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Wednesday, October 17, 2012 Dear Parents and Caregivers, The planning is underway for the Year 8 Abel Tasman Adventure. We will be taking 38 students down.

Meeting in the School Hall at 6.45am on Sunday 9th December. Pick up from ferry terminal on Friday 14th December at 4.30pm
Approximate Cost:

$400 - Please pay a deposit of $180 by the end of this term

It is important for students to fulfill all school commitments and continue to make the most of all learning opportunities so that the Abel Tasman Trip is a celebration of their successes at Muritai. The Abel Tasman adventure is not a students right. They must work towards this opportunity. In order for students to go, they have to achieve in four key areas. 1. Citizenship They must show an awareness of others, support positive behaviours and prevent negative behaviours. 2. Achievement They must complete all schoolwork requirements. 3. Responsibility - They must be involved in or do something for the good of the school. 4. Effort - They must make an effort to be the best they can be. Try to step outside their comfort zone. Many students have already met several of the above requirements through leadership roles, work and sporting efforts, through supporting others and being role models within the school. This year Melissa Coton, Carole Lowe, Sandra Blair, Romy Anderson and myself will lead the group, with the assistance of approximately 10 other adults as well as having qualified instructors for the kayaking. If you are able to assist with this trip please complete the form below and return to me by Friday 10th August. I will then get you to complete a form which gives me an indication of your outdoor experience etc and how you may be able to support the activities. There has already been an overwhelming amount of parents who have expressed interest in this years adventure. Unfortunately I am limited in the number I can take. I will select a group which will ensure that the safety of the group is paramount.
If you know now that your child will be away or will not be attending this trip please let me know ASAP.

If you have any queries do not hesitate to call me. 562 0041 - email - Kind Regards, Stu Devenport ABEL TASMAN ADVENTURE 2012 Parent Help I , ___________________________________ would like to assist with the Abel Tasman Adventure. Phone ______________ e-mail __________________________________ If you participate in this adventure you will also be required to pay the student fee of approximately $400. You will also need to have your own tent and equipment.

Feel free to e-mail me to ensure I get your offer to assist. devenport@muritai,

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