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Antalya Organized Industrial Zone As a result of the endeavors established under the leadership of Antalya Chamber of Commerce and

Industry and Provincial Special Administration to get our country a new Organized Industrial Zone, the resolution to establish Antalya Organized Industrial Zone was made on June 9, 1976. Because of the legal permission stated in the Council of Ministers Decree in 1977, which permitted to establish the OIZ on an area of 370 hectares, title deeds of this area were bought on behalf of the Enterprising Council in 1979. Çetin Osman Budak, Chairman of the Executive committee of Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, said: “Our zone has an area of 662 hectares including extension areas. In 2010, the construction plans for the extension area number 3 were approved. When its parcelling is finished, 30 hectares will be added to the available area, so our zone will have a total area of 692 hectares. The development process of Antalya Organized Industrial Zone expedited greatly after the problems resulting from legal procedures were resolved. Within 10 years, all infrastructure services were supplied with an approach courteous to the nature and a meticulous care that adjust a good example. Antalya Organized Industrial Zone is one of the most environmentfriendly OIZs in Turkey today.

Export companies make up the majority: Stating that the number of the allocated parcels in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone is 251 and 156 companies on these parcels are active manufacturers. - Providing jobs for 10300 people now, Antalya OIZ is an important center of employment for the economy of Antalya.

Antalya Organized Industrial Zone are active in the machinery sector and accentuated that the manufacturing activities of these businesses include lift and escalator manufacturing, industrial refrigerator manufacturing, marble-cutting machinery manufacturing, cooling machinery manufacturing, surgical instruments manufacturing, steel pipe and steel construction manufacturing, wall box manufacturing, industrial kitchen manufacturing, frigorific iron sheet

case manufacturing, heating boiler and hot water storage cylinder manufacturing, container and steel construction manufacturing, machinery / metal manufacturing, engine-driven mattock and tractor manufacturing, drilling machinery - construction machinery manufacturing, submersible pump manufacturing, machinery manufacturing for flour and feed factories, road marking machinery manufacturing.