Fairness Cream Market Overview

The market of Men’s fairness cream in India is worth Rs. 200 Cr. The various companies already present in this market and their market shares are as follows: Fair and Lovely(53%), Fairever (12%), Emami and Nivea (5%), Fairglow (3.5%) and Himalaya Drug Company (2%). L’Oreal being a global giant has many advantages above the established companies.

Garnier is known for delivering quality products and already has a brand image in India’s cosmetic market. Garnier Men is a quality product aimed only for men. It aims to build on the image of Garnier and create a pool of loyal customers. With the quality of the product and brand image of Garnier, Garnier Men aims to capture at least 5% of market share. In volume terms, the aim is to generate revenue of at least Rs. 10Cr.Garnier keeps a profit percentage of about 12-15 percent on its products. Thus, the speculated profit of this year is expected to be Rs. 1.3 Cr Garnier invests about 12% of its total revenue in marketing in India

Customer Targets
 The current target market for the fairness cream is about 1000 Crores consists of women and men between the ages of fifteen to forty-five. The target market for men in India is about250 Crores and is rapidly increasing. With Garnier Men range PowerLight, the customer targetgroup is men between the ages of eighteen and forty. 18 – 40. Garnier Powerlight range also includes Fairness face wash and oil control moisturizer.Customer target group for these products also range in same age group.

Product is slightly expensive and is targeting men with monthly income above 20,000.

In the cosmetics industry, positioning is basically carried out through Advertisements. Garnier makes sure that their ads convey the below mentioned values (Quality, Technology) of the product. The company is spending heavily on endorsing the Power Light range. The company’s main challenge is to get more and more people to try the product as this is a relatively new market. For this reason the company has roped in John Abraham as the brand ambassador

Bollywood actor John Abraham is the brand ambassador for television marketing in India This strategy is appreciable as john is identified with youth and confidence. Garnier aspires to be a leader in Quality. Positioning Nutroegena Neutrogena is positioned as a premium skincare brand which is approved and recommended by Dermatologists. Hence it is working to be perceived as a forerunner in the technological domain. Power light. after two years of launch . In accordance to this philosophy. Whether the campaign is lousy or not .   Garnier Men Power Light uses contemporary technology (natural ingredients) to ensure best return on value to its customer. It will be interesting to see how Neutrogena will fight for its space in the highly competitive Indian skincare market. Current Strategies      Carrying a new campaign for the launch of a new product. Power light sachet has been distributed with a copy of a particular magazine in certain southern states of India. Garnier Men Power Light has been focusing to establish itself as the Quality Leader in the market. Garnier is a brand that has always been known for its Quality products. Garnier has aggressively Launched its new campaign for men’s range and its first product range. The brand is following its global positioning here also. The brand uses the tagline : Be fair Be Handsome . Fair and Handsome is worth Rs 45 Crore now commanding a market share of over 30-40% in the segment. Fair and handsome The brand is being positioned as the fairness cream that can make men handsome and also attractive to girls. Sales promotion has been a part of strategy as well. The rational positioning is supported by the dose of high profile celebrity endorsements. The Company on the whole is works towards establishing good customer relations. .

With its positioning as the first ever fairness cream targeted at common man. Kashmiri saffron and milk used in the preparation.Fair and lovely Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) launched Fair & Lovely fairness cream in 1975.e.. the brand turned out to be a huge success. introduced Fairever. CavinKare. Challenging HUL’s dominance. a Chennai-based FMCG. aimed at middle class consumers. was differentiated on the basis of the ingredients used i. . The product.