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REPROGAS s.r.o. is modern and innova ve construc on company focused on construc on of u li es (gas, water, sewage systems), structural engineering, and reconstruc ons, maintenance, expert inspec ons and examina ons of pipe systems.

Oce: Moravsk Lieskov 655 916 42 Moravsk Lieskov Slovak Republic

Iden ca onNo.:36 347 051 VATregistra onNo.:SK2022049799 Registered in the Commercial Register at the Regional Court in Trenn, Sec on: Sro; Inser on 15959/R Registra on Date: 24. 08. 2005, Legal form: Limited Liability Company

Our Mission is to ac vely par cipate in construc on of u li es in Slovak Republic. We are commi ed to build construc ons and u li es with respect to importance of safety of constru ons and simultaneously to be an organiza on with sustainable growth. Our vision is to become economically strong, stable and highly compe ve company that belongs to group of 200 largest construc on companies in Slovak market.

REPROGAS s.r.o. is successor to Reprogasservis - Jn ik which had been opera ng By constant improvement of services company achieved signicant posi on on Slovak
construc on market in pipeline construc ons since1991 REPROGAS s.r.o. has been founded in 2005

Moravsk Lieskov 655 916 42 Moravsk Lieskov Tel.: Fax: +421 32 740 12 11 +421 32 740 12 12

REPROGAS s.r.o. became cer ed partner of SPP a.s. (Slovak Gas Industry) In 2006 REPROGAS S.R.O. implemented quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials according to ISO 3834-2

In 2007 REPROGAS s.r.o. implemented quality management system

according to ISO 9001 In 2008 REPROGAS s.r.o. has achieved the highest score in SPPs (Slovak Gas Industry) audit among all cer ed partners for quality management. In 2010 REPROGAS s.r.o. implemented environmental management system in line with ISO 14 001 REPROGAS s.r.o. implemented interna onal occupa onal health and safety management system according to OHSAS 18 001

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2012 REPROGAS S.R.O. The possibility of rounding errors, prin ng errors or misprints, however, can not be completely excluded

REPROGAS s.r.o. is coopera ng with signicant mul na onal companies such as ZIPP a.s., Bra slava member of STRABAG SE, CESTY NITRA a.s., Nitra member of interna onal company COLAS, VOD-EKO a.s., Trenn, KERAMING a.s., Trenn, GASCONTROL spol. s r.o., R, and many others Customers of REPROGAS s.r.o. are also known interna onal companies as Magna Slovteca s.r.o, Nov Mesto nad Vhom, TESCO STORES a.s., Bra slava, Nissenss a.s., Prologis Slovakia s.r.o., SPP - distribcia, a.s., Bra slava (Slovak Gas Industry) and many others. In case of interest we would kindly introduce you about all our customers and partners.

Cer cates
Our company implemented an integrated management system in accordance with interna onal standards issued by TV Rheinland and Gemer Audit: Quality Management System ISO 9001

Welding Quality Assurance ISO 3834 Environmental Management System ISO 14001 Occupa onal Health a Safety OHSAS 18001

2012 REPROGAS S.R.O. The possibility of rounding errors, prin ng errors or misprints, however, can not be completely excluded