Town  of  Kennebunk   Press  Release       FOR  IMMEDIATE  RELEASE   October  17,  2012      

The   Town   of   Kennebunk   has   again   been   drawn   into   the   media   headlines   regarding   criminal   activity   at   the   Zumba   dance   studio,   this   time   by   the   issuance   of   an   inaccurate  press  release  by  Mark  Strong,  one  of  the  principal  defendants  charged  with   the   promotion   of   prostitution   at   that   facility.     While   it   would   be   inappropriate   for   the   Town   to   try   the   case   in   the   media,   and   it   will   not   do   so,   Mr.   Strong’s   press   release   is   inaccurate  in  many  instances  that  portray  both  the  Department  and  several  of  its  sworn   officers  in  a  false  light  and  that  must  be  corrected.       First,   the   department   has   never   “harassed”   either   Ms.   Wright   or   Mr.   Strong.     Both   have   been   investigated   because   of   the   existence   of   probable   cause   that   one   or   more   crimes   may   have   been   committed   at   the   dance   studio.     All   subsequent   searches   of   Ms.   Wright’s   properties   in   Kennebunk   and   Mr.   Strong’s   properties   in   Thomaston  were  pursuant  to  valid  search  warrants  approved  in  advance  by  the  District   Attorney’s  office  and  authorized  by  a  State  court  judge.     The  Department’s  efforts  here   were   all   the   result   of   professional   police   investigation,   based   on   probable   cause,   and   pursued  with  the  approval  of  the  District  Attorney’s  office.       Second,   Mr.   Strong’s   suggestion   that   his   investigative   efforts   “disclosed”   misconduct   by   Department   personnel   and   that   he   was   then   targeted   for   retaliation   is   completely  false.    The  fatal  shooting  he  references  was  fully  reported  in  the  press  at  the   time,  and  a  subsequent  in-­‐depth  investigation  by  the  Maine  Attorney  General’s  office-­‐-­‐ as   is   customary   under   Maine   law-­‐-­‐exonerated   the   police   officer   completely.     For   Mr.   Strong   now   to   say   that   he   “discovered”   this   incident   is   not   only   false,   but   an   inappropriate   exploitation   of   an   incident   that   remains   tragic   for   all   involved.     It   has   absolutely  nothing  to  do  with  the  dance  studio  investigation  and  illegal  activities  there.         Third,   Officer   Presby   was   selected   to   investigate   the   dance   studio   incidents,   in   part,  because  the  Department  felt  it  appropriate  to  have  one  of  its  three  female  officers   on   the   investigation   team   (along   with   two   male   State   Police   Officers)   and,   in   part,   because   at   the   time   the   dance   studio   investigation   began   in   earnest   she   was   working   days   on   a   patrol   shift   and   the   Chief   felt   that   her   shift   position   could   be   covered   more   easily   than   other   shift   positions.     Three   years   ago,   unrelated   to   the   dance   studio   investigation,  she  was  given  a  written  reprimand  for  having  a  romantic  relationship  with   another   officer   in   the   Department;   pursuant   to   State   law,   the   reprimand   was   a   public   record.     She   was   never   suspended.     The   other   officer   elected   to   resign   from   the   Department;  he  was  not  fired.     The  two  are  now  engaged  to  be  married.     This  incident  

did  not  then,  nor  now,  have  anything  to  do  with  the  dance  studio  investigation.       And   finally,   the   Department   has   returned   to   Mr.   Strong   those   computers   seized  from  him  that  were  determined  not  to  have  any  information  on  them  relevant  to   the   dance   studio   investigations.     Others   determined   to   have   information   on   them   relevant  to  the  criminal  investigations,  have  not  been  returned  for  obvious  reasons  after   consultation  with  the  District  Attorney’s  office.        

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