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Public Relations Activity Report SEPTEMBER 2012

Below is a snapshot of public relations efforts for The City of Pensacola either initiated or completed through September 2012. These are top line items and do not encompass every public relations effort executed daily.

NEWS BUREAU Developed compelling angles and storylines to help position the City of Pensacola as a forward thinking, business friendly city. Dissected each publication along with the editorial calendar to determine the best angles for pitching along with researching specific writers that focus on economic development, FL beats, Green initiatives, etc. Aggressively pitched laser focused media universe for each angle. Follow-up continues on all leads in order to secure placement in established story. Site Selection Publications Secured o Site Selection Feature on Economic Development, Negotiating run-date, Secured executive interview in Nov./Dec. Negotiating o Area Development Magazine Secured interest in showcasing a new business moving to the area or expanding company within area. o Expansion Solutions Garnered interest with the local businesses moving to the area. Covering FL in May/June issue. o Global Corporate Expansion Garnering coverage of Pensacolas development in publications 2013 topics. o Business Expansion Journal Secured interest publication including Pensacola in 2013 issues. o Trade & Industry Development Garnered interest in including Pensacola in case studies. o Corenet Globals THE LEADER Covering FL in next few issues. Negotiating feature about Pensacolas growth. o Americas Quarterly Negotiating feature on Pensacolas economic development. o Planning Secured interest in showcasing growth on the Gulf. Pitching o World Trade

Regional Business Publications Negotiating o Daily Business Review Interested in focusing on a specific company that recently moved to Pensacola and using Pensacola as backstory. o Florida Small Business Researching more small businesses opening in Downtown for coverage. o GulfShore Business Negotiating 2013 story and details. o Minority Business News Working with editors about story of minority businesses opening or expanding in Pensacola. o Florida Trend Secured interest in showcasing Pensacolas economic development. Working with editors to determine what specific angle will work best. National Business Publications Negotiating o Business Facilities Negotiating coverage of Pensacola businesses expanding. o Chamber Executive Secured interest in showcasing Pensacola on a timeline of downtown growth. o Staffing Success Secured interest in rebranding efforts. Working with editors to include in trends section. Pitching o Governing o Southern Business Development o Entrepreneur o Money o Forbes Life o Fortune o Inc. o Success o Smart Money o Reuters o o o Smart Business o NFIB My Business Magazine o Diversity Women o

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The Atlantic Financial Post Magazine American Business Magazine Business Review USA The American Network Journal Advertising Age Adweek Barrons Business to Business Dollars & Sense Financial Executive Magazine Home Business Magazine Leaders Income Digest

Trade Publications: Researching and targeting specific writers within each industry trade publication. Garnering case studies from local business and entrepreneurs in order to pitch local companies within Pensacola that fall into the specific industry trades below. The following trades below encompass hundreds of publications we are targeting to feature Pensacolas industries. o Architectural o Military/Defense 2

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Airport Port Aerospace Technology/Software Trucking Energy/Natural Resources Agricultural Site Selection Meetings Medical/Health Services Education Life Sciences General Transportation

CASE STUDIES Pitched local business owners/entrepreneurs on including them in our case study research in order to gather very specific details on companies either looking to expand or have already expanded and large companies that recently relocated to Pensacola. These case studies are beneficial in better selling the business climate within Pensacola to business, trade, site selection trades, etc. Executed Interview o Retina Specialty, Dr. Sunil Gupta Medical/Health Services Trades o Scout, Julia Ussery Business Pubs o Pensacola Symphony Orchestra, Peter Rubart General quality of life addition Negotiated Interview o ActiGraph Medical/Health Services Trades o Pen Air Federal Credit Union Financial Services Trades o First Navy Bank Financial Services Trades o Maritime Park/Blue Wahoos General quality of life addition

Pitching Interview o Medical/Health Services Trades Baptist Sacred Heart UWF o Information Technology Pensacola Innovation Network Advanced Concepts Enterprises, Inc. Technical Software Services, Inc. H2 Performance Consulting Global Business Solutions Hixardt Technologies Sikorsky Support Services, Inc. Overgroup Consulting 3

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IMS ExpertServices AppRiver Absolute Consulting Bit-Wizards Defense Center for Information Dominance Saufley Group Northwest Florida Defense Coalition LSI, Inc. Construction GreenHut Construction Company Lord & Son Construction Architectural STOA Architects Port GW Wind, Energy, Power Systems Bell Steel International Paper Patti Marine Manufacturing Majestic Candies Transport UPS Aerospace Northrop Grumman

INDIVIDUAL MEDIA VISITS Strategically designed to showcase Pensacola as a great place to live, work and play, using light tourism angle highlighting experiences that promote high standard of living and quality of life in Pensacola. Social Media: Each journalist agrees to post via Twitter and Facebook pre, during, and post their visit. They are encouraged to post pictures of their favorite food, activity, etc.. Our social team follows their posts and interacts with them through out the lifetime of their Pensacola specific posts. Social team also creates a welcome and leaving banner for each journalist. Qualified media visit opportunities, negotiated guaranteed story placements, coordinated visits. Executed/ Following-up for coverage in coming months by providing detailed information on local businesses in Pensacola (images, logos, etc.). Tampa Bay Metro o Angle: Long Weekend Getaway- Mayor Profile- Local Businesses o Issue Rundate: Oct/Nov/Dec o Accommodation Partner: Gulf Blue Vacations Birmingham Parent o Angle: Fall Beach Guide 4

o Issue Rundate: October o Accommodation Partner: Paradise Beach Homes Birmingham Magazine o Angle: Road Trip to a Mini Couples Retreat o Issue Rundate: Spring 2013 o Accommodation Partner: Noble Manor

Total In-Kind Value in July 2012: $15,000

BROADCAST MERCHANDISING PROMOTIONS Pitched regional broadcast outlets for partnerships and negotiated resulting coverage (at no cost to brand or properties) including on-air spots, website feature, e-blast inclusion, social media features and event point of purchase displays. Pitched and secured accommodation, dining, and activity partners for each promotion (total of 12 sponsor slots to fill per promotion). The PR team has secured month-long City of Pensacola radio promotions in the following top markets: Atlanta, GA New Orleans, LA Macon, GA Nashville, TN Melbourne, FL Lafayette, LA Columbus, GA Birmingham, AL Lafayette, LA

Executed o WBUZ-FM, Nashville, TN - Road to DeLuna Fest Station: #1 Active Rock Station in Nashville Value: $18,000 Dates: September 10-23, 2012 Partners: Gulf Blue Vacations o WSBH-FM, Melbourne, FL City of Pensacola Promotion Station: #1 in Market Value: $31,340 Dates: September 10- October 22, 2012 Partners: Gulf Blue Vacations, National Naval Aviation Museum, Jacos, New World Inn, Artel Gallery, Pensacola Bay Brewery, o WBUZ-FM, Nashville, TN - City of Pensacola Promotion Station: Top 15 Station in Market Value: $35,800 Dates: September 25- October 19, 2012 5

Partners: Gulf Blue Vacations, National Naval Aviation Museum, Seville Quarter, Artel Gallery, Pensacola Bay Brewery, Jacos

o WCGQ-FM, Columbus, GA City of Pensacola Promotion Station: #1 in Market Value: $38,000 Dates: September 27 November 1, 2012 Partners: Hilton Pensacola Beach Gulf Front, T.T Wentworth Museum, Seville Quarter, National Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola Bay Brewery, Jacos Secured o WBHK-FM, Birmingham, AL City of Pensacola Station: #1 in Market Value: $41,000 Dates: October 15 November 9, 2012 Partners: TBD o KMDL-FM, Lafayette, LA City of Pensacola Station: #2 in Market Value: $39,000 Dates: November 5 December 5, 2012 Partners: TBD o KTDY-FM, Lafayette, LA City of Pensacola Station: #3 in Market Value: $40,000 Dates: December 3 January 1, 2012 Partners: TBD Total In-Kind Value for September 2012: $120,000

CITY OF PENSACOLA MEETINGS City Council Meeting 9/10/12 Prepared presentation of PR efforts for the City Council Meeting including all print and broadcast results weve garnered with top regional and national publications as well as radio stations. Showcased executive interviews secured and executed to supplement Pensacolas economic development media exposure push. City of Pensacola Energy 9/11/12 Attended the Pensacola Energy and Zimmerman Advertising meeting to discuss how PR can contribute to the Natural Gas Fueling Station Unveil Event. In addition, PR is using the Pensacola Energy accomplishments as a case study of how the city is evolving and growing providing the most up-to-date green methods for residents and city workers alike. Port 9/11/12 6

Attended the Port and Zimmerman Advertising meeting to discuss specific companies that are using the Port, how the Port has grown in the past ten years, the advantages of using the Port, and what sets the Pensacola Port apart from other in the Gulf Corridor. All of this information is helping to better position the city as a place to relocate a business. Airport 9/11/12 The PR team met with the Airport liaison, Belinda Zephyr, to learn more about how the Airport can partner with PR efforts to better position the city for a competitive business climate.