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As a longtlme comlc book fanatlc, |'ve grown up wlth the multl-
color and bubble text prlnt of The Avenger's characters, and
'marveled' at the eplc story llnes of good vs. evll. Now that the
hlghly antlclpated all-star superhero movle has come out wlth
boxlng omce earnlngs of over USD 6 mllllon on lts rst week, there
ls no denylng the popularlty of superheroes across the globe. 8ut
what ls lt about superheroes that has caused us (and contlnues to
cause us) to run around our houses wearlng underwear on our
heads and towels draped across our backs, ghtlng the lnvlslble
forces of the Ped Skull or LoklI
Accordlng to the photographer of the 'Peal Llfe Superhero
Pro[ect,' Peter Tangen belleves that, "superheroes are our modern
mythology, they are fantasles of what we may become.' we are
drawn to the seemlngly adventurous llves these characters llve as
average cltlzens durlng the day and super humans at nlght. Addl-
tlonally lt doesn't come as much of a surprlse that more people
asplre to be |ronman rather than the Hulk, because of the glamour
of of bllllonalre englneer Tony Stark. |n fact, buddlng englneer Louls
Lee ln llth grade xates on |ron Man's success, as he asplres "to
study to become [ust as smart as he ls.
However, to some of us, lt ls the hldden powers of these charac-
ters that attract us to the allure of belng superheroes. 8y draplng
the fantastlcal and maglcal elements of the superheroes we read
what should be consldered "good muslc. Desplte our
muslcal quarrels, however, Mlckey taught me, and ls stlll
teachlng me, that the denltlon of "good muslc ls dlner-
ent for everyone.
As mlddle school came to an end, my famlly found
ourselves movlng to the Phlllpplnes. 8y then, my brother
was ln college and had formed a band wlth a few of hls
frlends. They played a comblnatlon of hlp-hop and blues,
whlch was the key force that began my own transforma-
tlon. Slowly, my taste evolved from pop punk and scream
to the softer folk and blues.
Last year, my brother's band broke apart from the
absence of a vocallst. My brother also dropped out of
college to pursue muslc. Thls year, he formed a new band,
the "Porest and the Lvergreens, whlch has been perform-
lng shows, mostly of the soul genre, all across Ohlo. They
perform at huge muslc events, such as the communlty
festlval (commonly known as 'comfest'), and opened for
8en 8en Polds on May l8. After years of dlspute, we have
nally establlshed a common ground on what good
muslc ls, to the polnt that we can now exchange newly
found songs and artlsts. A strong lnnuence on the most
lmportant aspect of my llfe, Mlckey ls someone lmportant
to me ln that speclal way. | have always looked up to hlm
(llterally and guratlvely) ever slnce | was 9. | stlll look up
to hlm, and am proud to say that he ls my brother. to hlm, and am proud to say that he ls my brother.
rattllng whlle we slowed. A [erk as we lodged ln the sand.
There was a blg square of grass and the rooms were
around that except for where the grass dropped to the
rocks on the beach. we ate on the terrace above the
rooms. The terrace opened towards the waters. Noodles
and prawns were tangled ln one of the cablnets and | led
those away. | sat whlle the adults talked and | turned my
napkln napkln lnto confettl. | left when my napkln was a plle of
dandrun and | meandered ln the grass below. The lamps
by the rooms made the sky orange around them so | went
to the mlddle of the square and looked stralght up. The
sky was absolutely full. | could thlnk about the stars now
and | thought that across the blg water | knew people so
far away and that when the sun would erase the stars here
the the same stars would appear there. | do not thlnk thls
helped, though, because | had to slt down hard and look
at the ground.
My favourlte shore smelled llke gasollne and
smashed crabs. Thls ls at Playa Glron ln Cuba and at the
tlme we drove there the crabs were spllllng across the
road and the road was spotty orange over several waves.
| sat away from the front wlndow so | could not see but |
knew the crabs walked sldeways. They elther saw the car
comlng for a long tlme or had no ldea. we had to go over
them them for as long as they were scuttllng movlng from the
place whlch was no longer t to a better place they had all
chosen. The other ones who made lt across | dld not know
where they went.
These are the thlngs that | mlss, but | wouldn't say that |'d
want them back. |f bllssful lgnorance, naive certalnty, or
neetlng lnvaluable memorles dened my chlldhood days,
|'d choose my now enllghtened-self any day. These thlngs
that | mlss merely serve as testlmony to the fact that
thlngs change, people change, clrcumstances change,
and most of all, perspectlves change. |t's proof that when
we we look back 5 to l0 years from now, we would have most
certalnly changed, but probably, and hopefully, for the
better. .

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