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INT. CONTROL ROOM - NIGHT HAMMOND looks up from the computer bank.

Not sure exactly what hes watching, but his face suggests hes seen the whole thing, with really good camera angles on all the action. HAMMOND Mr. Muldoon. Would you be so kind as to bring me back my grandchildren. Muldoon puts on his hat like Will Smith putting on sunglasses, except far sillier because hes wearing khaki short-shorts. He heads for the door. SATTLER Im going with you. EXT. T-REX PADDOCK ROAD - NIGHT One of the gas-powered Jurassic Park Jeeps, the red ones that are way cooler than the touristy yellow and green Ford Explorers, pulls up alongside the one Explorer that remains on the road. The T-Rex roars in the distance. MULDOON Lets make this fast. SATTLER Agreed. Where the hells the other car? MULDOON Looks like the Rex threw it. They head over to the collapsed bathroom. Something stinks. SATTLER What is that? MULDOON I think its Gennaro. Something groans beneath the wreckage. Groooooan. SOMETHING

Ellie tears up a fallen door.

2. SATTLER Its Malcolm. MULDOON Hes in pretty bad shape. Cmon, lets get him in the Jeep. With Malcolm in the Jeep Sattler and Muldoon check out the gap in the fence. Malcolm looks over at the Rex footprint in the mud. The water in it starts to ripple. Sattler looks over the moat wall, down to the forest floor below. SATTLER Are those footprints? Maybe Alan and the kids are on foot. MALCOLM Hey guys!? I think we better get moving! Muldoon grabs Sattler. MULDOON We have to go. Now. They run back to the Jeep. MALCOLM Cmon, cmon, cmon. Muldoon starts the engine just as the Rex bursts back into the clearing and chases after them. The Rex is gaining. MALCOLM (CONTD) Must go faster! Must go faster! The speedometer is up to 30... 35... MALCOLM (CONTD) Must go faster! A giant tree branch approaches. Hang on! MULDOON

They just clear it, but the Rex keeps charging, bursting through the branch laid across the road.

3. Sattler looks in the rear-view mirror and sees the Rex snap its jaws very close and, of course, THINGS IN MIRROR ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR. Malcolm and Sattler scream. But now they got some juice going. 50 mph! The Jeep starts to outpace the T-Rex and the giant dinosaur drops back and roars. MALCOLM Lets not do that again. I agree. SATTLER