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Post Graduate Programme in International Business Management



GoG-AMA Centre for International Trade

2 Post Graduate Program in International Business Management


From the Desk of the President From the Academic Advisor About AMA Introduction Post Graduate Program in International Business Management Faculties Program Design Summer Internship Program Placement Policy & Procedures Students Profile International Marketing Students Profile International Finance Students Available for Summer Internship Requisition form

From the Desk of the President


It gives me great pleasure and a sense of pride in approaching you through this letter. A full time Post Graduate Program in International Business Management (PGPIBM) was initiated by AMA during July 2007 as its first long duration educational Programme with specific focus on management in the global context. The 6 Trimester (24 months) duration Programme is now in the 5th Trimester. The attached brochure provides information about the PGP, 2010-12 batch. We have 25 students who will be available for placements as management trainees or direct appointment in your organization. They have taken courses in all the functional areas of Management apart from the specialization either in International Marketing or International Finance. We look forward to a favourable response from your side to provide them with an opportunity to work as professionals in your organization. Given the above context, I invite your organization to participate in the Final Placement Program that will take place from January 2012 onwards. The attached brochure provides details of the students. A prescribed format to be sent by the sponsor organization like yours is also available in the brochure. May I invite you to consider suitable students for the Final Placement in your organization. If you require any additional or supplementary information, please feel free to contact Mr. Janardhanan in AMA office.

Rohit Patel President - AMA

4 Post Graduate Program in International Business Management


Dear Sir, It is my pleasure to approach you on behalf of Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) and the participants of the Post Graduate Programme in International Business Management (PGP-IBM). The objective of this initiative is to invite your esteemed organization for participation in the Placement Programme-2012. As you might be aware, AMA is in the field of professional management development for the last more than fifty years. The PGP-IBM is the flagship programme with duration of two years; divided into six academic terms and a summer internship. Unique feature of this programme is that it is hundred percent oriented to management of organizations having international ambitions and/or operations. It will be interesting to know that in addition to foundation courses and functional modules, the programme design has substantial provision for inputs on global business environment & culture, markets, technology and issues of general nature. Each student has received substantial inputs on international research methodology and strategic thinking. Needless to add, it is because of these strengths of the Programme design and participants profile that Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has recognized this programme for award of its MBA degree. Given the above, I am confident, you will find the participants with a relatively higher degree of potential to rise to your expectations and needs. We at AMA and our students will appreciate your including us in your list of institutions as a resource for your needs of human resources with global ambitions and vision. Thanking you, Dr. PV Desai Academic Advisor - AMA

About AMA


Consolidating the past, Illuminating the future

A pioneer in the management movement in the country, Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) has been contributing to management profession and the society through its various educational, training and research activities. Since its inception in 1956, established under the inspiring leadership of late Dr. Vikram A. Sarabhai and other professionals, AMA is an independent, non-profit, registered charitable institution and a Society. For its over 400 institutional and 2000 professional manager members and other entrepreneurs and businessmen, AMA has been providing a regular forum to interact and enrich knowledge and experiences in management through its various educational and professional activities. AMA is one of the promoters and founder member of All India Management Association, the apex body for management profession in India, and has been collaborating and participating in all its educational and professional activities offered throughout the country. AMA has received 16 times (1990 to 2009, the Best Local Management Association Award Category-I) by the All India Management Association for its Outstanding Contributions in professional management. AMA is also an ISO 9001 certified organization and an approved institute for Management Training by Government of Gujarat.

6 Post Graduate Program in International Business Management


The Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA), Program Faculty and student participants take pleasure in submitting this announcement of Final Placements as a part of Post Graduate Program in International Business Management (PGP IBM) 2010 12. The program design and quality of its execution have been approved by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and is recognized for MBA degree. An effort is made here to provide necessary details of the Program and profile of the students. General information about AMA and various educational programs is also provided. It is hoped that a large number of industrial organizations, service organizations and other institutions with global perspective will come forward for the Final Placement of the students. AHMEDABAD MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION AN ORGANIZATIONAL PERSPECTIVE For the last more than 51 years, Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) is engaged in professionalization of management through organizing programs & projects in enhancement of individual-level managerial skills and improvement in organizational systems and culture. Today AMA commands the highest respect and recognition from all quarters be it business, professions, industry, government or academics. And this is so not only in Ahmedabad or Gujarat, but all over India. From a handful of members in 1956, AMA family today has around 400 institutional Members and over 2000 Individual Members. AMA is an approved Institution for Management Training by Government of Gujarat. AMA Programs & Activities AMA runs its programs and activities under various activity centers sponsored by leading corporate houses, enterprises and government departments/agencies. A large number of training programs, workshops, seminars, visits, guest lectures and field-based discussions are arranged through these centers. Special research and studies are also conducted with support from various industrial and service organizations.


A large number of diploma programs are being offered by AMA with a view to providing specialized knowledge in Strategic Management, Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management etc. Responding to the challenges of globalization and increasing need for managers with global vision; AMA has increased its activities in the fields of international business management, global business information & counseling, policy advocacy, WTO and related areas. With a view to relate participants interest with management education, several sector specific programs are also run in the fields like Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Rural Development etc. About IGNOU The Indira Gandhi National Open University, established by an Act of Parliament in 1985, has emerged as the largest mega University in the democratic world. It began by offering two academic programmes in 1987, i.e., Diploma in Management and Diploma in Distance Education, with a strength of 4528 students. Today, it serves the educational aspirations of nearly 2 million students in India and 33 other countries through the twentyone Schools of Study and a network of 59 regional centres, more than 2300 Learner Support Centres and around 52 overseas centres. The University offers 175 (as of Jan. 2010) Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Doctoral programmes, comprising around 1500 courses, with a strength of 380 faculty members and academic staff at the Headquarters and Regional Centres and about 36,000 counsellors from conventional institutions of higher learning, professionals from various organisations, among others. The University is making all efforts to take higher education to the doorsteps of the hitherto un-reached. Apart from teaching and research, extension and training form the mainstay of its academic activities, IGNOU also acts as a national resource centre; and more importantly, functions as an apex body to promote and maintain standards of distance education. The GoG AMA Center As a strategy to develop & strengthen global business initiatives, Government of Gujarat (GoG) and AMA have jointly established GoG AMA Center for International Trade. The Center aims at providing a regular forum of activities in International Trade education, training and research. Facility is also provided for counseling and information sourcing by entrepreneurs and industrial organizations. The PGP IBM is the major and continuing initiative of the GoG-AMA Centre for International Trade.

8 Post Graduate Program in International Business Management


The Post Graduate Program in International Business Management (PGP-IBM) is a flagship Program among the wide spectrum of academic programs and management development activities at AMA. Goal PGP IBM aims at preparing qualified and skilled global business professionals, thereby strengthening the Countrys effort for promoting International Business. Specific objectives 1. Developing a cadre of management professionals equipped with conceptual, technical and behavioral knowledge, skills and mindset in global business systems & practices. 2. Professionalizing management structures and systems of Indian business organizations to cope up with challenges of global business. 3. Contributing towards making India a vibrant hub for global business & industries. Program Structure 1. The diploma title: Post Graduate Programme in International Business Management (PGP IBM) 2. Duration 24 months 3. 6 academic trimesters and practical exposure & training for 2 months. 4. 3 trimesters in 1st year and 3 trimesters in 2nd year 5. Summer Internship of 2 months at the end of 1st year i.e. after the 3rd term equivalent to 6 credits. 6. Comprehensive project work equivalent to 2 courses in 2nd year. 7. 38 courses covering 120 credits. 8. Research study, seminar and integrated comprehensive project work during 4th, 5th & 6th terms in the second year. 9. International language taught as a part of the curriculum etiquettes.

PGP-IBM Highlights

10. Specialization offered in 2 areas viz. (a) International Finance and (b) International Marketing. Each elective course will have project component of 1.5 credits. 11. Eligibility and Admissions: i. The Program is open for graduates with a minimum of 50% marks in any discipline and from any university ii. Admissions are offered on the basis of performance at (a) under graduate level studies, (b) graduation degree and subsequent studies, (c) achievements in extra curriculum activities, (d) work experience and (e) written admission test, Group discussion and personal interviews. A written examination is conducted to test aptitude of the applicants in areas of English, Mathematics, General Awareness and Logical Reasoning. 12. Teaching-Learning Process i. The students get the AMA advantage of faculty from various institutes, industry and other reputed places ii. The study involves constant use of case studies, group assignments and projects depending upon the nature of the Course iii. The teaching-learning process is linked with the evaluation scheme of the Program 13. Evaluation The evaluation of students is a continuous process and runs parallel to the teaching sessions A Letter Grading System is used to grade the students performance. These grades include A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C, D and F. The components for evaluation mainly include attendance, classparticipation, surprise tests, individual & group assignments, presentations and project work Higher weightage is given to summer training and project courses during the second year

10 Post Graduate Program in International Business Management

AMA has a pool of core and visiting faculty drawn from renowned management institutions, professions and industries. List of faculty Mr. Acharya Satya, Faculty, EDI, Gandhinagar. Prof. Arolkar Harshal, Faculty, GLS Institute of Computer Technology Mr. Balachandran, Corporate Trainer & Management Consultant Dr. Brahmbhatt, A.C., Faculty, Nirma Institute of Management, Nirma University Mr. Buch Padmin, Chief Consultant, GITCO Ltd. Mr. Chaturvedi S.M., Legal Corporate Advisor Mr. Desai Divyesh, Visiting Faculty Mr. Desai Snehal, Director (Projects) Office, Adani Group Dr. Desai P.V., Programme Advisor, PGPIBM (AMA) & Management Consultant Dr. Joshipura Mayank, Faculty, SP Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai. Ms. Kapadia Anushree, Advocate Mr. Khedkar Arvind, Dean NL Dalmia Institute of Management, Mumbai Dr. Mehta Shantanu, Faculty, Nirma University Dr. Panda Rasananda, Faculty, (MICA) Mr. Pai Pradip, Management Consultant Mr. Pingle Sameer, Faculty, NIMS Mr. Rao B.R.M., Chief Executive Officer, Swastik Group of Companies Mr. Sanghavi D.P., President, Atlas Dye-Chem Mrs. Sanghavi Deepa, Visiting Faculty, Nirma University Mr. Shah Jignesh, Chartered Accountant Dr. Siddarth Bist, Dean, LJ Institute of Management Mr. Rajsekaran, Former, AGM, Global Trust Bank FACULTY SUPPORT TEAM
Mr. K.K Nair, Executive Director-AMA Contact: +91-79-26306236 Dr. P.V Desai, Academic Advisor- PGPIBM, AMA Mobile: 09824012720 Mr. T. Janardhanan, Registrar (Course Coordinator) Contact: +91-79-26308601


Mr. Abhishek Malu Contact: 9624406865 Mr. Arul Aggarwal Contact: 9426402104, 8980453578 Mr. Vaibhav Parakh Contact: 9924822079 Email:

Programme Design


TRIMESTER AND COURSE DETAILS No. Course Code Subject Trimester 1 FOUNDATION COURSES FOR INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MIB-101 Economics & Economic Planning MIB-102 Quantitative Techniques for International Business MIB-103 Organizational Behaviour and Process MIB-104 Indian Business Laws MIB-105 Financial Accounting for Management MIB-106 Business Communication and Soft Skills MIB-107 Information Technology Paper 1: IT Applications in Business Trimester 2 COURSES IN INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS MIB-201 Indian Economy in Global Business MIB-202 Marketing Management MIB-203 Financial Management MIB-204 Human Resource Management MIB-205 Costing & Management Accounting MIB-206 Operations Management MIB-207 Research Methodology & Data Analysis Trimester 3 ADVANCE COURSES WITH GLOBAL VISION MIB-301 Cross-Cultural Issues in Business MIB-302 International Financial Management MIB-303 International Marketing MIB-304 International Trade Documentation & Procedures MIB-305 Global Manufacturing Systems & Quality Management MIB-306 International Legal System & Environment MIB-307 Business Etiquettes & Culture MIB-308 International Language: French Language Summer Internship Programme (SIP)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

12 Post Graduate Program in International Business Management

No. Course Code Subject Trimester 4 ADVANCE PROJECTS AND ELECTIVES Institutional Framework of Indian and Global Trade Global Strategic Management International Finance Area Global Financial Markets International Accounting Policies & Systems International Marketing Area Global Consumer Behaviour Global Supply Chain Management Individual Research Studies Trimester 5 ADVANCE PROJECTS AND ELECTIVES Global Project Feasibility & Management Management Planning & Control Systems In Global Organization (Sector Specific) International Finance Area International Strategic Financial Management Management of International Financial Institutions International Marketing Area International Strategic Marketing International Brand Management Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Global Business Trimester 6 ADVANCE PROJECTS AND ELECTIVES Global Development Issues & Initiatives Information Technology Paper 2: IT Strategy & Systems International Finance Area Strategic Cost Management Global Investment Portfolio Management International Marketing Area International Advertising & Promotion Social Marketing Integrated Project on Global Business

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

MIB-401 MIB-402 MIB-403 MIB-404 MIB-405 MIB-406 MIB-407

1 2

MIB-501 MIB-502

3 4 5 6 7

MIB-503 MIB-504 MIB-505 MIB-506 MIB-507

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

MIB-601 MIB-602 MIB-603 MIB-604 MIB-605 MIB-606 MIB-607

Summer Internship Program



Industry interaction through the internship program has been an important component of curriculum in PGP program at AMA, churning out the future leader in the International business management. Summer Internship is an important and integral part of the academic curriculum at AMA. The first year consists of three trimesters that stress on academic rigour and the development of technical skills. The summer internship that follows lasts for 8-10 weeks and tests the students thoroughly on this learning. The objective of the summer internship process is two-fold. It helps the students gain first-hand experience in a particular industry. It provides students with ample opportunity to innovate, add to, and challenge ideas and techniques imbibed in the first year. It assists students in being more receptive to market needs, and in deciding their area of specialization in the second year. Another important facet of summer internship is the flow of information about the company; the project work and related experiences of the intern eventually gets communicated to the entire batch through informal, as well as formal, means. This gives the company an opportunity to enhance its visibility on campus by using the intern as an ambassador to present itself to the batch. The Institute has always enjoyed extensive corporate support; with the result that summer projects have been diverse, challenging and intense learning experiences. There is also an academic component, interns prepare a report on the summer assignment and present it to the organization. The objectives of Summer Internship include: To provide students with opportunities to apply the concepts learnt in the classroom to real-life situations. To sensitize students to the nuances of a work place by assigning time-bound projects in a company. To provide students a platform to network this will be useful to engross their career prospects.

14 Post Graduate Program in International Business Management


A Innovative International Ltd. Akshaypatra Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd Alembic Ltd. Adani Enterprise Arvind Mills Ltd. Ashirvad Clearing Agency Astramar Shipping & Trading Services Pvt. Ltd. Atlantis Pvt. Ltd. Automotion System Engineer Pvt. Ltd. Bank of Baroda Biotech Vision Care Ltd Business Standard Chiripal Group Club Mahindra Container Corporation of India Creative Media Cumins India Ltd. Deutsche Bank Operational International Era Infra Ltd. Excel Crop Care Ltd. Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co. Ltd. GMR Infrastructure GoG AMA Center for International Trade Gujarat Ambuja Harsha Engineers Pvt. Ltd HDFC, Bhavnagar HSBC H & H Exports Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Innodel Pvt. Ltd. Inox India Ltd. ITC JBS Group JPS Associates, New Delhi Jaypee Infra, New Delhi Kemrock Industries & Exports Ltd KHS Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. Kitchan Express Overseas Kotak Mahindra Bank Lincon Pharmaceuticals Malibu Tech Pvt. Ltd. Maersk line Matrix Meditech Pvt. Ltd. Max New York Life insurance Ltd. Modest Infrastructure Ltd Nielsen Northern Alloys Bhavnagar Ltd. Panamax Info Tech Pavit Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. Planet Health Ltd. Pradeep Overseas Pride Group of Hotel Rajratnam Metal Industries Rushil Group of Companies Sahjanand Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd Shreeji Paint Ltd. State Bank of India Suzlon Energy Tata Consultancy Services Titan Industries Tops Technology Ltd Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd Transformers & Fectifiers Vadilal Forex Advisory Division VLB Management Consultants Vadilal Forex Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd. Zydus Wellness Ltd.

Placement Policy & Procedures



Placement Procedure: The recruiter may contact any of the placement representatives of AMA either by phone or by email in order to state their preference of dates and method(s) of correspondence. Pre-placement talks will be held at the institute during the months of January to February during which the companies will make presentations about their operations and job profiles. All selection processes apart from GDs and interviews to be held before the Final Placement Week. Detailed resumes and profiles of the interested and eligible students will be made available to the company on request. Criteria for inviting companies for student selection: Growth Prospects Job Profile Students preferences and perceptions about the company Compensation

The Recruiter may select the students by one or more of the following methods: Selecting candidates from their detailed profiles incorporated in the brochure. Conduct personal interviews on the campus in Ahmedabad. Through Telephonic Interviews.

We would appreciate if you send your responses at the earliest at the following address: Ahmedabad Management Association Email: ATIRA Campus, Ahmedabad 380015 Phone: + 91 79 26308601-06 Fax: +91 79 26305692

16 Post Graduate Program in International Business Management

International Marketing
Name: ABHISHEK MALU (Age: 24) Education: B.E(Mechanical) Work Experience: Worked as a Production engineer at Ethos HVAC systems Ltd. From November 2009 to July

2010 (9 months).
Summer Internship: Marketing of Financial & Loan syndication services at Chirantan Consultants Project: IHRM:Expatriate Management A case (Published in UK & US, will be used for classroom

discussions over there in management courses), Copy righted case IRS: Sales of Customised Weighing Scales through the organised network of Gas Agencies. Project in Engineering: A Two Stroke Engine working on Hydrogen Gas.( Reducing the usage of petrol by 50%). Area of Interest: International Marketing, Industrial marketing, Project Management, Advertising & Branding

Name: ALIS JAYSUKHBHAI SINOJIYA (Age: 22) Education: B.Pharm, Diploma International Marketing Internship: International department of Lincoln Pharma Projects: International Marketing of pharmaceutical products

Supply chain of Pharmaceutical Products, Market survey of protein powder in India

Area of Interest: International Marketing of pharma products, Product management team,IRA(international

regulatory affairs) Department & Logistics

Name: BHADIYADRA ANKIT JAYESHBHAI (Age: 23) Education: B.Com. Work Experience: Worked in Administration in Krish Immigration Tours & Travles Internship: Chirantan Consultants as Marketing of Financial Products

RMDA: Job Burnout IHRM: Cross Cultural Issues In international Business IRS: Social Networking Sites Area of Interest: HRM, Export-Import, Logistics, International marketing, Relationship Management.

Name: ARJUN NARANBHAI DANGAR (Age: 24) Education: Bsc.(biotechnology), PGD-corporate communication & advertising. Internship: Lok Prakashan Ltd.(Gujarat Samachar) Project : Project report on functional procedure of custom clearance at Lok Prakashan Ltd.(Gujarat Samachar)

Seminar : Entertainment Industry Consumer behaviour of male customer towards beauty product Area of Interest: International marketing, import-export, logistics

International Marketing
Name: JINALI AMARESH MEHTA (Age: 22) Education: BBA Internship: International Project: Critical Analysis Of HR Practices In Zydus Cadila Projects: Consumer Preference Of Cadbury And Nestle Chocolates In Ahmedabad


Consumer Preference Of Mobile Service Users In Ahmedabad Market Analysis Of Spa In Ahmedabad Area of Interest: HRM, Export-Import, Marketing

Name: KHUSHBU GOSWAMI (Age: 22) Education: Bachelor in computer Application. Internship: HDFC Bank Bhavnagar - Opening A/c & CRM Projects: Project at Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute on Library Manaegment website

in php.
Area of Interest: Marketing

Name: KRUSHNAKANT GOPALBHAI BHALODIA (Age : 23) Education: B. Pharm, Diploma in International Marketing Internship: International Marketing and Export of HMS, Sugar and Pharmaceutical product at Himmat Lal &

Sons, Ahmedabad. Project: Market Survey & Research in Nepal for Pharmaceutical and Surgical Products. Registration Process and Export of Pharmaceutical Products in International Market Market Analysis of Cardiovascular Drugs Supply Chain Management of AMUL Study on Indian Agriculture and Export Area of Interest: Export-Import Product Management Team in Pharma, International Marketing in Pharma, Media & Advertisement,

Name: PARTH JAYSWAL (Age: 24) Education: B.E. (Computer) Work Experience: 1 year as a software developer at UTSI,Ahmedabad. Internship: I have done my internship at Chirantan Consultant, C.G. road, Ahmedabad. Projects: I have done project on Marketing of financial Services.

I have done project on Market research of Electronics items at Ahmedabad and Baroda. I have developed Business Tracking system for Unique InfoTech PVT LTD, Ahmedabad. Area of Interest: Logistics, Import/Export, International Marketing, Advertising & Branding

18 Post Graduate Program in International Business Management

Name: PARTH VIKRANT PUROHIT (Age : 22) Education: B.Com., Diploma in International Marketing Work Experience: 18 months in Private Consultant Firm Internship: Marketing Strategy and Production Process Of Pradip Overseas Ltd. Projects: Various Elements to be taken into consideration for Creating An E- Experience for Customers.

Cross Cultural Issue In International Business Global Trade Environment and Key Institutions Comparative Study Of P.M.S in B.P.O, Automobile & Banking Sectors Consumer Preference For Gaming Zone Management of Municiple Corporation Area of Interest: Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Export-Import, International Marketing, Strategic Management, Relationship Management.

Name: ROHAN SHARADKUMAR MEHTA (Age: 23) Education: B.E. (Computer) Project: A Website for Zydus School of Excellence.

VB.NET 2005, Back End:: SQL Server 2005, OS:: Windows XP. Luxurious Travels. Software for a travels company. C#.NET 2005, Back End:: Microsoft Office Access 2007, OS:: Windows XP. Internship Project: Emerging Markets for Waterjet Cutting Machine from A Innovative International LTD. Projects in MBA: RMDA: A Study on Consumer Preferences in Online Marketing IHRM: Cross Cultural Issues in Global Software Outsourcing IRS: A Study of Perceptions on Software As A Service (SAAS) Area of Interest: International Marketing

Name: SARVESH PANDEY (Age: 22) Education: BCA Internship: Corporate Selling & Feedback for HCL in HCL infosystem, Ahmedabad Projects: A 3-D walk-through of society as final project in graduation.

Consumer Preference of Mobile Service User in Ahmedabad. Comparative study of HR practices in selected countries. Area of Interest: International Marketing, Domestic Marketing.

International Marketing


Name: SAUNIL ASHOKKUMAR ARORA (Age: 23) Education: B.Com., Dip in International Marketing, Diploma in Corporate Comm. & Advt. Projects: Graduation Project: Advertising Strategies of Coco-Cola and Pepsi Internship Project: Marketing Mix and Customer Satisfaction Value of You Gain Car Rentals from YouGain Car

Rentals, Mumbai. Projects in MBA: RMDA: Impact of Celebrity Endorsements on Consumer Brand Preferences. IRS: Consumers Preferences of International Brands over National Brands. Work Experience: 9 months as a Sales Executive in Shyam Tex. Fab. Pvt. Ltd. 3 months as a Business Development Executive in Reliance Communications. Area of Interest: International Marketing, Branding, Marketing, General Management.

Name: VAIBHAV PARAKH (Age: 23) Education: B.Com, RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) 5.0, Diploma In International Marketing Work Experience: Worked as advertising and marketing manager at Dev Enterprise from September, 2008 to

November, 2009. (14 Months) Summer Internship: Onshore and Offshore investment opportunities and strategies from DIAL (Delhi International Airport Limited) a consortium of GMR Group. Project in MBA: IHRM: IHRM: Retention Issue for Expatriate. IRS: The After Market Print Cartridge Industry In India. Gujarat Need for Better Airports. Area of Interest: International Marketing, Domestic Marketing, Advertising & Branding.
PGP-IBM 2010-2012 Batch

20 Post Graduate Program in International Business Management

International Finance
Name: AMIT DOLATRAM DODWANI (Age: 22) Education: BFT, Diploma in International Marketing Internship: Loan Syndication Services at Chirantan Consultants Projects: A research project on Allowing FDI in Multi-Brand Retailing in India

Dholera SIR Study on Construction of roads from Plastic Waste. Industrial Exposure Project Report. Area of Interest: Broadly International Finance, specifically raising funds from abroad, Currency Derivatives.

Name: ARUL LALIT AGGARWAL (Age: 24) Education: B.E. (Textile), PGD-HRM, Diploma in International Marketing Work Experience: 2yrs in a Textile Process House ( Chamaria Fashions Pvt. Ltd.) as Operations In-charge Internship: International Project: Market Survey & Research in Nigerian Textile Market for Chamaria Fashions

Pvt. Ltd. Oppurtunities & Challenges For Indians In Nigerian Textile Market Study on Renewable Source of Energy Indian GAAP Vs U.S GAAP Study on construction of roads from Plastic Waste Area of Interest: HRM, Export-Import, Logistics, Financial Services, Relationship Management, Operations.

Name: DHAVAL NAROTTAMDAS RANINGA (Age: 23) Education: B.B.A. Internship: Loan syndication services from Chirantan Consultants Projects: Financial Analysis of HERO HONDA PVT LTD.

Analysis of Royal Bank of Scotland IRS: A comparative study on the consumers preference towards branded Jewellery over nonbranded jewellery and the promotional strategies adopted by each in Ahmedabad Area of Interest: Financial Analysis, FOREX, Banking, Export-Import

Name: DHWANI BHUPENDRABHAI SHAH (Age: 23) Education: B.B.A, Diploma in Human Resource Management Internship: Axis Mutual Fund (1 month), ADANI Enterprise Ltd. ( 2 months) Project: Hero-Honda Pvt. Ltd

Research on career options after BBA. Studying leadership skills of service sector industry. Area of Interest: Human Resource Management, Public Relations.

International Finance
Name: DURVA SHASTRI (Age: 21) Education: BBA Summer Internship: Foreign Exchange Rate Risk Management Panamax Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Project in MBA: RMDA: A Study on Consumer Preferences for FMCG products


IHRM: Cross Cultural Issues in Global Software Outsourcing IRS: Theme Restaurant in Ahmedabad Area of Interest: International Finance, FOREX, Capital Market

Name: GARGI ASHWANI KUMAR JAIN (AGE: 25) Education: B.Com, P.G Diploma in Banking, Diploma In Aviation, Hospitality and Tourism From Frankfinn

Internship Project: General H.R. Practices In VPJ Group, H.R. department of Pavit Ceramics. Projects in MBA: RMDA: A Research Report On Study Of Indian Wrist Watch Industry

IHRM: Comparative study of hr practices in selected countries IRS: The Current Scenario Of Human Resource Requirement in The Textile Industry Area of Interest: International Finance, Human Resource Management

Name: KENA D. SHAH (Age: 22) Education: BBA Projects: Major Project: Comparison of Ratios analysis between Taj GVK & Hotel Leela from Investors point

of view Major Project: General Knowhow about Marketing, HR and Finance at Coca-Cola Goblej Plant Marketing of Financial Products at Chirantan Consultants (for 38 Days) Business Plan at Doshion Private Limited (For 22 days) Projects in MBA: RMDA: A Study on Consumer Preferences in Online Marketing IHRM: Repatriation Process IRS: A Study of Corporate Social Responsibility in Companies Area of Interest: International Finance Internship:

Name: MEGHA RAJUBHAI JAGTAP (Age: 23) Education: (Computer application),& Post Graduate program in Capital Market & investment

Work Experience: As a Trainee in Forex Department at Ainstein Services Limited, Ahmedabad for 4 months Internship: Working Capital Management at Intas Pharmaceuticals Limited Projects: Perception & Buying Behavior of Modern Consumers Towards Personal care Products,

E-banking from customers & Banks Perspective. Technical Analysis of Infrastructure Sector, Metro Cities of India in HTML language, The Journey of an expatriate which has been published in UK & USA for further studies. Area of Interest: International Finance & finance related Field.

22 Post Graduate Program in International Business Management

Name: MILAN KOTHARI (Age: 21) Education: B.Com. Diploma in International Marketing Internship: At Adani Enterprise Ltd. In Finance Department. Project: Raising Finance from International Markets. Experience: Worked as Administrative Assistant (Documentation) at Richies Cargo and Logistics Pvt. Ltd. From

October, 2009 to March, 2010 Area of Interest: Foreign Exchange, International Finance

Name: MOCHAN BHOLA (Age: 21) Education: B.Com (M.Com Pursuing External in Marketing) Work Experience: 36 Months in Alang Ship Breaking Yard as a Trader. Internship: Bansal Finstock ltd. Projects: Project on Working of Commodites Market.

Study on Merger & Acquisition Indian GAAP Vs U.S GAAP Area of Interest: Corporate & core Business area.

Name: VANITA JAYARAMAN NAIDU (Age: 26) Education: B.Com Internship: Project Model & Feasibility Report at Suzlon Energy Ltd. Projects: Role of Sales Promotion in FMCG Sector

Study on Merger & Acquisition Indian GAAP Vs U.S GAAP Consumer Behavior towards Laser Eye Technology Area of Interest: Export-Import, Logistics, Finance, Forex

Name: VIVEKA SANGHVI (Age: 21) Education: BBA Summer Internship: Initial Public Offering from Panamax Infotech Limited. Project in MBA: RMDA: Customer preference for laser eye surgery.

Area of Interest:

IHRM: Comparative analysis of recruitment & selection procedure between International and Domestic IT companies. IRS: Consumer buying behaviour of denim jeans International Finance

PGP-IBM 2011-13: Summer Internship





Education: B.E. (Electronics) Area of Interest: HR Work Experience: 28 May to 12 June 2009 - Student trainee, NBE Motors Pvt. Ltd.; 14 Jan. to 14 Feb. 2010 -

Student Trainee, Prasar Bharati Broadcasting Corp.; 1 July to 14 July 2010 - Student Trainee, Electrotherm. Contact Details: 9723272579

Name: ARPI LANGALIYA Education: B.B.A. Area of Interest: Finance Work Experience: NIL Contact Details: 9924453078

Name: AYUSHI KAKWANI Education: B.B.A. Area of Interest: HR Work Experience: 16 Sep. 2010 to 7 Jan. 2011 - Sales Mgr., Kaypees; 22 Feb to 23 Mar 2011 - HR Exe.,; 15 April to 2 May 2011 - Sr. Officer, BOD Prodigy Enterprise

Contact Details: 9712600430

Name: HARSHVARDHAN Education: B.E. (Electrical)


Area of Interest: Marketing Work Experience: 3 July 2010 to 26 Feb 2011 - Site Engr., Pyramid Engineers; 28 Feb. to 28 Apr 2011 - Site Engr.,

Shiralee Electricals Contact Details: 9714030994

Name: JITEN LODHIYA Education: B.Com. Area of Interest: Finance Work Experience: NIL Contact Details: 8866406647

24 Post Graduate Program in International Business Management

Name: JYOTI SHARMA Education: B.B.A. Area of Interest: Marketing Work Experience: NIL Contact Details: 9033570906

Name: KARNA PANDYA Education: B.Com. Area of Interest: Marketing Work Experience: Nil Contact Details: 9879012516

Name: KHUSHBOO UDESHI Education: B.Com. Area of Interest: Marketing Work Experience: 15 June 2009 onwards - Dance Tutor Talam School of performing Arts. Contact Details: 9727043113

Name: KHUSHBU AGARWAL Education: B.Com. Area of Interest: Finance/HR Work Experience: NIL Contact Details: 9726645916

Name: MANGALIK DOSHI Education: B.B.A. Area of Interest: Finance Work Experience: NIL Contact Details: 9726597275

PGP-IBM 2011-13: Summer Internship

Name: NIKITA SACHDEVA Education: B.B.A. Area of Interest: HR/Marketing Work Experience: NIL Contact Details: 9909559663


Name: NISHANT DUBEY Education: B.E. (Mechanical) Area of Interest: Industrial Product Marketing Work Experience: July 2008 to July 2011 - Development Engr., ITT India Pvt. Ltd. Contact Details: 9377675702

Name: PAYAL THAKKAR Education: B.Com. Area of Interest: HR/Finance Work Experience: 3 months, Tutor - Malhar Computer Classes; 2009-2010, Designer, Jalaram Saree Center Contact Details: 8141071905

Name: PRIYANKA BHATT Education: B.B.A. Area of Interest: Finance Work Experience: NIL Contact Details: 9825129447

Name: RAJANI PATEL Education: B.Com. Area of Interest: Finance Work Experience: NIL Contact Details: 9662311929

26 Post Graduate Program in International Business Management

Name: RICHA KAKARIYA Education: B.Com. Area of Interest: Finance/HR Work Experience: NIL Contact Details: 9825898869

Name: RIDDHI PATEL Education: B.Com. Area of Interest: Finance/HR Work Experience: NIL Contact Details: 9586766600

Name: SUNIL JOSHI Education: B.E. (Electronics) Area of Interest: Marketing Work Experience: Sales Engr. ANM Group Research Contact Details: 9925100347

Name: TINA WADHVANI Education: B.Com. Area of Interest: Finance, HR Work Experience: NIL Contact Details: 9067882309

Name: VAIBHAVI OZA Education: B.E.(IT) Area of Interest: Finance/HR Work Experience: Jan - May 2007 - Software Trainee, Source pro Infotech; 28 Feb to 5 May 2008 - Software

Trainee, Kalpataru Infosoft

Contact Details: 9662408565

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