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Project Proposal

October 13, 2012 To S.M. Akterujjaman Assistant Professor of Marketing Department of Business Administration Northern University Bangladesh Subject: Proposal of Project work. Dear Sir, With due respect, I beg to state that I am a regular student of NUB of BBA program. I am ordered to complete a project work as partial requirement of BBA program. I would like to do a project work under your kind supervision. The proposed title of the Project is “Customer satisfaction of four commercial Banks in Bangladesh”. I shall be highly delighted if you please allow me to do the proposed project work and thereby.

Sincerely Yours Md. Mizanur Rahaman BBA- 090103018

Project On Customer’s satisfaction towards the services of commercial Banks in Bangladesh. A study on selected Banks 1. 2. 3. 4. Mercantile BRAC DBBL Islami Bank

Project Proposal “Customer satisfaction of four commercial Private Banks in Bangladesh” Introduction Modern management science’s philosophy considers customer satisfaction as a baseline standard of performance and a possible standard of excellence for any business organization (Garson, 1993). Moreover, customer satisfaction measurement provides a sense of achievement and accomplishment for all employees involved in any stage of the customer service process. In this way, satisfaction measurement motivates people to perform and achieve higher levels of productivity (Hill, 1996; Wild, 1977; Wild, 1980). To reinforce customer orientation on a day-to-day basis, a growing number of companies choose customer satisfaction as their main performance indicator. It is almost impossible, however, to keep an entire company permanently motivated by a notion as abstract and intangible as customer satisfaction. Therefore, customer satisfaction must be translated into a number of measurable parameters directly linked to people’s job in other words factors that people can understand and influence (Decamps and Nayak, 1995). The aim of this paper is to present an original customer satisfaction survey conducted in the Greek private bank sector. The methodological approach is based on the principles of multicriteria modeling, while a preference disaggregation method is used for data analysis and interpretation. The survey took place in different branches of the Commercial Bank of Greece, in order to illustrate benchmarking capabilities within a business organization.

Objectives of the Study The main objective of the study is to measure the level of satisfaction of customers towards the services of private commercial Banks. Where as the specific objectives area as follows: To the Private bank in Bangladesh it reference to the all selected banks.  To know about the satisfaction of private bank.  To gather the knowledge about the satisfaction in banking sector, especially private banks in Bangladesh. This study will include all most satisfaction activates commercial banks , mainly DBBL, , BRAC BANK ,Mercantile, ISLAMI BANK . Methodology The accomplishment of the research depends mainly on secondary data and in some cases primary data. To collect the secondary data I will use Content Analysis Method which is commonly known as the review of the previous on this issue. Both the qualitative and quantitative methods will be used for this research. in quantitative method collected data will be processed and analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The data and findings will be represented through statistical approach like curve, bar diagram, pie chart etc.

Data collection

Data collection

Primary Source

Secondary data

Method of direct observation

oparational managent

Information discaton with customar

Official website

Official Employee

News of the company

Figure: Data collection method

The primary data will be collected by interviewing customers and general people.  The Secondary data will be collected from.  Web site  Newspapers &  Journal. Sample plan method: Study population The entire customers who are already taken service from private bank are our target population. Target population is very important for any type of resources, because of the time and cost of constraints and others limitation our survey will be

restricted between the students, professional, IT experts, businessman, corporate office, education office & personal using. Sampling frame We will choose up the specific number of the customers and prepare a record which will they represent the specific users. Sampling method: Our study area is Dhaka in this area a large number of people are using their Private bank it I each not possibility make survey on all of them. So we have resolute that we will use the clustered sampling so that we can select our sample among different techniques use we have used the probability sampling for our study .the sampling procedures are simple random sampling Sample size: The total sample size of our study will be 200 customers of the selected four commercial Banks.

Scale of measurement : Scale of measurement will be nominal and ordinal.

Implication of the study: Organization maintains satisfaction for the betterment of the customers, betterment of the country and to maintain the ethics of the business. This study will give us some important information why banks maintain satisfaction, how they maintain satisfactions, and how much they cost for maintain the customer satisfaction.



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