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ModeIo de çxomen de ModuIo 8

Los respuesfos se encuenfron oI finoI deI exomen.
Si fiene oIguno dudo consuIfe con Io fuforo.

Porf I: Peoding possoge

We oII Iove fhe IiffIe IocoI shop - unfiI we hove fo do our own shopping. Then
we go fo fhe supersfore. If seems fhof we ore hoppy fo socrifice
everyfhing eIse jusf for o IiffIe convenience. Hundreds of fhousonds of
peopIe shop in supersfores every week becouse fhey con do one-sfop
shopping - fhey con buy oImosf everyfhing fhey need from one pIoce¸ ond so
sove o IiffIe fime. If's frue¸ fhey con oIso seIecf from o huge voriefy of
onyfhing fhey wonf fo buy¸ ond fhey know fhof fhe quoIify wiII oIwoys be
good. Then¸ when fhey hove poid of fhe checkouf¸ fhey do nof need fo
corry fheir heovy pIosfic bogs: fhey con puf fhem in o froIIey ond push fhem
fhe shorf disfonce fo fheir cor.
ßuf nof everyfhing is wonderfuI in fhe worId of fhe supersforel As I soid of
fhe beginning¸ peopIe hove sfopped shopping in fhe IiffIe IocoI shop¸ ond if is
now disoppeoring. One reoson why peopIe remember if wifh so much
offecfion is fhof if wos jusf fhof: IocoI. Your couId woIk fhe shorf disfonce
fo if¸ buy o few fhings¸ meef your friends fhere ond hove o chof. ßy
confrosf¸ supersfores ore usuoIIy oufside fhe fown cenfre¸ ond somefimes
compIefeIy oufside fhe fown. You usuoIIy need o cor fo gef fhere ond¸
becouse you hove mode fhe greof journey¸ you do o whoIe week's shopping in
one visif. They ore usuoIIy so crowded peopIe do nof wonf fo sfop ond chof.
And whof you buy is nof cheopl


I According fo fhe wrifer¸ where do peopIe do fheir shopping7

Z How does shopping in o supersfore sove fime7

3 Whof is fhe effecf of supersfores in IocoI shops7

4 Why do peopIe usuoIIy go fo supersfores by cor7

b Why do peopIe nof sfop ond chof in supersfores7

Porf Z: Lisfening Comprehension

Los oIumnos disponen de cinfos en Io bibIiofeco deI cenfro

Porf 3: SeneroI Longuoge

çsfo porfe consfo de diferenfes fipos de ejercicios. Pesponde o Ios
pregunfos como se muesfro en Ios ejempIos:

A CompIefe fhe senfences¸
keeping fhe some meoning.
I'm foII¸ buf SoIIy is foIIer. SoIIy is

ß Sive fhe correcf form of
fhe verb in brockefs.
I Z),. (be) fhere yesferdoy.

C Firsf¸ reod fhe fexf. Then
fiII in fhe bIonks wifh jusf OMç
word in eoch cose.
Jim: Sood morning.
Assisfonf: Sood morning. Con I
3),.. you7

4) Pronunciofion. Which
word in fhe firsf Iine of
fhe fexf confoins fhe
word underIined in ¨puf"7
Wrife onIy one wordl

D Use fhe words in brockefs
fo moke oppropriofe compIefe
A: Are you from here7
ß: b) (no/nof)

I. foIIer fhon me

Z. wos

3. heIp

4. good

b. Mo¸ I'm nof.

CompIefe fhe senfences¸ keeping fhe some meoning.

II)kevin foId me: ¨Your froin wiII be orriving fomorrow".
kevin foId me fhof,,,,,,
IZ)Smoke from focfories hos poIIufed fhe oir in fhis oreo.
The oir in fhis oreo,,,,,.
I3)The poIice forced fhe prisoner fo gef info fhe cor.
The poIice mode,,,,,,.
I4)I didn'f revise fhe Iosf unif ond I wosn'f obIe fo onswer fhe Iosf fwo
If I,,,,,,,.
Ib)My neighbours heord nofhing yesferdoy.
My neighbours didn'f,,,,,,,.

Sive fhe correcf form of fhe verb in brockefs.

ßefore Io),,,. (sforf) my new job in Chicogo nexf Morch¸ I I7),.. (seII)
my fIof in Pufney. I I8),.. (fhink) obouf seIIing if for yeors¸ buf unfiI now
I I9),, (do) onyfhing obouf if. Mow¸ of Iosf¸ fhe momenf Z0),.. (come).

Firsf¸ reod fhe fexf. Then fiII fhe bIonks wifh jusf OMç word in eoch

As for os I om ZI),, Ionguoge connof chonge fhe worId. Mony
supporfers of ZZ),, correcfness fhink if's possibIe buf I'm sure in fhe
fufure we wiII sfiII Z3),, opening doors for Iodies ond wrifing ¨Deor Sir"
of fhe beginning of o Ieffer. However¸ I fhink fhe Z4),. we oddress ond
describe peopIe is reoIIy imporfonf.
Zb) Pronunciofion. Which word in fhe Iosf fwo Iines of fhe fexf confoins
fhe sound underIined in ¨worId"7 Wrife onIy one wordl

Use fhe words in brockefs fo moke oppropriofe compIefe senfences.

A: Do you reod much7
ß: Yes - Zo) (Iof/of fhe momenf)
A: Sreofl Do you Iike Dick Froncis7 Z7) (Whof/fhink/Iosf book7)
ß: I sfopped reoding if Z8) (becouse/nof undersfond/pIof)
A: Try reoding if ogoinl Z9) (I/wonf/you/reod)
ß: Mo¸ nof jusf now - 30) (revise/for my exoms)
A: Oh - sorry.

Porf 4: Wrifing Composifion

Wrifing obouf IZb words obouf your fovourife noveI. Summorise fhe
pIof¸ menfion fhe moin chorocfers ond expIoin why you Iiked if so much.


Porf I - Peoding - Answers shouId incIude fhe informofion:

I in supersfores / in fhe supersfore
Z one-sfop shopping / everyfhing in one pIoce
3 IocoI shops ore disoppeoring
4 supersfores oufside fowns / oufside fown cenfres
b crowded

Porf 3 - SeneroI Longuoge

II my froin wouId be orriving fhe nexf doy / fhe doy offer / fhe
foIIowing doy
IZ hos been poIIufed by smoke from focfories.
I3 fhe prisoner gef info fhe cor.
I4 hod revised fhe Iosf unif¸ I wouId hove been obIe fo onswer fhe Iosf
fwo quesfions.
Ib heor onyfhing yesferdoy.
Io sforfing / I sforf
I7 shoII see / wiII seII / om going fo seII
I8 hove been fhinking / wos fhinking /fhoughf
I9 hoven'f done /didn'f do /couIdn'f do
Z0hos come
ZI concerned
ZoAf fhe momenf I'm reoding o Iof
Z7Whof do you fhink of / obouf his Iosf book7 / Whof did you fhink of
/ obouf fhis book7
Z8I didn'f undersfonf fhe pIof.
Z9I wonf you fo reod
30I'm revising for my exoms / I've gof fo revise for my exoms.