S.W.O.T ANALYSIS 9.1.1. Strength: 1.

Hospitality Inn Lahore is the International Standard hotel in Lahore because of its luxury and quick services. 2. No risk factor is involved because the organization is supported by Hospitality Inn worldwide (HIWW). 3. The technology using at the hotel is latest one like multimedia projectors WiFi internet services etc. 4. Expenses are very limited because the company is spending very little on advertisement but gaining much sale on the other hand. 5. 6. The organization is financially strong. Hospitality Inn Lahore is situated at very good place. The location is prime commercial area. 7. Hospitality Inn Lahore is beautiful model of typical local touch of architecture with red tiles combination. 8. The employees of the Hospitality Inn Lahore are more skillful in cooking and good services as compare to other hotel in Lahore. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. International standard hotel Available function room for special occasion Excellent food for the guest Attentive and kind heartened employee Good ambiance

9.1.2. Weakness 1. Salary Even though the management was efficient and supportive, but in terms of salary offered to the associates is considered very low. By comparing it to the other five (5) star establishments in Lahore and the workloads that they are facing, the salary offered is not worth it. It is simplest reason why the turnover of associates is rising currently, and soon it will lead to lack of staffs and other major problem to the hotel. 2. Absenteeism of employee

3. No wide parking space 4. Renovation of the physical appearance of the front of the building 5. Limited employee to attend guests need 6. Additional expense for the laundry service 7. The major weakness is the parking problem. Management has constructed an underground parking area but it is also limited space. 8. The reception disk is quite distant from main gate. It is better to make reception center near the entrance. 9. Swimming pool is on the roof top and every guest is not aware about it. 9.1.3. Opportunity 1. Location located at the heart of Lahore, it is the most happening place in town with millions of crowds gathered here every day. Perfect with luxury style and living, the location also easily accessible with various public transportations. 2. Just a few minutes away from Lahore Railway Station and airport, this area has many tourist attractions contributed to its success. 3. Opportunity for trainees for future job 4. It generates employment for local community 9.1.4. Threat 1. Competitors are too crowded with numbers of upscale hotels stands, and led to tight end competition in the area. Every hotel is trying to penetrate every single opportunity, and in order not only to survive but to stand out of the competition is far more difficult. With a few more hotels coming to town such as PC and Avari, the competition is expected to rise. 2. Surrounded with immorality activities like leg pulling and back biting. 3. Strong competition among other establishments 4. Affected by the inflation of price 5. Cost of publication of establishment 9.2. PEST ANALYSIS 9.2.1. POLITICAL FACTORS:

The political environment of Pakistan is quite stable since the last years. Government thought some factors are always trying to pollute the social and political environment of this province, Government has taken very positive initiatives in this context and people fell no hesitance to invest their money in Hotel industry. Political environment of Pakistan always takes twists and turns added to that each and every government doesn’t like what previous government has done. Here are some political factors involves in effecting hotel industry: 1. INSTABILITY OF GOVERNMENT: Instability of government these days is affecting the hotel industry at a large amount and that cause very less amount of guest to come in the Hospitality Inn Lahore Hotel and that needs to be change. 2. RELATIONSHIP WITH INDIA: That affect a lot too because the relationship between Pakistan and India always keep changes and that leads to less amount of foreign visitors to come in the hotel at the time of 9-11 Hospitality Inn Lahore Hotel was jammed full that they have to arrange many the international guests at the top roof . 9.2.2. ECONOMIC FACTORS Economic factors are not very positive but because of the new policy of Pakistan manufacturing and financial showing the signs of growth so it is a good news for the hotel industry and specially Islamabad hotel industry. 1. INFLATION: Inflation is one of the biggest problems of Pakistan these days Prices are getting higher with the 90 degree of angels speed these years , it has to be stop now because it is affecting every industry specially luxurious product and services and industries like hotel. 2. BUYING POWER:

Hospitality Inn Lahore Hotel mostly deals with business customers and it is affecting hotel in a way that companies are investing less on visits and outdoor activities, because the economic crunch is all over the well affecting every business type. Saving is a new trend in all over the world and they are trying to compensate the loans which they have taken in the past and trying to save themselves from the bank insolvency, then they have adopted the policy of saving. 9.2.3. SOCIAL FACTORS Hospitality Inn Lahore is situated at the corner side of Egerton Road and it’s the Business site. The Punjab Assembly Hall is near the hotel and the famous mall road is also in the surrounding of hotel. Hotel Crown Plaza is located in the best location of the Egerton Road and the easiest place to enter in mall road, in the neighbor of the Punjab Assembly Hall. 9.2.4. TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS In terms of technological advancement Hospitality Inn Lahore Hotel is ahead of its competitors in the race of hotels. If we take a look at others 5 star hotel we can easily understand that the Hospitality Inn Lahore Hotel is ahead of them. Innovation is the quality of the director operations of the Hospitality Inn Lahore Hotel and that is the factor that gives them lead to other hotels. Here are some latest technological factors which differentiate the Hospitality Inn with its competitors:    Multimedia Projectors in conference rooms, banquet halls, and outlets LCD/LED in rooms and outlets Wi-Fi internet services

Whereas it is hard to compete with the international hotels they are way ahead in the technological standards.

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