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Future shorts Losers

Introduction Future shorts have created this production based on bullying called losers. This particular genre is categorised under drama as it is based on real events and scenarios that happen in life. This productions purpose was to make the audience more aware of what bullying does to people like me and you! I have chosen to analyse this clip, as it has a similar story line of what I have based my production on. To clip begins with someone writing LOSERS on a Facebook page which is the name of this production. The clip clearly highlights this and makes it clear to the audience that some bullying can occur on social networking sites which can also be known as cyber bullying. This form of bullying may be very severe in certain cases.

Mise- en- scene We are then introduced to one of the characters who is sitting at a table in a mall eating by him -self, he is seen to be wearing an oversized jumper, big glasses that sit on the bottom of his nose and he has overgrown facial hair which implies he doesnt take care of himself. As this character is sitting on his own and the people around him are with friends and family, we immediately feel sorry for him and the audience sympathise with him. We are then introduced to some more people. For example we are introduced to a young male who is trying to carry heavy weights but is struggling. This male is dressed in bright yellow shorts and old trainers, in this scene we identify the young male is trying to fit in with every other teenage boy, but is not succeeding which conveys he could be observed as an outcast. We are then see a young female teenager who is in her school gym, she is wearing baggy black jogging bottoms and a black baggy top, which is seen to not complement her body or shape. She is trying to do star jumps but she is getting out of breathe and failing to do so. This could

signify she also does not have the best reputation at school or fit in. Next we see other characters trying to skate and perform, however are not doing so well as they are falling or either making fools of themselves. This scene portrays every individual in this scene is taking part in a hobby they enjoy such as performing and skating, however seem to be constantly getting it wrong or failing to conform to that particular role. The director has incorporated a variety of scenes to illustrate every individual is unique and different in their own way and should be proud. These scenes have shown how these characters have no friends and what they go through on a day to day basis. The editor has selected to use light lighting in the scene as this enables us to see characters facial expressionswhich are of sadness. Sound At the start of the film, we hear someone typing LOSERS into Face book, the taping on the keyboard is hard and very loud which implies this is of importance. The editor in addition has used a sound clip in the clip as it enhances the volume and allows the audience to remember what has been typed on the screen. We then hear non diegetic sound, which is played a quick pace to make the scene faster, this music then fades out slowly. The ambience sound creates a particular atmosphere and sets the scene. Diegetic sound has been used in the scene for instance we hear one of the bullies say to the victims whats up faggot this demonstrates the use of bad language coming from students. This also allows the audience to hear some of the harsh and vile language bullies use amongst other students. The main dialogue we hear is LOSER which is the title of the film and is over heard on the last few of the extreme close-ups. We are also able to hear laughter in the background which gives the audience insight of how nasty bullies can be and what effect they have on normal people. Editing One of the main techniques the editor has used is bluring. This has been used when the bullying is walking toward the victim, this could connote what the victim is feeling inside. Bluring could also be a way of the bully not knowing why this is happening to them.

At the end the credits appear on the screen, which show who has made the production and the cast involved in the film. There is also a website which allows the audience to visit the website for more details which is useful.


An establishing shot has been used when the girl is the gym and is trying to do star jump but is having difficulty. The use of using this shot lets the audience know where the girl is and where she could be getting judged.

We can also see they have used various medium shots to show the characters facial expression and the trauma and pain they are struggling in and going through. This shots allow the audience to sympathise with the victims and this images clearly denote struggle and fear.

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