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Food For Thought Survey Compilation What makes something art?

- esthetically pleasing -interpretation -personal interpretation - it inflicts some sort of emotion in you. Basically almost anything can be art. -anything that is told to be an art - anything including lines, color, shapes - technically anything can be art, I think its how you perceive it - the way its presented. The way something is seen by someone - creativity -anything that someone does creatively - passion -anything -making unique things - creativity - art is subjective to the eye of the beholder type thing. Usually done with the intension of expression - expresses something that makes you feel and emotion - individuality, uniqueness - abstractness, something interesting - anything that makes you unique and expressing your perspective and imagination - unique, creativeness, color - a message - everything is art - thought, creativity - if it makes you feel something emotional - putting ones heart into something and making it their own - art is someones vision or interpretation of the world or whats going on in their life - an idea made into something beautiful in art - something that makes your imagination or that you can relate too - unique idea or object that appears to certain person - anything as long as it expresses emotions, thoughts, ideas - anything that expresses someones thoughts/mind - its creative and artistic - that its a creation that someone likes - whether the production of something took thought and strikes your imagination - anything can be art! - expresses someones thoughts or emotions creatively - anything that expresses a thought or causes someone to think - whatever the artist calls art that is not blatantly offensive

What is performance art? - people doing type of performance like a show - when someone uses a form of expression and performs - peoples acting out of feelings and emotions - visual. Maybe like theatre and thing that involve speaking and actions - its in front of people - something you act out thats inspirational - it is something that can be acted out like a drama - yes it is - dance? Music? - dance, acting, singing - who knows? - art in motion - gives a meaning when performing - art that has come alive - falls under the same definition - something that makes you feel an emotion while watching it - entertainment - dancing, theater - music, dance, drawing, painting, food. - dancing, acting, something entertaining - something that a person performs to convey an idea or message it could be dance, a play - expressing yourself to the crowd - art done live/with ones self - expressing emotions in different dance forms and such - art in which the person are the spectacle - that is something you can see, portray in words of actions - a woman interpretation of art via dancing - dance, acting or singing - a unique action being performed to entertain others - when someone acts, sings or dances - where someone performs and people are watching them - you do what you feel and express it to others - music, theatre, visual art in voice, action - something that expresses a clear thought or idea - anything that uses the human body to convey expressions - see above, but artwork done with your body - anything that requires thought and generates thoughts and ideas - performing, art work, dance

Do you recognize this as performance art? Why or why not? - not - no, not as a performance - wow actually yes, nice job - yes because it is being filmed - yes - not sure, I guess it could be - yes, since you guys are offering cookies - no, because it is not presented in a way that makes me feel something - yes, it is creative and passionate - no, unless you are acting out of character - sure, if performance art involves participation of others - yes, because its food art - yes because you guys are surveying - sure, anything is art - no, theres nothing about expression or conveying thoughts or feelings - no, I dont think so because you are just asking for us to fill out a survey - yes, because you are creating something - no, not rehearsed/formal - yes, because youre creating something new - no its not entertaining - sure, youre sending a message that critical thinking is important and the cookies are a symbol of food for thought - it could be if you want it to - I guess, not really traditional - no, not really. Doesnt express emotional anything to me. - no there is not really a performance being put on - dance because it is like a painting just cant be put in a museum - no, simply becaue I am filling out this survey - no because there is no dancing, singing, or acting - yes because its another alternative into appealing others - no because nobody is expressing emotions, ideas, thoughts and nobody is singing, dancing or acting - yes, you guys are asking other people if they want free cookies - IDK what you mean - yes, because there is a photographer - according to the definition above, yes - yes it feels like one - no really, not using your body or some visuals to creatively express something - yes because it generates thoughts - possibly, a belief in sharing or offering an opinion through artistic means

What concerns do you have in your daily life? - school, work - getting good grades - school, work, finding a career - death, elevators, cockroaches - death, germs - education, money - my time management goals - getting my homework done - my failure to communicate - the future - passing classes - food and gas - food - getting through college - school, work, lack of time - getting homework done, passing classes -not dying - school - financial advances but more how media influences everyone - work, failure - the economy, politics, getting good grades - fucking money - getting stabbed - school, health, relationships - stress over school, usually money - economy and environment - about living another day - job, family, happiness - none - work, safety, friends, - that Im not going to do good in school - school stress - not a lot - how to keep enjoying the lord through every situation in my life - that there are Christians in the world who dont really know Gods heart desire in the bible - managing stress with school, family and work - I am concerned with the situation in the world - political and racial concerns

How might you address these concerns? - hobbies - study hard, tell counselor - self confidence - try not to think about them and not come into contact with them - alcohol - sharing opinions with others - by taking out some time to reorganize my thoughts - writing the assignments down - take steps to communicate - not think about it so much - study my bum off - eating and paying for gas - eating too much - study - making longer days by sleeping less - studying not procrastinating - living - study - we should be aware some things are not true and its imagination - thinking about it - develop a plan - end the monetary system - stay out of the hood - meditation time management - not sure yet, havent figured it out - getting involved - working hard - none - actually doing the work and confronting my problems with my friends - study and make sure to relax - study more - keep calling His name. - tell people! Do you want to know? Open the bible to Ephesians Gen 1:26. Says man was made in gods image and likeness - performing arts, I dance - I used to write poetry and paint but now I ceaselessly pray for the lord to come back - art is always a good way to get the word out