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State Senate Candidate Cecilia Tkaczyk Rejects Extremist George Amedores Opposition To Fair Pay For Women
(Guilderland, NY) Senate candidate Cecilia Tkaczyk (pronounced: KAT-chik) today blasted opponent George Amedore and his anti-women voting record and views. While George Amedore agrees with Mitt Romney and seeks to roll back womens rights and freedoms, Cecilia Tkaczyk supports President Obamas vision of a nation where all citizens are respected and treated fairly by their government. The idea that George Amedore, a candidate for State Senate in New York, would oppose fundamental values like equal pay for equal work is deeply disturbing, Cecilia Tkaczyk said. I understand that for our economy to grow and prosper, we need to help small businesses and family farms thrive and create jobs and ensure all New Yorkers are given the salaries they deserve for the work they do. I will stand up for the hard working men and women of this district because all New Yorkers deserve a state government that will protect their rights and dignity, and a representative that shares their values. As the nation saw during last nights Presidential Debate, the leader of the Republican Party, Mitt Romney, avoided telling the audience, and electorate, his real views on ensuring pay equality due to his anti-woman sentiments. George Amedore remains in step with his national party, but out-of-touch with New Yorks values. Cecilia understands that all New Yorkers, regardless of gender, deserve respect and equality and should be seen as more than simply notes in a binder. During his three terms in the State Assembly, Mr. Amedore repeatedly voted against the Fair Pay Act which would ensure that all New Yorkers, receive equal pay for equal work. Even more concerning than Mr. Amedores anti-pay equity views are his extremist beliefs about a womans right to choose. Earlier this week, during a radio interview on The Capitol Pressroom with Susan Arbetter, George Amedore stated that he opposed a womens right to choose. When pressed by the interviewer, Mr. Amedore said that he is pro-lifeno exceptions. This radical view, even more extreme than the national Republican Party platform, has no place in the State Senate and no place in New York State. Recently, we have seen an alarming increase in aggressive and politically motivated attacks on womens health care protections and my opponent has made it clear he is anti-choice with no exception. As State Senator, I will stand up to extremists who put politics and ideology and ensure that womens health is no longer a partisan issue but a basic human right, Cecilia Tkaczyk concluded.

Cecilia Tkaczyk is a mother, wife, farmer and Vice President of the Duanesburg School Board. Shes running for the New York State Senate to ensure Upstate New York receives its fair share; focusing on job creation, rural and small city school districts and protecting Upstate New Yorks vitally important land and water resources. For more information about Cecilia, please visit:

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