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ACKNOWLEDGMENT First of all, we would like to say Alhamdulillah, for giving us the strength and health to do this assignment. Internet, books, computers and all that as our source to complete this assignment. Then we would like to thank our lecturer for guiding us throughout the cause of this project.


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INTRODUCTION Illegal drugs are chemicals that a person is not allowed by law to have. They are often addictive. The word "addictive" means that a person will want to keep taking the drug. They can also be bad for people, damaging their health and possibly cause death in the case of an overdose. What drugs are considered legal, and which ones are considered illegal varies from country to country. The punishments also vary. Being found with a certain drug may be legal (or subject to a fine) in one country, but it may carry the death penalty in another. Drugs that are classified as illegal often have good uses too. That way a drug that is legitimately used to treat a condition becomes an illegal drug.


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ILLEGAL DRUGS OVERVIEW Legal drugs are drugs that a person is allowed to have. This of course depends on the country they are in. If a person has legal drugs, they will not be punished by the police. What is an illegal drug for one can be legal for another use. That way, Heroin (and other substances like it), can be used as a painkiller. When a doctor, or other specialist prescribes the drug it can be used legally. Some drugs, such as aspirin or paracetamol do not need to be prescribed by a doctor. Most people can buy them at a pharmacy. Legal drugs that are mainly used to relax are often taxed heavily. That way, cigarettes (or tobacco) are legal drugs, but they are often expensive. Most countries also have rules that say that cigarettes must not be sold to people younger than a certain age. Alcohol is another drug that is legal in many countries. Again, there are often rules who can get alcohol and who can not. Illegal drugs are drugs that a person is not allowed to have. If a person is caught with illegal drugs, they may be punished. They will perhaps have to go to court, and they may go to jail.


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TYPES OF ILLEGAL DRUGS Illegal drugs include: • Heroin, diacetylmorphine- a semi-synthetic opioid. It can be used legally

as an analgesic (a painkiller) • Cocaine, a stimulant extract of naturally-occurring plant substances, as

the hydrochloride salt. Legally used as an anaesthetic. • • Crack, free base (no salt) cocaine that can be smoked. Crystal Meth, methamphetamine, a stimulant related to amphetamines.

Legal use includes the treatment of Narcolepsy • Marijuana, the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant - which can be

obtained legally as a prescription in 12 states including California, Montana, and most recently, Arizona. • • • Hashish, the sticky resin from the cannabis plant Ecstasy, MDMA associated with raving Methylphenidate, also known as Ritalin. Legally used to treat ADHD and

Narcolepsy • Dimethyltryptamine, also known as DMT. DMT is a naturally occurring

hallucinogenic drug of the tryptamine family. This drug is found not only in many plants, but also in trace amounts in the human body, where its natural function remains undetermined. Legal, illegal, and regulated drugs may be addictive, such as caffeine, heroin, and morphine. ILLEGAL DRUGS Page 5

PROCESS OF ILLEGAL DRUGS Some drugs are in pills, so a person swallows the pill. Other drugs are in powders, such as heroin or cocaine. To use drugs that come in powder form, drug users either "snort" the drug into their nose, smoke it (similar to a cigarette), or inject the drug into their body by mixing it with water. Other drugs people snort are pain killers, most commonly pills such as oxy-contin or opana, they use a hose clamp to shave the pill into powder form. Some drugs such as crack and crystal meth come in little crystals, called "rocks." To take drugs that come in crystals, drug users smoke the drug with a pipe or mix the drug with water and inject it with a needle. Marijuana and hash are usually smoked in pipes or in hand-rolled cigarettes called "joints. Joints went out of style in the 90's by today's youth. Now days most people smoke "blunts" which is just a cigar with pot in it. They're either from a blunt wrap that comes with no tobacco or a cigar such as a "Philly" or a "cigarillo" which comes with tobacco and the users crack the cigar open and dump the tobacco out then fill the cigar with marijuana and roll it back into a cigar. Blunts burn longer and burn better than joints do, and are a combination of marijuana and tobacco, for the tobacco leaves that are used to wrap the original cigar remain intact. If someone takes drugs, they can become addicted depending on the drug. For example, this is more likely to happen with heroin or cocaine, but unlikely to happen with LSD or ecstasy. Overdoses typically happen with cocaine, opioids, benzos, especially mixing benzos and opioids (Xanex, Valium, or Klonopin).


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REASONS PEOPLE USE ILLEGAL DRUGS Most illegal drugs cause people to become intoxicated . The slang term for this experience is "getting stoned" or "getting high." When a drug user is intoxicated, they may feel strange, happy, dizzy, or weird. Some drugs such as marijuana and hashish often make users feel happy, sleepy, dizzy, and relaxed. Some drug users have feelings that they are floating or dreaming. Drugs such as LSD make people feel intensely; they make one see and feel things like never before, and think things about the world they would normally not. Some say it increases knowledge and creates wisdom. Other drugs such as Crystal Meth make users feel excited and happy and full of energy. Some drug users feel sad or angry after they take illegal drugs. Other drug users get scared after they take drugs, and begin to worry a lot, a result called "paranoia". Cocaine, crack, and Crystal Meth sometimes cause users to feel scared or paranoid. Some people take drugs because they want to look cool in front of their friends or they just want to be accepted by a gang or group of young people. Another reason may be that they are in a bad situation in their life and they believe that these drugs will make their pain go away.


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DANGERS OF ILLEGAL DRUGS One of the dangers of using illegal drugs is that a person might be caught by the police and charged with a crime. If a judge finds the person guilty, the person might have to go to jail. One of the dangers of using drugs such as heroin, crack, or crystal meth is addiction. When a person becomes addicted to a drug, the person wants to keep using the drug, even if they feel sick. When a person is addicted, they have a very powerful urge to get more of the drug. People who are addicted to drugs may steal money from their friends or family to get more drugs. Some addicts even do robberies, thefts, or other crimes to get money for drugs. Many women who are addicted to drugs become prostitutes, or have sex for money. There are many other dangers from using drugs. When a person is intoxicated ("high") from illegal drugs, they might do strange or unsafe things that they would not normally do, such as getting into a fight, having unsafe sex with a person they do not know, or falling down and hurting themselves. Some of the other dangers of drug use come from the drug dealers, who are criminals. If a drug user does not pay all the money that they owe to a drug dealer, the drug dealer gang may hurt the person. When using some illegal drugs, a person can overdose, which may happen when they use too much of the drug within a short period of time. Overdosing can be very dangerous - it can hurt a person badly or even kill them. Some drugs, like marijuana, are impossible to overdose on. Others, like heroin, are much easier to overdose with.


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One of the major dangers of using illegal drugs come from taking the drugs. When people inject heroin with a needle or share a crack pipe with other drug users they could get an infection or disease such as AIDS or Hepatitis C. Many other diseases can also be transmitted from drug use activities


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The young Muslims of today are facing an ever-increasing number of dilemmas. One of these is drugs. What does Islam have to say about it? How should Muslims regard drugs? To understand this we have to see what the Qur’aan and Ahaadith say regarding intoxicants i.e. narcotics. Allah Ta’ala states in the Holy Qur’aan: O You who believe! Intoxicants and gambling, (dedication of) stones and (divination by) arrows are an abomination of Satan’s handiwork. Avoid (such abominations) that you may prosper. (5:90) Allah Ta’ala has described intoxicants amongst other things as being appalling, despicable and hateful acts of Satan and he has commanded us to abstain from them, Allah thereafter states in the next verse: Satan’s plan is to sow hatred and enmity amongst you with intoxicants and gambling, and to hamper you from the

remembrance of Allah and from prayer. Will you not give up? (5:91) This Aayah tells us how it is a detestable act of Satan, because intoxicants apart from sowing the seeds of enmity also stop you from the sole purpose of having been sent to the world, namely the remembrance of Allah.


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Bear in mind that when the term intoxicant is used it also encompasses narcotics, because they to among other things result in the loss of selfcontrol. There are also many Ahaadith stated by the Holy Prophet in regards to intoxicants.


narrates that a man came from Yemen and asked the

Prophet about a wine made from corn called ‘Mizr’, which they drank, in their land. The Prophet asked, "Is it intoxicating?" He replied, "Yes" The Prophet said, "Every intoxicant is unlawful. Verily there is covenant upon Allah for one who drinks intoxicating drinks, that he will make him drink from ‘Teenatul Khabal,’ they asked, "O messenger of Allah, what is Teenatul Khabal?" He said, "The sweat of the inmates of hell or the pus (of impurities) of the inmates of hell." (Muslim) (Tirmidhi, Nasai, Ibn Majah and Daarami from Ibn Amr) 2)Jabir narrated that the Messenger of Allah said; "Whatever intoxicates in a greater quantity is also unlawful in its smaller quantity." (Tirmidhi, Abu Dawood and Ibn Majah)

3)Umme Salmah narrates that the Messenger of Allah prohibited every intoxicant and Mufattir (anything which excites and irritates the mind, body and heart). (Abu Dawood)

Why are drugs, intoxicants so abhorrent, awful, foul and vile in Islam? Let us look at what the scholars have said regarding the effects of drugs from a worldly and religious point: Ibn Hajar Al-Makki rahmatullahi alaihe narrates from some scholars that they are 120 worldly and religious detriments in consuming hashish (Cannabis). Not 10, not 20, but 120 harmful things occur by the consumption of drugs. Ibn-ul-Bitaar says: A group of people used it (drugs) and they became mentally deranged (insane). Imaam Zarakhshee narrates in his book upon the prohibition of Hashish (Cocaine) from Zakariyah Razee, a famous doctor, that consuming hashish causes headaches, desiccates semen, brings about confusion, Neurosis, dries up all body fluids which could cause sudden death. Also it defects the (dropsy). What could be more evil then the thing which impairs the faculties of thought and perception in the mind? mind, induces hectic fever, tuberculosis and oedema

Dailamah Al-Humairee states: I asked the Holy Prophet of Allah (

, ‘O Messenger

), Verily we are in a cold land, and we have to work hard

therein, and we prepare wine from this wheat which gives as strength in

our works and in the chill of our cities.’ He asked, ‘Does it intoxicate?’ ‘yes’ he replied. He said, ‘Give it up.’ I said, ‘Verily the people can not give it up.’ He said, ‘If they do not give it up, fight with them.’ (Abu Dawood) This Hadith explains to us the principle cause of what is haraam. Chiefly, if it intoxicates it is haraam. What is the legal punishment for consuming drugs? Imam Mawardee has stressed that by consuming plants, which cause over-excitement (intoxication) ‘hadd’ (legal punishment i.e. 80 lashes) will become necessary. Imam Qiraafi states that all the ulama of this period have agreed that its consumption is haraam. However, there is a difference of opinion as to what (punishment) becomes incumbent by drugs; either hadd because it intoxicates or tazir (reprimand) because it corrupts the mind. In addition, in his book Az-Zakheera he states hadd or tazir will be imposed. According to three prominent Imaams (Imam Shafee’, Imam Malik and Imam Ahmad) consuming anything intoxicating however small the amount will bring the legal punishment of 80 lashes to the person.


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CONCLUSION Drugs are Haraam. It is necessary to abstain from them. They ruin people’s lives physically, mentally, morally and spiritually. If anyone is involved with drugs they should stop immediately and seek help.

Many teenagers smoke because of depression and stress, but they should know by now that smoking kills you from the inside. There are many ways to solve problems like stress, but one of them is NOT smoking. It's just bad and it will give you cancer. People like teenagers don’t thing.
May Allah help and protect us all. Amen.


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