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Professional practice 1 Answer each questions dont scroll down unless u are finish,, answers will reveal at the

bottom... Goodluck! comment your score ^_^ be honest ^_^ Q.1)Which is an ethical action with respect to the Architect's responsibility to his manufacturer's, dealers and agents? A.accepts market discounts credited to client B.receives gifts or favors from agents C.receives commissions placing him in a reciprocal frame of mind. D.avails of technical services by manufacturer accompanied by an obligation Q.2)A per diem of not less than _____ plus traveling and living expenses shall be chargeable to the Owner on any occasion where the Architect or his duly authorized representative shall be required to perform services at a locality beyond the radius of ____ kilometers from his established office. A.P500.00 / 50 km. B.P500.00 / 100 km. C.P1000.00 / 50 km. D.P1000.00 / 100 km. Q.3)Approved form of security furnished by the Contractor and his Surety as a guarantee to the quality of the materials and equipment installed and the workmanship performed by the Contractor. A.Guarantee Bond B.Payment Bond C.Performance Bond D.Proposal Bond Q.4)Additional information on Contract Documents issued to bidders before date of bidding. A.Instruction to Bidders B.Special Provisions C.Bid Bulletin D.Invitation to Bid Q.5)Which is an unethical action with respect to the Architect's responsibility to his colleagues and subordinates? A.provides free professional service for a charitable project B.donates to obtain advantage in a religious project C.undertakes a commission from another Architect duly notified D.serving as professional adviser, accepts employment as Design Architect for a competition project.

Q.6)Information, advice or notification pertinent to the project delivered in person or sent by registered mail to the individual. firm or corporation at the last known business address of such individual, firm or corporation. A.Instruction to Bidders B.Invitation to Bid C.Bid Bulletin D.Written Notice Q.7)What pre-design service involves investigating, identifying and documenting the needs of the client for use in the design of the project? A.Economic Feasibility Studies B.Space Management Studies C.Architectural Programming D.Site Selection and Analysis. Q.8)Within 15 days after the awards of Bids, the payment to the Architect shall be adjusted so that it will amount to a sum equivalent to how many percent of the Basic Fee, computed upon the winning Bid Price? A.65% B.75% C.85% D.95% Q.9)Which is an unethical action with respect to the Architect's responsibility to the people?. constructive civic service B.take part in paid endorsement of building material C.shares technical information D.promote professional organization Q.10)Approved form of security furnished by the Contractor and his Surety as a guarantee of good faith on the part of the Contractor to execute the work in accordance with terms of the Contract. A.Guarantee Bond B.Payment Bond C.Performance Bond D.Proposal Bond Q.11)Invitations issued to prospective bidders, giving information as to the nature of the proposed project, conditions for the issuance of contract documents, date of bidding, and estimated cost or information that would give the Contractor a general idea of the magnitude and extent of the project.

A.Instruction to Bidders B.Invitation to Bid C.Bid Bulletin D.Written Notice Q.12)Which is included in the Architect's Professional Fee? A.fees for soil tests B.fees for electronic system design C.fees for mechanical systems design D.fees for topograhical surveys Q.13)What method of compensation is most suitable for compensating the Architect's services for the pre-design phase? A.multiple of direct personnel expense B.lump sum or fixed fee C.per-diem plus reimbursible expenses D.professional fee plus expenses Q.14)The Architect's Fee is net to the Architect. What tax that the government may impose on the Architect shall be paid by the Owner? A.income tax B.professional tax C.contractor's tax D.value-added tax Q.15)If the estimated cost for a residential project is P10,000,000.00, how much should the Architect bill the Client upon completion of the Schematic Design Phase if a downpayment of P50,000.00 has been made upon signing of the agreement ? A.P50,000.00 B.P100,000.00 C.P150,000.00 D.P200,000.00 Q.16)The act of conceiving, choosing and developing the type, disposition, arrangement and proportioning of the structural elements of an architectural work giving due consideration to safety, cost-effectiveness, functionality and aesthetics. A.structural designing B.structural work

C.structural conceptualization D.structural analysis Q.17)If portions of the buildings are erected at different periods of time, thus increasing the Architect's construction period and burden of services, the charges pertaining to services rendered shall be doubled. A suspension of construction for a period not exceeding ____ months shall not be covered by this provision. A.3 months B.4 months C.6 months D.12 months Q.18)Arrange sequentially the following work according to the 16-division uniform construction index: i. Thermal and Moisture Protection ii. Specialties iii.Finishes iv. Doors and Windows A.i, iii, iv, ii B.ii, iii, iv, i C.i, iv, iii, ii D.ii, iv, iii, i Q.19)Promptly issuing the Certificates of Payment and the Final Certificate of Completion is a responsibility of the Architect to whom? A.Client B.Public C.Contractor D.Manufacturer Q.20)Which is an unethical action with respect to the Architect's responsibility to his client? A.undertakes construction for a fixed contract sum under design-build service B.does not offer preliminary sketches without an agreement C.advises client to forego unviable project D.guarantee any estimates or cost of the work Q.21)Listing of the different parts of the work indicating in each part the corresponding value in materials and labor, including an allowance for profit and overhead. A.Schedule of Materials and Finishes B.Breakdown of Work and Corresponding Value C.Schedule of Time Limits D.Supplementary Specifications

Q.22What type of specification does this statement refer to? - "FAN - the fan shall be Model No. XYZ as manufactured by the Static Air Fan Company of Texas or an equal approved by the Architect" A.brand name specification B.performance specification C.closed specification D.single-product specification Q.23)This shall be issued by the Owner to the Contractor following the execution of the Contract Agreement. A.Contract Time B.Notice to Proceed C.Contract Sum Breakdown D.Schedule of Completion Q.24)Which of the following is a responsibility of the Architect in the Construction Phase of the Regular Design Services? A.makes periodic visits to the site B.makes exhaustive on-site supervision held responsible for failure of contractor to carry out work D.prepares shop drawings Q.25)Which activity is included in the Contract Document Phase of the Architect's Regular Design Services? A.prepares forms for contract letting and bidding B.assists Owner on documents for government approval C.assists the Owner in obtaining proposals from contractors D.checks samples, schedules and shop drawings ANSWERS: 1 a.2 b.3 a.4 c.5 d.6 d.7 c.8 c.9 b.10 c.11 b.12 c.13 a.14 d.15 c.16 c.17 c.18 c. 19 c.20 d.21 b.22 a.23 b.24 a.25 b.