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In this report I discussed and reported about the higher education in India. India is having a largest education system it stands at the second in the world. According to UGC though the India has improved a lot in the past 10 years. The educational institutions are increased accordingly to the students. But we still in lagging in producing a quality graduates. This have different reasons of their own. Financial crisis, awareness, reservation etc., are the reasons for the students who are not preferring the higher educations. I suggest government and we individual should take participation to overcome this. Even students are not interested to do challenging things. They want a secured among guarantee job with no difficulties. However the above all reasons discussed further are dropped the India to the second largest thing. And not producing a institute like Harvard University.

Education is a process of getting knowledge or learning something. India is having the second largest higher education in the world. It has improved fastly for the last 6 decades especially for a decade. A survey conducted by UGC, university grants commission is a governing body for these education system, says that number of institutions and students are increasing year by year. The increment of students and number of worth less institutes makes a result in standard less education and students are flying down to the abrades for their higher education. Now-a-days most of the students are selecting education which supports to professional carrier for a ease of money making and for secure, guarantee life. Though India is having a large education system, we still have a rate of illiterates and less graduates. These may be due to the awareness, financial status etc. This can be achieved by implicating the Indian government, UGC.

Institutions in India
As India having a large education system, we have a different types of carrier objectives such as engineering , medicine, M.B.A , commerce etc., . For all these we have no of institutions which are offering these courses ,governing by government and private also . We can observe that different types of new carrier objectives are there and for these were also having a number of institutes

Engineering is the largest and the most opted career in India as well in the world. These may be because of it gives a guarantee life. It provides its bachelors degree and masters degree . we have a various number of branches which are necessary in each point of every ones life . Engineering had a no of institutions providing with the different types of branches. These are governed by state ,central and private authorities . Institutions like Indian institute for technology(I.I.T), National institute of technology(N.I.T.),comes under the cental authorities and institutes like Jawaharlal Nehru university comes under state. V.I.T, GITAM are the deemed colleges.

Medicine is the next preferable course, where we need this entire the life and the world. There will be a guarantee opportunity in this field. Medicine has number of branches deals with a different organ in the body. We have a number of institutes producing the medical representatives which are also maintained by different authorities .The top medical colleges are All India Institute of Medical sciences (AIIMS), Christian Medical College, jipmer are some of the top medical colleges. The number of institutes is increasing year by year. The statistics of these institutions are mentioned at appendices page.


Business management is the one of the most sought-after careers. This has an limitless opportunity with a great remuneration. This can be spread on many fields such as financial, marketing, production area etc., We have nearly 2,400 colleges in India in which 1,999 are approved by nation and 400 are private.

A chartered accountant is a top career job whose work involves auditing, taxation, accounting and financial planning. It can be a very challenging and rewarding job. A lot of opportunities for C.A. with a huge package. In India we have almost 783 in number.

The other careers like distance learning education, hotel management, fashion technologies etc., are having a wide range of institutions. By 2012 we have 33,o23 colleges in all aspects while at 1960 it was 695.

If we talk about students we have a great increment. In 1960 the total number of students acquiring higher education were in 3, 97,000 while it was 84 lakhs in 2001 and at present count has drastically increased(almost dobled) to 2 crore. Surprisingly, the increment in the case of female students (43,000 - 70, 49,000). The Present mind set of the students about higher education is: Lakshmi bhavani, a technical student says Her parents choosed engineering because they were having acknowledge of only maths and sciences and they believed that it provides a secure life. And she wants to do job after b-tech, not preferring further studies. I will prefer ms after bachelors degree and it helps me a better future where a company prefers for a higher degree holders says Anisha, electrical student. My parents forced me to join in engineering while I have an interest in medicine and I do my job after this says sahitya an engineering student. Sneha, a computer science student, says that she felt engineering is a easy job and preferred this and she says she dont want to continue her higher studies . Sravanti, an IT student, says actually I had an interest in animation field so I choose IT as a basic for my career. I continue my education in the animation field. While we dont have a better education system or a standard institute for higher studies, we have to prefer abroad. But my parents wont send me there because of security reasons so I prefer a job, says Navya a electrical student. While a associative professor an engineering college says I did M-tech after my bachelors degree and now parallely Im doing my P.H.D and a job. These are the various reasons and views. From this survey we can get a thing that most of them are wanted a secured lives.


We use to say that India is a developing country, it will be never a developed country till some changes take place. Even a change should be there in our education system. The main problems for attaining higher education are as follows:

Financial status


From the survey, affording the money for higher education is difficult for some families. A family in a financial crisis needs another hand to help so they want their children to make money as soon as they complete their basic education. Also we can say that though a candidate have a chance to study higher levels he dropped from that due to high package of salaries .

This is a main problem facing in India .Reservation, where Only cast is considered instead of worth. A student having good score and the knowledge is not preferred for a good admission because of his cast .while the one with no worth is preferred more if he is a lower cast member. In this case we are losing a worthy product and having a one with no use.


Lack of Awareness among the people making them to dis-continue their higher studies .from a study we get that with lack of awareness parents are not joining their children into the higher education. They are afraid weather they give secured life or not. Education is a broad path of different career options, but lack of awareness we are entering into small paths like engineering etc.,


Institutions greediness

Still in some parts of India they dont send their daughters to higher education they get them married after certain age. Even they feel that it is harm, to educate their daughters .This should be change. Females should be in a position to lead their lives by themselves. Now-a-days colleges are giving admissions more than their intake capacity. As faculty is very less, they are not providing the knowledge which is necessary from them. Hence

the students are having their exams without any basic knowledge and just getting their graduate certificates. An engineering college producing many engineers but they are not worthy enough.

Increase in population is also an obstacle for the less literate percent. Suppose In a economic based family if there are many children it is impossible to bear the finance for their education. In this case, they may never go for schooling or they will discontinue with lower graduates.

To overcome this problems some change should take place as follows:

Government should play a main role. Such as:

They should check the colleges weather they are having good system or not in all aspects. It is better to ban a college of low standards, if necessary. Also it is needed to provide a well qualified faculty with a good remuneration which draws their interest to teach well. They should provide more facilities for the people suffering with financial crisis, like education loans and some other loans. It is a comment that India is a country where we get a car loan easily than education loans. They should reduce the interest rate where we can have the education loan better. As we go for a main problem, reservations should be banned. Reservations act is made before several years where the situations are totally different and horrible. But now they changed and can say they are reversed. So now admissions should be allotted based on their grades. If a student with no knowledge is given the admission will be no use and may be a loose for the country. Also we loose a person who develops a country. Government should conduct some counsellings to bring awareness among the people. Also developing educational web sites is necessary. They should give a good pack of scholarships. They should provide some better facilities to females which helps them to move further.

Even an individual should involve in this :

We should bring awareness among the people individually. We never encourage the reservation categories. We should encourage the students for their higher educations. We should help the poor students by giving information about the finance and encourage them to develop. We never show difference between sex


From a UGC report that despite of growth in number of colleges and enrolment the numbers are not sufficient enough to cater to the education needs of increasing young population of this country. It is also a thing that there is lack of interest among students to opt for tough job like research projects they prefer easy jobs which could fetch them more money than spending years in doing research and getting very little remuneration during that period. It is a good example that there is no fee among girls for gate exam makes them to participate at least. Finally I conclude that India will be a developed country when we implement the facts discussed above.

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300 200 100 0 1960 2001 2011

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