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Code Dear Friend; I am writing to you in hopes that you will join us in a fight against what - if left unchecked - will become one of the greatest atrocities in the history of mankind. Please believe me when I say that this is no exaggeration. There is a growing, global community of people currently engaged in the fight of our lives. Identify the anti-targeting activist group to which you belong, if applicable or identify your self. You may add your relationship to this issue by identifying yourself as a Targeted Individual or friend, family member or associate thereof. In writing this letter, we hope to enlist your help in 1) bringing attention to the crimes of Organized Stalking, Electronic Harassment and Electronic Assault, 2) encouraging and assisting local, state and federal leaders and law enforcement in establishing a protocol for the investigation of these attacks and 3) gathering support for those targeted by the attacks. Organized Stalking takes place when a network of people coordinate efforts to stalk a single person 24 hours a day. Electronic Harassment happens when said group uses high-tech equipment to conduct a ubiquitous campaign of harassment against the targeted person (or Targeted Individual). Such networks also commit Electronic Assault through the use of any of a variety of weapons called "nonlethal weapons". These are weapons that use directed energy rather than projectiles (e.g. bullets), can be used without close/direct physical contact from assailant to target (e.g. knife strikes, hitting/striking with blunt instrument or fist) and can be used covertly at long range and/or from nearby buildings. This includes weaponry that sends directed energy through windows and walls. This family of weaponry includes things such as high energy radio frequency devices (HERF guns), infrared and microwave devices designed to see through walls (e.g. - cameras/detection devices that fire fighters and police officers use to detect a trapped victim or a criminal hiding in a room) and acoustic devices (e.g. - microwave signal generators, modified motors, audio spotlights). Though the weapons used are officially categorized as "non-lethal" or "less-than-lethal" weapons, they are used in ways so sadistic that we see them as "worse-than-lethal". In fact, on September 2, 2011, a woman who had been targeted for approximately 53 years committed suicide to escape this torture. Thankfully, most can cling to our faith and persevere, but few others have had to endure for so long. Sadly, stalking groups include people from all levels of society - from municipal workers, telephone/cable technicians and plumbers to judges, doctors and public officials. Targets have found that this practice has been employed by:

Drug dealers and other organized crime figures Corrupt police officers and politicians Hate Groups Vindictive persons who are members of or in any way affiliated with any of the aforementioned groups Political Opponents Targeted Individuals have been murdered, run off the road, jailed under false charges or - as mentioned above - have sometimes become hopeless and committed suicide. Many become homeless and destitute, yet are still pursued and tortured. Children, the elderly and the disabled are targeted as well. What's worse is that this practice has become global. In addition to the United States, there are targets all over Europe, in Canada, China and in other countries as well. We fear this is a system that is probably already in use for human trafficking and even for disrupting peaceful protest. Targeted Individuals are often dismissed by law enforcement, because their claims are deliberately made difficult to prove. Some claims seem impossible, because the general public knows little or nothing of the specialized weaponry & technology these criminal networks use. The networks even go so far as to engage in "gaslighting", using specialized acoustic equipment to create false auditory hallucinations in their targets. For this reason, targets are often labeled mentally ill and police don't investigate their claims at all. When the level of depravity displayed in the commission of these crimes is known, one cannot doubt there is pure evil behind it. It is a system actually designed to create sickness in others; absolutely no good can come of it. The implications of these crimes are far more sinister than many are willing to even consider, but any Christian who has read Matthew 24:10, Matthew 24:24 and Revelations 13:13 knows that the bible predicts extraordinarily sinister things for the future of humanity. This is information that no Christian, indeed no person, can afford to dismiss. PLEASE educate yourself, your family, friends, staff , congregation and colleagues about these attacks. We need your prayers and we need you share this information with others. We hope to enlist as many people as possible in pressing law enforcement to: Learn about these crimes Develop an official protocol for investigating them Train officers on how to detect the weaponry/technology used in the commission of these crimes. We are working to bring these criminal practices to the attention of honest public officials. Unfortunately, there are also some corrupt officials who actually participate in the targeting and harassment of innocent people, so our challenge is great. In the meantime, we wish to warn those who might become the targets of these crimes in the future. This is a terrifying experience and those affected by it need to know that they are not alone. There are innocent people suffering because networks of sadistic criminals (sometimes vast networks) are aligned against them. We need to

surround Targeted Individuals with an equally vast network of committed allies, and who better to enlist than the body of Christ? Thank you for your attention to these matters and thank you for your service to the global community. Please feel free to email us or write to the address listed above with any questions you might have. Sincerely,

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