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URL on an extra tab
An employee calls the service desk with a printer problem. You could go to the printer to see what the problem is, but you can usually also find out online. Many printers have online internal status pages. You can include one of these pages in TOPdesk, on an extra tab of an Incident or Branch Card for example. You do this by creating a link to the desired URL on an extra tab. This could direct you to the status page or service page, which includes warranty details and supplier contact information. This ensures that all relevant printer information is available in TOPdesk. You can display the web page linked to an object (the printer in this case) on an additional tab as follows: 1. Open Settings Management, go to the Action Explorer and create an HTTP request. Under ‘Name’, enter the name of the tab. 2. On the ‘Message’ tab, in the ‘Server’ field, enter [Object_ ID]. TOPdesk retrieves the URL of the linked object. 3. Tick the ‘Display URL on Extra Tab’ option. 4. Click on ‘Save’. Please note: step 2 will only work if the web page URL is identical to the printer’s network address. In this example we assume that the [Object_ID] is identical to the printer’s network address. 1. In TOPdesk, go to Settings > Module Settings > Call Management > General. 2. In the ‘Processing’ block, tick the ‘Status field determines completed and closed’. > Two mandatory fields will appear. 3. Here you can determine which status should automatically mark the call as Completed or Closed when the call is reopened or closed via the Self Service Desk. > The ‘Closed’ option on the Call Card can no longer be ticked. You can close the call by adjusting the processing status. 4. In Settings Management, open Searchlist Management for Call Management. 5. Under ‘Status’ > ‘Processing’, check which statuses are linked to which processing statuses. If you wish to close a call when it is marked ‘Solved’, link the processing status ‘Closed’ to this option. 6. Click on ‘Save’ and refresh the System Settings. Please note: these steps can only be performed by an administrator. It is not possible to adjust the status in the Self Service Desk.

Dynamic status field
You wish to create a report about closed calls. However, it turns out that a large number of closed calls are actually still In Progress according to the Status field. The call has been closed, but the status has not been updated. You can use a dynamic status field to link the Status field value to the status of the Closed checkbox. When you set the Status field to Closed, TOPdesk automatically ticks this box. You can set this up as follows:

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