Technical research by Evergreen ship launching and landing airbag: Innovation to easy launch by using airbag method- flexible


From the technical research that had been conducted by the Evergreen ship launching and landing airbag on 1st April 2009 state that most of launching method used the principle of sliding friction to move the ship by the lubricating property of oil. Its mobility and controllable is very bad. Although the machinery type launching improves the mobility greatly, the scope of application is very small, and cannot be used for large vessels. So, the new launching method was created by engineers, i.e. using the rolling friction to instead of sliding friction. From the physics points of view, rolling friction has a little relationship with gravity. So it provides the advantaged condition for the large vessels. [6]

Besides that, the developing trend of the world industry, the diversified soft mode of production must be instead of the batch flow line production. The small and medium shipyards must transform the shipbuilding mode along the coast and river in the internal ship industry of our country. The conventional shipbuilding mode has being changed by a new flexible mode which will arouse a transform of shipbuilding production organization. [4]

From the research, they also state that the use of airbag in ship launching will reduce the cost covered by the shipyard company. Airbag method is one of the flexible ways to be managed in ship launching. This gives an advantage to the small shipyards because the airbag method does not require much space in order to launch a ship. [6]

The ship launchers facing a lot of problems in ship launching when they used the old method. They need to invest in order to find the solutions for these problems. For example, the Longitudinal Oiled Slide Away launching method uses oil as medium to facilitate the ship launching. However, the oil used in launching will pollutes the water. Oil spills from the ships cause a much localised problem but can be catastrophic to local marine wildlife such as fish, birds and sea otters. This opposed the Maritime Pollution (MARPOL) protocol which strictly against the pollution. . Marpol with the strict laws of their own heavily penalized the pollution of their coastal waters or other such territorial seas caused by the ships.

Besides that, some of

the effects in the management of ship launching that used

traditional methods is that we have the limits in part, the annual construction or building expensive fees, expensive maintenance fees, limitable ability for small ship, and complicated technology. .Besides that, by using the launching method of (side oiled slide away launching), there use many chutes for launches the ship. It causes changes in slipping speed, causing water accident. When the ship falls into water, it rolls severely so there is higher requirement for the horizontal strength and stability of ships.

Last but not least, at the end of the paper, they have concluded that the airbag is a flexible launch technological innovation in launching ships. However, many aspects of safety has been concern in manages the launch because the uses of airbag is a new method that is still in the process of further improvement. Thus, this case can define us of some lacking in the airbag launching process. So, it can be the probability of accident while doing this launching process.

A case study that related to ship launching by using air bag method has been review. From the case study, we can find factors that cause of the accidents. We are concern to safety part in case of accident. At the last, we can expect to determine the safety measure that need to

be followed to add in the safety precaution’s list practised in industry. We assume the problems that occurred caused by air-bag launching can be reduced.

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