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International Clarinet Association – Pennsylvania’s

Pennsylvania Clari-PAge
October 2012

Upcoming Events
Oct. 22 7:30 WCU Oct. 25 8:00 Firehouse Space Nov. 9-10 Karen Danessa performs with the Rochberg Trio with hornist Liz Pfaffle Christy Banks performs works for clarinet and electronics by Rusty Banks in Brooklyn, NY

Did you know…
…That many Pennsylvania ICA members will be involved in the 2012 Penn State Single Reed Summit? Check out and get registered! …That if you renew or extend your ICA membership between now until Dec. 31, 2012 you will be entered in a drawing to win some really neat prizes? This applies to NEW memberships, too. Tell your clarinet friends! …That we’re on Facebook? International Clarinet Association – Pennsylvania. …That members from outside Pennsylvania can read this newsletter, too, @

Tony Costa, clarinet and David Stambler, saxophone host the Penn State Single Reed Summit. Colleen Hartung in recital with Leslie Cullen, flute, Bernadette Boerckel, soprano, anad Gary Boerckel, piano. Works by Copland, Larsen, Kokai, Mozart, and Reinecke

Nov. 10 8:00 Susquehanna University

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Dr. Soo Goh joins Kutztown Faculty
Soo  Goh  is  the  Assistant  Professor  of  Clarinet  at  Kutztown  University,  where  he  also  teaches  the  Introduction   to  Music  Literature  course.    Previously,  he  has  taught  at  the  University  of  North  Carolina  at  Pembroke  and   Elon  University.    Soo  Goh  is  one  of  the  first  few  musicians  from  Penang,  Malaysia  to  further  his  studies  on   the  clarinet.    He  holds  a  B.A.  in  Music  and  Computer  Science  from  Luther  College,  a  M.M.  degree  from   Bowling  Green  State  University,  and  a  D.M.A  from  the  University  of  North  Carolina  at  Greensboro.  His   primary  teachers  have  been  Michael  Chesher,  Kevin  Schempf  and  Kelly  Burke.    He  has  performed  regularly   with  the  Greensboro  Symphony  Orchestra  and  was  the  principal  clarinetist  of  Fayetteville  Symphony   Orchestra  and  the  Raleigh  Civic  Symphony  Orchestra.    Soo  Goh  is  the  principal  clarinetist  with  the  Carolina   Philharmonic.  As  a  founding  member  of  the  orchestra,  he  made  his  Carnegie  Hall  debut  in  2008  with  the   ensemble  under  the  direction  of  Maestro  David  Michael  Wolff.    Soo  Goh  has  also  performed  in  professional   music  conferences  including  the  ClarinetFest  and  the  Society  of  Composers,  Inc.    His  international   experience  includes  orchestral  performances  in  Malaysia,  Austria,  and  Jordan.  As  a  music  educator,  he   coached  clarinet  and  wind  sectionals  in  the  North  Carolina  Orange  County  area  schools.    Soo  Goh  has  a   strong  interest  in  technology  and  loves  exploring  ways  to  integrate  them  in  his  daily  life  and  teachings.    He   particularly  enjoys  working  with  geeky  students.  

Joshua Kovach, pictured holding a bass clarinet with Ensemble54, will be featured on a new CD titled "Paths" to be released in November on Vectordisc Records. The music is by composer, author and pianist David Bennett Thomas.

Mr. Thomas serves on the Faculty of The University of the Arts, and is currently working on an exciting

new clarinet quartet as well.