Zombie Tribe Post-Apocalyptic Adventure for the Zombie Hero Role-Playing Game Recommended for a mixed

group of Zombies and Humans. Need: Zombie Hero RPG (also, the Experience Points sheet, if your version of the Zombie Hero RPG doesn’t have it.) Zombie Hero Character Sheets Pens, pencils, several 6-sided dice, and at least 2 – 8 players. This is my first adventure for my Zombie Hero RPG, and is based on the old postapocalyptic scenario you often see associated with zombies. But instead of the tired, old story where the zombies are mindless dead, walking around and attacking the living for their flesh and brains, Zombies and Humans have come together after a “Great Disaster” (What kind of disaster is up to the Gamemaster), and must collaborate to survive in the changed world. “The Great Disaster” No one knows how it happened –war; the bomb; famine; plague, etc.—but the world as the characters have known it is gone. However it happened, Earth is now a more hostile place to live. The Zombies have survived by staying in their graves or tombs, unmindful of the passage of time. The mortal humans have managed to survive in special shelters, living –and dying—off of slowly dwindling supplies. It has been a hundred years –or more—since the Great Disaster, and the humans have begun to come out of their shelters, driven by the need for a bigger food supply. Likewise, the Zombies are also coming out and beginning to explore the changed world. Naturally, the two groups are bumping into each other. Three types of tribes have emerged: Zombie/Humans: These are the tribes made up of both Zombies and Humans, the two groups becoming one in order that they may all survive. Usually led by a council of Zombies and Humans, although it is not uncommon to find a tribe led by either a Zombie OR a Human. Due to the balance between the two races, this is the tribe recommended for players. Zombie: This tribe is almost or entirely Zombies, and is usually run by a council of Zombies or one Zombie. Treatment of Humans found in a Zombie tribe varies from beloved members of the tribe, treated as equals, to slaves. Zombie tribes that care for the Human members of their tribe will take in lost Humans openly, and treat them well. Zombie tribes that keep Humans as slave may often raid Human tribes for more slaves.

Human: These tribes mirror the Zombie tribes: Almost or entirely Humans; run by Human council or one Human; either treats Zombies like equals, or keeps them as slaves. Human tribes that cherish their Zombie members will welcome lost Zombies just as openly as the Zombie tribes welcome lost Humans. Human tribes that keep Zombie slaves are not likely to raid Zombie tribes for slaves, however, although they will ambush lone groups of Zombies for that purpose. If players want either the Zombie or Human tribes, they need to decide how their tribe treats the other race. Zombie or Human slaves that escape may be taken in either by tribes of their respective races, or by the Zombie/Human tribes, but will have to adjust to the way the races treat each other. Any of these tribes could be found at just about any area of the world. All tribes will make good use of the resources they find where they have settled, be it the natural wilderness, or a devastated city. After deciding what kind of tribe you will have, choose where the tribe lives, and whether they are led by a Zombie, a Human, or a combination of the two races in a “council of Elders” kind of government. Create characters as you wish –Zombie or Human. Alternately, each player could have one Zombie and one Human. The GM creates the rest of the tribe, as well as any antagonists the players will face (rival tribes, animals –prey and predator—obstacles, etc.). Animal Attributes: Small: Roll 1d3 (1d6/2); Dexterity: 2d6 Medium: Roll 1d6 Large: Roll 2d6; Dexterity: 1d3 Note: As a rule, most animals will have 1d3 in Magic. Typical animal natural weapons: Teeth; claws; hooves; talons. Other abilities: Jump; climb; tracking scent; enhanced senses; flight; breathe water; swimming; running, etc. Scenarios: Following is some scenarios for adventures. GMs can expand upon these as they like. 1. Food/Supply Hunt: The players are a hunting party whose job is to provide the tribe with food or other supplies. Once the goal is given to the players by the tribal leader(s), the group needs to prepare (gathering and checking weapons, transport, and other gear, dividing the jobs like scouting, tracking, etc.), and make other plans, then proceed on the hunt.

2. Set Up New Village: The players are scouting out a place for a new village. What do the characters run into as they attempt to locate a site, then set it up? What animals do they see? Do they run into any Zombies or Humans? If they do, how do the characters react? (After the village is founded, the rest of the tribe should join the party in about 1d6 days.) 3. Trade Meeting: The tribe is meeting another tribe for trading goods. Before the other tribe arrives (or the tribe starts out to the meeting place), the players need to get things together that they are going to trade. (Just what the tribe is trading is up to the players.) Bargaining may be played out between the players and the GM, or roll on a Bargain Skill or Charisma Attribute. Other things that can happen at a Trade Meeting include: One or more players find a mate from the other tribe(s); a rivalry may develop between one or more players and a member or members of the other tribe(s); some members of the other tribe(s) may defect to your tribe; etc. 4. Defend Village: A rival village is planning an attack on your village (can be any of the tribe types, most likely a tribe that is opposite of yours, i.e., if your tribe is mostly Zombie, then the rival tribe is most likely a tribe of Humans; if your tribe is mostly Humans, then the attacking tribe is most likely of Zombies, etc.). The warriors of your tribe must plan the defense of your village. Stock food supplies, get non-fighters to safety, get warriors to their posts, etc. 5. Festival!: It is time for one of the tribe’s holidays (GM picks which one) and the players have to get ready; gather and prepare food; musicians need to practice; equipment for games must be collected and inspected for needed repairs, etc. What happens during the preparations? Are any other tribes invited to the party? The same things that can happen during the Trade Meeting can happen during the Festival, as well. And what if an enemy decides to attack during the festival? If other tribes are visiting, they would most likely help in the defense. The location of the village can influence events in any of the scenarios. For example, a tribe whose village is in a mall can house a lot of people, and, in fact, many villages can live in peace under one huge roof. Supplies can be found all over the mall, and hunting for food is easy. A village in the wilderness will have a harder time gathering food and supplies, and will have a harder time surviving. Design the adventure around the location of the village and use the surrounding environment. Non-Player Characters: Here are the attributes for non-player characters, or NPCs. Average Human: All Attributes: Roll 2d6 or Average: 6 Average Zombie: 2d6 or Average: Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina: 8; all other attributes: 6 Children and Elderly: 3 each.

Equip and arm as desired. Sample Animals: Here are a few animals for hunting, as well as a couple of pets. There will be more in the Zombie Hero Animals supplement. Bear Large Strength: 10 Stamina: 10 Smarts: 5 Charisma: 3 Dexterity: 3 Magic: 3 Natural Weapons: Teeth: 1d6; Claws(x2): 1d6 each. Other Abilities: Climb, tracking scent, night vision, fishing Cat Small Strength: 1 Stamina: 3 Smarts: 3 Charisma: 5 Dexterity: 10 Magic: 3 Natural Weapons: Teeth: 1d3; Claws(x2): 1d3 each Other Abilities: Jump, climb, tracking scent, enhanced senses, night vision, running Deer Medium Strength: 6 Stamina: 6 Smarts: 3 Charisma: 5 Dexterity: 6 Magic: 3 Natural Weapons: Teeth: 1d3; Hooves(x2): 1d6each Other Abilities: Jump, enhanced hearing, running, swimming Dog Medium Strength: 5 Stamina: 5 Smarts: 4 Charisma: 5 Dexterity: 6 Magic: 2 Natural Weapons: Teeth: 1d6 Other Abilities: Jump, enhanced hearing, tracking scent, running, swimming Duck Small Strength: 3 Stamina: 3 Smarts: 2 Charisma: 3 Dexterity: 9 Magic: 2 Natural Weapons: Beak: 1d3 Other Abilities: Swimming, flight; Fish Small Strength: 3 Stamina: 3 Smarts: 2 Charisma: 2 Dexterity: 8 Magic: 1

Natural Weapons: None Other Abilities: Jump, swimming Mouse Small Strength: 1 Stamina: 2 Smarts: 3 Charisma: 3 Dexterity: 10 Magic: 1 Natural Weapons: Teeth: 1d3 Other Abilities: Jump, climb, enhanced hearing, enhanced smell, night vision, running, swimming, Rabbit Small Strength: 3 Stamina: 3 Smarts: 3 Charisma: 3 Dexterity: 8 Magic: 3 Natural Weapons: Teeth: 1d3 Other Abilities: Jump, enhanced hearing and sight, running Wolf Medium Strength: 6 Stamina: 6 Smarts: 4 Charisma: 5 Dexterity: 6 Magic: 2 Natural Weapons: Teeth: 1d6+2 Other Abilities: Jump, enhanced hearing, tracking scent, running, swimming

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