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Malicious Plan By deathysophia Today was unfortunate, Calamity Shadowblade thought as she stood watching the heavy downpour.

She was taking shelter in the front of an empty building. She squinted her emerald eyes; the place had no lamp after all. It looked so dark and spooky; the kind of feeling you feel when youre in some kind of place that hadnt been lived in for a long time. She felt a shiver ran down her spine. The fourteen-year-old Theurgist turned from the building and was contemplating to leave when she heard muffled voices. She concentrated at the sound and inched towards the door, the sound got a little louder. Then she saw a window to her left. Through the dusty glass, she peeked inside. There were three figures surrounding a small candle, which flame was flickering steadily, magnifying their shadows on the dark wall like some kind of ugly monsters. Curious, she pushed back her wavy brown hair from her ear and pushed it against the small crack on the window. I so cant wait! said an excited voice. Sure you are. We can never get bored hearing your whining about getting revenge, a males voice perked Calamity up. She didnt like the sound of the word revenge. So, whats the plan? the third voice said, it sounded like a female. Isnt it obvious? That Pyromancer dude deserves death! the first female exclaimed. Thunder flashed and the light fell upon the now shocked face of the Theurgist. The second female snickered, Ah, right. Theres no other thing as perfect as that. Yea, Im gonna pay him back for what he did to me! Okay, so whats the plan? the male asked. Itll be done here. People tend to avoid this place. Ill bring the jail cell and shovel. Think you can bring the gravestone, Cole? Sure, Fallon, Cole said. I can bring the chains too if you want. Perfect, Fallon commented, Calamity could feel her smirking from the outside. And look at these skulls. It will help create the mood perfectly! Anyways, Anne, you get the crates, okay? Got it, Anne, the second female replied. Oh, and those chains

Thunder struck in the sky with booming sound. The ground shook and Calamitys face went pale as she let what she just heard to sink in her head. Death Revenge Chains Was she hearing a possible murder plan? Whoever this Pyromancer dude was, he was gonna tortured to death! tied up there. Yes, there and there. Oh and Cole, bring also nails and hammer, make sure the chains are perfectly fastened. And well need some torturing devices and weapons. I have daggers and swords, Cole said. Ill bring cleaver and galvanic hammer! piped up Anne. Ill get the scythes and the robes. We wouldnt want him to know who we are, spoke Fallon. So we will dress like Lord Nightshade, huh? Soo perfect for life reaping! Huhuhu ok then we will chop Calamity let out a frightened gasp, her eyes widen in horror. Images of some Pyromancer being tortured began forming in her head. to pieces and put it in those crates. Cole, youll dig the ground and throw those inside. Put the gravestone in there and its done. Ok. Then its settled. A week from now well kidnap him and hihihi I cant wait already! Fallons laughter echoed inside Calamitys head as she staggered back. She must leave. She must warn the Pyromancer guy before he meets with his terrible fate, but who he was, she had no idea. Absently, her elbow touched a pot of dried flower to her left and it fell with a loud crash to the floor. Did you hear something? came Coles voice from inside. Calamity didnt dare move, heck she didnt even dare to breathe. She wished with all her might that her heart would stop beating so hard, as if it could give away her position. Do you think someones in there? What if they know of what were up to? Annes voice sounded worried. It was silent for a moment, then Fallon spoke, Its fine. Well shut whoever that is and make them meet with the same fate as that guy. More fun, no? and she started to laugh maniacally, which then followed by her companions. Calamity didnt think twice as she screamed and ran at top speed into the rain, determined to get out of there before the people inside notice her. Meanwhile, the three people had stopped laughing and were ready to leave. Through the dim light of the candle, Fallon turned to her friends and smiled widely. I thank you two for agreeing to help me set this up. I hope this will pay off the wonderful birthday surprise party he gave me last month, that Death geek Pyromancer

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