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Mabuhay Middle School, An important part of the school year at ISM is Filipiniana, an opportunity to celebrate and discover Philippine

culture together as an international community of learners.

The schedule for Thursday October 25, 2012: (5/6/7-8) Period 1 A/G/G 7:30 8:10 Period 2 B/H/H 8:15 8:55 Period 3 G/E/A 9:00 9:40 Break 9:40 9:55 Period 4 H/F/B 10:00 10:40 Period 5 C/C/C 10:45 11:25 11:45 line up for the parade (students and teachers marching in the parade are to meet at the Middle School drop off area between gates 1 and 2. Student and teachers not in the parade can line the parade route to enjoy the event and cheer on the kick off to Filipiniana (the parade route will complete a ring starting at gate 1, continuing on the road that goes past the HS, MS, and ES drop offs, along the ES field, and down the covered area on the plaza level back to gate 1 If it is raining the parade will begin on the plaza level at the HS field end, walk down the covered area to the end, up the stairs to the first level along

that hallway in front of the canteen down to the FAT, up to the second level passing the hall with the MS MC and back down to the plaza level in this scenario, MS students and teachers participating will join at the MS drop off area in the undercover side). 11:55 Parade. 12:10 12:55 Middle School Barrio Fiesta and Lunch. Students will have the opportunity to eat lunch in the Middle School Courtyard and in the HS/MS canteen. Tickets or chits for food will be on sale in front of the canteen during lunch on Thursday and also during the event in front of the courtyard in the covered area on the plaza level.

12:55 1:00 Students, Faculty and Staff will make their way to their assigned activity period room this information will be sent out on Monday to be shared in Home Base. Groups have been made according to our four houses. Each group is a mix of students from all grade levels in the Middle School. Each group has been assigned a different room. A list of students and their assigned room will also be posted on the bulletin board in front of the Middle School office area. 1:00 1:45 MS Filipiniana Activity Period. Each of the 12 groups will be taking part in the same activities in their assigned room, with learning focussed on the region of the Philippines that represents your house. 1:45 Move to the Fine Arts Theater sit in assigned Home Base seats 1:55 3:00 Middle School Filipiniana Assembly. Enjoy some great entertainment and performances focusing on the theme of: Its More Fun in the Philippines! Students from our Dance, Choir, and Strings will be performing along with some High School groups. What should we wear on Filipiniana? Students wear traditional dress from the Philippines, a PCC shirt which can be purchased via the cashier, your house t-shirt, or your regular school uniform.

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