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(Collaborative Unit Final Feedback) Purpose To practice responding to and evaluating student work Big Questions: What makes good ELA instruction?

Rationale As teachers, you will respond to and evaluate students performances on a daily basis. How will you make clear comments that both support and challenge students? How will you evaluate in ways that both maintain standards and acknowledge individual achievement? How will you use assessment to inform subsequent instruction? Assignment Together, we will design a summative assessment (with accompanying rubric) for our collaborative unit that gauges student learning with regard to the unit goals. As students, you will each complete the summative assessment we have designed. Anonymously and secretly, I will assign you to create an A, B, or C quality assignment (your performance on this assignment will not count toward your final grade). As teachers, you will respond to and evaluate some of these examples of student work; below are some issues you may wish to consider: How well does the work address the goals of the assignment? What aspects of the work will you choose to comment on, and why? How will you articulate comments that are clear, concise, challenging, and caring? After responding, what grade will you assign, and why? As you look across the pieces to which youve responded, what patterns emerge? How might you address these patterns in a subsequent unit? As teacher candidates, you will reflect briefly (1-2 pages) on what, why, and how you did in responding and evaluating. Please submit this with your responses.

Grading Four Cs Synthesis & Reflection