabad[

Awards and recognitions


With a strong focus on responsible business practices, Uninor has been recognized by several media and industry associations. Most Promising New Operator in the Telecom Operator Award 2010 from Award for Innovative Practices - People and Organization award at the Aegis Graham Bell Awards 2010, held in Mumbai. Global Business Assurance Award for the 'Best Internal HSSE Program at the Telenor Group Global HSSE / Business Assurance Workshop in 2010, held in Dubai. 2nd place in Most Impactful Launches, Pitch India's Top 50 Marketers Awards. Green Globe Award for Best Contribution by a Corporate/Business Enterprise Private Sector, awarded at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2011. Green Tech Safety Award 2011 for HSSE and responsible business practices Silver at the All India Outdoor Advertising Awards for 2011, Creative Awards: Multiple Execution Aegis Graham Bell Award 2011 for Dynamic Pricing At present Uninor is trying very hard to maintain its position in the market. It is operating in a very well managed manner. Some of its strategies it followed to be competitive in the market area.



One of the strongest weapons in the Uninors armory is the flexibility it has empowered with its people. Every manger and sales person has the authorities to take whatever steps he feels will make consumer aware of the brand and increase its consumption.

Uninor has a very well managed distributive system. Every number of its sales team is meticulously taught the merchandising and display skills that can leverage the reach of the companys network to achieve high visibility for the product.


The company Unitech Wireless was until 2009 a subsidiary of Unitech Group, holding a wireless services licence for all 22 Indian telecom circles since 2008. In early 2009, Unitech Group and Telenor agreed to enter a joint venture where Telenor Group would inject fresh equity investments of INR 61.35 billion into Unitech Wireless to take a majority stake in the company. This was operating capital invested directly in Unitech Wireless by Telenor Group. Telenor Group conducted these investments in four tranches, and subsequent to approvals from the Indian Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) and the Cabinet Committee of Economic Affairs (CCEA) took 67.25% ownership of Unitech Wireless. In September, the company announced its brand name as Uninor. Uninor launched its first eight circles on 3 December, 2009, after completing one of the worlds largest GSM Greenfield launches which was also one of the fastest telecom roll-outs ever in India. 19

The brand was built around an ambition to serve the young, aspiring India. Six months later, five additional circles were launched including metros like Mumbai and Kolkata, making the brand commercially operational in 13 telecom circles of India. These circles together account for over 75% of Indias population. Uninor has facilitated rapid scaling of the company through a lean operation model, where a large share of the network infrastructure is outsourced to business partners. With a relatively recent infrastructure in place, Uninor operates one of the most modern GSM networks in the country. Uninors modern equipment has enabled it to introduce targeted offerings and serve a large audience with limited spectrum. As the first mobile operator in India, Uninor introduced Dynamic Pricing, a concept that gives consumers discounts that are based on current network traffic at an individual site and change with location and time. About 40% of Uninors customers are on a Dynamic Pricing plan. Over the summer of 2010, the company further simplified its strategy with a focus on three core areas excellence in mass market distribution, basic services and cost efficient operations. Changes were also made to the product mix and marketing communication making them simpler, more direct and clearly positioning Uninor as an affordable mass market service. Uninor has grown from 0 to 36 million customers (as of December 2011) within less than two years, and is now emerging as the most successful of the new entrants that obtained licenses in 2008. The company has more than double the subscribers of all of the other entrants combined.


Name and logo 20

The name Uninor is composed of the names of the two owners of the joint venture. The logotype, font and the visual expression follows that of the Telenor Group and other Telenor companies. While Telenor business units operate under the Telenor brand in most markets, local aspects and requirements are always considered when deciding upon a brand name.

Pay Less. Talk More.

The tagline Pay Less. Talk More. was introduced in 2011

Together with its key technology partners, Uninor has established a lean operating model. Taking the concept of outsourcing to the next level, its transformational partnership model is based on efficiency gain sharing, process focus for continuous improvement and elentless simplification. Uninors main infrastructure and operation is handled by: Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei, Nokia Siemens Networks, ZTE and Ericsson for the core and radio infrastructure Telcordia for the infrastructure (IN) solution Wipro for the company's IT services VIOM as the main infrastructure provider



Making distribution a key capability of the company, Uninor has a comprehensive network of distributors and retail outlets. This network is serviced by a 7,000-strong field sales force which follows up on everything from customer queries to commissions to stocks of vouchers and SIM cards. Advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and a handheld device enable real-time information to the sales force, increased transparency and traceability, as well as more efficient processing of requests.


Uninors Corporate Office is located in Gurgaon, Haryana, just outside Delhi. It has 13 circle offices, one in each of the circles where its services are commercially available, as well as a number of zonal offices and technical offices. The circle offices are in: Kochi Kerala circle Chennai Tamil Nadu circle Bengaluru Karnataka circle Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh circle Bhubaneswar Orissa circle Kolkata Kolkata circle, West Bengal circle


Patna Bihar & Jharkhand circle Lucknow Uttar Pradesh East circle Noida Uttar Pradesh West circle Pune Maharashtra & Goa circle Mumbai Mumbai circle Ahmedabad Gujarat circle



By the word organization we generally mean, a structural framework of duties and responsibilities required of a personnel in achieving the predetermined goals. An organization of UNINOR is a simple yet complex in terms of the different designations provided to its employees. Companys overall view of organization can be successfully dealt as follows: The people at UNINOR reflect the Companys emphasis on superior sales capability and service. Their organizational structure, based on a general management model, reflects the same priorities. Management designed their organization to give their market units the autonomy to serve the needs of individual customers, develop market-specific strategies, and respond to local market place dynamics. From the Management to the frontline customer representative, the entire UNINOR sales force competes on a local level to serve existing customers and to win new accounts. SWOT of UNONOR Telecom are:


1.Joint venture between worlds 6th largest telecom company and India's 2nd largest real estate company 2.Good brand advertising 3. Good brand visibility


1.It operates on 2G 2.Still not launched post-paid schemes 3.Lack of good brand visibility 4.Low brand loyalty


1.Fast expanding cellular market 2.Latest and low cost technology 3.Untapped rural market 4.Value added services


1.Competitors low price offering 2.Saturation point in Basic telephony service 3.Mobile Number Portability


Their aims and objectives are:

We compete locally. Small in big/small company Visible community leadership Mindset of an entrepreneur Know/Service every customer

Sense of urgency There is no tomorrow. Fix it today. Our success is built upon passion.

Every front-line job has targets. Reinforce goals, plan performance Prioritize, focus, simplify Clear accountability for results No excuses.

Treat everyone fairly, and with dignity. Operate with integrity and justice. Every individual is important.




Our mission is to be the worlds premier consumer products company focused on better communication service. We seek to produce healthy financial rewards to invest as we provide opportunities for growth and enrichment. Our employees, our business partners and the communities in which we operate. And in everything we do, we strive for honesty, fairness and integrity! as exclaimed by Uninor.


Uninor is a challenger in the Indian telecom market. We bring more value for money to customers by focusing on what we do best, and leaving everything else to our world-class partners. We do not own, run or build anything we do not need to. Our partners build and lease towers, run equipment, own and operate the IT infrastructure and are even a part of our sales workforce. This allows us to leverage core expertise in the ecosystem at competitive costs. It also allows us to be flexible and adapt faster to future scenarios. With this, we focus on who we truly are a service company.



October 2008: Telenor announces its plans to enter the Indian mobile market at a press conference in Delhi and Oslo.

Feburary 2009: First management team of Unitech Wireless is nominated, with Stein-Erik Vellan as Managing Director

June 2009: Unitech Wireless office moves to Gurgaon. September 2009: First roaming agreement signed, with Digi in Malaysia. September 2009: Unitech Wireless is rebranded as Uninor. September 2009: Uninor team reaches 1,000 people. Employee number 1,000 joins in Karnataka circle

December 2009: Uninor launches commercial mobile services in 7 circles, reaching up to 600 million people in UP West, UP East, Bihar & Jharkhand, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

December 2009: Uninor enters the market targeting the new, young and aspiring India under the slogan ab mera number hai (my time is now).

December 2009: Uninor launches its commercial services in Orissa circle. February 2010: Uninor recieves fourth and final round of equity investment from the Telenor Group. The Telenor Group takes ownership to 67.25% of the joint venture.

April 2010: Uninor launches Dynamic Pricing in the three circles of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The offering is subsequently expanded pan-India.

May 2010: Uninors network infrastructure hits 20,000 integrated base transceiver stations (BTS).


June 2010: Uninor launches commercial mobile services in another 5 circles - Maharashtra & Goa, Mumbai, Gujarat, West Bengal and Kolkata, taking the total potential reach to 900 million people and 13 circles.

July 2010: Sigve Brekke, Head of Telenor Asia, is nominated as Managing Director for Uninor.

August 2010: Shift in market strategy, focusing on three main ambitions: Being best on servicing the basics, best on mass market distribution and best on low cost operations.

August 2010: Uninor hosts the first People first conference, focusing on Health, Security, Safety and Environment across operations.

November 2010: Uninor passes 10 million subscribers. November 2010: Uninors Citizen Centre program is showcased by US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Cherie Blair of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women at the launch of GSMAs Women program.

December 2010: Managing Director Sigve Brekke starts his nationwide roadshow called Winning Every Day in Gurgaon.

January 2011: Uninors MD goes on the road to all circles in his Winning Every Day roadshow.

January 2011: Unlimited Music offering launched February 2011: First Uninor Express store launched in Bihita, Bihar April 2011: Uninor wins Green Tech Safety Award 2011 April 2011: Winning Every Day roadshow concluded in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


May 2011: Uninor kicks off its 12-hour Employee CR program, Helping Hands. Under this program, Uninor employees will contribute with 12 hours of voluntary work to our CR partners across India.

June 2011: Uninor wins Silver at the All India Outdoor Advertising Awards for 2011, Creative Awards: Multiple Execution

June 2011: Uninor crosses 25 million subscribers July 2011: Uninor receives the Aegis Graham Bell Award for our Dynamic Pricing offering October 2011: Uninor crosses 30 million subscribers October 2011: Uninor introduces Pay Less. Talk more position across India November 2011: Internal employee survey shows 92% of employees are proud to work with Uninor


Chapter - 3
THE CONCEPT OF CUSTOMER AWARENESS 3.1 3.2 Defining Customer Awareness Introduction to Customer Awareness 3.3 Method to achieve Awareness of Customers to the products 3.4 Importance of Customer Awareness 3.5 3.6 3.7 Effects of Customer Awareness Analysis About Uninor Methods to Aware the Customers Purpose of Customer Awareness analysis





Customer Awareness in short can be defined as: Customer Awareness is a marketing term used to describe a brand or specific product being on top of customers' minds when thinking of a particular industry and their awareness about the specific product. Customer Awareness has been defined as "the percent of respondents who, without prompting, name a specific brand or product first when asked to list all the advertisements they recall seeing in a general product category over the past 30 days." Customer Awareness is a way to measure how well brands rank in the minds of consumers. Companies that actively build brand awareness tend to rank highly in top-of-mind awareness, thus correlating with the market share of a product. Traditionally, customer awareness is achieved through media exposure on channels such as internet, radio, newspapers, television, and magazines. Increasingly companies of all sizes move towards social media to achieve brand-awareness.



Customer Awareness is a term originally coined by Ellis Verdi, the once president of the National Retail Advertisers Council (NRAC) and owner of a prestigious marketing and advertising agency in New York. Customer Awareness is the method of positioning the product. Under this method, it is believed that if you create the highest level of awareness for your product, the customers will always look to purchase it and would become loyal.


1. Use the reminder advertisement: Reminder advertisements can help one achieve the Awareness easily. When you use the reminder advertisement, the people are more likely to buy your products from a retail store as they are often reminded of your product. You can use TV and billboards to remind the customers often and achieve Customer Awareness for your product. 2. You need to determine the following details too: Who is your customer? What magazines, trade journals, newspapers, newsletters, etc., do they read? What associations do they belong to? What are their needs as they relate to your offerings? 3. Continuously communicate with your customers: According to Sales and Marketing Management, the average U.S. sale in 1993 took 12 impressions to close. That's 12 incidents of calling, mailing, visiting or being seen in advertisements by prospects before they're ready to do business with you. The good news--90% of your competitors give up after the fourth contact. So, keeping in close touch with the customers will definitely help you to achieve 33

Customer Awareness. You may have to try harder for that and results may not be immediate, but as this research shows, you should continue with your efforts.


It does two things: 1. It psychologically impacts people so that the mere mention and knowledge of one's company, product, or service inherently creates a need for them, and 2. It places one at the top of a specific market's consciousness so that one is instantly chosen when people want what that person or firm has to offer.

INFORMATION GATHERING - The step involves decisions on three issues viz:-

1. What type of data is to be collected? 2. What methods are to be employed for data collection? 3. Who should collect the data? So far as the type of data to be collected, it may be stated that

all details about the Customer Awareness need to be gathered. The type of data, however, depends on the end use of the information, as also on the time and budget constraints. With regards to the methods for data collection. There are several of them, but the more prominent of them are: i) ii) iii) Interview Questionnaire Checklist



Once the information has been collected, it needs to be

processed, so that it would be useful in various functions. Specifically, marketing related data would be useful to prepare marketing strategy and advertisement.


With the help of recent information about Customer Awareness of specific products the companies change their marketing strategies and it will helpful for them to be in competition and survive in market as well. There are several barriers for any organization to be in the mind of customers constantly. So that there are some basics ways to be in customers mind are: 1. Strategically develop and implement a customer contact management system to manage regular contact with your customers. 2. 3. 4. Inform your customers first about any new product or service you are offering. Enclose thank you notes with new products. Be very accessible and available to your clients so you can be responsive to their inquiries and needs 5. Keep your clients informed and up-to-date about any changes in your business


There are some methods to aware the customers, each of which requires a different type of approach-


Individual interview method :

An individual interview is a conversation between two people

(the interviewer and the interviewee) where questions are asked by the interviewer to obtain information from the interviewee. Group interview method : The group interview is a qualitative method of collection of data,

where 6 to 12 people are gathered either physically or online to discuss an issue. The respondents in the group interview are composed on the basis of criteria, which are established before the respondents are invited to participate. Therefore it is a relative homogeneous group of people, which achieve a feeling of community around the issue that is the centre of the discussion. When a group of people exchange point of views and experiences, a useful group dynamic is being created, which give a very varied and detailed knowledge about a clearer defined issue. Questionnaire method : The questionnaire (also called survey) is a set of questions given to a sample of people. The purpose is to gather information about the peoples attitudes, thoughts, behaviors, and so forth. The researchers compile the answers of the people in the sample in order to know how the group as a whole thinks or behaves.


The article is about the marketing term, AIDA. For other uses of the term, see Aida (disambiguation).

AIDA is an acronym used in marketing and advertising that describes a common list of events that may occur when a consumer awareness with an advertisement.


A - Attention (Awareness): attract the attention of the customer. I - Interest:raise customer interest by focusing on and demonstrating advantages and benefits (instead of focusing on features, as in traditional advertising).

D - Desire: convince customers that they want and desire the product or service and that it will satisfy their needs.

A - Action: lead customers towards taking action and/or purchasing.

It is, in modern terms, a fairly simplistic model. This does not mean that it is no longer of value--it simply means that it is not the whole story. The bottom line is that it is useful to use it as a checklist and guideline, but not as the only checklist or guideline.



Customer Awareness Analysis plays an important role in deciding company policies and marketing strategy, it helps to compete with competitors after understand the customers views and requirements.


1) It is the best and fastest way for an marketing person to understand the business. 2) It becomes crystal clear who the top performers in the market when you interview, and collect data.

3) Customer awareness analysis data can then be used to CUSTOMIZE company policies redesign, performance management and marketing strategy redesign



4.1 4.2

Analysis and Interpretation of the study Findings of the study






My study was strictly based on the primary data collection method collected by means of questionnaire dealing and involving the overall sample of 275 people using mobile in Patna. The data has been interpreted on the basis of tally marking and thus derive the percentage figure based on the answers given by the sample ingredients, represented below with the help of a bar-chart.



Demographic Profile

Different gender groups participating in survey.

S g e ts N . o R s o d n e mn o f e p n e ts Ma le 12 9 Fem le a 8 3 T ta o l 25 7

The below mentioned visual Bar chart represents the above data.



The above chart shows that, males are 69.81% and females are 30.19% out of total respondents.

Males are less participative in survey in comparison to females. In the survey, males are major respondents in comparison to females.



Age groups analysis

Which age groups responding in survey.

A eS g e ts N .o R s o d n g emn o f e p n e ts 1 -2 4 0 8 4 2 -2 1 5 8 0 2 -3 6 0 5 0 a bove 3 0 6 1 T ta o l 25 7

Interpretation 30.54% youths participated in the survey and responded majorly. Respondents from 26-30 age group are 18.18% and moderately respondent in survey. Above age group of 30 are 22.18% of the total sample,and are also major respondents in survey. 44


Highly using Service Providers

Which mobile connection you are using currently.

S r ic P o id r ev e r v es U ninor T taD om a oc o B NL S Airtel R nc elia e Voda fone Idea Airc el O thers Ttl oa

N .o C s o e s o f ut mr 1 7 1 9 3 9 4 3 9 4 1 7 1 7 1 4 1 5 25 7

The below mentioned visual Pie chart represents the above data.



The above data shows that Reliance is the most used network with 34% of the total survey participants.

Airtel with 16%, is the second most used network by respondent in this survey. Uninor with 6% share has shown its competence with its presence in front of other established operators.



Occupation wise usage pattern

O c p tio s cu a n S ervic e B usiness/ S m .E p. S tudent H ousewife

N .o R s o d n o f e p n e ts 5 3 4 4 14 6 1 4



Students are major respondents in survey with 60% of total participants. Service personals are second highest respondents in survey with 19%. They are closely followed by businessmen/service employee with 16% share of total respondents.

Housewives are least responsive summing up to be only 5% of the total respondents.


Influencing factors Analysis The second question concerns the influencing factors to purchase the specific service providers product.


In e c gfa t r flu n in c o s Advertisem ent Produc O t ffering s C ustom S er ervic e B ndVa ra lue T riff a NetworkC onnec tivity Ttl oa

N o C so e s o f ut mr 2 8 2 5 3 4 6 5 4 7 7 6 25 7

The below mentioned visual Bar chart represents the above data.

Interpretation The above data base structure shows that Network Connectivity and Brand value play most important role in influencing the users to buy a specific mobile service. Tariff is also an important aspects for mobile users to choose a specific operator. Product Offerings and Advertisement both show similar impact on users to purchase the products. 6. Media Analysis

The third question under analysis and interpretations concerns about the most impactful media to advertise the products.


Im a t l m d p c fu e ia T C m ia V om erc ls S lesC ll a a Newspa a Ma a per nd g zines O utdoor Advertisem ent Internet Pa phlets m R dio a Ttl oa

N .o u e s o f sr 9 4 1 7 2 7 5 2 6 0 7 25 7

The below mentioned visual Bar chart represents the above data.


The above data shows that most impactful media to advertise these kinds of products are through TV Commercials and Outdoor advertisement. As most of the users are influence by above stated factors. 50

Newspapers also act as an important medium for advertisement. According to the survey it is found that sales calls and pamphlets are not good mediums for advertisement.


Usage Pattern

In the fourth question an effort has been made to classify the users key necessities for their preferred operators.


P im r U a e r ay s g s Ma c lls of sm ll dura ny a a tion S le c lls of longdura ing a tion T lk tim a e S MS VAS T ta o l

N .o U e s o f sr 11 2 8 3 4 1 2 3 7 25 7

The below mentioned visual Cone chart represents the above data.


The above data based structure shows that most of the respondents avail the facility of Many calls of small duration. So it can be said that they are attracted to that company who offer them minimum call rate for small duration calls. 52

Offers of single calls of long duration also attract mobile users because it is one of the most important necessities for them.

VAS is of the least use for mobile users.


Uninor usage reasons

The fifth question concern to find out of the Reasons to choose UNINOR.


R ao s esn Advertisem ent Produc O t ffering s C ustom S er ervic e B ndVa ra lue T riff a NetworkC onnec tivity Ttl oa

N .o U e s o f sr 3 4 3 1 4 2 1 7

The below mentioned visual Pie chart represents the above data.


The above data based structure shows that most important reason to buy Uninor is its attractive product offerings and less tariff rates. 54

Both the reasons are most threatening to their competitors. And it also makes Uninor a strong competitor to other service providers in near future.

Network Connectivity is an important factor in selecting mobile operator thats why with strong network connectivity Uninors customer base is increasing rapidly.


Improvement require in Uninor

The sixth question concern to find out the areas where the improvements required in UNINOR. 55

C n it n o d io s Produc Awa t reness Produc a ila t va bility S ervic level e C ustom S er ervic e NetworkC onnec tivity Ttl oa

N .o U e s o f sr 5 1 0 5 6 1 7

The below mentioned visual Bar chart represents the above data.



The above data based structure shows that the above mentioned areas are important where Uninor should take care of improvements . And the most important is Network Connectivity. It should be taken care of on priority basis.

Here, cutomer service is also an important aspect for a mobile operators success so it should also be taken care.

Proper information regarding product should be conveyed to the customers on regular basis.


Recall Analysis


The seventh question concern to find out customer recall of the mobile operators.

O e ao s prtr U ninor Airtel B NL S Voda fone R nc elia e Airc el Idea MT S T ta a T ta o l

N .o U e s o f sr 1 7 8 3 4 8 9 8 6 7 1 3 1 1 1 25 7

The below mentioned visual Bar chart represents the above data.



The above data based structure shows that Reliance, Airtel and BSNL are the top rated operators in Patna who are in the first recall list of mobile users due to different reasons and the description of the reasons are as follows:

The description of the reasons for Recall of specific service provider are as follows:

Reasons for Recalls Connectivity Self User Old One Tariff Customer Service Advertisement Others Total No.of Observation

Uninor 1 7 2 2 5 17 275

Airtel 43 5 17 15 3 83

BSNL 18 8 19 1 2

Reliance 20 35 23 3 5

Vodafone 3 4 2

Tata Indicom 4 2 5


Idea 7 5


2 3 1

1 48 86 9 11 1 13

1 7



Conducting a questionnaire based on the Customer Awareness analysis and its causes at Patna of mobile users, facts that can be derived are: Youngsters are more privileged with mobile access in PATNA. Users are completely dedicated and devoted towards their mobile usage activities because of their requirements and awareness. Most of the Users or Respondents of Patna during the survey are educated and packed with complete knowledge of their mobile operators. Both the sections consider Network Connectivity and Brand Value as an important for the users to avail the better facilities. Non of the users at Patna want to be called as an irresponsible and wants to contribute his maximum and pay their best efforts towards increasing the service of mobile operators. So that they properly responsed and shown interest. Uninor has its attractive Product Offerings and less tariff rates, this is the main reasons to attract the users. And the most important is Network Connectivity. Uninor should be take care on priority basis



5.1 Impression from the study 5.2 Conclusions 5.3 Suggestions




There should be a timely well-structured and advertisement medium plays an important role in growth of any organization.

The network connectivity and brand value are also important for the operators. Company should to be strictly in accordance with advertisement and services. A duly and timely filing of customer services with proper communication. The awareness level among the employees regarding the various factors like services and advertisement should be good.

Uninor will be take care of their Network Connectivity on priority basis. Develop more attractive product Offerings. Improve their Network Connectivity.



It is the ever-increasing tangible and intangible costs of advertising an existing services with known skill sets and knowledge of the organizational culture would leave any users with sleepless nights. But the fact remains that however satisfied they may seem users leave. So unsatisfied mobile users is sometimes referred to as a symptom of many hidden problems. The main objective of this report is to study vital causes of mobile users to impact with which sources of advertisement and services so that to reduce uncertainty and can be plan accordingly to get maximum benefits of resources. Therefore, the following points have been concluded: Inculcating values like trust and accountability among the users is the best way to hold every users in an organization


Users leave not always for lowest tariff. In fact, there is a limit to the tariff an organisation can afford to provide even its best performance. Rather, the major issues lie with the unarticulated needs of the users.

Users often expect a sense of worth from operators. They want to trust the operators and also walk the talk when it comes to living the vision and mission, as well as the other promises communicated.

They expect from the operators to get a better services, they not always leave the specific operators due to only tariffs and less advertisement but also improper services



With all the theoretical knowledge and practical experience I posses, I would like to suggest the following-: To increase the awareness level of mobile users at Patna with regards to various things like services and advertisement and network connectivity. To improve upon their Grievance redresser programme should be conducted. To bring a sense of knowledge, importance and benefits among the users. Trainings and development program should be conducted more seriously.


BIBLIOGRAPHY While undergoing the project for collecting various informations and details I have referred the following: BOOKS SITES Organizational Behavior Organizational Behavior Human Resource Management Business today magazine AUTHORS STEPHEN ROBBINS FRED LUTHANS GARRY DESSLER PUBLICATION PEARSON TMH-2005

MISCELLANEOUS Advertisement and banners of Uninor. Television advertisements.


ANNEXURES Dear Sir/ Madam, I Saurabh Sinha, student of MBA in BPIBS, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi is pleased to inform you that I am conducting a survey for associates who are usage of mobile facilities in Patna as a part of my project.

I, therefore, request you to kindly spare some of your valuable time and complete the survey. I
ensure you that the information furnished by you is strictly confidential and will be used for academic/research/official purpose only.

Name : 65

Gender : Occupation : Service ( ) 1. 2.

Mobile No. :


Business/S.Emp.( )

Student ( )

Housewife ( )

Others ( )

Which mobile connection you are using currently ? ________________________. What influence you to purchase this brand ? ( ) Customer Service ( ) Tariff ( ) ( )


Product Offerings ( ) Brand Value 3.

Network Connectivity ( )

Which media you think is most impactful to advertise product communication ? Internet ( ) Radio ( )

TV commercials ( ) Newspaper and Magazines ( ) Sales Call 4. ( ) Outdoor Advertisement ( )

Pamphlets ( )

What is your key necessity or benefits you look at from your preferred mobile operator ? Single call for long duration ( ) Talk time ( )

Many calls of small duration ( ) SMS ( ) 5. VAS ( )

Are you happy with the services provided by your operator ? YES ( ) NO ( )

6. Do you get product change, scheme announcement, offer communication periodically or time to time from your operator ? YES ( ) NO ( )


If you are a Uninor Customer, what influences you to purchase this brand ? Customer Service ( ) Tariff ( ) Network Connectivity ( ) 66 Product Offerings ( )

Advertisement ( ) Brand Value ( )


What are the areas of improvement for Uninor ? Service Level ( ) Customer Service ( ) Network Connectivity ( )

Product Awareness ( ) Product Availability ( )

9. Do you like Uninor Advertising Message / Creative ? (Answer if you are a Uninor User) Comments : ___________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ If you are not a Uninor user then, are you satisfied with your own operator advertising message / Creative ? Comments:____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 10. Which telecom company instantly comes first in your mind and Why.


Thank you