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by Kara Thomas, Salem High School Intern Salem High School has a program that allows students hands on experience in the work field. The students go out on an internship to any work place they are interested in. They have a work-site mentor and a School-to-Careers supervisor, Linda Michalczyk. The mentor coordinates academic and occupation skills that students learn and apply on the job. The students are enhancing the skills they develop in the classroom, and developing more skills out on the sites. They get to see firsthand what its really like out in that environment, Michalczyk said. There is a various amount of internships that students are in. Some of those internships are with the Salem Police Department, WXRV 92.5, The River, Soule School, and the Child Health Center. I get to see what police officers do every day and how to respond to emergencies. It prepares me mentally for the future how to react to those type of situations, Salem Police Department intern Cody Sharpe said. I want to be a police officer for my career and this is a great way to learn how to do it, Sharpe added.

Hose House Salem Community Patriot No. 2

Staff photos by Kara Thomas

Salem Community
Melissa Genna (right) is helping student Dimitri Xagaras (red shirt) while Kristen Dacey is teaching a lesson. Shannon Foglia interns at the radio station WXRV 92.5 The River. She is interested in studying public relations and marketing in college. My favorite part is meeting famous bands that come by. We get to plan their performances and their interviews. I have experienced a variety of things as well. Business Management, Dj, commercial, video, talk hosting. This internship really allows me to see an overview on everything, Foglia said. The Soule School in Salem has been getting a lot of help from their intern Melissa Genna. I really love walking into the elementary school and seeing the kids and having that hands on experience of teaching them. I help out with the writing part of the day and walk around looking over the kids work. Michael Walsh takes Jennifer continued to page 10Chouinards blood pressure and School-To-Career temperature.
Staff photos by Susan Miner

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Volume 6 Number 16 October 19, 2012 12 Pages

Gets New Bell and Bell Tower

by Susan Miner On October 12, after a couple of weather delays Hose House No. 2 got a new bell and bell tower. The original building was built back in 1906 at a total cost of $996. Nobody is quite sure when it stopped functioning as a Hose House, but it has also served as a town meeting place, a school building, a museum and even had four jail cells in the basement where they held prisoners before they went to court. The Hose House has been undergoing renovations for some time. It has gotten a new roof, there has been masonry work done on the foundation, drainage was corrected around the building, flag pole and rope and pulleys fixed, the building was scraped, primed and given a fresh coat of paint and finally the bell and bell tower have been replaced. The bell tower is now enclosed and the bell is now protected from the elements. The outside renovations are expected to be completed by the end of fall. During the winter the renovations inside the Hose House will continue. Five windows will be replaced and the rest of the windows will be repaired, new screens will be made for the windows, floors will be sanded, woodwork The new bell tower is enclosed to be stained and lights to be to protect the bell from the fixed and replaced. elements. The Historical Society is looking for any hose house artifacts and stories from firemen. The Historical Society plans to have a dedication ceremony in the summer once all of the renovations are complete.

Cody Sharpe observes ocer Joey Defeudis, pull over a car for speeding.

Shannon Foglia is learning how to run the radio with the help of her mentor John Mullet

Telling Amys Story Opens Community Discussion on Domestic Violence

by Susan Miner As a follow on to last weeks article on Telling Amys Story, as part of National Domestic Awareness Month on October 11, The Dance Connection hosted the screening of Telling Amys Story by A Safe Place in partnership with The Salem Exchange Club and The Greater Salem Chambers Health Resources Center. There was a discussion panel after viewing the documentary to help attendees recognize signs of abuse, help prevent future abuse and give information on resources for assistance. Karen Taub, an Outreach and Education Coordinator has been with A Safe Place for ten years, she welcomed the group that gathered and thanked all the partners that helped make this event possible. Karen then introduced Telling Amys Story and described the happenstance of the making of this documentary film. The film is hosted by actress, activist and abuse advocate Mariska Hargitay and the story was told by Detective Deirdri Fishel who has handled over 500 cases of domestic violence. The film followed the series of events leading up to the tragic death of this mother of two young children. There

The discussion panel (left to right) Lt. Peddle, Salem PD, Lisa Lamphere, Coordinator NH Victims Compensation Commission, Bette (Elizabeth) Dunn, Retired NH Assistant Attorney General/NH Victims Compensation Commissioner , Celia Fulsenberg, Director of Adult and Emergency Services at Center for Life Management and Kathy Jones, Domestic Violence Specialist with A Safe Place. were personal insights shared by parents, co-workers, police, and others who had interacted with Amy leading up to her death, all of whom could have or should have done or said something to help prevent her death. Amy showed up at work with bruises and co workers saw them but did nothing, co workers saw the start of controlling behavior by her then boyfriend Vince but did nothing. After years of abuse Amy finally decided she had enough and told Vince they are done, she tells him to get his stuff out of the house, she was going to stay with her parents for a couple of days. Amy goes to her house to pick up bottles, kids clothes, and things the kids would need for the next couple of days. Amys parents sat in the car as Amy goes into the house to pack the kids necessities. Amy didnt realize it but Vince was home, he had parked his truck in the garage. Five minutes after Amy went in, Vince came out of the house telling Amys parents to call 9-1-1 because he had shot Amy. He had shot her point blank in the head. The film ends with the question what can we do as a community to change the ending? Karen Tabue began discussing how it takes a whole community to make the change happen. Karen introduced the panel members and opens the discussion by asking what the signs and symptoms of abuse are. Kathy Jones, Domestic Violence Specialist with A Safe Place explains the signs as becoming introverted, change in personality, change in interests, secrecy in things going on in their lives, absences from work and cancelled plans with friends and family. Karen reminds us that if we are going to try to help somebody who we think is in the midst of abuse Be supportive and meet the person where they are at, it is not going to be helpful to tell them you have to leave the relationship because they may not be in a place to do that, for whatever reason. Acknowledge that you have noticed that they are acting different. Our guidance should come from a place of concern not judgment. Let them know that you are concerned and ask if everything is alright and if they want to talk they will. Definitely give a referral to A Safe Place. Celia Felsenberg, Director of Adult and Emergency Services at Center for Life Management discussed some of the things continued to page 10- Amys Story

Staff photos by Susan Miner

Time Running Out

for Water Meters
by S. Aaron Shamshoyan Town water customers will soon need to schedule an appointment to have their existing meter replaced or they could find themselves running dry. A plan to replace failing water meters town wide with updated electronic ones will require all residents to schedule an appointment with the Department of Public Works, according to Town Manager Keith Hickey, or they could be shut off. Hickey said Winwater Services would be doing the installation, and sending out letters to inform water customers about the needed upgrade. He said the company would send out three letters, each a month apart, and if a customer failed to respond, would receive a fourth from the town. If no response was heard 25 days after the last letter, the department would cut off water service to the house. What were proposing is to follow the code thats in place, Hickey said. Selectman Stephen Campbell raised concern that water service may be turned off to customers who do not receive the letter because they are away for a substantial time period. He also feared the letters could be sent to tenants and not landlords of rented property. Itd be nice if there was some sort of fail safe, he said. Hickey said often people spending a sizable amount of time away from their property could have a mail forwarding service. Selectman Michael Lyons agreed with Hickey saying the current plan would work. This policy captures 99.99 percent, he said, adding the town often deals with waivers. Selectman Everett McBride, who was not physically present but attended the meeting via conference call, was indifferent on the matter. Im not quite sure how you would avoid that issue, he said. Hickey said currently a bill is sent out to the residence and also to the owner, if addresses are different. He also said the town only has the local residents phone number on file. Campbell suggested the town observe the house and water usage to see if occupants looked to be home. Use some common sense, he said. Hickey said the staff would go the extra mile to solve problems. We will use common sense, he said adding, It is not our intention to cause anyone inconvenience. The board decided to proceed following the written policy already in place.

Karen Taub, A Safe Place, discussed how just a few actions may have changed the ending to Amys Story.

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2 - October 19, 2012 | Salem Community Patriot

New Hampshire Dream Factory Fourth Annual Halloween Costume Fundraiser

submitted by Sonny Tylus Friends, Directors and Supporters of the New Hampshire Dream Factory gathered at Promises to Keep in Derry on Saturday, October 13. With a sold out capacity crowd dressed in creative, funny, and exceptional costumes, guests participated in the silent auction, drawings, costume contests, dancing and a great live auction hosted by none other than the fabulous Dollar Bill. Guests have expressed how much they enjoyed the event. Signature Sponsors for the event were Pamela Riesenberg of Reliant Mortgage and Team Walther of Prudential Verani Realty. Donations were received from many local businesses and supporters. Wal-Mart has become a wonderful supporter in both volunteers and donations for this event. The New Hampshire Chapter of the Dream Factory is very appreciative of all the support and we are looking forward to the fifth Annual event next year. The Dream Factory is a national charity with several local chapters. It is an all volunteer organization where 90 percent of all funds raised are spent on providing Dreams for children with critical and chronic illnesses. Our chapter serves these children that live in New Hampshire. Visit our website at We welcome new volunteers for our board as well as requests for Dreams.

Hassan Shares Her Plan to Rejuvenate The State

Staff photo by S. Aaron Shamshoyan

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Maggie Hassan stands with Rotary Member (Richard OShaughnessy (left) and club President Peter Rayno. by S. Aaron Shamshoyan Focused on jobs and the economy, Gubernatorial Candidate Maggie Hassan (D) spoke to the Greater Salem Rotary Club Friday sharing her plan to rejuvenate New Hampshire. With a plan called Innovate New Hampshire, Hassan hopes to support businesses to grow and create jobs. She said budget reforms were necessary, and a census revenue estimate committee could accurately estimate revenues to build a budget around. We will demand efficiencies, she said. Education is also important for Innovate New Hampshire. Hassan said keeping students in the state after graduation will help make the state competitive. To compete, we need to keep our young people here. Hassan added she would freeze university tuition and devise a curriculum for students to major in competitive areas including science and math. I want New Hampshire to be a leader in experts, she said. Hassan also said she opposed additional broad based taxes. I will veto an income and a sales tax, she said. Hassan supports a single, highly regulated casino, near the Massachusetts border, adding Rockingham Park seems like a good location. Working with Governor John Lynch, Hassan said a plan called New Hampshire Working passed in 2010 to increase jobs. Hassan said the three-step program reduced layoffs, encouraged companies to hire workers by paying for the first six weeks of training, and retrained unemployed workers with twenty-first century skills. Weve seen eight years of responsible leadership, she said. Hassan said she will work to keep state government small and efficient.

Mrs. and Mr. Mickey Mouse, Pam and Jay Riesenberg. Pam from Reliant Mortgage chaired the event..

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Haigh School on the Cutting Block

by S. Aaron Shamshoyan A second phase to the elementary school renovation project will likely not include all three remaining schools. At Tuesdays school board meeting, a plan to renovate Fisk and Soule elementary schools, including adding two classrooms to each, may not include Haigh School. Discussion on Haighs future housing students looks bleak, and Superintendent Michael Delahanty suggested if the board wanted to close the facility, waiting until the 2015-2016 school year, when the district is projected to have 264 fewer students. Plans to renovate Soule and Fisk have been designed. This is based upon the previous plan, Delahanty said. Renovations of the two schools would include two additional classrooms each, but the board discussed whether a new gymnasium at Soule was necessary. Delahanty said the cost difference would be $566,500, meaning about $4 annually for a home valued at $300,000. Delahanty said renovation costs will be around $17million to $20 million. Redistricting will be necessary with a Haigh School closure. Discussion of redistricting students throughout town would alleviate strain on larger schools. Delahanty shared concerns of redistricting. I dont want to add fifteen minute bus-rides. The board also discussed maintenance work necessary to Haigh, including replacing a roof. School board member Bernard Campbell felt the building should be maintained through the general fund. Chairwoman Pamela Berry agreed saying maintenance was necessary. Part of doing business is our budget, she said. The board will host a public forum on October 29 to discuss the plans.

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Salem Community Patriot | October 12, 2012 - 3

The Word Around Town...

Letters to our Editor
request for extra security was denied for political reasons. After all this Hillary Clinton decides to have a internal State Department investigation but no accountability from President OBama and Hillary Clinton on the truth. Instead a President campaign spokes person blames it on Romney. The Vice President in a debate blames the attack on bad intelligence. The next day the intelligence community claims the Administration new. Does all this sound like a political cover-up or incompetence? Shouldnt we get the straight scoop from our President when it comes to a terrorist attack? Do they think we are stupid? Isnt it common sense to know that on 9/11 there might be a terror attack somewhere on U.S. territory? Cooper Anderson at CNN interviewed the mother of one of the Americans killed and she was promised that Administration will get back to her about her sons death. She is still waiting. The presidents job is to keep the citizens safe. We know he doesnt attend security briefings and maybe this is a result of that action. Maybe the briefings should take priority over David Letterman. Maybe the Vice President should be more serious about Libya during the debate rather that laugh and smirk all the time. I dont know about you, but we deserve a President that doesnt lie, and is held accountable and takes the job serious. He doesnt deserve a second term. Matt Habinowski, Salem The President has been criticized because celebrities are contributing to his PACs. What is their motive? The Republicans have some pretty interesting characters donating millions to defeat the President. What is their motive? Sheldon Adleson pledges up to $100 million, he has three issues, defeat unions; bomb Iran and a new Justice Department. He is being investigated for bribing a Chinese official to secure a place on the Chinese stock exchange for his Macaw, China casino, bribing foreign officials for person gain is in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Harold Ham, oil billionaire, shortly after being named energy czar to the Romney campaign; donated $985,000 to the pro-Romney PAC Restore our Future. He has an operation in oil sands territory. (Jim Hansen the NASA climatologists says the oil sands contain four times the amount of carbon as regular oil.) Harold Simson billionaire, donated millions, he would like to put nuclear waste in a dump over an aquifer in Texas on the Texas/New Mexico border. Charles and David Koch owners of the second largest privately held company in the United States are the sponsors of the PAC Americans for Prosperity and have pledged $400 million to defeat Democrats. Their issue is de-regulating financial derivatives and de-regulating greenhouse gases. These are just a few of the donors. We know the motives of the above people because they have said so. Mitt Romney and his allies are banking on a strategy in the final weeks of the campaign hoping that burying President Obama and down ballot Democrats in attack ads will give them a crucial edge on the election. Dont be fooled. Rebecca Fee, Salem

Citizens United Sustainable Communities Initiative Makes People a Number - Part 1

Community organizer par excellence, Saul Alinsky, the self-proclaimed communist Community Organizer and author of Rules for Radicals, says that to change society, it should be done from the bottom up, at the grassroots. Well, the Sustainable Communities Initiative includes just that and includes: Grass Roots Implementation: (they intend to manufacture grassroots September-November 2012 by conducting trainings in each of the nine regions, with citizen activists on the use of materials for mobilizing identified populations to participate directly and on an on-going basis in regional planning. Regional Equity Team Events: Regional planners will engage underserved and traditionally marginalized populations to serve on a Regional Equity Team to maximize participation of underserved populations. The essence of Regional Equity is the use of centralized political power to make things equal over regions, disregarding jurisdictions. They intend to formalize as federal policy strategies that equity advocates have been seeking to advance at the community level for years but until now have not been able to implement at the local level. To add insult to injury, using the doctrine of Regional Equity, towns like Salem may be required to share tax dollars with other communities within the region if we become part of the Regional Planning Granite State Futures/Sustainable Communities Initiative! These planners are to their core, collectivists. The Sustainable Communities Initiative tries to redefine how we define what has traditionally been considered either private property or public. For example, [their words] they proudly claim that there is a need to develop a collective sense of accountability for a resource so that people comprehend that sustainability can only be achieved when we are all working together. (I couldnt help but think about the 1960s and the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) who, as soon as the Vietnam draft was over, left the streets, put on three piece suits and walked over to Wall Street which, as I think about it, probably explains the recent Wall Street fiasco financial debacle!). The traditional authority of our local Land Use Boards, that have protected private property rights, is being weakened because Workforce Housing builders who by law are allowed to bypass local Planning, Zoning and Land Use boards through the builders remedy. If a Workforce Housing developer feels the local Land Use Boards impose an unreasonable financial burden on them, the developer gets an accelerated appeal to the court. If the court agrees, the developer can override the decisions of the local Land Use Boards. What a deal for special interests! This is a privilege the rest of us, including others local developers dont get! The more low income housing, the greater the score for social equity, the more money for crony developers. Other smaller local developers do not get the privileges granted to Workforce Housing Developers and so must compete against these crony well-connected developers on a very uneven playing field. How many local small businesses have gone bankrupt because they simply cannot compete when the deck is stacked against them in this way? I wish there had been a public hearing prior to the MOU being signed so that one of the residents of Salem could have asked the question if it is true that the Sustainable Communities Initiative ultimate goal is to grab a hold of taxpayer dollars and to convince local jurisdictions to part with taxpayers dollars for long-term bond debt. Someone also could have asked if this is because the bonded debt can be sold by brokerage firms without the consent of the voters while any over-extended debt remains the responsibility of the Town. Some say that it is. Martha Titcomb Spalding, Salem A group called Citizens United brought a case before the Supreme Court. The case involved a video-on-demand similar to a TV ad that the FCC (Federal Election Commission) rejected because it was an attack ad funded by an outside group. The court found in favor of Citizen United and expanded the ruling to include giving corporations and individuals First Amendment rights to spend unlimited amounts of money to support or oppose candidate for elected office, turning money into speech. Karl Rove (American Crossroads and Crossroads a GPS a 501c4) and the Koch brothers Americans for Prosperity and others have set up PACs and SuperPACs to put out misleading ads against the President and down ballot candidates on the Democratic side. (SuperPACs are designated as 501c4 Social Welfare PACs, donors do not have to disclose their identity. If you see an ad that says call so and so and tell them such and such, that is a 501c4.) Supporters of the President have set up PACs to support the President and other down ballot candidates. (Priorities USA Action)

We Are Not a Nation of Quick Fixes

This letter is to the younger people in our society. You, who are too young to receive Medicare and Social Security, but you are worried whether it will be there for you. The Political people are soothing us (those of us who receive it) by telling us not to worry. We are okay. We do worry about the future generations. You are our future generation, you are our children. As the past generations worried about us, we are concerned about what will happen to you when you get to our age. I believe that changes will have to be made in these services (not entitlements; we paid into these services, we are not l continued to page 4 - Letters to our Editor

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Four Dead Americans and No Accountability

Bullets flying the air, RPG grenades exploding and fire and smoke consuming the ambassadors residence depicts the scene that was watched and listened to by our State Department and the White House. The result is four dead Americans and a President that blames the attack on a Mohamed video. We find out that there was no protest and it was a terror attack. A Libyan minister says its a terror attack the day after and the President still tells his Mohamed video story. CNN discovers the Ambassadors diary where he shows concern about being on a death list and worries about security. Hillary Clinton and the President make a video apologizing to the Muslim world for the Mohammed video. Weeks go by and its a House hearing that the State Department admits that they heard the entire attack and the

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Your Hometown HometownCalendar Your Community Community Calendar
personnel for their service and sacrifice for our freedom. There is a cost for the tickets, and they are free for veterans and military personnel in uniform. Tickets may be purchased online at or at the door. Thursday, November 15 th The American Red Cross will hold a blood drive at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 37 Main Street, Salem, from 1-7 p.m. Blood donations are needed to meet the basic need for New Hampshire hospitals this November. The American Red Cross urges those who are eligible to help meet the need by donating blood.

Community Events --------Saturday, October 20 A Halloween Psychic Fair will be held at the American Legion, Post 63 of Salem, 38 Millville Street, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with a variety of Psychic Readers: Tarot, Palmistry, Angel Guidance, Ancient Runes, Spiritual Intuitive, and Psychic Medium. These will be 20-minute readings at a fee. Come and join us for free coffee and snacks. Lunch available, hot off the grill: Hot dogs or hamburgers with chips and a drink. The Psychic Fair is being held to benefit the American Legion Auxiliary veteran projects of NH.

Seminars & Courses -----------------------Thursday, October 25, Tuesday, November 27, and Thursday, December 13 The NH Center for Nonprofits will offer a leadership series on Building a Confident Fundraising Board. This three part series will be held on Thursday, October 25, Tuesday, November 27, and Thursday, December 13 from 9:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. at Hesser College in Salem. This series will focus on making fundraising fun, or at least not painful, by giving your board confidence and strategies for success. Attend all three sessions and get practical tips to demystify fundraising, creative tools you can use and boost confidence in making the ask. There is a cost for each session. Support provided by Salem Co-operative Bank. For more information, call 603-225-1947, or visit:




Mondays, October 22 nd Come join high school students from Windham, Salem, Pelham and Hudson, and the Timberlane School District for high school night in the OFA-NH Salem Office, 202 Main St. Unit G1, Salem, from 5:30-8:30 p.m. Learn how you can help reelect President Obama, make new friends, eat some pizza, and play call time bingo with us! To RSVP for October 22, visit: youngamericansforobamaevent/gsgf4l.


Monday, November 26 The American Red Cross will hold a blood drive at the Salem Housing Authority, 70 Telfer Circle, Salem, from 1-6 p.m. Blood donations are needed to meet the basic need for New Hampshire hospitals this November. The American Red Cross urges those who are eligible to help meet the need by donating blood.


Sports & Recreation --Wednesday, October 24 The Boys and Girls Club of Salem has set the date for Trivia Challenge II. Join us on Wednesday, October 24 for a fun filled night of trivia, games and prizes. This event will be held at the Club in the Teen Center from 6:30-9 p.m. (check-in begins at 6 p.m.). Teams will consist of 4 to 6 members and can be made up of co-workers, friends or even family! Your team could win our grand prize of $600! There will be plenty of free food and refreshments. Chunkys Cinema is supplying the popcorn, Balduccis Wood Fired Pizza is supplying the pizza and the Boys and Girls Club staff will be supplying the hot dogs and drinks! Please register by October 17. If you have any questions, please contact Denise Dolloff at 898-7709 ex 16.

Library ----------------------------Wednesday, October 24 th Dixie, the Kelley Librarys visiting READ therapy dog, is back for more reading sessions starting at 6 p.m. Children can practice their reading skills with Dixie. Bring your own book or select one at the library. Registration required. Sign-up for one 15-minute session by calling the library at 898-7064, or stop by the Kelley Library Childrens Room.

Saturday, November 3 Perfectly Frank is a delightful evening of swing, jazz, and Sinatra featuring the 16-piece Boston Big Band and premier vocalist, Steve Marvin, to be presented on Saturday, November 3, at Windham High School auditorium. The concert is a benefit to raise funds for mental health services for veterans and their families. This swinging band consists of professional musicians from the greater Boston area whose musical styles and sounds echo the Count Basie and Nelson Riddle era. Steve Marvins incredible voice brings Frank Sinatras mellow crooning and finger-snapping rhythms to life for the delight of all. Sponsoring this spectacular musical event to raise funds for their unique outreach to provide mental health services to veterans and their families. This is a powerful and practical way to say, Thank you, to all past and present military



Wednesday, October 31 To wrap up One Book, One Month, Joan Fardella and the Kelley Library Book Group will be discussing The House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne at 7 p.m. Stop by the main desk of the library to borrow a copy of the book to read before meeting night. New members are always welcome. Find more information about this and other book groups at the Kelley Library at


Thursday, November 8 th The Windham Community Development Department and the Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce will hold a free Business Education Seminar entitled Social Media for Small Business: Facebook and Google+ Essentials, featuring guest speakers: Stacey Bruzesse from The Final Details Marketing and Design, and MaryAnn Pfeiffer from 108 Degrees LLC. This seminar will be held from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Library at Windham High School, 64 London Bridge Road. Registration is required. Please RSVP by Monday, November 5. For information on this and other events, or to register, visit or contact Laura Scott, Community Development Director at: or by calling 432-3806. Light refreshments will be served.


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More Letters to our Editor

continued from page 3
ooking for a hand out) but it must be done gradual and with care. Long-term solutions, not quick fixes and even AARP says its possible. I believe that the voucher system is not the answer to Medicare. When people get to be over 65, maybe 67 and you get a voucher, you start looking for an insurance company that will take it. (We do need insurance companies, but the insurance companies are looking for healthy people) (just look at your car insurance company. They love good drivers, the rest pay high premiums.) The same will be for Medicare. If youre healthy (at 65, 67 or whatever they decide) your voucher might buy you insurance but with pre-existing illnesses, why should the insurance company sell you ,insurance at a reasonable price? (They know that you will be collecting.) (doesnt that make sense?) I dont believe that the voucher system is the way to go and that is one reason why I will not vote for Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan. Some of my other reasons are, I believe that a woman has the right to choose what happens to her body. I do not believe in abortion on demand. If a woman is raped, incest or must choose whether to live or die, that choice should be hers. If she chooses to have the baby(under those circumstances), then let it be her choice. Our long-range energy policy is another thing which makes me vote for our President Barack Obama. It is long range and will help our environment. Clean air and clean water are essential to life. That is what our future generation needs. A cleaner planet may help get rid of many of our ailments as well. God gave us this world and we were suppose to care for it, we havent done such a good job to protect our future generations. Lets start to correct that now. A vote for Barack Obama means we care about our future, not quick fixes. Kay Panciocco, Salem earlier this year, angrily deconstructed the outright lies Ryan claimed on how Obamacare policies affecting Medicare will hurt seniors, and in general pretty much exposed for anyone who was really listening the huge disconnect between what the Republican Party has been saying and actually doing for the past four years in their attempt to bring down an administration that has bent over backwards to right the sinking ship that eight years under Bush/Cheney had caused. Now its up to president Obama to take a page from Bidens very emotional playbook in the next presidential debate and more forcefully defend his administrations positions and federal legislation that have brought America back from the brink of collapse, as well as make Romney pay every time he throws another glib falsehood at him. The non-partisan fact checkers, as well as Romneys own GOP advisory team, had a field day the morning after the debate enumerating and illuminating the ridiculous number of lies this most mendacious of politicians spouted on everything from Medicare to the federal deficit, and its to be hoped that the president himself does a better job doing this on October 23. There was wonderful news in last weeks New Hampshire Supreme Courts 3-2 ruling preventing the House Majority leader Bill OBrien-proposed new voter registration law from going into effect. This ruling will allow out-of-state college students to continue to vote here, and is another blow against the bald-faced Republican national scheme to make the simple right of casting a ballot more difficult for minorities and students, two groups that trend Democrat. The Granite State joins Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, South Carolina, and Florida among other states in either having new onerous restrictions blocked by federal judges or simply taken off the table. As Lawrence Norden of the Brennan Center for Justice said last week, It has been an extraordinary string of victories for those opposing these laws. Soon after the Obama election victory four years ago, a wave of conservative governors and other officials began this attempt to curtail the rights of as many liberal demographics as they could to push the GOP advantage for 2012. These proposed voter-ID laws were all concocted under the guise of eradicating voter fraud, although the term only really exists in right-wing pipe dreams. Electoral fraud is virtually nonexistent in America, as even the most vehement proponent of this attempted end-around knows full well. Many studies Democrat and Republican alike all show conclusively that voter impersonation and identity falsification occurs in barely-measurable numbers. For instance, a recent CarnegieKnight study of over 2,400 alleged impersonations since the 2000 elections yielded a total of ten actual cases. Thats one for every 15 million prospective voters. Another NEWS21 study detailed 33 real cases in the entire last decade, the rest of the GOP-submitted 375 being simple citizen errors like attempting to vote in the wrong precinct, clerical errors, etc. and were not prosecutable. So thankfully with three weeks to go before Americans make their nation-defining decision, the playing field has (so far) been kept level. William F. Klessens, Salem

Time for Salem to Move Forward

The recent announcement of Marilinda Garcia as a cochair for Bill OBriens re-election speaks volumes about the values and priorities of the Salem Republican Tea Party. Here are some of their accomplishments. They have successfully eliminated 50 percent of the UNH budget, the largest per capita cut in University funding in the nation. This in a state with the eighth highest per capita income and a state with an unemployment rate well below the national average. The University system in NH provides the only affordable alternative for middle class families to obtain an education and the skills necessary to obtain good paying jobs. I have never seen the Republican Party prior to the radical Tea Party take-over place such a low value on higher education. The Tea Party refuses to connect the dots between massive education cuts and low wage low skill jobs. Unrelenting attacks on public kindergarten will continue, apparently the Salem Tea Party is proud of the fact that we are one of the last towns in the United States to institute a kindergarten program. Another achievement is a home schooling bill that removes the parental obligation to provide portfolio evidence as to what instruction is being provided at home. The attacks on public education also include tax breaks for companies who donate to charter school scholarship programs; still another attempt to undermine funding for public schools. The proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot this fall would place the judiciary under the control of the legislature undermining the basic premise of an impartial and fair court system. This is a simple way to nullify the NH state constitution. An additional Tea Party success is the introduction of lethal weapons to the state house. If Ovide and the Republican Tea Party are elected there will be another attempt to introduce weapons to college classrooms and dorms. Apparently they think New Hampshire is immune to the massacres that have occurred in many other states. Any piece of legislation aimed at helping middle class citizens from minimum wage laws, collective bargaining rights, women health issues to social safety needs is condemned as socialistic redistribution of taxpayer dollars. We have two choices this November , helping the Salem Tea Party finish off public education or voting for strong supporters of education such as Rebecca Fee, Dee Lewis, Michael Murray ,John Murphy, Susan Desmet, and the rest of the Democratic Party candidates from the top on down. We ended up with this Concord mess because too many of us stayed home in 2010; lets not repeat that mistake this November. John Mosto, Salem

old Uncle Joe just before they had to have him placed in the home. One side of his mouth said the intel tells us that Iran is years away from a nuclear weapon, the other side said the intel officers never told the president that the consulate in Benghazi needed extra security and had been refused twice. The Obama administration lied to us for a week before admitting it was a preplanned attack and not a result of a 10-minute video. It took the FBI three weeks to get to Benghazi to look for evidence while CNN picked up part of the Ambassadors journal days after the attack expressing his fear of being on a hit list and the need for more security. The Obama administration threw the intelligence community under the bus. Why, because they dont want the American voter to realize just how inept their foreign policies are. Facts will come out eventually but they are doing all they can to insure it will be after the election. Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that read The Buck Stops Here, Barrack Obama has one that reads Blame everything on someone else and hope the American voter believes it. Diane Dube, Salem

Voodoo Economics Are Bound to Fail

I read a letter in from Ms. Joan Hamel, a contradictory piece erroneously attacking Obama while deceptively praising Governor Romneys kindness and integrity and being well known for creating jobs. For Governor Romney. He may be kind, the one example is a Mormon caring for another, religious community values, Romneys utterances about the 47% of U.S. citizens who are moochers, is inhumane. If the U.S. were all Mormon or if Romney had gone to Vietnam instead of France he might get the benefit of the doubt. Romney is a known leveraged buyout raider, whose acquisitions were broken up or shut down, how these created jobs is worthy of references. Romney may have created jobs in Red China. Romney has avoided taxes, or he would have released more tax returns. He seems unwilling to personally pay the price for a civil society. Romneys tax cut pledge, to Grover Norquist, is consistent with voodoo economics, the disproven Laffer curve; the idea that making the top earners increasingly rich will somehow trickle down to the other 99 percent. Increased tax receipts from tax cuts have not happened and has lead to the US debt being well over $10T when the great recession of 2008 hit and Obama had to address the sharply depressed economy he inherited from failed policies Romney would impose. On to President Obama. Ms. Hamel states that balancing the budget is critical, and then attacks the Patient continued to page 9 - Letters to our Editor

Eroding the GOP Advantage

It was nice (as well as a big relief ) to watch vice president Joe Biden spank game GOP candidate Paul Ryan in Thursday nights sole VP debate before the November 6 election. Biden was in predictable and effective attack-dog mode, a welcome contrast from president Barack Obamas surprisingly disengaged (though fluent on the real facts) performance in the first of three presidential debates against Mitt Romney. Biden got virtually every one of his points correct on both domestic and international affairs, and hammered his opponent repeatedly and vehemently on every Ryan falsification of facts the two clashed on re: Americas jobs growth under the Obama administration, the economic damage a Romney presidency would bring to the middle class, and the very real danger inherent in the outlandish claims Romney/Ryan have been floating for months about Americas sanctions on Iran being ineffective as well as their oft-repeated lie about that nation being close to developing a nuclear weapon. Biden also brought up several times Romneys noxious comments re: the 47% of American citizens that the Republican challenger privately insulted and wrote off

Lack of Confidence in Obama and Biden

After watching the Biden-Ryan debate its frightening to realize that Joe Biden is just a heartbeat away from the presidency. With all his facial antics he looked like someones

Salem Community Patriot | October 19, 2012 - 5

Salem Community Banks Donation Supports Mission Possible

courtesy photo submitted by Susan Noel Manchester allows the program to focus on direct Salem Community Benefit, the wholly owned service, innovative programs, and solutions to charitable corporation of Salem Community address hunger at its root causes. We are thrilled to lend our support to an Bank, recently contributed $50,000 to the New outstanding charity that is dedicated to meeting Hampshire Food Bank. The check was presented by Nadema Gemmell, Chairman of Salem the needs of the communities served by the Bank, Community Benefit and Ann Lally, President of says Ann Lally, President of Salem Co-operative Salem Co-operative Bank to the NH Food Banks Bank. These are tough economic times for many throughout the state and its important to support Executive Director Melanie Gosselin. organizations doing so much good. The monies will be earmarked for the Mission Possible Campaign, a New Hampshire initiative to fund the purchase and renovation of the new center of operations for the New Hampshire food Bank. The goal of the Mission Possible Capital Campaign idealvalue Challenge is to raise $700,000 idealservice by the end of 2012. When this idealchoice goal is met, generous sponsors SOLUTIONS will match additional $350,000 towards an overall campaign New Pre-Owned Refurbished goal to raise $5 million. Much more than a warehouse, the Food Banks new location at 700 East Industrial Park Drive in

Now Open!

From left to right: Tom Blonski, President and CEO NH Catholic Charities; Ann Lally, President, Salem Co-operative Bank; Nadema Gemmell, Chairman, Salem Community Benefit; Melanie Gosselin, Executive Director, NH Food Bank.

October Special!

Stack Chairs

Junior Girl Scouts Complete Legacy Badge

submitted by Kristen Lumley Salem Junior Troop 10221 would like to give a special thank you to Karen Cox, Salem High School German Teacher, for helping them complete their Legacy Badge, Practice with Purpose. It is a badge that teaches girls the importance of setting goals and how to achieve them in the different athletics they participate in. At previous meetings they discussed the different sports they each participated in and what an attainable goal would be. They also participated in trying out a few different sports as a troop such as softball and basketball. On Wednesday night, Karen Cox, volunteered her time to teach them about Zumba, a Latin inspired dance/exercise class. Karen taught them that you can sweat and smile. They did just that. She used fun, upbeat music such as the Hamster Dance while she taught them each step. By the end of the hour the girls were quite pleased that they knew the whole routine, got in a workout, and were enjoying themselves as a troop. Karen was an inspiration to the girls and leaders alike. She taught them how much fun exercise can be and that there are no mistakes (or mis-steps) as long as you get up and move to the rhythm. Karen also volunteers her time throughout the year at many of the Salem Elementary schools teaching Zumba as an after school program as well as teaching at the Concord YMCA. Troop 10221 also invited Brownie Troop 12990 to join in on the fun. It was a successful evening. courtesy photo

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Bridging Ceremony for Brownies

submitted by Trina Kohrs-Carr A Bridging Ceremony was held September 8 for Brownies stepping up to Girl Scout Troop 12983 in Salem. Girls bridging were Elisabeth Bamford, Kayla Bernard, Rachel Carr, Adriana Ciccarone, Isabelle Daniels, Ashley Doherty, Sophie La Brecque, Brennah Marchand, and Emma Powers.
photos courtesy of Mark Jenkins

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Ask the Town Manager!

submitted by Thomas Giarrosso, Executive Director, Salem Community Television The Salem Government Channel will air the premier episode of Ask the Town Manager live from the Salem TV studio on Wednesday, October 24, starting at 6:30 p.m. Hosted by Town Manager Keith Hickey and Government Access Director Susan McLoughlin, the show will answer calls, Tweets, and email questions from viewers. If you would like to submit a question in advance, you can e-mail them to or tweet them to @TownofSalemNH to be added to the show. You can also call in live by tuning in to Channel 15 23 on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. before the Budget Committee meeting and dialing the number on the screen.

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Granola - 5 year old beautiful girl. Hit by a car and abandoned. All healed and ready for a new home! Very sweet and loving.

October 26, 27 & 28 NH Motor Speedway

Support Team Bark- Moto as it throttles, brakes, spins and lays down some serious rubber on the NH Motor Speedway track in Loudon, NH

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6 - October 19, 2012 | Salem Community Patriot

School News

Barron School

submitted by Barron School The students have been busy making a lot of art at the Barron School. The fifth graders began the year painting Banyan Trees. This specie of tree is unique because it can grow thousands of trunk-like roots. They used black tempera paint to create the silhouette of a Banyan tree with a warm colored sunset. In the front of the painting the students used Cray-pas to color water and the reflective quality of the Banyan trees branches dancing across the water at sunset. The fifth grade artists are now studying the cubism portraiture of Pablo Picasso and building a three dimensional cloth sculpture of their own Pablo Picasso Portrait. The fourth grade artists took on the challenge of a still-life drawing except not with a pencil but with glue. They used Elmers glue on black paper to show a bold outline of a flower filled vase. The dark lines contrast nicely against the bright colors of Cray-pas. The fourth graders used a variety of blending techniques to build tones in their still life drawings and enhanced their ability to draw what we really see and not what we think we see. They are currently in the process of developing a book of trees that are painted to look like the different seasons. The trees were blown across their paper with India ink and branches were pulled out from the ink with quills. The third graders have been working diligently in the art room to paint a landscape in the style of the famous artist Paul Klee. Similar

School News

to this artists work with lines; they made the landscapes using only one inch cardboard squares to drag paint and make our valleys and mountain ridges. They then used warm and cool colors to paint the various mountains. For the next project the third graders were given the challenge of working with clay and rose to the occasion. They built their own clay leaves and painted them with warm tones for the fall season. The third graders are now exploring new painting techniques to create an outer space painting. The brilliant Second grade artists have been studying drawing, painting, collage and multi-media processes to develop a colorful bird painting that has been completed with patient attention to detail and creativity. They are now working on a colorful firework city.

School News

They are talking about what it means to be a part of a community and making a painting that shows a nighttime cityscape in the foreground and a colorful firework display in the background. The first graders began the school year learning about the art of Piet Mondrian and our three primary colors. Then they created their own primary color collage while practicing their cutting and gluing skills. In Library the first graders are reading Ladybug Award books, so in art we made Ladybug Boxes. The first graders painted their boxes with red tissue paper; built a ladybug shell out of clay; painted their ladybug shells with tempera paint and added eyes and legs to make adorable ladybug boxes. The first graders are currently using watercolors to paint a beautiful painting of overlapping leaves in bright colors. The kindergarteners have been making a crayon-resist painting focusing on lines and practicing their color blending. Then they used tempera cakes and foam shapes to create a painting where all of the foam shapes that they glued to their paper had to touch one another to make just one type of line. They practiced cutting and pasting to make a collage in their third project and are now drawing fall trees and finger-painting with warm colors. Everyone is encouraging their classmates to make art that they are proud of and dont forget , there is no such thing as a mistake in the art room.

North Salem
submitted by North Salem School Our annual PTA sponsored Harvestfest took place last Saturday, October 13. We had an incredible turnout for this fun family activity. Many people went home with one of our wonderful raffle prizes. We would like to thank the following local businesses who donated to this event: Michaels Craft Store, Learning Express, Best Buy, Salem Nissan, Salem Co-Operative Bank, Peoples Bank, Target, BJs, Market Basket, Christmas Tree Shop, Singer Subaru, Kohls, Red Persimmon Nails & Day Spa, Hess Gas Station, Chilis, Pediatric Dentistry of Salem, Pepsico, Crown Jewelers, Imagine That, Annies Hallmark, Who You Callin Cupcake, Common Grounds Caf, T Bones, Burlington Self Storage, Youre Fired, Barnes and Nobles, Tuscan Sun Tanning, Elizabeth Grady, Smolak Farms, Wasabi, Cruise Travel Outlet, Salon Grazie, Sugar & Spice, Coliseum, Hawksies Ice Cream, and The Chocolate Moose. A huge thank you to Sandra Galvez, who chaired this event and all of her volunteers for a great evening everyones hard work was appreciated! School picture retakes will be done on Tuesday, October 23, for those students who were absent on our original picture day as well as for those students whose pictures didnt come out quite right. Parent volunteers who do not have a volunteer badge are welcome to come in between 8:00-9:00 AM on retake day to have a picture taken for a badge. NECAP testing continues this week for students in grades 3, 4 and 5. We are incredibly proud of the effort our students are putting forth. Students caught showing the trait of Respect last week include: Dylan, Shine, Sarah Rochdi, Mrs. Kellys Class, Allie Sullivan, Daylee Rivera, Kristen Carney, Shay Parikh, Mrs. Arnolds Class, Jocelyn LeSaux, Anna Carbone, Jimmy Donovan, Nicholas Toupin, Alex Poole, Max Nobrega, Sam Tupper, Robert Olms, Branden Verge, Ella Hannon, Bella Carter, Keagan Ryan, Daslyn Resendez, Riley Slosek, Angelina Hajjar, Ryan Rogers, Michael Hanna, Billy Richart, Emily Waterhouse, Kaiya Gagne, Laila Galvez, Tyler DeVito, Haylee Bernard, Brielle Kelly, Kennedi Bernard Mary Parkhurst, Luc Goodnow, Jack Glander, Aryanna Cabrera, Ryan DelVecchio, Shayne Santo, Isabelle Daniels, Noelle West, Jenn Bouraphael, Mackenzie Lane, Jonah Ludwig, Tia Abirached and Jimmy Donovan.

Author Nancy Krulik Visits Students at Soule Elementary

submitted by Lisamarie Russo, Soule Elementary On Friday, September 28, author Nancy Krulik visited the students at Soule School. Krulik has written both the George Brown series and the Katie Kazoo series, as well as other popular childrens books. The Courtesy photo author Author Nancy Krulik and Character George Brown herself gave the children and staff a wonderful reading of George Brown Class Clown with a surprise visit by the class clown himself George Brown. Krulik also personally signed several books for the children before catching her flight back to New York.

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Natural stone is one of the most sought-after upgrades in a home. Providing both versatility and timeless beauty, its no surprise that granite is the most popular natural stone option. Though very durable, the composition of stone can make it sensitive to damage through daily use. By understanding a few important dos and donts, you can easily keep your homes natural stone looking as good as the day it was installed. Natural stone like granite, marble, travertine and slate is commonly used for countertops and backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms, two of the most-used rooms in a home. With the daily activity associated with these spaces, its important to keep in mind some important stone maintenance tips. Tip 1: Dont use all-purpose, ammonia or bleach cleaners Whether you have granite countertops in your kitchen or travertine tile in your bathroom, there is a correct way to clean the natural stone in your home. Many homeowners are tempted to use all-purpose cleaners or bleach to keep stone surfaces clean, but these types of cleaners may actually damage your stone. Cleaning products that contain vinegar, lemon or other acidic ingredients can dull the surface, reducing the stones luster and eating away at the sealer. Ammonia-based cleaners should also be avoided as they can cause the stones surface layers to wear off over time. Tip 2: Do use safe stone cleaners Do you want to know what cleaners are safe for granite and other natural stones? Smart homeowners only use specially formulated cleaners. For example, Zep Commercials CleanStone Plus Cleaner + Polish is pH balanced to safely clean stone, making it ideal for countertops and tiles. It quickly removes dust and fingerprints while leaving a polish that acts as an extra barrier against moisture penetration. The CleanStone Plus Cleaner + Degreaser is a good water-based option for dirty backsplashes or sink areas as well as high traffic floor areas to remove scuffs and heel marks. Tip 3: Do clean up spills immediately Because natural stone is porous, spills can be absorbed, even if the stone has been sealed. Thats why its important to clean up food and liquid as quickly as possible. Acidic spills such as orange juice, tomato sauce and sodas are examples of kitchen spills that should be cleaned up immediately. In the bathroom, shaving cream, body soap and perfume spills are concerning. These types of spills have a higher potential for damage and cleaning them up quickly will help to prevent staining and etching. Tip 4: Dont use scouring pads for tough spills Always use a soft cloth or dishtowel to wipe surfaces. As tempting as it may be, avoid scouring pads or rough sponges, even if the spill has hardened. Rough materials are not safe for natural stone and can scratch or dull the surface, leaving it vulnerable. For tough spills or hardened food, spray a kitchen countertop cleaner first and let it soak for a few minutes. The cleaning agent


Home Improvement
will safely do the work for you and be much more effective than abrasive scrubbing. Tip 5: Do seal your stone surfaces Granite and other types of stone can be professionally sealed during the installation process, providing an extra protective shield. But sealing is something that needs to happen regularly to sustain this barrier. Maintaining the sealant is easy by using a cleaner with sealant built in, such as CleanStone Plus Cleaner + Protectant that rejuvenates stone and grout seals without leaving residue. Whether you plan to upgrade to natural stone or it was one of the reasons you decided to purchase your current home, its important to protect your investment so it looks great for many years to come. These simple steps will help the stone retain its durability while adding to the aesthetic appeal of your home. - ARA Content

Salem Community Patriot October 19, 2012 Page 7

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As the leaves turn and fall to the ground, its time to start thinking about buttoning up your home for winter to keep you and your family healthy and comfortable, your belongings safe and high energy costs at bay. Heating accounts for 34 percent of all annual utility usage, according the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). One of the most costeffective ways to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home is to seal and insulate the outer walls, windows, doors and roof. By doing so, ENERGY STAR estimates that a homeowner can save up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs, the equivalent to lowering up to 10 percent of total energy costs for the year. Here are a few ways to keep you and your family healthy, your belongings safe and help lower your heating bill: Preventing the draft Old, drafty windows and doors can account for home energy loss of up to 30 percent, according to the EPA, which means paying more in the winter to heat your home. By replacing non-performing windows and doors, homeowners can drastically reduce heating costs. A typical home that replaces its single-paned, clear glass windows with energyefficient windows can realize up to $501 in annual savings, according to the EPA. Windows are a great source of natural light, and a great way to admire the picturesque snow-covered trees and lawns while avoiding the brisk winter air; however, they can also be the site of the biggest energy efficiency offender, says David Harrison, chief marketing officer of Champion Windows, one of the nations leading home improvement companies. By installing our Comfort 365 Windows, damage to the exterior and interior of your home. This can result in costly damage to framing, structure and insulation, more importantly it can cause issues - like mold - that can be harmful to the health of your family. The roof is often the site of leaks in homes; however, by installing a new roof and taking the proper precautions, leaks wont be a problem, especially with Champions Comfort 365 Roof System, which uses a flexible, selfhealing barrier in all leak vulnerable areas and is guaranteed with a limited lifetime warranty. Your home will settle and shift over time and extreme weather can be an issue, says Harrison. It is important to have barriers to provide protection against leaks caused by roof setting and extreme weather. Unlike many companies who only use this on the north side of a home or treat it as an upgrade, Champion uses a flexible, self-healing barrier anywhere your homes roof joins and at all attachment points. Other ways to improve the seal of your home to prevent moisture damage, drafts and improve energy efficiency include: * Sealing leaks * Adding insulation * Sealing ducts Now is the perfect time to make these improvements, says Harrison. Since its the offseason, homeowners can find great deals and attractive financing to button up your home for winter. For more energy saving window, door, siding and roof tips, check out the U.S. Department of Energys website or Champion Windows site

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Home Improvement
Salem Community Patriot October 19, 2012 Page 8

Home Improvement

homeowners can watch their heating bills drop and rid their homes of cold drafts. Additionally, old or improperly installed siding can also be the cause of drafts. However, by installing new, energy-efficient vinyl siding and underlayment, homeowners can increase a homes R-Value, a measure of insulations ability to resist heat traveling through it. Installing energy-efficient siding can help insulate your home against the cold, reduce the amount of air flow into your house, and make it easier to keep warm air in the winter, says Harrison. However, even the best windows, doors and siding can be drafty, if they are poorly installed. So its important to make sure your home improvement is completed by a quality contractor who has a long history of being in the business so you can be sure they will be around if you have any issues down the road. Prevent moisture Water leakage from snow, ice and rain can cause

Injury-prevention Tips for DIYers

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Salem Community Patriot | October 19, 2012 - 9

Thumbs Up?
Thumbs down to Mitt and the NH House of Representatives: More than a year before GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney publicly vowed to fire Big Bird and his friendly Sesame Street crew, the New Hampshire House voted to abolish state funding for public television in New Hampshire. On February 15, 2011 the far right wing Republican New Hampshire House of Representatives led by Bill OBrien voted to pass HB 113, prohibiting the use of state funds for New Hampshire public television, by a margin of 263-102. The State Senate later tabled the bill. Millions of kids nation-wide benefit greatly from the teachings of Big Bird and the Sesame Street Crew! Kids cant vote but moms can! Thumbs down to Charlie Bass. Are you desperate for votes or do you just not check on whos lawn you place your large campaign signs? Seeing one on the lawn of a former Salem town board member who was indicted for dealing drugs, just seals the deal. You are not getting my vote. Thumbs down to the cut taxes jargon. Taxes are the price we pay for a civil society, said Oliver Wendell Holmes. To condemn everyone who raises taxes and fees is to deny New Hampshire citizens a civil society. Thumbs down to news Ms. Garcia is cochairing NH House Speaker Bill OBriens reelection campaign. How is that helpful for Salem? This speaker needs to be one and done, and his campaign co-chair should have the brains to recognize the disastrous effect his agenda has had on the town she represents. Its time for Ms. Garcia to be granted early retirement along with Boss OBrien. know whom I am talking about! They will do anything to get this guy! The ones going after him are scarier than the gentleman himself! I would be stressed, too, if I was being hunted! I am surprised the town hasnt built gallows in the back of the Municipal building yet! Sounds like the Irish are fall guys again! Thumbs up to the Salem Fire Department. My carbon monoxide detector alarm sounded recently and I immediately called the professionals to get their advice as to what I should do. After explaining the situation, they said they would send someone to my house to check things out. Once they arrived, the two firefighters went straight to work by checking the levels, identifying the source, and clearing the air in my house. They even remained on site for an additional period of time to ensure that the problem did not return. On behalf of my entire family, thank you. Thumbs up to Silverthorne Day Care next to SalemHaven off Geremonty Drive. Without their wonderful help I would not have been able to work while caring for my mother. The Day Care program is second to none in this area and they tend to the members needs and help alleviate the stress of the daily grind. Keep them in mind when having to make a decision - its only a day or two a week, but what a welcome relief.

Thumbs Down?
getting the White Anglo Saxon Mormon onto your toons? You could use the covers: Planning for Dummies on the one and Telling the Truth Available on the other cover. Give kudos to an old American Veteran. dis pass year from thumbs than I did in 12 of dem years of Salem Public Schools. Keep up the good work Patriot! Thumbs up to Salem Thumbs. Whats the fastest way to make half a million dollars legitimately? Start a local paper and let townspeople tell the truth. Before you know it the powers-that-be will buy-out the paper so they can edit out the truth and spread their own propaganda. Way to go Salem Patriot! Thumbs up to Town Manager Hickey. We certainly dont need critical thinkers in this town do we, Hickey? We need obedient workers. Just do your jobs, watch your sports, drink your beers, and be happy that we are controlling things. Dont question mysterious fires on Main Street just prior to expanded development, or why Rudy Guiliani was here to bless that very project. Nothing fishy here. Move along. Thumbs down: To Public Sector Unions which were and should be illegal. They are used to divert taxpayer money to the Democratic Party as witnessed by the firefighters stumping for the DNC in the latest TV ad. They have their boot on the neck of the taxpayer. Thumbs down: To the Obama administration and Benghazi-gate. Yet again, our President has blood on his hands. The failure of this administration to support America and her troops is treasonous. Great executive decision (by plan) to put the Islamic Militia Martyrs of Feb. 17 Brigade in charge of security: while giving our team rubber bullets, and blaming an obscure video. An uprising this administration has it hands all over. Funding the Muslim Brotherhood, bringing them to power, taking campaign donations from radical Islam, and be in direct opposition to Americas security. Treason is still a crime, America. This administration should stand before a firing squad. The DNC, not your mothers Democrat. Please research the truth and vote Romney/Ryan.

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reect the views of the Salem Community Patriot or its advertisers. Town and school ofcials encourage readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Salem Community Patriot editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

ot st Nu J

Valid until 10/30/2012
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Thumbs down to Romney/ Ryan militarism: Winning Ayatollahs hearts and minds is not the common defense, it sells super weapons, and puts American soldiers in bankrupting quagmires. Staying in the Afghan quagmire because Romney insists on conditions is pointless militarism. Making military decisions to keep the respect of allies has nothing to do with common defense, it is bankrupting militarism. Romney reminds me of the 1964 campaign poster, the one with the mushroom cloud. The common defense is a lot less than Romney thinks. He went France, instead of the Army. Thumbs up to the Pelham, Salem and State Police Officers who received Congressional awards for their service. Thumbs down to the Salem Officers who couldnt be bothered with wearing their dress uniforms, like the rest did. How disrespectful.

Thumbs down. I think the clerks in the tax collectors office, with the exception of Jackie Delaney and Susan Wall, need a class in public relations. They yell next and dont even say, Hi, how are you? or, Have a good day, etc. Would be nice to see a friendly face once in a while. Smarten up, the citizens pay your salary. Thumbs down. Once again the staff at the municipal office lives up to having no knowledge of their positions, nor do they care, yet they continue to be overpaid. I asked a clerk in the Assessors Office for info on street - said she didnt know - for me to contact Building Dept. Whatever happened to cross training? I guess not when you get paid big bucks for knowing nothing.


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Thumbs down to all the Cotton Mathers in Salem who are leading this Witch Hunt for a local man who made a decision involving him and his wife in a medical situation. They

Thumbs down to Town Manager Keith Hickey and his Letter to the Editor last week. The name of his game is control. And hes bugged that he cant control the thumbs comments. His attempt to stifle comments are just what we dont need representing us.




Thumbs up to the political cartoonist on October 12, 2012. Youve got the African American with big ears down pat. How about

Thumbs down to our Town Manager. Whos he calling out when he said face to face? Why would Manager Hickley want to silence that there Salem Thumbs column? Ive learned more troof

Thank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by the Salem Community Patriot sta. Thumbs comments can be sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Thumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the Salem Community Patriot. During the election campaign, no comments will be allowed that are direct endorsements or censure of candidates on the thumbs page. No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.

More Letters to our Editor

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Protection and Affordable Care Act for shifting Medicare costs around, which is not a reduction in coverage but a move to contain out of control costs. Romneys Medicare vouchers do nothing to control costs, he adds large new cost burdens to Medicare: overhead, profit and exceptional compensations in the insurance industry. You do not balance a budget unless you contain costs and increase receipts. When Obama was sworn in the economy was in free fall the result of 30 years of voodoo economics, wild speculation in financial assets, the imploded housing bubble spurred by Bernanke/Greenspans Federal Reserve and the borrowing to pay for two wars and tax cuts, those actions through 2008 created a lesser depression; unless you are affected, then it is a great depression. In 2009 the economy was as bad as in the first Great Depression. Obamas too small stimulus and bailing out the auto industry were not enough, but they prevented worse suffering. Balancing the budget in the middle of a recovery from very deep depression, is bad for countries, see Europe today. History shows that in 1937 Franklin Delano Roosevelt tried a balanced budget, the depression returned and unemployment rose sharply. Obama has not balanced the budget to avoid more human suffering among the workforce. Back to Romney. He wants to keep experimenting with Laffers cocktail napkin theory which has not worked in the 30 years of trying voodoo economics a term coined by George H. W. Bush in the primaries of 1980. Romney wants to win the hearts and minds of Ayatollahs with the sword. He wants to run Medicare through insurance companies, a plan which would further inflate health care costs and deny seniors care, while the vouchers profit the insurance companies who will raise rates to profit from seniors health issues. In 2013, Romney would bankrupt the country, which cannot be sold off as he did with his leveraged buyout targets. In 2001 George W. Bush turned surpluses into huge deficits. Romney, more of the same voodoo economics, with no plans. Edward Herger, Salem Windham in electing State Representatives - to make a strong statement about our values. Do we value womens healthcare options and the right to choice, help for victims of domestic violence, strong public schools, Medicare as it is, and the right to same sex marriage? Or do we want womens rights to be taken away, voucher systems for schools and Medicare, and the loss of the right to same sex marriage? Make sure you are registered to vote and have proper ID or call and arrange for an absentee ballot. November 6th is an important day! Your vote in this election will be one of the most important youve ever made. Dee Lewis, Salem

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Wasteful Spending in Rockingham County

Rockingham County spends over $1,000,000 each year to house the overflow of inmates in other counties because our jail is at maximum capacity. Why? First, the Rockingham County needs to be tougher on violent felons. Every violent felon sentenced to state prison is one less violent felon in our county jail. Second, the current Rockingham County Attorney does not support the alternative sentencing and pre-trial services programs that other County Attorneys in New Hampshire utilize for non-violent offenders. Merrimack County has a pre-trial services program that monitors non-violent offenders in the community at a cost of $10.50 per day, which saves them over $2.8 million annually. Compare that to $80-$90 per day to house an offender in our county jail. Strafford County invests in similar programs, and last year they saved up to $8.5 million. It is the County Attorneys duty to ensure we establish these programs in Rockingham County. The 14-year incumbent seems content to continue to spend your money in other counties. Jazz I want to address the many issues that signify complacency and resistance to innovation in the current County Attorneys Office. The incumbent takes your vote for granted. I want to earn it. Candidate for Rockingham County Attorney. Willow
Photos courtesy of Sea Jay Photography.


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Tea Partiers, Free Staters Destroying NH

The NH Legislatures divisive social agenda is negatively affecting all NH citizens. Instead of focusing on improving the economy by helping businesses expand and create more jobs, the OBrien led Tea Party, Free Stater coalition of Republicans focused on a chaotic social agenda. In most cases our representatives from Salem voted along party lines favoring the OBrien agenda. Nothing was sacred - womens right to healthcare choices was repeatedly attacked, the right to abortion was attacked, basic protections for domestic violence victims were removed, public education was attacked, and plans were made to turn Medicare into a voucher program. Even the right to same sex marriage was attacked. Most citizens took these basic rights for granted! Voters in Salem have the opportunity this year - now that Salem is separated from


Joe Plaia, Portsmouth


Thank you to our supporter Beaver Valley Farm.

Scoops got your

Salem Community Patriot | October 19, 2012 - 10

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she sees at the Center for Life Management when people come in. People come in with signs of depression only to find out that there is underlying abuse. Other signs of abuse can be anxiety disorders, starting to isolate, feeling less confident, changes in eating and sleeping patterns, self image issues. Celia reminds us it isnt just physical abuse that can lead to depression and these other symptoms it can be mental and psychological abuse. Lt. Peddle explains how the police track how many times they go to particular houses, noting what takes place when they are called to a residences time and again for domestic violence and if it seems to elevate with each incident Regardless of why they go to the house they will document it. When necessary A Safe Place and some of the other organizations in the community are given as referrals for the victims they go out to assist. Bette (Elizabeth) Dunn, Retired NH Assistant Attorney General/NH Victims Compensation Commissioner discussed the rise in domestic violence and how there is a direct correlation to financial stress and domestic violence. Another fact Bette mentions is This can occur in any socioeconomic level. Typically we imagine domestic violence victims being low income or unemployed or uneducated, but it certainly happens in educated women and professional women. She also discussed the beneficial changes in the lethality program indicating if you had been a victim of domestic assault and somebody grabbed your neck and choked you and there was evidence of that it used to be a misdemeanor. At this point the statutes have been changed and it can now be an indicator of severe risk and the offender may be taken to jail just for that offense alone. New Hampshire is a low crime state, no question about it, were really very lucky. The number of homicides in a year isnt that high. The scary thing is the percent of homicides every year that are domestic violence. Karen Taub asked Kathy Jones what the signs are to watch for in children who are exposed to domestic abuse, Kathy listed the symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia, not performing well, a lot of aggression most often in boys and withdrawal mostly in girls. Lisa Lamphere, Coordinator NH Victims Compensation Commission discussed the resources available for emergency relocation when necessary if a victim of domestic abuse has financial hardship. There is a program in which the security deposit along with the first two months rent, startup utilities, local phone services, moving expenses all of this can be provided (within a $5,000 cap) with approval when applied for through an advocate. Additional services are available when there are children who have witness domestic violence. There were some questions from attendees who were employers with questions as to when they should intervene, what should be done, services for employers that are preventative. Lt. Peddle says sometimes if the police intervene with just a phone call to let the abuser know that the police are aware of the situation that may be enough to keep them from doing anything where a restraining order may not. Karen Taub gave the group a couple of take-a ways. If there is a situation do what is safe for you, do your best to get the victim to gain services, rely on the services that the state provides including law enforcement, the Victims Compensation program and the community mental health system. A Safe Place provides a 24 hour hotline, emergency shelter, one-on-one support, support groups, court advocacy, community advocacy, information and referral and educational programs. The New Hampshire 24 hour hotline number is 1-800-854-3552. The State of New Hampshire Victims Compensation Program toll free number is 1-800-300-4500. Center for Life Management Emergency Services 603-434-1577 or after hours 603432-2253. New Hampshire Bar Association Pro Bono Referral System 800-639-5290.

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Salem to Host Beach Party in November
Submitted by Salem Christmas Parade committee The Salem Holiday Parade has been rescued once again, this years theme is Beach Party Christmas and will be held on November 25 at 1 p.m. Marching will begin at the Cisco Building and continue down Main Street and end at Salem High School. The always popular Salem Holiday Parade almost did not happen this year. Parade Chairman of the past 22 years, Pat Hargreaves, had resigned from his position and no one had stepped up to fill his shoes. With only two months before show time, Salems Holiday Tradition was in jeopardy. Oddly enough, it was the Girls of Summer, Salem Softball, who actually saved the holiday classic. Tom Ramsdell, President of Salem Softball, inquired about entering a float in this years parade but was informed there would not be a parade this year. After a brief discussion with co-vice presidents of Salem Softball, George Brust and Brett Grande, the group took the lead and formed the new Salem Christmas Parade board of directors, comprised mostly of Salem Softball board members. The new parade board members are as follows: Chairman - Brett Grande, Vice Chairman - Tom Ramsdell, Treasurer - Sandi Labrecque, Secretary - Carol Greeley, Board of Directors at Large - George Brust, Deb Brust, and Dan Greeley. Pat and Lorraine Hargreaves have stayed on as consultants to ensure a smooth transition and Dave Tilton continues to lead the charge in fundraising. With less than two months before the first band comes marching down Main Street, volunteers are working feverishly to raise the money it takes to support such a big parade. Local business owners and personal contributors have been extremely generous to this point but we are still thousands of dollars short of what is needed to make a parade to be proud of. Readers can make a tax-deductible contribution by sending a check of any amount to the Salem Christmas Parade Inc., P.O. Box 2360, Salem, NH 03079. E-mail fundraising coordinator, Tom Ramsdell, at with any questions. All donations are greatly appreciated. We are still seeking participants for this years event. Whether you would like to enter a float or simply walk with your organization, sign up and join us. Contact Chairman, Brett Grande, at

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This is exactly what I want to be when Im gained a large amount of knowledge and to see how everything works in the airport. older, so having this internship really helped understanding on how a medical office Currently he is at Daniel Webster College, me realize that. I recommend the internship operates. This internship makes our office with a commercial license and a few more program to other students because its a as a whole, feel excited that we have given years to go. really great experience to have, Genna said. these students the opportunity to hopefully Looking back, the internship I had A part of the reason why I became a continue on. A vast majority of these really helped me with what I wanted to mentor is because I was really excited to give students are looking for an opportunity be. I definitely would recommend this to another student a valuable experience I had to showcase their talents and hopefully every student because it gives them a huge in college. Its been great to have another jumpstart their careers upon completion of advantage towards college and a jump start set of hands and a knowledgeable person their schooling, Office manager Lisa Longo, on what they want to be, Nee said. willing to jump in. She is a really great role Michaels mentor said. model to these kids. Being a mentor really Robert Nee was a student at Salem High helps this school by staying connected to the School who had an internship with the community, second grade teacher Kristen Lawrence Airport in North Andover, MA Dacey said. because he wanted to be a pilot. He loved Michael Walsh is an intern at Child Health the internship so much he got a job there his Center in Methuen. I really wasnt thinking senior year. He filled up the planes and got of going into pediatrics at all, but I changed my mind when I went BUILDING PERMITS ISSUED WEEK OF 10-7-12 into this internship. I really like learning from the other nurses, Ida Patterson and Christopher Fuoco, 77 Cross Street, 10/9/12, BL-Residential ADD/ALT, $0 and helping the kids out when R Hauff-Rueda Vonda Haas and Bo R., 21 Sullivan Court, 10/10/12, BL-Residential ADD/ALT, $0 they come in. It has been really Joan R. Morlin Trustee, Joan R. Morlin Revocable Trust, 9 Nowell Court, 10/10/12, BL-Residential helpful so far. I recommend ADD/ALT, $0 this to other students who are Paul D. and Carol S. Smolenski, 36 Samoset Drive, 10/12/12, BL-Residential ADD/ALT, $0 214 Main Street, Salem, NH thinking about going into (the) Giuseppe Iannalfo, 30 Elmwood Avenue, 10/12/12, BL-Deck, $0 medical (profession), Walsh DHB-Old Silver Farm Corp., 45 Silver Brook Road, 10/12/12, BL-Residential-Foundation, $0 said. DHB-Old Silver Farm Corp., 54 Silver Brook Road, 10/12/12, BL-Residential-Foundation, $0 Salem High School students Sunshine Laundry Center-Michael W. Downing, 161 Main Street, 10/10/12, BL-Shed, $0 Susan Douglas Hopkins Robert S. Carrier Stephanie, Nick and Mike have Robert and Patricia McQuinn, 38 Baldwin Street, 10/11/12, BL-Shed, $0 J.Tyler Douglas James L. Johnson(1959 - 2008) left our office feeling they have



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Salem PatriotSports
Girls Soccer Falls to Concord in Overtime
by Jacob Gagnon Following a controversial overtime Concord High School goal, the Blue Devils Girls Soccer team fell to the Crimson Tide, 2-1, on Monday, October 15, at Salem High School. Salem has lost seven games this season by a single goal. We might be the best twowin team the state of New Hampshire has ever seen, said Head Coach Kendrick Whittle. Defense kept the Blue Devils competitive in Mondays contest. The Blue Devils were able to withstand an offensive onslaught from the Tide. Concord High was able to pressure Salems defense during the contest, but the Blue Devils held strong and pushed back. Senior goalkeeper Rachel Blazich made numerous saves and diving stops all throughout the game to give her team a chance to tie. Salem High School did just that with a penalty goal at the eight-minute mark of the second half by sophomore Harley Chute. I thought the girls worked hard and battled against a good team so it was good, said Whittle. Juniors Ashley Hayes and Emily Hickey also had strong games for the home team. Both Hayes and Hickey played a majority of the match, showcasing both their endurance and will to compete. We get
Staff photo by Jacob Gagnon

October 19, 2012 - 11

Salem PatriotSports
Junior Kristen Korbani head butts the ball into Concord territory during Mondays loss.

better every game. Were still struggling putting the ball in the net but were young. Its going to happen, said Whittle. Concord put a goal away midway through the overtime period. Blazich appeared to have made the save but was inside the goal as she did so. The officials awarded the Crimson Tide the goal and the overtime victory, much to the dismay of the home crowd. They said it was a goal, so it was a goal, said Whittle. The sudden ending did not upend the Blue Devils pride. The young team had come out and competed against a more experienced Concord squad. Spectators could see the flashes of talent from the younger Salem players during the match. It revealed the type of dangerous players that the Salem High girls are developing into under the guidance of Whittle. With two games remaining in the season and no hope for a postseason, Whittle and the Blue Devils hope to finish strong setting the tone for next year. Were just trying to get over that hump. Hopefully we can this week, said Whittle. As the season draws to a close, Whittle and his team can take away a full season of experience and be proud with the effort put forth. There is always, Whittle knows, next year.

Sasha McNeal Named a Top Swimmer in New England

courtesy photos submitted by Jonathan McNeal Sasha McNeal from Salem, a swimmer for the Rockingham Area Youth Swimming Club (RAYS), has been named as one of the top swimmers in New England for her age group by the New England Swimming Association (NESA). Sasha recently attended the Top Swimmers awards banquet in Massachusetts, where Amanda Beard, a seven-time Olympic medalist, was the guest speaker. The RAYS is a youth swimming team serving southern New Hampshire and northeast Massachusetts, based at the Workout Club and Wellness Center on Pelham Road in Salem. NESA is comprised of almost 100 youth swimming organizations in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Coach Eric Hayes and Sasha McNeal Sasha McNeal after receiving her award

Soccer U10 Teams Participate in Fall Tournament

courtesy photos

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Matt Reis with Andrew Clark and Sabrina Testa from the Salem U10 Galaxy team. submitted by Lisa Stift, Salem Youth Soccer Three Salem Youth Soccer U10 Recreational teams participated in the New Hampshire Soccer Association Recreational Fall Tournament. The 2012 edition of the NHSA U10 Festival was a fun and exciting day for all Recreational U10 teams throughout New Hampshire. In conjunction with US Youth Soccer month, the day was filled with activities and games for all and competition between We Will Pay Up To $500 Recreational U10 teams from For Some Cars and Trucks! around the State. Teams scheduled to play are from Murrays Auto Antrim, Manchester, Merrimack, Recycling Salem and Suncook. In 55 Hall Rd. Londonderry, NH addition, Matt Reis, goalie for We Sell Parts the New England Revolution, came to sign autographs and Hours: Monday - Saturday 8 am - 5 pm take pictures with the players.

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12 - October 19, 2012

Salem PatriotSports
Field Hockey Ready to Roll Into the Postseason
Devils, immersed in confidence, plan to back up whatever goals they have set for themselves this season. Their enthusiasm was especially evident as Exeter, one of the top squads in the state, traveled to Salem on Friday, October 12, for senior day and the final regular season game of the 2012 season. After falling behind due to a Blue Hawk goal in the first half, the Blue Devils were able to maintain their composure and push the game into the overtime period. We did what we wanted to do. We came back after they went ahead of us, said Gatsas. Weve got to play this style when we get into the tournament. Sophomore Chantalle Dumont scored minutes into the second half, causing an eruption of cheers from the Blue Devil community. Both teams had scoring opportunities in the overtime period but strong defensive action prevented any goals. Salem earned a corner as time ran out but could not score, leaving the game at a 1-1 tie. While a win would always be preferred, the draw against a strong team like Exeter is a boosting shot of confidence heading into the postseason. We just showed that they cant beat us. We can hold our ground and just play well, said Dumont. I thought, overall, we played really well. Juniors Erica and Danielle Smith, as well as sophomores Kiley Keenan and Elizabeth Twomey all looked sharp in Fridays game. Their performance on the field gives Gatsas hope for the postseason. Everybodys moving in the right direction, said Gatsas. I hope we learned these first fourteen games what we have to do and it seems like were going in that direction. In this game, though, anything could happen, said Gatsas. Gatsas confidence in his group is evident, but not as evident as the determination of the squad itself. Im really excited (for the tournament). Honestly, these teams probably need to watch out, said Dumont. As the regular season comes to a close, Salem High earned a sixth seed in the tournament and will face Dover High School in the first round of the playoffs on Thursday, October 18. After a disappointing and injury-tinged start to the season, the Blue Devils were able to come back, as they have all year, to finish the season with an 8-4-2 record. We know what it takes to get to that level to be a champion but weve got to be playing our game, said Gatsas. Salem plans on making the postseason as successful as the regular season. The girls will continue to work on the mistakes to strengthen their game in the time prior to their first round playoff game at home. Talk is cheap. We need to get it done. We know we need to get it done. Were not going to say were going to do it. We are going to do it, said Dumont

by Jacob Gagnon The athletes of the Salem High School Field Hockey team, led by Head Coach John Gatsas, understand that talk is cheap when preparing for the New Hampshire Division I State Championship tournament. The Blue

Salem PatriotSports
staff photo by Jacob Gagnon Amanda Travaglini takes a shot from a corner during Fridays draw against Exeter.

Football Loses Close Battle to Manchester Memorial

by Jacob Gagnon No team in the state is hungrier for a victory than the Salem High School football team. The Blue Devils nearly broke out of their winless slump on Friday, October 12, as they played Manchester Memorial High School at ChabotMcDonough Field in Manchester. Salem suffered another heartbreaking defeat, however, this time to the Crusaders, 15-12. While Gagne may be disappointed, he is not worried about his team or their motivation. He knows they will keep fighting until the final whistle of the season is blown. I dont have a problem with motivation with this group. They keep coming out and they keep fighting, said Gagne. We came in to win the football game and we didnt so thats disappointing. The looks in their eyes, after the game, is never easy to see but its a testament to their character that they keep moving forward, they keep caring. I felt like we came out here and competed and we did what we had to do. We came so close, we just need to keep executing and put the little things together, said junior running back Jason Martinez. We use this as motivation to come in next week and come at them even harder. Martinez scored the first touchdown of the entire game on Salems second offensive possession of the game. Senior quarterback Ryan Nichols, who started the contest, scrambled down the field to set up a five yard touchdown run by Martinez. Memorial struck back as the first quarter ended, setting the tone for the back-and-forth battle that would take place all night. Its nice to see him progressing as a running back, said Gagne of Martinez. Despite another solid game carrying the ball, Martinez could not appreciate his personal success without a team victory to show for it. I never think about those things. I didnt help contribute to a win, so it doesnt really matter, said Martinez. After Nichols was taken out of the game due to an injury in the second half, sophomore Jacob Lakos scored with a quarterback keeper to pull the Blue Devils within three of the home team. Senior Rasheed Adigun drove the ball into Crusader territory to set up the score. The Salem High defense, once again, played shutdown football. Coach Gagne attributes the strong defensive play to the good tough kids that make up the core of the crew. Seniors Dominic Gigante and Jackson Peck led the Blue Devil defenders with their attacks. With less than two minutes remaining in the game when the Salem defense needed to stop the Crusaders, Gigante stepped up to collect a sack. The loss of yards led to a field goal attempt that fell short and a Blue Devil opportunity to take control of the score. The offense could not take advantage of the chance, and the Crusaders regained the ball two plays later to secure a win. Following the disappointing finish to Friday
Staff photo by Jacob Gagnon

Senior quarterback Ryan Nichols throws a pass in the first half of Friday nights loss to Memorial. nights game, Gagne was prouder than ever of his teams effort against the tide of adversity that they have faced all season. The losss sting was already starting to disperse as focus now shifted towards the next opportunity to grab that elusive first victory which will come on Friday, October 19th against Nashua North. Gagne is not worrying about the rest of the season, only the next game. Were going to worry about Nashua North and were going to try and win the football game. The goals for the team remain week-by-week, opponent-byopponent, play-by-play. The season is not over yet. Gagne, Martinez and the rest of the Blue Devils will continue to be the hungriest team in the state.

Despite Loss to Exeter High, Boys Soccer Shows Character

by Jacob Gagnon Character was the word of the day, according to Head Coach Anthony Karibian, for the Salem High School Boys Soccer team. The Blue Devils played two strong games in about an 18-hour stretch. It was an exhausting challenge that Karibian is proud of his team for taking on. After the game was postponed a full day, then pushed back an hour, Salem defeated Alvirne High School, 2-1, but did not return home to Salem until nearly ten oclock Thursday night. The Blue Devils could not overcome their exhaustion and fell to Exeter High School, 1-0, in their last home game of the season on Friday, October 12. Had we had one day of rest, I think this game is a reverse result, said Karibian. Its unfortunate. Those things happen. The way they played today, you cant be more proud of them. We were exhausted, but we tried to go at them. Overall, I think we played strong. We got that 90 percent, but we couldnt really get that 10 percent to get it in the back of the net, said
Staff photo by Jacob Gagnon

Senior goalkeeper Andrew Zani kicks away a ball in the first half of Fridays loss to Exeter. senior goalkeeper Andrew Zani. Zani has been a positive force all season in goal for the Blue Devils. He comes up big in the pipes, said Karibian. Despite a mediocre senior season for the Boys Soccer team, Zani and his teammates have played consistently well. It wasnt what I expected, but definitely making the best of it. (We are) not trying to look at anything bad, but just next game or, for me, next save, said Zani. On Friday, the Blue Devils looked to other players to help stay competitive. Sophomore Brett Grady answered that call. Gradys competence on the field gave other players on the squad rest. It is, according to Karibian, what kept the Blue Devils in Fridays game. The guy who came in and played real well is Brett Grady, said Karibian. Grady was able to come into the contest and make an immediate difference at both midfield and defense. It was another example of the heart that Salem has displayed on a weekly basis. With two games remaining in the regular season, the Blue Devils are not giving up hope. Were still fighting for playoffs, said Karibian. The boys are 3-11 and sit in 15th place in the division. They have an opportunity, if they win out, to earn their way into the championship tournament. Salem has been able to compete with the best in the state all year. It was the close losses, the heartbreakers, which may end their season prematurely. Whether or not Coach Karibian and the Salem High Boys Soccer team find their way into the New Hampshire Championship Tournament, the season will still be a benchmark of effort for the team. After finishing up their second game in less than 24 hours, Karibian could only reflect proudly on his team. Thats impressive to me and I think they showed a lot of character. Character may not just be the word of the day, but of the season.