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Question Booklet series code : A
Part I
Child Development and Pedagogy
1. Ez; zwpT gw; wpa KbauRf; nfhs; if vdg; gLtJ
A. + ++,-+ 6++a + + ++,-+ 6++a + + ++,-+ 6++a + + ++,-+ 6++a + B. ,ul; ilf; fhuzp nfhs; if
C. gyfhuzpf; nfhs; if D. FOf; fhuzpf; nfhs; if
Monarchic Theory of intelligence is
A. One-factor theory B. Two-factor theory
C. Multifactor theory D. Group factor theory
2. Mf; fj; jpwDld; neUq; fpaj; njhlh; G nfhz; l gz; G ________
A. nghUshjhuk; B. cly; thF C. ++ +a ++ +a ++ +a ++ +a D. nefpo; Twh jd; ik
There is a close affinity between creativity and
A.economy B. physique C. humour D. rigidity
3. xUthpd; ,yl; rpak; ________ mbg; gilapy; mika Ntz; Lk;
A. Kaw; rp B. ntw; wp C. Njhy; tp D. o 6o++ +a o 6o++ +a o 6o++ +a o 6o++ +a
Ones goal should be based on
A.Effort B. Success C. Failure D. Moral
4. ey; nyhOf; f tsh; rrpia %d; W epiyfshf gFj; jth; ;
A. nkf; ^fy; B. 0++o n+ + 0++o n+ + 0++o n+ + 0++o n+ + ; C. vhpf; rd; D. [hf; Nkah;
Three stages of moral development have been categorized by
A. McDougall B. Kohlberg C. Erickson D. Jack Mayer
5. gpwUf; F cjTjypy; kpfpo; rrp nfhs; Sjy; vd; gJ;
A. kdntOr; rp Kjph; rrp B. a.a a.a a.a a.a+ a + a + a + a;
C. xUtif kfpo; rrp D. xUtif ,uf; fk;
Getting happiness by helping others is
A. Emotional maturity B. Sublimation
C. Type of delight D. Type of sympathy
6. 2002-y; ghuhSkd; wj; jpy; nfhz; L tug; gl; l ______ murpay; rhrd rl; ljpUj; jj; jpd; gb 14
taJf; Fl; gl; l midj; Jf; Foe; ijfSf; Fk; ,ytr fl; lha fy; tpAk; > fy; tpapy; rkj; JtKk; >
rktha; gGfSk;; mspf; fg; gl; Ls; sJ
A. 86tJ B. 45tJ C. v1a v1a v1a v1a D. 38tJ
Children below 14 years must be given free and compulsory education, equality and equal

Maths Solution Attached In Last Page SUCCESS ACADEMY 97908 25923, 97908 25927

opportunities in education. It is according to the _____ Constitutional amendment of the
Parliament in 2002.
A. 86
B. 45
C. 93
D. 38

7. njhlh; Gs; s mDgtq; fis khzth; fs; jhq; fshfNt xg; GNehf; fp nghJg; gz; Gfisf; fz; lwpa
cjTk; fw; gpj; jy; Kiw
A. gFj; jwp Kiw B. 6_+__ _ 6_+__ _ 6_+__ _ 6_+__ _ _ _ _ _
C. fz; lwp Kiw D. nray; jpl; l Kiw
The method which helps to identify the common characteristics by comparing the relating
experience on their own is
A. Deductive method B. Inductive method
C. Heuristic method D. Project method
8. Mrphpah; vd; gth; _______ Mf ,Uf; Fk; NghJ tP lLg; ghlk; nra; jy; ; Rikahf ,Ug; gjpy; iy.
A. md; Gk; ghpTk; nfhz; lth;
B. a .[n n+.a an n_o 6+ q_ _m a 6++- .a+ a .[n n+.a an n_o 6+ q_ _m a 6++- .a+ a .[n n+.a an n_o 6+ q_ _m a 6++- .a+ a .[n n+.a an n_o 6+ q_ _m a 6++- .a+
C. tP lLg; ghlj; ij GJikahf mspg; gth; ;
D. mjP j jpwik nfhz; lth;
Homework need not be burden, if only the teacher
A. has love and affection
B. is flexible in assigning work
C. is innovative in assigning work
D. possesses extraordinary talents
9. ,dpg; gf tpsk; gu gyifapy; xU gpbj; j ,dpg; Gg; gz; lj; jpd; ngaiug; gbj; jTld; rpyUf; F
ehtpy; eP h; CWtJ
A. rkfhy Mf; fepiyAWj; jk; B. nrhy; Mf; f epiyAWj; jk;
C. gphpj; jwp Mf; fepiy epiyAWj; jk; D. 6++o 6n+_a _+ + o_ _a 6++o 6n+_a _+ + o_ _a 6++o 6n+_a _+ + o_ _a 6++o 6n+_a _+ + o_ _a
Salivation of some people while looking at the name of their favourite sweet on the name
board of sweet stall itself is
A. Simultaneous conditioning B. Verbal conditioning
C. Discriminating conditioning D.Semantic conditioning
10. xU tFg; giwapy; ve; j msTf; Ff; fw; wYf; F Cf; Ftpf; fg; gl; Lr; nray; gLfpwhh; fs; vd; gJ
,jDld; ngUksT Neh; jnjhlh; G nfhz; Ls; sJ; vJ?
A. fw; fj; J}z; Lk; Cf; fg; nghUs; fs; ngUksT ,Uj; jy;
B. khzth; fsJ edtpyp kdj; jpy; Gije; Js; s Mf; fr; rf; jp
C. a+-a+ +a.0+ 6n_aaq ++-n n[a q+_ a+ +a0_a+a a+-a+ +a.0+ 6n_aaq ++-n n[a q+_ a+ +a0_a+a a+-a+ +a.0+ 6n_aaq ++-n n[a q+_ a+ +a0_a+a a+-a+ +a.0+ 6n_aaq ++-n n[a q+_ a+ +a0_a+a
D. khzth; fsJ Njitfis Mrphpah; ed; F czh; jjpUj; jy; ;
Which of the following is directly related to how much they are motivated towards learning in
the classroom activity?
A. Presence of more potentiality which induce learning
B. Presence of innate potentiality in students unconscious mind
C. Unfulfilled needs of the students
D. Teacher realises the need of the students
11. ,jaj; jpd; nray; ghl; ilAk; ,uj; j mOj; jj; ijAk; fl; Lg; gLj; Jk; `hh; Nkhd;
A. ml; hpdypd; B. ehh; -ml; hpdypd; C. _,++ +m _,++ +m _,++ +m _,++ +m D. ghuhjhh; Nkhd;
The hormone which controls the function of heart and blood pressure is
A. adrenaline B. noradrenaline C. thyroxine D. parathormone
12. fP offz; ltw; Ws; ve; j xd; W fz; $lhfg; ghh; gijf; nfhz; L rpe; jpf; Fk; ; ; gUtj; jpy;
fhzg; gLtjpy; iy?
A. nghUl; fspd; khwhj; jd; ik Ghpjy;

Maths Solution Attached In Last Page SUCCESS ACADEMY 97908 25923, 97908 25927

B. nghUl; fspd; gy gz; Gfis xNu rkaj; jpy; czh; jy;
C. +, 6n+_. +a +_a a_++ n+a_ _o +, 6n+_. +a +_a a_++ n+a_ _o +, 6n+_. +a +_a a_++ n+a_ _o +, 6n+_. +a +_a a_++ n+a_ _o
D. Fw; wq; fis mstpd; mbg; gilapy; kjpg; gpLjy;
Which one of the following is not found in concrete operational stage?
A. Understanding conservation concept B. Decentering
C. Animism D. Judging crime in quantity
13. fP offz; ltw; Ws; mr; rj; ijg; gw; wpa rhpahd $w; W vJ?; ;
A. jpl; lkpl; L nray; gl J}z; Lk B. cly; eyj; ij ghjpf; fhJ
c rf; jpia mspf; fpwJ D. an ,-+ a j n[_ _+ an ,-+ a j n[_ _+ an ,-+ a j n[_ _+ an ,-+ a j n[_ _+
Which of the following is the correct statement of fear?
A. Induces to plan and execute B. Doesnt affect the health
C. Given energy D. Doesnt create awareness
14. njd; wiyg; gpbf; fhj ahkpdp> njd; wiyr; rhh; ej midtiuAk; ntWj; jy;
A. +++ 6n- -a +++ 6n- -a +++ 6n- -a +++ 6n- -a B. cl; FO-ntspf; FO czh; Tfs;
C. xUgb thh; gngz; zk;; D. czh; T rkepiyapd; ik
As Yazhini dislikes Thendral, she shows aversion towards Thendrals associates. This is
A. Prejudice B. Inner-outer group feeling C. Stereotype D. Emotional imbalance
15. vhpf; rdpd; r%f njhlh; Gfs; $w; Wg; gb jhNd Kw; gl; L nrayhw; Wk; gz; gpy; nry; thf; F tfpg; gJ
A. na a na a na a na a B. Mjhuf; FLk; gk; C. ez; gh; fs; D. jha;
According to Erickson social relation ______ is responsible for initiation.
A. school B. basic family C. friend D. mother
16. nraw; ifj; J}z; lYf; Fk; > nraw; if Jyq; fYf; Fk; ,ilNaahd ,izg; GtYg; gLj; j> nraw; if
J}z; ly;
A. ,aw; ifj; Jyq; fYld; nghJikg; gLj; jy; Ntz; Lk;
B. ,aw; ifj; J}z; lYf; F Kd; mspf; fg; gl Ntz; Lk;
C. ,aw; ifj; J}z; liy xj; jjhf ,Uf; f Ntz; Lk;
D. + +_ o +_+ _n nm _+ + 0a- [a + +_ o +_+ _n nm _+ + 0a- [a + +_ o +_+ _n nm _+ + 0a- [a + +_ o +_+ _n nm _+ + 0a- [a
For strengthening the connection between the CS and the CR, the CS must
A. generalize to the UR B. Proceed to the US
C. be identical to US D. be followed by UR
17. mk; khit Nfl; fhky; nghUis vLj; jhy; mk; khTf; F Nfhgk; tUk; vd; gjhy; mij
nra; af; $lhJ vd Foe; ij vz; ZtJ
A. eilKiw tof; fpy; ,y; yhj epiy B. eilKiw tof; Ff; Fg; gpe; ija epiy
C. eilKiw tof; F epiy D. ._ a+ _+ _ _ _+ o ._ a+ _+ _ _ _+ o ._ a+ _+ _ _ _+ o ._ a+ _+ _ _ _+ o
A child doesnt take any article without the knowledge of mother, since she may get angry. It is
A. Non-conventional stage B. Post-conventional stage
C. conventional stage D. pre-conventional stage
18. dpegh; MSikia Nkk; gLj; Jtjpy; Kf; fpa gq; F tfpg; gjhf jw; fhy cstpay; mwpQh; fs;
A. jpwd; <T B. - -q +q - -q +q - -q +q - -q +q C. kdntOr; rp <T D. xOf; f <T
Modern psychologists feel that _______ is important in improving individuals personality.
A. Competency Quotient B. Intelligence Quotient
C. Emotional Quotient D. Moral Quotient
:v :v :v :v. .. . Ke; ija mwpitAk; > jw; NghJ fw; w fUj; Jf; fisAk; njhlh; GgLj; jp cUthf; fg; gLtJ
A. kd tiuglk; B. nghUj; J tpsf; fg; glk;
C. njhlh; tpsf; fg; glk; D. +__ aa+ +n n.a +__ aa+ +n n.a +__ aa+ +n n.a +__ aa+ +n n.a;
The map / chart formed by relating the previous knowledge with the present knowledge is
A. Mind map B. Overlapping chart

Maths Solution Attached In Last Page SUCCESS ACADEMY 97908 25923, 97908 25927

D. Concept map C. Flow chart
20. ZPD means
A. Zeal of primary Development B. Zone of Proximal Development
C. Zone of personal Development D. Zone of Power Department
21. Kj; jhuzp u]; Njhfp cUthf; fpa gl; bay; _______ ia mstplgad; gLfpwJ
A. jw; fUj; J B. MSik C. kdg; ghd; ik D. _+ aa _+ aa _+ aa _+ aa
The inventory designed by Mutharani Rastogi helps to measure
A.Self concept B. Personality C. Attitude D. Interest
22. ehk; njhlh; eJ xU nghUspd; kP J ________ tpdhbfSf; F Nky; ftdk; ; nrYj; j KbahJ.
A. 6 B. 7 C. 9 D. 10
We cannot pay attention to an object continuously more than _____ seconds.
A. 6 B. 7 C. 9 D. 10

23. ,d; W ek; nkjpNu Njhd; Wk; epfo; rrpiaf; fz; L> ,jid ehk; Kd; Ng mwpe; Js; Nshk; vd; W
milahsk; fhz; gJ
A. a . [-+ _o a . [-+ _o a . [-+ _o a . [-+ _o;; B. kP lLf; nfhz; hjy; ; ;
C. kP sha; T D. epidtpypUj; jy;
Identification of an incident, that has happened earlier is
A. Recognition B. Recall C. Review D. Retention
z| z| z| z|. .. . gonkhopf; F nghUs; $wy; %yk; Nrhjpf; fg; gLtJ
A. nghJjpwik B. epidT C. Mf; fj; jpwd; D. - -q - -q - -q - -q
Giving meaning to the proverb is used to measure
A. Aptitude B. Memory C.Creativity D. Intelligence
25. Mf; fj; jpwd; kpFe; jthplk; fhzg; glhj gz; G
A. n+ +a_ .m+++ n ,+ 6++a __o n+ +a_ .m+++ n ,+ 6++a __o n+ +a_ .m+++ n ,+ 6++a __o n+ +a_ .m+++ n ,+ 6++a __o;
B. gpwh; $Wtij $h; eJ ftdpg; gh; ;
C. VNjDk; xU gpur; ridiag; gw; wp rpe; jpj; Jf; nfhz; bUj; jy;
D. tphprpe; jid nfhz; bUj; jy;
Characteristic which is not found in creative persons is
A. immediately accept others sayings B. keenly observe others talk
C. often thinking about any one problem D. to have divergent thinking
26. gapw; rpapy; tpisaf; $ba epue; jukhdNjhh; elj; ij khw; wNk fw; wy; vdf; $wpath;
A. _++ -.+ _++ -.+ _++ -.+ _++ -.+ B. fpNsrh;
C. ml; fpd; rd; D. ftpd; -Ngld; Nk[h;
Learning is the permanent change in behaviour which is the result of training. is said
A.Thorndike B. Glacer C. Atkinson D. Kavin-Padon Major.
27. jl; lr; R gapy; tJ
A. Mf; f epiyAWj; j fw; wy; B. Kad; W jtwpf; fw; wy;
C. _. .a. . + o _. .a. . + o _. .a. . + o _. .a. . + o; D. cl; fhl; rp topf; fw; wy;
Learning typewriting is
A. conditioned learning B. trial and error learning
C.programmed learning D. insight learning
28. nray; gL Mf; f epiyapWj; jk; ______ vd Fwpg; gplg; gLfpwJ
A. R- -- -a+ a+ a+ a+ _+ +o_ _a _+ +o_ _a _+ +o_ _a _+ +o_ _a; B. S-tif Mf; fepiyAWj; jk;
C. A-tif Mf; fepiyAWj; jk; D. B-tif Mf; fepiyAWj; jk;
Operant conditioning is also known as

Maths Solution Attached In Last Page SUCCESS ACADEMY 97908 25923, 97908 25927

A. R-type conditioning B. S-type conditioning
C. A-type conditioning D. B-type conditioning
29. irf; fps; xl; lg; gofpath; . Kjd; Kjypy; ]; $l; lh; xl; l Kw; gLk; NghJ rhiy
xuj; jpNyNa nry; y Kay; tJ _______ fw; wy; khw; wk; .
A. Neub B. a_+ a a_+ a a_+ a a_+ a C. #d; a D. gFjp
A person who knows to ride cycle, initially prefers the side part of the road only after he leant
to ride scooter. It is _____ transfer of learning.
A. positive B. negative C. zero D. partial
30. fzpjj; jpYk; mwptpaypYk; gad; gLj; jg; gLJ _______ tif nghJikf; fUj; Jf; fs; .
A. gUg; nghUs; B. ,iz C. +__ _+o +__ _+o +__ _+o +__ _+o; D. rpf; fyhd
Type of concept formation used in Maths and Science subjects is
A. Concrete B. Conjunctive C. Abstract D. Complex
n__ n__ n__ n__ II
_a _a _a _a
31. mq; Nf fplg; gJ ghk; Ngh? fapNwh? vd tpdTtJ
A. mwptpdh B. _+am+. _+am+. _+am+. _+am+. C. mwpahtpdh D. nfhsy; tpdh
32. gz; Gg; ngah; Gzh; rrp tpjpfs;;
A. Ie; J B. MW C. j j j j. D. vl; L
33. <w; wpy; Ifhuk; Fiwe; J te; j nrhy;
A. _- - _- - _- - _- - B. tisay; C. Ie; J. D. igad;
34. ntz; ghtpd; xir
A. Js; sy; B. 6+n no 6+n no 6+n no 6+n no C. mfty; D. J}q; fy;
35. FLk; g tpsf; F _______ gilj; j FWq; fhtpaq; fspy; xd; W.
A. n+ n+ n+ n+,__++m ,__++m ,__++m ,__++m; B. ghujpahh; C. Rujh D. thzpjhrd
36. tpdh> tpil tifs;
A. 5, 3 B. e ee e, C. 4, 6 D. 4, 3
37. Foe; ijapd; gjpd; %d; whk; jpq; fspy; epfo; tJ ______ gUtkhFk;
A. Kj; jk; B. a_+ a_+ a_+ a_+ C. mk; Gyp D. nrq; fiuP
38. KJNtdpw; fhyk; vd; gJ
A. Mtzp> Gul; lhrp B. rpj; jpiu> itfhrp C. _m, _c _m, _c _m, _c _m, _c.D. Ig; grp> fhh; jjpif
39. epiu kP lly; vd; gJ;
A. ntl; rp B. +, _ +, _ +, _ +, _ C. nehr; rp D. copiQ
40. Nrf; fpohh; ngUkhd; mUspaJ
A. jpUtpisahly; Guhzk; B. rptGuhzk; C. 6n++,,+-a 6n++,,+-a 6n++,,+-a 6n++,,+-a; ; D. jyGuhzk;
41. jpUthrfj; ij Mq; fpyj; jpy; nkhop ngah; jjth; ;
A. rhh; y]; ghg; Ng[; B. mnyf; rhz; lh; C. ypadhh; Nlh D. _. _. _. _.. 0n+n 0n+n 0n+n 0n+n;
42. Gwj; jpizfs; nkhj; jk;
A.nm m,- [ nm m,- [ nm m,- [ nm m,- [ B. vl; L C. gj; J D. Ie; J
43. ctikiaf; $wpg; nghUisg; ngw itg; gJ ______ mzp MFk; .

Maths Solution Attached In Last Page SUCCESS ACADEMY 97908 25923, 97908 25927

A. jw; Fwpg; Ngw; w mzp B. n 6a+_o- n 6a+_o- n 6a+_o- n 6a+_o-.
C. nghUs; gpd; tUepiyazp D. ctikazp
44. ntz; ghtpd; tiffs;
A. _ _ _ _ B. vl; L C. Ie; J D. ehd; F.
45. Nfhbl; l ,lj; ij epug; Gf.
Nrf; fpohhpd; ,aw; ngah; _______
A. _- 6a+_ 0_a+ _- 6a+_ 0_a+ _- 6a+_ 0_a+ _- 6a+_ 0_a+ B. cj; jkNrhog; gy; yth;
C. nja; tr; Nrf; fpohh; D. njhz; lh; rh; guTthh; P
46. fzpdpapd; je; ij vd miof; fg; gLgth;
A. gpNs]; gh]; fy; B. +++ oa n+n 0n_ . +++ oa n+n 0n_ . +++ oa n+n 0n_ . +++ oa n+n 0n_ .
C. gpk; ngh; dh; yP D. `hh; thh; L
47. ahkhpe; jg; GythpNy fk; gidg; Nghy; ______ vd; W ghbath;
A. GfNoe; jp B. C. n+,_+++ n+,_+++ n+,_+++ n+,_+++ D. ghujpjhrd; .
48. Qhapw; wplkpUe; J xspngw; W xsptplf; $batw; iw _______ vd; W gz; ilj; jkpoh;
Fwpg; gpl; Ls; sdh;
A. ehs; kd;P B. 0++a a 0++a a 0++a a 0++a am mm m; C. tpz; kd; D. tpbnts; spkP d;
49. mz; zy; mk; Ngj; fhh; gpwe; j khepyk;
A. a,+. +a a,+. +a a,+. +a a,+. +a B. F[uhj; C. gP `hh; . D. Nfush
50. mk; Ngj; fhUf; F ,e; jpa muR toq; fpa tpUJ
A. gj; kG\d ; B. gj; k= C. n+,_ ,_ m+ n+,_ ,_ m+ n+,_ ,_ m+ n+,_ ,_ m+ D. gj; ktpG\d;
51. nfhLf; fg; gl; Ls; s nrhy; Yf; F ,yf; fzf; Fwpg; Gj; jUf:
tho; f
A. tpidj; njhif B. tpidnar; rk;
C. nganur; rk; D. a+ 0++a am_ a__ a+ 0++a am_ a__ a+ 0++a am_ a__ a+ 0++a am_ a__
52. cyfk; vd; w jkpo; rnrhy; ______ vd; w nrhy; ypd; mbg; gilahfg; gpwe; jJ;
A. cyF B. caT C. oq oq oq oq D. csJ.
53. jpUf; Fws; ______ ntz; ghf; fshy; Md E}yhFk;
A. rpe; jpay; B. _a _a _a _a C. Nehpir. D. epiuapir
54. Vyhjpia ,aw; wpath;
A. ghujpahh; B. ghpNkyofh; C. +-0a_+a+++ +-0a_+a+++ +-0a_+a+++ +-0a_+a+++; . D. Nrf; fpohh;
55. nghJ nkhopf; F vLj; Jf; fhl; L
A. igad; B. gwit gwe; jJ C. epyk; D. _a+m _a+m _a+m _a+m;
56. ghujpjhrdhh; ______ vd miof; fg; gLfpwhh;
A. ,,. ++ +a_+ ,,. ++ +a_+ ,,. ++ +a_+ ,,. ++ +a_+; B. Njrpaf; ftpQh; .
C. ctikf; ftpQh; D. ftpaurh;
57. nghUs; Nfhs; nkhj; jk; _______ tifg; gLk;
A. MW B. Ie; J C. a. [. a. [. a. [. a. [. D. ehd; F
58. kP dth; tzq; Fk; jiyth;
A. tpbnts; sp B. flyfly; C. 6n_a+ma 6n_a+ma 6n_a+ma 6n_a+ma; D. cw; wj; Njhod;

Maths Solution Attached In Last Page SUCCESS ACADEMY 97908 25923, 97908 25927

59. njhil ______ tifg; gLk;
A. a. [ a. [ a. [ a. [ B. gj; J. C. Ie; J D. MW
60. ,uhkhaz fhz; lq; fs;
A. ehd; F B. VO C. _. _. _. _. D. Ie; J
61. Which among the following is not associated with a word?
A. syntax B. pronunciation C. synonym D. syllable
62. Which of the following sets of words has more than one category of words in it?
A. walk, swim, jump, moan B. happy, power, slow, weak
C. determined, tall, strong, clean D. beauty, sight, honesty, intelligence
63. When you read something quickly in order to find the main points you call it
A. skimming B. scanning C. intensive reading D. extensive reading
64. Pick out the correct pronunciation of the word italicized in the following sentence
The sport has a strict code of conduct.
A. /k nd kt/ B. /k nd kt/ C. /k nd kt/ D. /k nd kt/
65. The number of syllables in the word beautiful is
A. four B. two C. five D. three
66. Replace the italicized word in the following sentence with the correct phrase chosen from
the options I am not going to tolerate their smoking any longer
A. put across B. put up with C. put out D. put off
67. Pick out the word that can replace the italicized phrase in the sentence given below
She went for him with a cane
A. approached B. troubled C. lifted D. attacked
68. A piece of dialogue has been reported as. He said that hed come later. What would be the
exchange used in the dialogue?
A. I may come later B. I come later C. Ill come later D. I came later

(Q. Nos. 69 t 78)

Read the passage given below and choose the best answer for each of the questions that
What writers struggle to express through numerous columns, the cartoon in a pointed
one liner. Little wonder then, that the first thing most of us like to see when we pick up a
newspaper is the cartoon. Simple though it may seem, making a cartoon is an art that
requires a combination of hard work, training and a good sense of humour. Cartoonists say
that the cartoons that make us laugh the most are in fact the cartoons that are hardest to
make. Even celebrated cartoonists like R. K. Laxman admit that making a cartoon is not a
piece of cake. Laxman says he has to wait for over six hours, which includes spending a lot
of time scanning newspapers and television channels before any idea strikes him.
How does one become a cartoonist? There are few colleges or schools for cartoonists.

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Established cartoonists are of the view that no institute can teach you to make a CARTOON.
While basics, like drawing and sketching can be learnt in an art college, these alone will not
make a good cartoonist.
69. What is the typical quality of a cartoon?
A. Elaborateness B. Vivid details C. Sharpness D. simplicity
70. The greatest difficulty cartoonists face is
A. getting an idea B. giving a aption C. publishing D. sketching
71. What are considered as the basic qualities to become a good cartoonist?
A. training and hard work B. creativity and sense of homour
C. hard work and humour D. art schools and colleges
72. Who are the ones who hold the view that no institute can teach you make a cartoon?
A. all cartoonists B. all well known cartoonists
C. most of the cartoonists D. every cartoonist
73. The major source of ideas for a cartoonist is
A. newspapers B. television C. history D. media
74. Little wonder means
A. some wonder B. full of wonder C. no wonder D. a little wonder
75. Pick out the word from the passage that means, two or more things joined together to form a
single unit.
A. numerous B. celebrated C. admit D.combination
76. Find out the odd word from the ones given below
A. struggle B. say C. sense D. simple
77. Pick out the sentence that is similar in meaning to, There are few colleges or schools for
A. Few colleges or schools are there for cartoonists
B. Colleges or schools are few there for cartoonists
C. Few are there for cartoonists colleges or schools
D. Few cartoonists are there in colleges or schools
78. Identify the sentence similar in meaning to, These alone will not make a good cartoonist
A. A good cartoonist alone will not be made by these
B. A good cartoonist will not be made by these alone
C. A good cartoonist is made by these
D. A good cartoonist is not made alone by these

(Q. Nos. 79 to 85)

Fill in the blanks by choosing the right options given along with each questions
79. Her father wont come this time _______?
A. will she B. wont she C. wont he D. will he

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80. They play cricket every Sunday ________?
A. arent they B. dont they C. are they D. didnt they
81. I ________ him yesterday
A. met B. meets C. had met D. have been meeting
82. A notice was exhibited ________ the notice board
A. in B. at C. on D. with
83. She has been waiting for him _______ two hours
A. since B. for C. by D. of
84. A postman is one ________ delivers us letters
A. which B. what C. who D. where
85. Before the bell rang the students _________ the hall
A. had left B. leave C. will leave D. are leaving
86. Which of the following options would correctly fill in the blank seen in the given dialogue?
Teacher : Hello, Smitha! How are You?
Smitha : fine, mam thank you.
Teacher: __________________?
Smitha : I was not well
A. Where were you last week? B. Where did you last week?
C. Where was you last week? D. Where do you last week?
87. The sentence, Take a left turn and go straight is an expression for
A. making a request B. seeking permission C. giving an advice D. giving direction
88. Which of the following is the best instruction for asking children to bring their
textbook everyday?
A. You must bring your textbook everyday
B. Please bring your textbook everyday
C. You should bring your textbooks everyday
D. You should not come to class without textbook
89. No, Murali doesnt want to leave early, is the answer to the question
A. Did Murali want to leave early B. Do Murali want to leave early?
C. Does Murali want to leave early? D. Has Murali wanted to leave early?
90. Suppose you want to teach the word Pat. Which one of the following is the easiest way to
teach it?
A. Drawing the picture of someone patting
B. Telling a story in which the word pat is used
C. Using the word pat in a sentence
D. Showing the action of patting
+-_a +-_a +-_a +-_a - -- - Mathematics
91. jpwdwpj; Njh; it nfhLj; jgpwF Mrphpahpd; ,Wjpr; nray;
A. kjpg; ngz; mspf; Fk; Kiw kw; Wk; kjpg; ngz; tiuaiu
B. . . . 0_+ q 0_+ q 0_+ q 0_+ q a_n 6n- +am n__ _++ q, aa+ +a a_n 6n- +am n__ _++ q, aa+ +a a_n 6n- +am n__ _++ q, aa+ +a a_n 6n- +am n__ _++ q, aa+ +a

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C. KbTfis ngWjy;
D. tpilj; jhs; kjpg; gL
The final activity for the teacher after administering the achievement test is
A. Preparation of scoring key and marking scheme
B. Analysis, interpretation of test scores
C. Drawing conclusions
D. Evaluation of answer scripts
92. ghlj; jpl; lj; ij kjpg; gL mbg; gilapy; mZFk; Kiwia cUthf; fpath;
A. J.F. n`h; gh; l; B. . . . 6nm _am 6nm _am 6nm _am 6nm _am S. . . . ,_a ,_a ,_a ,_a
C. Nguhrphpah; khhP rd; D. R.H. Njt;
Evaluation based approach to Lesson Planning was developed by
A. J.F. Herbert B. Benjamin S. Bloom
C. Prof. Morrison D. R.H. Dave
93. 25 vz; fspd; ruhrhp 15. kWMa; tpd; NghJ 15 vd; w vz; - 15 vd; W jtwhf Fwpf; fg; gl; L
tpl; lJ vdf; fz; Lgpbf; fg; gl; lJ. vdNt rhpahd ruhrhp
A. 13.8 B. 16.2 C. 15 D. 15.4
The average of 25 values is 15. On verification it was found that onereading was wrongly recorded as (-
15) instead of (15). The correct mean is
A. 13.8 B. 16.2 C. 15 D. 15.4
94. rkgf; f Kf; Nfhzk; _______ Nfhzj; ijg; nghWj; J Nfhzr; rkr; rP h; cs; sJ
A. 90 B. 60 C. 120 D. 180
An equilateral triangle will have rotational symmetry (angle of rotation)through
A. 90 B. 60 C. 120 D. 180
95. xU ABC y; vd; gJ mA MdJ mB tpl 18 mjpfk; . BC I eP lLk; NghJ Vw; gLk;
ntspf; Nfhzk; 116 vdpy; mA =
A. 90 B. 67 C. 49 D. 98
In triangle ABC, the measure of A is greater then B by 18. If theexterior angle formed when BC is
produced is 116, then A is
A. 90 B. 67 C. 49 D. 98
96. xU Kf; Nfhzj; jpd; gf; fq; fs; a, b, c vdpy;
A. a b > c B. b a > c C. c > a + b D. b < c + a
If a, b, c are the sides of a triangle then
A. a b > c B. b a > c C. c > a + b D. b < c + a

97. xU gpd; dj; jpy; njhFjpapYk; > gFjpapYk; vz; 1 If; $l; Lk; NghJ mjd; kjpg; G
,Nj Nghy;
njhFjpapYk; > gFjpapYk; vz; 1 If; fopf; Fk; NghJ mjd; kjpg; G
vdpy; %y gpd; dk;

If one is added to the numerator and the denominator of a fraction then its equal to
. If one is
subtracted from the numerator and the denominator, then ints equal to
. the originalfraction is

98. ,uz; L vz; fs; 3 : 4 vd; w tpfpjj; jpy; cs; sD. kP .rp.k. kP .ngh.k. tpd; ngUf; F njhif 10800>
vdpy; mtw; wpd; $Ljy;
A. 210 B. 240 C. 225 D. 180

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Two numbers are in the ratio of 3 : 4. The product of their LCM and GCD is 10800. Their sum is
A. 210 B. 240 C. 225 D. 180

99. ABC vd; gd PQR KiwNa B, Q-y; nrq; NfhzKila nrq; Nfhz Kf; Nfhzq; fs; . ,q; F AB
= PQ; BC = QR vdpy; fP offhz; vg; gz; gpd; %yk; mit rh; t rkk; ?
ABC and PQR are two right angled triangles with right angle at B and Q respectively. If AB = PQ; BC =
QR then under which of the following properties are they congruent?

100. 8 nghUl; fspd; mlf; f tpiy 10 nghUl; fspd; tpw; Fk; tpiyf; F rkk; vdpy; el; ; l rjtP jk;
A.10 B. 20 C. 15 D. 25
The cost price of 8 articles is equal to the selling price of 10 articles. Then the percentage of loss is
A.10 B. 20 C. 15 D. 20

101. 4.59 x 1.8 3.6 + 5.4 of
d; kjpg; G
A. 4.685 B. 2.695 C. 3.259 D. 2.596
The value of 4.59 x 1.8 3.6 + 5.4 of

A. 4.685 B. 2.695 C. 3.259 D. 2.596

102. fP No nfhLf; fg; gl; Ls; sitfspy; yP g; tUlk; my; yhjJ vJ?
A. 1604 B. 1800 C. 2000 D. 2008
Which of the following is not a leap year?
A. 1604 B. 1800 C. 2000 D. 2008

103. xU rJuj; jpd; gf; f msit 4 nr.kP mjpfg; gLj; jpdhy; mjd; gug; G mjpfhpf; fpwJ.
mg; gbnadpy; gf; fj; jpd; msT mjpfg; gLj; Jtjw; F Kd; G mjd;
A. 6.2 nr.kP B. 12 nr.kP C. . . . . 6+.a . 6+.a . 6+.a . 6+.a D. 15 nr.kP .
If the side of a square is increased by 4 cm, the area increases by 60 sq cm.The side of the square
before increasing is
A. 6.2 cm B. 12 cm C. 5.5 cm D. 15 cm

104. 1197215a6 vd; w vz; 11 My; kP jpapd; wp tFgl a f; F nfhLf; fg; glf; $ba kpff; Fiwe; j
kjpg; G vd; d?
A. 1 B. 3 C. 2 D. 5
What least value must be given to a so that the number 1197215a6 is exactly divisible by 11?
A. 1 B. 3 C. 2 D. 5

105. etP d Gs; spaypd; je; ij
A. R.A. n n n n, ,, ,+ ++ +; B. NuNdnl]; fhh; ll]; ; C. VNuh\~; njd]; D. gpjhnfhu];
Father of Modern Statistics is
A. R.A. Fisher B. Rene Descartes C. Eratosthanes D. Pythagoras

106. 108 I ve; j rpwpa vz; zhy; ngUf; f KOf; fdk; MFk; ?
A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5
Which is the least number when multiplied by 108 gives a perfect cube?
A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5

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107. jpiutP orrp ,y; yh tiugl cgfuzj; jpw; F cjhuzk; ; ;
A. fhe; j gyif B. gjg; gLj; jg; gl; l caphp C. . . . a,n.a a,n.a a,n.a a,n.a; D. gjpT ehlh
An example for non-projected graphic aid is
A. Magnetic board B. Specimen C. Chart D. Tape recorder
108. khzth; fspd; Njitf; Fk; > jpwikf; Fk; Vw; wthW ghlf; fUj; Jf; fis vspikapypUe; J
fbdj; jpw; F mwpKfk; nra; jy; . ,q; F ghlj; jpl; l mikg; gpd; mZFKiw
A. jh; ff Kiw B. kNdhjj; Jt Kiw
C. . . . + + a a a+0++ _ _ + + a a a+0++ _ _ + + a a a+0++ _ _ + + a a a+0++ _ _ D. jiyg; Gfs; rhh; ej Kiw
Subject matter is introduced in the increasing order of difficulty in accordance with the needs and
capacity of the students. Here the approach of curriculum organization is
A. Logical approach B. Psychological approach
C. Spiral and concentric approach D. Topical approach

109. 40y; 15% vd; gJ Xh; vz; zpd; 25% tpl 2 mjpfk; vdpy; mt; ntz;
A. 16 B. 40 C. 55 D. 60
15% of 40 is 2 more than 25% of a number. The number is
A. 16 B. 40 C. 55 D. 60

110. x
x x x x
,ilepiy 5 vdpy; x vd; gJ
A. 25 B. 20 C. 15 D. 10
The median of the scores x
x x x x
is 5. Then x is
A. 25 B. 20 C. 15 D. 10

111. 7 vd; w ,aw; fzpj Nfhitapd; mLf; F
A. 7 B. x C. 1 D. 0
The degree of algebraic expression 7 is
A. 7 B. x C. 1 D. 0

112. a + b = 7 kw; Wk; a b = 3 vdpy; ab d; kjpg; G
A. 10 B. 40 C. 4 D. 21
If a + b = 7and a b = 3, then the value of ab is
A. 10 B. 40 C. 4 D. 21

113. fzpjj; jpy; ,uhzp 100% kjpg; ngz; fs; ngw; Ws; shh; . ,uhzpia tpl,uh[_ 20% Fiwthf
ngw; Ws; shd; . ,uh[_it tpl ghuj; 20% mjpfkhfngw; Ws; shd; . vdpy; ghuj; ngw; w
kjpg; ngz; fs;
A. 100 B. 120 C. 96 D. 84
Rani got hundred per cent marks in Maths. Raju got 20% less than Rani.Bharat got 20% more than
Raju. Marks scored by Bharat is
A. 100 B. 120 C. 96 D. 84
114. xUth; xU thndhypg; ngl; bia mjd; tpw; gid tpiyapy;
klq; fpy; thq; fp mij tpw; gid
tpiyia tpl 8% mjpfg; gLj; jp tpw; whh; . vdpy; mth; ngw; w ,yhg rjtP jk;
A. 8 B. 10 C. 18 D. 20
A person purchased a radio at th of its selling price and sold it at 8% more than its selling price. Then
his gain per cent is
A. 8 B. 10 C. 18 D. 20

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115. xU khztd; fzpjtpay; Gj; jfq; fis gbj; jy; > fzpjg; Gjph; fis jP h; jjy; > fzpj
tpdhf; fSf; F vspa> FWf; F topfspy; jP hT fhzy; -; ; ,itfs; Fwpf; Fk; jpwd;
A. kNdhepiy B. tof; fk; C. kjpg; G D. . . . _+ aa _+ aa _+ aa _+ aa;
The pupil reads literature on mathematics, solves mathematical puzzles, gives short cuts for solving
problems these are the specifications of the objective
A. Attitude B. Habit C. value D. Interest

116. xU tl; lj; jpd; Rw; wstpw; F Muj; jpw; Fk; cs; s tpj; jpahrk; 37 nr.kP . tl; lj; jpd; gug; gsT
A. 154 B. 148 C. 259 D. 111
The difference between the circumference and radius of a circle is 37 cm.The area of the circle in sq.
cm is
A. 154 B. 148 C. 259 D. 111

117. xU nrt; tfj; jpd; eP sk; > mfyk; KiwNa 40 nr.kP kw; Wk; 26 nr.kP ,r; nrt; tfj; jpd; gf; fq; fspd;
ikag; Gs; spfis KiwNa ,izg; gjhy; Vw; gLk; rha; rJuj; jpd; gug; gsT _______ . MFk; .
A. 1040 B. 2080 C. 260 D. 520
The length and breadth of a rectangle are 40 cm and 26 cm respectively.The area of rhombus formed
by joining the mid-points of the sides of the rectangle in order is __sq. cm.
A. 1040 B. 2080 C. 260 D. 520

+ =

+ fP offz; ltw; wpy; ,/J ve; j gz; Gf; F vLj; Jf; fhl; L?; ;
A. n + .[ n- , n + .[ n- , n + .[ n- , n + .[ n- , B. milt gz; G C. ghpkhw; W gz; G D. rkdp gz; G.
+ =

+ is an example for which property?

A. Distributive B. Closure C. Commutative D. Identity

::v. xU Fwpg; gpl; l vz; zpf; if cs; s Nfhypfis 2> 3> 4> 5 my; yJ 6 Nghplk; rkkhf gq; fpLk;
NghJ xt; nthU KiwAk; xU Nfhyp kP jkhfpwJ.Nkw; fhz; epge; jidia epiwT nra; Ak; kP rrpW
Nfhypf; spd; vz; zpf; if
A. 41 B. 121 C. 61 D. 181
When a certain number of marbles are shared between 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 persons, each time one marble is
remaining. The least possible number of marbles that are shared is
A. 41 B. 121 C. 61 D. 181

120. xU Fwpg; gpl; l njhif 5 tUlq; fspy; &. 6>800 MfTk; NkYk; 3tUlq; fspy; &. 6>080 MfTk;
Kjph; T milfpwJ. vdpy; KjyP L &.
A. &. 1>800 B. _. ,ccc _. ,ccc _. ,ccc _. ,ccc C. &. 3>600 D. &. 720
A certain sum of money amounts to Rs. 6,800 in 5 years and Rs. 6,080 in 3 years respectively. The
principal is
A. Rs. 1800 B. Rs. 5,000 C. Rs. 3,600 D. Rs. 720
121. gug; G kw; Wk; mbtsp kz; lyj; jpypUe; J ntspf; F tpLgLk; mjpfg; gbahd ______ fjph; fis
gRik,y; y thAf; fs; jLf; fpwJ
A. GwCjh fjph; B. fhkhfjph; C. ikf; Nuh miyfs; D. ++ +an , +_+ +a ++ +an , +_+ +a ++ +an , +_+ +a ++ +an , +_+ +a;
Greenhouse gases prevent most of the outgoing ______ radiation from the surface and
lower atmosphere from escaping into outer space
A. ultraviolet B. gamma C. micro-wave D. infra red

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122. eP hjj Rz; zhk; gpd; Ntjpg; ngah;;;
A. fhy; rpak; fhh; gNdl; B. fhy; rpak; mf; i]L
C. ++o ++a _. ,++ a[ ++o ++a _. ,++ a[ ++o ++a _. ,++ a[ ++o ++a _. ,++ a[ D. fhy; rpak; - ig-fhh; gNdl;
Chemical name of slaked lime is
A. Calcium carbonate B. Calcium oxide
C. Calcium hydroxide D. Calcium bicarbonate
:z1 :z1 :z1 :z1. .. . tdcaphpdk; vd; gJ
A. midj; J tpyq; FfSk; tdhe; jpuj; jpy; ,Ug; gJ
B. midj; J jhtuq; fSk; > tpyq; FfSk; tdhe; jpuj; jpy; ,Ug; gJ
C. midj; J jhtuk; kw; Wk; tpyq; Ffs; fhl; Lj; jdkhf tsUjy;
D. + +++m a+ a. + +++m a+ a. + +++m a+ a. + +++m a+ a._ _o a++ ++ a _ ++m +_a _ _o a++ ++ a _ ++m +_a _ _o a++ ++ a _ ++m +_a _ _o a++ ++ a _ ++m +_a
Wildlife means
A. all animals in wilderness B. all plants and animals in wild
C. all plants and animals growing wildly D. any living form in its natural habitat
124. GJg; gpf; ff; $ba ,aw; if %yk;
A. fspkz; B. kzy; C. + . + . + . + . D. gbk vhpnghUs; fs;
An example of a renewable resource is
A. clay B. sand C. water .D. fossil fuel
125. Gtpapd; xNrhd; mLf; F nkypjypdhy; Vw; gLk; jP ik
A. Gtpgug; gpd; ruhrhp ntg; gepiy gbg; gbahf mjpfhpj; jy;
B. tspkz; lyj; jpy; cs; s Mf; rp[d; msT Fiwjy;
C. _+ _+ _+ _+ aa+m ,o_+ +_+ +a ,a+m n,n n ._o ._o aa+m ,o_+ +_+ +a ,a+m n,n n ._o ._o aa+m ,o_+ +_+ +a ,a+m n,n n ._o ._o aa+m ,o_+ +_+ +a ,a+m n,n n ._o ._o; .
D. Jut gdpg; ghiw gbg; gbahf cUFtjhy; fly; eh; kl; lk; caUjy;
What is the harm from the depletion of Earths ozone layer?
A. The average temperature of earths surface will increase gradually
B. The oxygen content of the atmosphere will decrease
C. Increased amount of ultraviolet radiation will reach earths surface
D. Sea levels will rise as the polar ice caps will gradually melt.
126. kpf mjpfkhf cs; s gRik ,y; y thA
A. +++ nm . _+ a[ +++ nm . _+ a[ +++ nm . _+ a[ +++ nm . _+ a[ B. xNrhd;
C. iel; u]; Mf; i]L D. i`l; u[d;
The most abundant greenhouse gas is
A. Carbon dioxide B. Ozone
C. Nitrous oxide D. Hydrogen
127. jkpo; ehl; bd; Gfo; ngw; w caphpa kpF tsk;
A. am m++ +++ a_aaa am m++ +++ a_aaa am m++ +++ a_aaa am m++ +++ a_aaa ; B. Re; jutdk; .
C. KJkiy D. nghpahh;
The most famous Bioreserve in Tamil Nadu is
A. Mannar Biosphere Reserve B. Sundarbans
C. Mudumalai D. Periyar
128. Gtpapy; cs; s nkhj; j eP h; mstpy; > ed; dP hpd; tpOf; fhL
A. 3% B. 50% C. 10% D. 0.5%
Of the total water available on earth. Only ______ is fresh water
A. 3% B. 50% C. 10% D. 0.5%

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129. jkpo; ehL muR ,jid tP Lfspy; kw; Wk; fl; lq; fspy; ______ I mikf; ffl; lis ,l; Ls; sJ
A. a + 0++++ _a a+_ a + 0++++ _a a+_ a + 0++++ _a a+_ a + 0++++ _a a+_ B. njhlh; kpd; toq; fp (UP S)
C. Fsph; rhjd trjp D. thfd epWj; Jk; trjp
The Government of Tamil Nadu has made it mandatory for all houses and
buildings in the state to install
A. rain water harvesting facility B. UPS
C. air-conditioning facility D. parking facility
130. kuf; fl; il> tptrha tpisnghUl; fis kw; Wk; tpyq; F rhzq; fis vhpg; gjhy; cz; lhFk;
Gifapdhy; Vw; gLk; tpisT
A. +a++ 0++a++a +a++ 0++a++a +a++ 0++a++a +a++ 0++a++a; B. ilgha; L
C. Gw; WNeha; D. fha; rry; ;
The smoke produced by burning of wood and agricultural by products and animals dung
cake can cause
A. respiratory problems B. typhoid
C. cancer D. fever
131. cyfr; Rw; Wr; #oy; xt; Nthh; Mz; Lk; _______ y; nfhz; lhlg; gLfpwJ
A. [_d; 12 B. _m _m _m _m C. [+d; 8 D. [_d; 20.
World Environment Day is celebrated on _____ every year
A. 12th June B. 5th June C. 8th June D. 20th June
132. tspkz; lyj; jpd; fP o; mLf; F
A. ]; Nul; Nlh]; gpah; B. njh; Nkh]; gpah; C. . 0,+n 0n+a n++ . 0,+n 0n+a n++ . 0,+n 0n+a n++ . 0,+n 0n+a n++ D. maNdh]; gpau;
The lowermost layer of the atmosphere is
A. stratosphere B. thermosphere C. troposphere D. ionosphere
133. Ntk; G vd; gJ
A. caphp cuk; B. fisf; nfhy; yp C. ++ ,+ +6++o o ++ ,+ +6++o o ++ ,+ +6++o o ++ ,+ +6++o op D. G+Q; ir nfhy; yp
Neem is a
A. biofertilizer B. herbicide C. biopesticide D. fungicide
134. yz; ld; gdp%l; lj; jpw; F fhuzk; tspkz; lyj; jpy; cs; s mjpfg; gbahd ______
Mf; ]irLfshFk;;
A. iel; u[d; B. +o n+ +o n+ +o n+ +o n+ C. fhh; gd; D. gh]; gu]; .
London smog was caused mainly due to excess of oxides of ____ in atmosphere.
A. nitrogen B. sulphur C. carbon D. phosphorus
135. cyfpNyNa kpfg; nghpa fhw; wiyg; gz; iz ,Uf; Fkplk;
A. fypNghh; dpah B. ]; fhl; yhe; J C. _++ _++ _++ _++ D. nlf; ]rh]; ; .
The worlds largest wind farm is located in
A. California B. Scotland C. India D. Texas
136. Rw; Wr; #oy; kw; Wk; tsh; rrpf; fhd If; fpa ehl; L $l; lk; 1992 y; ; Vw; gLj; jg; gl; lJ. ,J
vt; thW miof; fg; gLfpwJ?
A. Ngry; $l; likg; G B. yz; ld; $l; likg; G C. CAMBA D. ,a + + a++[ ,a + + a++[ ,a + + a++[ ,a + + a++[
United Nations Conference on Environment and Development held in 1992 is informally
known as
A. Basel Convention B. London Convention C. CAMBA D. Earth Summit
137. Njrpa tdf; nfhs; ifapd; Kf; fpa Nfhl; ghL

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A. eP h; tsghJfhg; G B. kuq; fis ghJfhj; jy;
C. + + _o +ao + + _o +ao + + _o +ao + + _o +ao D. kz; ts ghJfhg; G.
The principal aim of the National Forest Policy is to ensure
A. Conservation of water B. Conservation of trees
C. Ecological stability D. Conservation of soil
138. kP zLk; kuf; fd; Wfis elhky; > kuq; fis ntl; LtJ;
A. ++[+a _ _oo ++[+a _ _oo ++[+a _ _oo ++[+a _ _oo B. fhLfis cUthf; Fjy; .
C. fhLfis tsh; jjy;; D. fUTUjy;
Cutting of trees without planting new trees in return is known as
A. deforestation B. aforestation C. growth of forest D. fertilization
139. xU caphp xU kuf; fl; ilapd; kP Njh my; yJ jiuapd; kP Njh nkJthf nry; Yk; NghJ
gOg; G epwj; ijg; ngWfpwJ. ,t; Gaphp
A. gy; yp B. ntl; Lf; fpsp C. kz; GO D. n+ n+ n+ n+ 0++ _ 0++ _ 0++ _ 0++ _.
An organism which turns brown when it moves slowly on a bark or on the ground is
A. an ordinary lizard B. a grasshopper C. an earthworm D. a chameleon
140. Fkpo; ntw; wpl gy; TfSf; F gjpyhf ,ijg; gad; gLj; jpdhy; 40% kpd; Mw; wiy Nrkpf; fyhk;
A. #hpa xsp B. kpd; fyk;
C. njhlh; kpd; toq; fp (UP S) D. _o aa+ _.aa+ _ _o aa+ _.aa+ _ _o aa+ _.aa+ _ _o aa+ _.aa+ _
By using _____ instead of bulbs, we can save up to 40 per cent of electricity.
A. Sunlight B. Battery C. UPS D. Tubelights
141. Gfo; tha; ej jh[; k`hypd; nghypthd Njhw; wk; Fiwe; jjw; Fj; fhuzk; ;
A. xNrhd; mlh; T Fiwjy; B. ao a ao a ao a ao a
C. cyf ntg; gkakhjy; D. fhLfis mopj; jy;
Reduction in the brightness of the famous Taj Mahal is due to the
A. Ozone depletion B. Acid rain
C. Global warming D. Deforestation
142. kioeP h; Nrfhpj; jy; mtrpakhtjw; F fhuzk;
A. xt; nthU Mz; Lk; kioeP h; mjpfhpj; jy;
B. ,an,n , a a o_ _ + a. .a __o o_ __o . ,an,n , a a o_ _ + a. .a __o o_ __o . ,an,n , a a o_ _ + a. .a __o o_ __o . ,an,n , a a o_ _ + a. .a __o o_ __o .
C. miz kw; Wk; Mw; WeP h; kl; lk; Fiwjy;
D. kioeP h; mjpf mstpy; tP zhjy;
The need for rain water harvesting is because of
A. excess of rain water every year
B. decrease in surface and ground water level
C. decrease in dam and river water
D. excess wastage of rain water
143. fP offz; ltw; Ws; tdtpyq; F mopjYf; F rhpahd fhuzk; ; ;
A. mjpfkhf Nka; jy; B. ,aw; if Nghplh;
C. a+ a.a +__o a+ a.a +__o a+ a.a +__o a+ a.a +__o; D. Ruq; fk; .
Which one of the following is the most appropriate reason for wildlife extinction?
A. Overgrazing B. Natural calamities
C. Habitat destruction D. Mining
144. eP yfphp jhh; khd; ghJfhf; fg; gLk; ,lk;
A. _mao amao _ +,-+o+a _mao amao _ +,-+o+a _mao amao _ +,-+o+a _mao amao _ +,-+o+a; B. fsf; fhL tdtpyq; F ruzhyak;

Maths Solution Attached In Last Page SUCCESS ACADEMY 97908 25923, 97908 25927

C. KJkiy tdcaphp ruzhyak; D. ,e; jpuhfhe; jp tdcaphp ruzhyak;
Nilgiri Thar is conserved in
A. Anaimalai Wildlife Sanctuary B. Kalakkadu Wildlife Sanctuary
C. Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary D. Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary
145. ,jaj; ij Rw; wpAs; s ,uz; lLf; F glyk;
A. g; Suh B. 6n++++ +a+a 6n++++ +a+a 6n++++ +a+a 6n++++ +a+a; C. igahNkl; lh; D. ^A+uhNkl; lh;
The heart is covered by a protective dou ble walled sac called
A. Pleura B. Pericardium C. Piamater D. Duramater
146. jP ik tpistpf; ff; $ba fopTfspdhy; Rw; Wr; #oy; mjpfk; ghjpf; fg; gLtjw; fhd fhuzp
A. fhw; W khRgLjy; B. o_ _ + a++n[_o o_ _ + a++n[_o o_ _ + a++n[_o o_ _ + a++n[_o;
C. epyg; gug; G Mf; fpukpg; G mjpfhpj; jy; D. tho; tplk; rpijj; jy;
The most serious environmental effect posed by hazardous wastes is
A. air pollution B. contamination of ground water
C. increase use of land for landfills D. distruction of habitat
147. ,e; jpahtpy; kpf Nkhrkhf nts; sj; jhy; ghjpf; fg; gl; l khepyk;
A. cj; jpu gpuNjrk; B. n +++ n +++ n +++ n +++; C. jkpo; ehL D. Me; jpu khepyk; .
In India ______ is considered to be amongst the worst flood hit states of the country
A. Uttar Pradesh B. Bihar C. Tamil nadu D. Andhra Pradesh
148. cyf mstpy; kpf mjpfkhf fhzg; gLk; NguopTfs;
A. vhpkiy ntbg; G B. ,a _+ ++ ,a _+ ++ ,a _+ ++ ,a _+ ++; C. epyr; rhpT D. nts; sg; ngUf; F
Globally, the most prominent disasters are
A. Volcanoes B. Earthquakes C. Landslides D. Floods
149. fopT Fg; ig nghUl; fis fhpk> er; Rj; jd; ikAs; s> kl; Fk; kw; Wk; kWRow; rp nra; af; $ba
ehd; Ftifahf gphpf; fyhk; . ,tw; Ws; vJ fhpk fopT Fg; igf; F vLj; Jf; fhl; lhFk; ?
A. gpsh]; bf; igfs; B. fz; zhb
C. cNyhfk; D. +++ + +q. +++ + +q. +++ + +q. +++ + +q.
Garbage can be put under four categories organic, toxic, soiled and recyclable. Of these
example for organic type is.
A. plastic bags B. glass C. metal D. vegetable peels
150. epyeLf; fj; jpd; NghJ nra; af; $lhjJ vJ?
A. +,+ _ + n+++n , 0_[_o +,+ _ + n+++n , 0_[_o +,+ _ + n+++n , 0_[_o +,+ _ + n+++n , 0_[_o; . B. rd; dy; fis tpl; L njhiytpypUj; jy;
C. xspe; J kiwe; J nfhs; Sjy; D. mtrukhf ntspNaWjy;
What is not recommended during an earthquake?
A. Take shelter B. Stay away from windows
C. To hide D. Run outside

TNTET (RE) Oct. 2012 Paper 1 Mathematics question solutions
Question series code : A


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Given :
Average of value = 15, Number of values =25, wrongly entered value = 15, correct
value 15
Correct total = wrong total wrong value + correct value
= (15x25) ( - 15 ) + 15 = 375 + 15 + 15 = 405
Corrected average = Correct total / number of values
= 405/25 = 16.2 Choice (B)

Order of rotation for an equilateral triangle is 3
Angle of rotation =

A = x + 18
B = x
By property of triangle, external angle is
equal to sum of opposite internal angles
A +B = 116
x + 18 + x = 116
2x + 8 = 116
2x = 98 x = 49

By the condition for triangle, the sum of any two side is greater than the third side, (
Triangle inequality) b < c + a

If one is added to the numerator and denominator, the fraction become 2/3

If one is subtracted from the numerator and denominator fraction becom 1/3
By trial,
The fractionis

The ratio of numbers x : y = 3 : 4 =
=> 4x = 3y ---(1)

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The product of two numbers = product of lCM and GCD
xy = 10800 y =

from (1)
) 10800 ( 3 4
3 4


= 8100 x = 90,
y =
The sum of the numbers = 90 + 120 = 210 Choice (A)

AB = PQ , BC = QR , then the two triangles are similar by SAS property

Cost price of 8 item = selling price of 10 items
8. CP = 10 SP
SP =
% OF LOSS = 100
. .

= 20 100
= =


Choice (B)

4.59 x 1.8 3.6 + 5.4 of

4.59 x x0.5 + 0.6 0.2
2.295 + 0.4 = 2.695 Choice (B)


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Condition for leap year
A year divided by 4
For centenary year it is divided by 400
therefore, 1800 is not a leap year

(a + 4)
= A + 60
+ 8a + 16 = A + 60
A + 8a + 16 = A + 60 8a = 60 -16 =44
a= cm 5 . 5
= CHoice (C)
Condition for divisibility for 11
Difference between sum of odd digits and even digits is zero or multiple of 11
(1+9+2+5+6) (1+7+1+a) = n(11)
For least number n = 1
23- (9+a) = 11 9+a = 23 -11
a = 3 Choice B
By synthetic division
108 = 2 x2x3x3x3 = 2
To make it as a perfect cube it should be multiplied
by 2
Choice (A)


Arrange the given numbers in ascending order
x x x x
then the median of the value is
= 5
x = 15 Choice (C)

The degree of algebraic expression 7 , which is a constant.
For a constant term degree is 0 (since 7x
= 7)
Choice (D)

a + b = 7 , a b = 3 then the value of ab
Method 1 Method 2
By solving By identity (a + b)
(a- b)
= 4ab
a + b = 7 49 9 =4ab
a b = 3 40 =4ab
-------------- ab =10

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2a = 10 , a = 5
b = 7- a = 2 ab = 10 Choice A

Mark scored by Rani = 100
Mark scored by Raju = 20 % less than rani = 80
Mark scored by Bharath = 20% more than raju = 80 + 20% of 80
=80 + 16 =96
Choice (C)

Let the Marked price of radio be 100
purchased price =
of 100 = 90
sold out price = 100 + 8% of 100 = 108
profit = 108 90 = 18
% of profit = 20 100
= x CHoice (D)

Difference between the circumference and radius is =37 cm.
2 r r = 37
r ( 2 - 1) = 37
7 44
1 2


Area = r
= 154 7 7
= x x choice (A)


Area of the rhombus = (d
here d
= l ; d
= b
Area = (40x26) = 520 choice (D)

(A) DIstributive

Maths Solution Attached In Last Page SUCCESS ACADEMY 97908 25923, 97908 25927

119. By trial the choice (

A = P + pnr
A = P (1 + nr)
6800 = P (1+ 5r)
6080 = P(1 + 3r)
solving the above P = 5000


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