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Accountability Law Enforcement .

Accountable law enforcement can be interpreted as an implementation effort of law enforcement that is accountable to the community, state and nation concerning or relating to the rule of law in the legal system, law and justice for the benefit of society. Law enforcement also can not be separated by the legal system itself. Moderate legal system means a part of the process / stages interdependent to be done or executed and obeyed by Law Enforcement and Society that led to the establishment of the rule of law. If a person is arrested, the items seized in his power as something to do with the alleged crime, the legal process is not running even never finished, rampant violation of Code of Criminal Procedure, is one evidence of the lack of accountability of law enforcement in this country. Steps to building a legal system accountable to the future we can kemukakanantaralain 1). The need for improvement or updating and supplementing existing laws and existing legislation; 2) Improve the quality of human resources (HR) Law Enforcement in terms of both morality and intellect, not least because the current law enforcement, the laws do not understand well the ideals being upheld And 3). The establishment of an independent institution by the Government whose members consist of elements of intelligent society (non-active judges, prosecutors and police active active) aimed at overseeing the law enforcement (law enforcemen ') in which the agency will recommend that the authorities gave sanction for law enforcement officers who violate the laws of morality and / or violate the law enforcement process (vide: Article 9, paragraph (1 and 2) Act No.4 of 2004 on Judicial Power, Article 17 Jo art. 3 (2 and 3) Jo. Psl.18 paragraph (1 and 4) of Law 39 of 1999 on Human Rights (Human Rights); 4) Keep doing additional standardization and adequate welfare provision, especially for law enforcement on the payroll are: Judges, Prosecutors and Police (Non Advocate) for their professionalism as the bulk of law enforcement in Indonesia is expected to focus more on enforcing the law suit of the purpose of the law itself; . 5) The conduct of the socialization of law and legislation intensively to the public as a consequence of the principle of law that says that: "every society deemed to know the law", even if the product is new law passed and promulgated and published in the State Gazette. Here the role of Legal Aid or Legal Aid-Legal Aid and NGOs or similar organizations is needed, especially in doing "advocacy"

abiding peace and social justice. 3. This commitment is expected to be born primarily initiated and initiated by the "House of Chess" Law Enforcement or 4 elements. because the rule of law ('law enforcement') is part of the legal system of government. 2. Prosecutors and police. Promote the general welfare. and 4. 6) Build determination (commitment) together in the rule of law ("law enforcement") consistent. But the measures suggested above to build an accountable legal system certainly can not run smoothly without the full support of the Government of clean ('clean government'). in building an accountable system of law enforcement is necessary socialization of law and legal counseling to the public on an ongoing basis so that law enforcement accountable by law enforcement can be realized together with the the laws and regulations can actually promoted and adhered to by all of the components that exist in this country in order to achieve goals the law itself. Lawyer 3dan 4. 2. namely: 1. . Therefore. then commitment may be followed by the whole society.Melindungi entire Indonesian nation and the entire country of Indonesia. the point is: 1. Law enforcement and accountable is fundamental proof that Indonesia is really a state law ('rechtsstaat'). People should be informed of the criteria / measures that form the basis for assessing the accountability of law enforcement accountable.Hakim.. both in the destination country and destination country out there or as mandated in the preamble of the NRI in the fourth paragraph. Participate in the establishment of a world order based on freedom. Governments ('lapuissance de executrice') should guarantee the independence of law enforcement agencies in this institution subordinate "attorney" and "police" because the real security of law enforcement institutions are political platform of the government law that seeks Conditioning governance behavior in the life of Indonesian people national and state governance behavior that supports the achievement of the ideals of the nation of Indonesia which is the destination of Indonesia. Intellectual life of the nation.