Church of Scientology Western United States

Continental Liaison Office Western United States
October 12,2012

DearMs.Moyer: Yourrecent accusations against MarcRenard havebeenbrought my attention, have to as youraccusations regarding Church Scientology's the of alleged in the matter. role As you havenowrepeatedly you stated, are reporting Renard lawenforcement Mr. to authorities investigation. stated for You thatin yourveryfirstcommunication us. We to youat yourwordandhaveaccordingly havetaken takenno action whatever might that in anyway interfere suchan investigation. were,in fact,toldby the Church with You staff you member contacted youshould that you takewhatever action feelis appropriate. We wouldappreciate confirmation you haveactually that madea report the authorities. to We willcooperate should investigators any contact us. youalsomadeit quiteclear Since thatyouno longer yourself Scientologist consider a or yourself consider policies, youevensenta report us was bound Church by that to puzzling. Yourrecent e-mails postings theirunfounded and with allegations regarding Church staffmembers executives you and indicate havea completely different agenda thanyouclaim. I suggest youtakeheedbefore that yourfalseanddefamatory statements you intoan dig evendeeper hole.

nethLong Director Legal of

1308 L. Ron Hubbard Way o Los Angeles, Califomia (323) 953-3340


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