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Draw/ us/ amount/ invoice/ attach/ documents/ listed below/ your draft.

2. We/ propose/ pay/ bill of exchange/ 30d/s,/ documents/ acceptance.// confirm/ acceptable/ you.

3. You/ draw/ our London agents, Mr…/ 60 days/ amount/ invoice.// our agent/ instructed/ accordingly/ advised/ terms / our agreement.

4. We/ received/ letter/invoice/ 3 January/ willing / accept/ draft/ amount involved,/ payable/ 60/ sight.

5. We/ agree/ accept/ goods/ 3 shipments/ you/ draw/ us/ 90/ date of dispatch/ case/ each shipment.

6. In view/ current low levels/ prices/ we/ ask/ you/ limit/ drafts/ us/ 60%/ amount/ you/ expect/ obtain your consignments, or/ we/ unable/ meet/ drafts.


I/sorry/ say/ find/ myself/ unable/ meet/ bill, / due/ 1 December, and/ I / sure/ you/ appreciate/ difficulty/ which/ I / placed. // If/ kindly / accept/ $300 cash/ and

Goods/ arrived/ excellent condition/ we/ fully/ satisfied/ them. 9. 8./ as/ we advised you/ letter/ 11 February/ we/ handle/ goods/ consignment basis only.// If you/ guarantee/ repeat/ quality/ we/ place large orders/ you. 10. Your draft/ shipment/ S.// settlement/ banker’s transfer/ 30 days/ date/ your quarterly statement.// I /most grateful/ you/ guarantee/ hornour/ it/ presentation. / other suppliers/ your country/ already allowing/ this credit. D/A terms. .draw/ further bill/ me/ 2 months / balance/ $150 plus/ interest/ 6%.// We/ now/ ask/ if/ you/ willing/ supply / future/ 60 days.// please/ let/ know/ if/ you prepared/ grant/ these.// Please/ note/ we/ accordingly declined/ accept/ bill/ instance.S Caltutta/ presented/ yesterday/ duly met. We/ surprised/ find/ you/ drawn/ us/ last shipment./ and/ case/ we/ require/ open account terms.

S Banji / presented/ you/ the Great Oriental Bank. Shanghai. We/ pleasure/ advising/ you/ order/ no…/ dispatched/ S.//We/ however/ prefer/ draw/ sight bill/ you/ quarterly/ favour/ the Export Bank of Autralia. 13.// This/ due /misunderstanding / and/ take care/ avoid/ recurrence.11. We/ apologise/ our failure/ advise / we/ drawn/ us. 14. . 15./ we/ hope/ agreeable/ you.// This/ acceptable/ us/ and we/ send/ our draft/ attention/ as soon as/ goods/ ready/ shipment. / we/ grateful/ if/ you/ kindly/ give/ protection. 12. Your request/ open account terms/ considered/ and/ pleased/ grant/ facility. Your proposal/ pay/ draft/ acceptable/ us/ we/ accordingly/ draw/ you/ 2 months/ date/ shipment/ your order. We/ note/ you/wish/ draw/ London agents/ amount/ invoice.

Letter. He now asks for open account terms with quarterly settlement by B/E. .writing A foreign customer has been buying from your firm for a year and has honored your sight draft on presentation. Write two letters.II. one agreeing to his request and one asking for an irrevocable letter of credit covering the amount of his quarterly requirements.

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