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LandCamo Combat CamoufLage patterns arose from a personaL and professionaL interest into the approaCh of individuaL and gLobaL CamoufLage researCh, from a Long-term vision and from the faCts whiCh appeared from firsthand experienCe. the answer Came to brane t Cervek after providing many speCiaL operation unit survivaL training Courses as he reCognised the effeCtiveness of their CamoufLage patterns was vitaL to their missions outCome.
for the past 22 years now, brane t Cervek has worked as a survival instructor for special operation units in cooperation with the slovenian ministry of defence, providing numerous survival and sere training for army special forces, reconnaissance units, air force pilots both foreign and domestic. he always presents the facts of survival as they are, so his training program is renowned by military personnel as the hardest to conquer, but when you pass it you know how much life is worth! personally he has huge experience surviving and working in dangerous places, living off nature in the wilderness among some of the worlds deadliest animals, adopted and initiated into many aboriginal tribes and he served in the military during the war of independence of his own country. all training he conducts is based on the knowledge and

experience he has gained throughout his life. the evolution of LandCamo cane about due to branes dissatisfaction with todays camouflage patterns available commercially on the market and in global use. his judgment is that many attempts at camouflage patterns in use around the globe by surprisingly many modern armed forces are unfortunately a very big disappointment for those who are equipped with them and for everyone expecting so much from them. LandCamo camouflage patterns were created from extensive involvement and research in the observation of things natural, from the studying of foliage growth directions and shapes to insects and reptiles, and also in the way sunlight influences colours and creates shadows, natural patterns and cracks in rock formations and surfaces. from the search for the most common shapes and very small disruptive elements in their natural environment, things that interfere with human visual perception and changes how we identify things in their natural surroundings. all these factors were taken into account to produce each pattern within the LandCamo range to be best suited for the environment for which they were intended. essentially called “deceive the visible”. all LandCamo combat camouflage patterns have a deep backbone of origin; there is no sign of fashion trend influence. all patterns come directly from long and detailed filed observation; it takes at least 3 to 24 months to develop a single pattern particularly due to the amount of time brane spent on survival expeditions and conducting training. the most work he has put into developing the patterns are for the australian, european and desert like environments where he has spent most of my life. the developing of a single pattern takes many photographs, shape comparisons, colour matching, corrections and small shape adjustments. he always seeks for hidden elements

in the area that are usually the most exposed, their role in the camouflage effectiveness is huge, but untrained eyes normally don’t see it. the camouflage patterns structure directly interferes with the brain’s logical and visual shape recognition centre and the camouflage pattern works directly on this area of the brain. the pattern also acts against the brain’s visual shape recognition centre which comes into play when this pattern is moving. if a person concentrates on the pattern for some period of time, then it blurs the vision. this is why the pattern can blend in with almost any poor vegetation or similar environments. LandCamo intentions are to give the best possible option for personal camouflage to integrate within the operational area of any combat mission for units that need it the most; just because they are in small numbers, brane believes it shouldn’t be a problem for any military to issue these units with the best camouflage gear available. these days anything is possible and experts need to persuade users with their ideas, facts and firm backgrounds and i believe LandCamo is undoubtedly on the right track. it’s all about innovation and improvement in current camouflage patterns to provide for better attack and defense strategies and tactics and increasing the chances of success and survival of soldiers across any theatre of involvement of military forces; in rainforests, sparely vegetated terrain, desert or urban conditions.. what you can’t see is hard to confront. innovations featured by LandCamo camouflage patterns include the following characteristics:
■ they are covered with micro and macro structures. ■ they blend in with almost any vegetation environments, including sparse areas. ■ the camouflage patterns deal with illusion and

interference of visual perception, thereby creating shapes and sharp edges, which cause a blurring in observers’ vision, especially when the pattern is in motion. ■ it creates unusual shapes with a virtual depth of view and gives a sense of three-dimensionality.

Turning ideas inTo gear

initially LandCamo printed its first camouflage on fabric with the help of the Condor outdoor company from the usa, but the result was not good enough for brane in relation to colour management that their printing company didn’t achieve to his liking. however, he states the he will never forget their initial help, but a very interesting camouflage promotion cooperation opportunity arose from task force Cb from uk who are dedicated to the manufacturing and retail of military action figure clothing. mr. John mcCormick, who is still currently serving in the british military is the man behind all of this amazing work. his aim is to cater for all collectors and he is partcipating in the production of rare and new military camouflage patterns. brane believes his highly detailed work with 1/6 scale action figure clothing deserves to be mentioned and recognised around the world as the best in the business. as soldier to soldier brane wanted to help and assist John in this enterprise and in doing so has gained a lifelong friend and he’s looking forward to many years working with John on other projects. please have a look at his work at brane has also worked in close cooperation with mr. paul bateman, the managing director of soLo international Ltd., to develop and offer the mod a new camouflage pattern for the british army. Cooperation with soLo international Ltd. is still very effective in the field of developing new camouflage patterns so i can announce that soLo int. will be official LandCamo agent for the united kingdom. finally a new company, now branes partner in slovenia,

contacted him regarding his camouflage patterns and to date they have assisted in printing and manufacturing, and bringing his designs to market. this all takes time, endurance and a lot of money, but the efektum Company assisted brane continuously with their generous and determined input, their effort making LandCamo patterns alive and real today. together now we they are aiming to grow stronger for in the future; brane indicated that just thank you would never be enough, and that they are really great guys at efektum. so his first camouflage pattern printed is abd/wood that with almost no colour correction has showed the huge effectiveness of this pattern and this concept was presented for the australian army camouflage test. unfortunately, because of problems with printing the fabric samples they were too late in joining the test. the abd and amC camouflage pattern families were presented to the dmo and he has applied to the new australian Camouflage pattern through defence Capability and technology demonstrator (Ctd) program. the abd/ wood combat camouflage pattern was also tested in european woods and the final photoshoot result was amazing. you will notice that brane almost never hides his camouflage behind some cover element like many others do; he wants everyone to see the camouflage pattern working exposed as it is directly to the surrounding area. photos were taken in early spring, so there was not much greenery around, but the pattern fits and blends into area incredibly even at close range. almost instantly after developing of the abd/wood brane and his partners went for straight to print for the desert or arid environment camouflage pattern, specifically designed for conflict areas like iraq, afghanistan, Lebanon, and Libya. the abd/sere combat camouflage pattern was born to meet these needs. mostly they wanted to give a special operations units a much needed step ahead with

their pattern, which can offer greater effectiveness without huge financial costs to any military budget. the pattern was presented to the slovenian military at its infantry day and the pattern got huge attention from both military personnel and the general staff of the slovenian armed forces. the abd/sere camouflage pattern is undoubtedly one of the best of today’s camouflage patterns as it blends in semi desert (arid) sandy and rocky environment, but it also easily blends into the sere after autumn period environment. it makes a perfect transitional pattern from woodland to desert. as you can see from photo field test images, abd/ sere works amazingly when viewed up close. in these shots you will also note partially cloudy skies which added a different perspective on lighting from the original photos. now together with the efektum Company brane is moving on to a larger production run with a special operations unit field efficiency test in the works. LandCamo will also manufacture high demand uniform sets that are 99% handmade in the Lkud Landsknecht and dsud doppelsöldner designs. both uniform options will offer innovative designs that are comfortable and reliable for military use. the quality will be guaranteed by providing practical features and ensuring utility in any environment. the fabric will be made in slovenia where the final uniform production will also take place. we at raider are always on the lookout for innovators and it has to be said that brane not only “talks the talk” but “walks the walk” too. we wish him very success in the further development of his LandCamo patterns and look forward to further developments! we’ll leave the final words to brane himself: “all i have to say is; there is a lot more to come from LandCamo and having you soldiers along is just great!” for more information on LandCamo patterns including the abd/sere camouflage visit: