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  Preamble:   As   the   image   aptly   illustrates,   Porker’s   only   discard   is   its   squeal.

  FatBoy   is   no   longer   viewed   as   the   omnipresent   pig  but   as   raw   material   for   various   applications   that   sustain   us.   The   essence   of   this   narrative   is   that,   a   century   ago,   an   American   General   found   another   use   when   he   discovered   that   our   much-­‐loved   babe   was   the   key   in   bringing   the   curtains   down   on   the   MORO   scourge  in  the  Philippines.  

The MORO and Pershing’s Wicked Convention
Published November 2010 – YouTube  

In   lieu   of   evidence,   the   commentary   is   consigned   to   the   category   or,   as   the   radical   Islamist   would   prefer,   the  dustbin  of  Urban  Legends.    
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Although   the   initial   story   is   personalized   to   the   narrative,   even   an   established   historian   let   alone   a   victim,   would   not   survive   the   prevailing   atmosphere   by  being  politically  or  religiously  incorrect.  

The   story   alludes   to   a   source   whose   family   member   was   kidnapped   by   the  Abu   Sayyaf   -­‐  but   returned   unharmed   without   exchange   of   the   conventional   ransom   due   to   the   gumption   and   ingenuity   of   a   negotiator  in  the  Philippines  military.   The   military   man,   privately   engaged   by   the   family   of   the   kidnapped   victim,   was   well   versed   with   the   pressure   points   and   the   soft   underbelly   of   the   religious   doctrine   to   which   the   kidnappers   subscribed.       He  responded  in  stealth  by  simply  apprehending  key   family   members   of   the   perpetrators   and   threatening   to   boil   them   alive   in   pig   fat   if   the   victim   was   not   immediately  released.       Cell-­‐phone  clips  of  the  shell-­‐shocked  members  gagged   in  a  vat  of  oil  were  sufficient  to  move  the  ideologically   driven  perpetrators  to  release  the  victim.     Legend   has   it   that   the   Filipino   tactician,   who   circumvented  standard  operating  procedure,  was  not   the  first  incorrect  military  person  on  Philippines  soil.      
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A   century   ago,   General   John   ‘Jack’   Pershing  was   attributed   to   a   similar   legend   involving   MORO   terrorists  that  proliferated  in  Southern  Philippines  as   America   replaced   Spain   as   the   colonial   power,   inheriting   the   dread   of   the   rebels   that   drained   the   patience  of  the  outgoing  Spanish.    

Legend  has  it  that  the  pragmatic  General  rounded  up  and  gunned  down  49  out  of   50  rebels,  threw  their  bodies  into  an  open  grave  and  covered  them  with  a  slosh   of  pig  entrails.    
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The   omnipresent   pig   was   Pershing’s   trump   card   in   dealing  with  the  MORO  scourge.  Legend  has  it  that  the   pragmatic   General   rounded   up   and   gunned   down   49   out  of  50  dregs,  threw  their  bodies  into  an  open  grave   and   covered   them   with   a   slosh   of   pig   entrails   before   burying   the   bloody   mess.   The   bullets   used   in   the   execution  were  dipped  in  pig  blood  for  good  measure.   The   thing   is,   the   single   terrorist   he   kept   alive   was   forced  to  watch  aghast  the  whole  spectacle.    

Allen   West  would   say   whenever   the   Taliban   does   their   thing:-­‐   “hairdressers   drafted  the  Rules  of  Engagement.”    
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A   cold   fact   that   emanates   from   the   legend   is   that   Islamic   terrorism,   active   before   Pershing’s   tenure,   was   relatively   dormant   for   a   good   part   of   the   twentieth  century  during  his  appointment.     General   David   Petraeus  is   reminded   of   Pershing’s   peculiarity   of   style   whenever   the   Taliban   does   their   thing   but   unfortunately,   as    Congressman   Allen   West  would   say:-­‐   “hairdressers   drafted   the  Rules   of   Engagement.”       Pershing   was   obviously   inspired   by   the   principle   of   Occam’s  Razor  when  he  said  to  his  soldiers:-­‐  “No  more   assumptions   should   be   made   than   are   necessary   and   yet,   we   miss   the   most   basic   and   uncomplicated   of   points  in  solving  this  particular  (rebel)  issue.”     Urban   Legends   notwithstanding,   the   unusual   but   effective  operating  procedure  of  the  American  and  his   copycat   Filipino   counterpart   is   a   foreboding   pre-­‐ intimidation  tactic  against  a  diehard  Islamic  terrorist.      
Afterword:-­‐       1.   The   official   Pershing   documentary   is   available   at   Department   of   Defense   filed   under   PIN   30150.   It   is   lengthy   and   a   tad   boring   as   history   always   is,   but   it   happens   to   be   the   official   account   of   the   revered   American;   and   understandably,   being   the   stuff   of   legends   to   which   the   politically   correct   historian   holds   sway,   there   is   nothing   in   it   about  pig  fat.  
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2.     Historian   Dr.   Frank   Vandiver   and   author   of   Black   Jack:   The  Life  and  Times  of  John  J.  Pershing  had   this   to   say:-­‐   "The   story   is   apocryphal.   I   never   found   any   indication   that   it   was   true   in   extensive   research   on   his   Moro   experiences.   It   would   have  run  completely  against  his  character."     3.     Advanced   appreciation   is   rendered   for   materials   used   without  express  permission  of  copyright  owners.         Words  -­‐  Tommy  Peters  


AP  photo  -­‐  September  1940:      President  Roosevelt  honors  John  J.  Pershing       with  a  Distinguished  Service  Cross  on  the  (retired)  General’s    80th    birthday